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4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit Word Part Definition because conj introduces a reason for something east n the direction the sun rises from expensive adj cost a lot of money flower n the colored part of a plant garden n an area where people grow plants holiday n a special day of celebration many adj there is a large number of something million adj to write the number 1,000,000 mountain n a very high hill place n a space or area popular adj liked by many people ski v to glide on long pieces of wood or metal over snow such adj like this total n everyone or everything has been counted tower n a tall, narrow building town n a place where people live and work, and is smaller than a city train n a group of railway cars connected together walk v to move forward using legs, but it is slower than running watch v to look at someone or something for a period of time world n the Earth and all the people and things in it 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit Word Part Definition anxious adj feeling worried or nervous awful adj very bad consist v to be made of parts or things them desire v to want something eager adj shows excitement about something household n all the people who live in one house intent n a plan to something landscape n how an area of land looks lift v to move it higher load v to put objects into something lung n a part of the body that fills with air when breathing motion n a movement that someone makes pace n the speed at which it happens polite adj a thoughtful and kind behavior possess v to have it or own it rapidly adv happening very fast remark v to say something seek v to look for something shine v to make a bright light spill v to accidentally make something fall out of its container 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit Word Part Definition arrow n a thin, straight stick shot from a bow battle n a fight between two armies during a war bow n a weapon made of curved wood and string that shoots arrows brave adj not afraid to face pain or danger chief n the leader of a group of people disadvantage n a situation that makes it hard to something enemy n a country that is fighting another country during a war entrance n a place where someone can enter an area hardly adv something happens in a very small way intend v to plan to it laughter n the sound produced by laughing about something funny log n a thick piece of wood that is cut from a tree military n the armed forces of a country obey v to follow what a law or a person says to secure v to get it after a lot of effort steady conj someone or something does not change much trust v to believe that someone is honest and will what is right twist v turn it around and around unless conj if not or except when weapon n an object used to hurt people 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit Word Part Definition chest n the front part of a body between the neck and stomach confidence n a feeling of certainty or ability consequence n a result of a choice or action disaster n a really bad thing that happens disturb v to upset that person estimate v to make a guess about it honor v to show respect for someone or something impress v to make that person proud or amazed narrow adj thin, not wide pale adj a color or thing is not bright rough adj not even or smooth satisfy v to make that person happy scream v to make a loud noise with your mouth sensitive adj easily hurt shade n a dark area that something makes when it blocks the sun strength n the ability to hard work or exercise supplement v to add something else to it in a good way terror n a feeling of very strong fear threat n something bad that might happen victim n a person who is hurt by a bad action 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit Word Part Definition ancestor n a family member from the past angle n the direction from which something is looked at boot n a heavy shoe that goes up above a person’s ankle border n the edge of an area congratulate v to tell them that you are happy for them frame n a border for a picture or mirror heaven n the place that some believe people go to after they die incredible adj so amazing that it is hard to believe legend n a story from the past praise v to show that you like someone or something proceed v to go somewhere or to continue doing something pure adj very clear and beautiful relative n a family member senior adj older or more experienced silent adj makes no sound sink v to slowly fall into it superior adj better than another surround v to close in on it from all sides thick adj wide and solid wrap v to cover something on all sides 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit Word Part Definition also adv in addition to or too automatically adv it happens without thinking or planning busy adj a lot of things to can aux v a person or thing has the ability to an action clear v to remove everything from a place close v to shut something or cover up an opening discuss v to talk about something with another person feel v to experience an emotion or feeling listen v to pay attention to a sound that you can hear meet v to come together so that you can talk or something together music n the sound made by singing or playing musical instruments normal adj usual and not strange quiet adj not make much sound relax v to rest or something enjoyable sleep v to rest your mind and body, usually at night in bed stress n a strong feeling of worry caused by problems in life, work, etc study v to learn something by reading, memorizing, or going to school talk v to say words to express your thoughts, opinions, etc work v to a job that you get paid for write v to use a pen or keyboard to make letters and numbers on paper or a screen 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit Word Part Definition basis n the main part of amount of it biology n the study of living things cage n something that holds an animal so it cannot leave colleague n somebody you work with colony n a country controlled by another country debate v to seriously discuss something with someone depart v to leave some place so you can go to another place depress v to make that person sad factual adj fascinate v to make that person very interested mission n an important job that is sometimes far away nevertheless adv a difference to what is expected or known occupation n a person’s job overseas adv an action happens in another country, across an ocean persuade v to make that person agree to something route n the way you go from one place to another ruins n old buildings that are not used anymore scholar n a person who studies something and knows a lot about it significant adj important volcano n a mountain with a hole on top where hot liquid comes out to Include true details 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit Word Part Definition broad adj something is wide, not narrow bush n a woody plant that is smaller