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12 test rất phù hợp cho việc giảng dạy và học tập của học sinh lopqs 9 vao 10. khi tải rồi hãy liên hệ để lấy đáp án. Tài liệu vô cùng hữu ích đó ạ. hãy cùng nhau học 12 test on thi vao 10 2019 2020 BNinh hs Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN Test 1.a amaze b decade c average d arrange 2.a window b flow c tow d now a treat b bread c release d steal 4.a church b choose c chemistry d change 5.a papers b sparks c tests d strips 6.Do you want me to it easier for you ? a make b c try d take To stop the light coming in the window we need some a radiators b locks c shelves d curtains We usually the fish in oil a bake b fry c boil d melt My brother often sports clothes a dresses b carries c wears d looks 10 When Tom ., everyone said " Bless you !" a fell b sneezed c hurt d coughed 11 Mary put a large of apples on the table a kettle b saucer c envelope d bowl 12 The rain give water, so it is safe to drink a pure b clear c nice d cold 13 Tim's earning is not much He can't the flight ticket a spend b afford c lend d book 14 You must that your safety belt is fastened a secure b guarantee c check d examine 15 From the hotel there is a good of the mountains a picture b sight c vision d view 16 The light went out while I dinner a am having b was having c had d have had 17 Nowadays it is not easy .a well-paid job a find b finding c found d to find 18 Peter has to study this afternoon, ? a has he b does he c doesn't he d hasn't he 19 _ “ ………… ” “ January 27th”, I’ll be 16 on my next birthday” a What’s your date of birth? b When were you born? c What day is it today? D How late it is? 20._ What is Lam like? _ a He is alike b He likes meat c He is a kind man d He is like his brother Computing equipment is getting smaller and more sophisticated Computers are part (21) many machines and devices (22) once required continual human supervision and control Today, computers in security systems result in (23) environments, computers in cars improve energy efficiency, and computers in phones (24) features such as call forwarding, call monitoring, and call answering These smart machines are (25) to take over some the basics task previously performed (26) people; by so doing, they make life a little easier and a little more (27) Smart cards store vital information such as health records, driver’s license, bank balances, and so on Smart phones, cars, and appliances with built in computers (28) be programmed to better meet individual needs A smart house has a built-in-monitoring (29) that can turn lights on and off, open and close windows, (30) the oven, and more 21 A on B for C in D of 22 A what B that C when D where 23 A fresher B safer C nicer D stronger 24 A offer B give C provide D prepare 25 worked B employed C designed D taken 26 A with B from C for D by 27 A pleasant B lovely C pretty D amusing 28 A can B must C would D need 29 A structure B system C method D process 30 A perform B operate C made D 31-35(Reading) Cigarettes contain toxic substances like tar and nicotine That is why we often hear people telling us that smoking is harmful to our bodies Smoking weakens our lungs as well as other parts of our body.We will not be as active as before and will need more effort to move about Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN Smoking affects our environment too When we puff, we pollute the environment with smoke This makes our surroundings unpleasant and unclean Since smoking does not any good to us, we should always say no to cigarettes We should advise our loved ones to take a sweet instead whenever they feel like taking a toxic puff 31 Smoking is harmful to us because it a weakens our body b makes us move about difficultly c makes us more active d wastes our money 32 Which word in the passage means'' harmful to our body''? a toxic b pollute c unpleasant d effort 33 Which of the following is a harmful effect of smoking? a Hearing problem b Loss of sense of smell c Hair loss d Lung cancer 34 How can we help a smoker quit his bad habit? a Give him more money b Ask him to suck on sweets to replace smoking c Hide away his cigarettes so that he cannot smoke d Tell him to stop smoking every day 35 Which of the following sentences is correct? a Cigarettes contain a lot of smoke b Smoking can kill us immediately c we can help smokers quit smoking easily d Smoking causes more harm than good to us 36 He decided doing the job himself as the cost of stopped repairs to his car was so high 37 We saw a blind crossing the road and we stopped to help him 38 If he really wanted to pass the test , he will work harder 39 He has lived in Da Nang since 1998, but he hasn't lived there longer as we have 40 I will call my parents as soon as I will get the news about my brother Mark the letter A,B,C,D to indicate the words CLOSEST in meaning… 41 Jack is approximately years old His birthday is in two monhs a carefully b badly c about d within 42 The wealthy woman gave money to the poor children to help them have a better Tet a hungry b healthy c funny d rich 43 She was surprised when an old friend turn up at the door a got up b went away c appeared d gathered 44 We must be sure that we are taking the necessary steps to prevent the problem of bullying at school a suggested b advisable c voluntary d needed 45 Wolves are of the same family Wolves are wild, but dogs are domestic a tough b friendly c quiet d tame *46 