than a tree capable adj can an action cheat v to be dishonest in order to win or well concentrate v to give one’s full attention to something conclude v to arrive at a logical end by looking at evidence confident adj they can something without failing considerable adj large in size, amount, or extent convey v to communicate or make ideas known definite adj certain or sure to be true delight n a feeling of being very happy with something destination n the place where someone or something is going edge n the furthest part or side of something instructions n how to something path n a way from one place to another that people can walk along resort v to depend on it in order to solve a problem shadow n the dark area that is made when something blocks light succeed v to complete something as planned suspect v to believe that it might be true valley n a low area of land between two mountains or hills 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit Word Part Definition against prep touching something or opposed to somthing beach n a sandy or rocky place by the ocean damage v to break it discover v to find it for the first time emotion n how you feel fix v to make it work identify v to find out what it is island n land in the middle of water ocean n the salt water that surrounds land perhaps adv when you say that something could happen pleasant adj you enjoy it prevent v to stop it from happening rock n a hard thing in the dirt save v to keep it from being hurt smile v to show happiness with your mouth step v to walk still adv when you say that a situation keeps going on taste n the flavor something makes in your mouth throw v to use your hand to make it go through the air wave n a line of water that moves higher than the rest of the water 10 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 19 Word Part Definition ball n a round object that is thrown, kicked, or hit in a game or sport bottom n the lowest part, point, or level of something company n a business or organization that makes or sells goods or services drink v to take liquid into the body through the mouth few adj a small number of them line n a row of people or things pet n an animal such as a cat or dog that people keep and care for product n something grown or made in a factory in order to be sold responsible adj in charge of someone or something sell v to give something to someone in exchange for money snake n an animal with a long, thin body and no legs stand v to use the legs and feet to hold the body upright strange adj unusual or surprising tea n a drink made by pouring boiling water onto dried leaves test v to examine something to see if its quality is good tongue n the movable muscle inside the mouth they pron two or more people or things type n a particular kind or group of things or people very adv to emphasize an adjective or adverb 22 wait v to stay in a place until an expected event happens 23 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 20 Word Part Definition accomplish v to finish it approve v you like or agree with that thing approximate adj to an exact amount, number, or time barrier n blocks a path or way detect v to notice or find something duty n a person has to elementary adj the first or most simple thing failure n when something is not done right gradual adj happens slowly immigrant n a person who moves to a different country insert v to put it in something else instant n a very short amount of time poverty n the state of being poor pretend v to make believe something is real rank n a person’s place in an order of people recognition n the act of getting praise from other people refrigerate v to make it cold rent n the money people pay to live in a certain place retire v to leave a job, usually because of old age statistic n we did just as well this year as last year 24 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 21 Word Part Definition accident n unexpected thing that may cause some trouble astronaut n a person who goes into outer space awake adj who is awake is not asleep courage n the feeling of not being afraid float v to move on top of water without sinking grant v to allow someone to have it gravity n the force that makes things fall to Earth jewel n a beautiful stone that is worth a lot of money miner n a person who works in a mine mineral n a type of substance found in the Earth participate v to be active and something permission n the act of allowing some action pour v to make something come out of a container raw adj natural and not processed satellite n a machine sent into space to get information scale n its size, especially when it is very large skip v to not it stretch v to make your arms or legs reach out telescope n a tool people use to look at the stars underground adv below the surface of the Earth 25 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 22 Word Part Definition alarm n warns people of danger arrest v to catch that person for doing something bad award n a prize for doing something well breed n a group of animals within a species bucket n a round container to put things in contest n a game or a race convict v to prove that someone did a bad thing festival n an event that is held to celebrate a particular thing garage n the part of a house where people put their cars journalist n a person who writes news stories pup n a young dog qualify v to have or things that are needed for something repair v to fix it resume v to start it again after taking a break rob v to take property by using force slip v to slide and fall down somewhat adv to some degree, but not to a large degree stable adj not move, change, or fall over tissue n a soft piece of paper people use to wipe their noses yard n the ground just outside of a house 26 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 23 Word Part Definition best adj better than all the others card n a small piece of plastic or paper used to buy or use things crowd n a large group of people who are together in one place day n a period of twenty-four hours dish n a type of food that is cooked in a particular way easy adj not difficult to experience v to or see something or have something happen to you hotel n a place where people stay overnight when they are traveling hour n sixty minutes light n a form of energy or brightness that makes it possible to see something market n a place where people buy and sell products plan v to think about and arrange the details of something you want to price n the amount of money needed to pay for something short adj not long or not tall shop v to visit places where goods are sold in order to look at and buy things station n a place where buses and trains stop surprise v to cause something that is unexpected system n a group of related parts that move or work together taxi n a car and driver that you pay to take you somewhere 27 two adj the word for the number 28 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 24 Word Part Definition bath n the act of sitting in a tub of water in order to get clean bend v to move something so it is not straight chew v to break up food by using the mouth and teeth disabled adj a physical problem that makes some activities difficult fantastic adj really good fiction n a story that is not true flag n a piece of colored cloth that represents something inspect v to look at something carefully journal n a type of magazine that deals with an academic subject liquid n a substance that is neither solid nor gas marvel v to feel surprise and interest in it overcome v a problem is to successfully fix it recall v to remember it regret v to wish that it hadn’t happened soul n a person’s spirit sufficient adj something is enough, in quality or quantity surgery n medical treatment involving a doctor cutting into a body tough adj difficult tube n a pipe through which water or air passes value n what it is worth 29 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 25 Word Part Definition atom n the smallest unit of a substance beautiful adj good to look at breadth n the distance from one side to the other side of something comet n an object in space made of ice and rock with a tail of glowing dust cover v to put things over it despair n the feeling of having no hope form v to make or to shape something fragment n a small part of something galaxy n an extremely large collection of star systems gloom n a state of almost complete darkness or sadness large adj very big moon n an object that travels around our Earth radiate v to send out energy or heat roam v to move around without a plan or purpose solitary adj lonely or only spectrum n the full range of color ranging from red to violet sphere n a three-dimensional round shape, like a ball star n a bright shining thing in the night sky status n the position of something or someone in relation to others ugly adj not good to look at 30 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 26 Word Part Definition accuse v to blame them for doing it adjust v to change it so it is better amuse v to something that is funny or entertaining coral n the hard, colorful material formed by the shells of animals cotton n a cloth made from the fibers of the cotton plant crash v to hit and break something deck n a wooden floor built outside of a house or the floor of a ship engage v it firm adj solid but not too hard fuel n something that creates heat or energy grand adj big and liked by people hurricane n a bad storm that happens over the ocean loss n the act or instance of losing something plain adj simple and not decorated reef n a group of rocks or coral in the ocean shut v to close it tightly strict adj makes sure others follow rules surf v to use a special board to ride on waves in the ocean task n a piece of work to be done that is usually difficult zone n an area that has different qualities from the ones around it 31 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 27 Word Part Definition apology n what people say to show that they are sorry bold adj not afraid of doing something bug n a small insect capture v to catch and hold it duke n a man of high social rank but below a king or queen expose v to make known something that is hidden guilty adj To feel bad for something one did hire v to pay that person money to work for you innocent adj not guilty of a crime language n a system of communication minister n an important person in government with many duties ordinary adj normal, or not special in any way permanent adj a long time or forever preserve v to protect something from harm pronounce v to say the sounds of letters or words resemble v to look like that person symptom n a sign that it is happening tobacco n a plant whose leaves are smoked, such as in cigarettes twin n two children born at the same time witch n a woman with magical powers 32 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 28 Word Part Definition accompany v to join them or go with them bare adj plain and not covered branch n the part of a tree with leaves breath n the air that goes into and out of one’s lungs bridge n something that is built over a river so people can cross it cast v to throw it dare v to be brave enough to try something electronic adj electricity to work inn n a place where travelers can rest and eat net n a bag made of strong thread It is used to catch animals philosophy n a way to think about truth and life pot n a deep, round metal container used for cooking seed n the hard part of a plant or fruit that trees grow from sharp adj a thin edge that cuts things easily sort n a type of it subtract v to take something away tight adj hard to move something because it is firmly in place virtual adj very close to being true or accurate weigh v to measure how heavy it is whisper v to say very quietly 33 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 29 Word Part Definition abstract adj an idea or thought, not a physical thing annual adj once a year clay n a type of heavy, wet soil used to make pots cloth n material used to make clothes curtain n a cloth over a window or used to divide a room deserve v to be worthy of something as a result of one’s actions feather n the things covering a bird’s bodies fertile adj to produce good crops and plants flood n an event in which water covers an area that is usually dry furniture n the things used in a house such as tables and chairs grave n the place where a dead person is buried ideal adj the best that it can possibly be intelligence n the ability to learn and understand things obtain v to get something you want or need religious adj related to or about religion romantic adj related to or about love shell n a hard covering that protects the body of some sea creatures shore n the edge of a large body of water wheel n a round thing on a vehicle that turns when it moves wooden adj made of wood 34 4000 Essential English Words Word List Unit 30 Word Part Definition appliance n a piece of equipment used for jobs in the home basin n a large bowl for washing things broom n a brush with a long handle used for cleaning floors caterpillar n a small insect that looks like a worm and eats plants cupboard n a piece of furniture that is used to store food or household items delicate adj easy to break or harm emerge v to come out of it handicap n a condition that limits someone’s mental or physical abilities hole n a hollow space in something solid hook n a sharp curved piece of metal used for catching or holding things hop v to jump a short distance laundry n clothes that have been or need to be washed pursue v to chase or follow someone or something reluctant adj not wanting to something sleeve n the part of a shirt in which arms go spine n the group of bones that run up and down the middle of the back stain n a dirty mark that is difficult to clean strip n a long, narrow piece of material or land swear v to promise to something swing v to move it back and forth or from side to side 35 36
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