They were married in the summer of 2005 a Their wedding took place in the summer of 2005 b They wanted their marriage be in the summer of 2005 c They have been married since the summer of 2005 d Their marriage was happened in the summer of 2005 47 She can type very well indeed a In fact she can type as well as me b she is a very bad typist c Indeed she types better than me d She is a very good typist 48 This bedroom is too small for the children now a this bedroom is not big enough for the children now b this bedroom is not small enough for the children now c this bedroom is too big for the children now d this bedroom is big enough for the children now 49 He plays badminton better than anyone I know a he is one of the good badminton players I know b he is best badminton player I know c I know someone playing badminton better than him d I know him to play badminton better than him 50 " Do you think you could me a favour?" Tom asked me a tom asked me if I could him a favour b Tom asked me whether I can him a favour Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN c Tom asked me if I thought I could him a favour d Tom asked me whether I think I can him a favour Test a near b fear c wear d dear a fur b occur c bury d excursion a enough b although c laugh d cough a kind b site c bite d kid a sure b sea c saint d sit I saw a good play yesterday a nice b pretty c much d happily The girl seemed _ and anxious about something a nerve b nerves c nervous d nervously A policeman is a person who criminals a catches b needs c looks after d watches On that hill you can find a with a lot of wild animals a hotel b park c theater d zoo 10.My brother is eleven He is still a/an _ a child b teenager c adult d infant 11 Mary has a sore because she has tonsillitis a chin b head c throat d neck 12 On a clear night, the moon _ so brightly that you can see your shadow a looks b shines c seems d pours 13 I want to tell you the truth a exact b real c all d whole 14 Does anyone honestly _ what a politician says nowadays? a credit b believe c think d discover 15 I've tired those tablets and they haven't done me any _ a good benefit c profit d well 16 Look! He _ from a large whisky-bottle a drinks b is drinking c will drink d drank 17 The bus before I reached the bus stop a arrived b has arrived c was arriving d will arrive 18 If I were a superman, I _ a flew b will fly c would fly d fly 19 “……………” - “ I like colourful and fashionable clothing.” a Are you following the latest fashion? b Clothes in this shop are trendy c What is your favourite type of clothing? d What is your national costume? 20 “Could you tell me the way to the station, please ?” - “………………………” a Yes, of course b No, not really c Yes I could d It’s so far Many people have small aquariums at home A small aquarium (21)… be a bowl or a square tank Some home aquariums are made of glass Some are made of a strong plastic called Plexiglas You can (22)… fish better in a Plexiglas tank But Plexiglas scratches more easily and costs (23) … than glass Some people keep fresh water fish in their aquariums Some people keep saltwater fish Goldfish and tetras (24)… in fresh water Angelfish and butterfly fish live in salt water Most people (25) aquariums have freshwater fish Freshwater fish are easier to (26) care of and cost less than saltwater fish There are fish that live in cold water or fish that live in warm water Tropical fish, (27)… live in warm water, come in reds, yellows, blues, purples and many other colors Goldfish which live in cold water, are mostly Golden red (28) you have an aquarium, you can decorate your tank with plants, colorful stone and objects that the fish can swim through and hide (29) Find out what to feed your fish and how to keep them(30) Then have fun watching your fish in your home aquarium 21 A need B must C can D ought Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN 22 A see 23 A more 24 A live 25 A with 26 A look 27 A that 28 A Unless 29 A inside 30 A health B notice B fewer B survive B for B take B who B If B outside B healthful C discover C higher C stay C of C get C which C Since C above C healthy D detect D less D exist D from D made D what D As D under D healthily " Ruff! Ruff! " barked Fido " I think he wants us to follow him," Farmer Dan said as he put on the collar for Fido Fido started sniffing Then he bounded off down the road Farmer Dan kept pace with Fido Soon Fido stopped Mr Allan and Bobby caught up, followed by Timmy " Oh, what a clever boy!" said Bobby " He has found the tea leaves which we have been looking for It was in a treasure chest buried near the stable all along" Fido set off again Let's follow him ! shouted Timmy (31-35) 31 What is Fido ? - Fido is a a boy b cat c dog d farmer 32 Fido ran down the road because he a wanted to follow the farmer b did not like to have the collar c wanted to play with Farmer Dan d could smell the tea 33.Bobby praised Fido for _ a being obedient b helping him to find the tea leaves c being a good runner d encouraging them to run 34 _ was the first person to reach the stable a Bobby b Timmy c Farmer Dan d Mr Allan 35 Timmy followed Fido because he wanted to a look for more tea leaves b be ahead of Mr Allan c run so that he could keep fit d play with him 36 My sister is the one whom sings on television every morning 37 One of the worse diseases mankind has ever faced is cancer 38 I don't mind to drive you home if you are tired 39 I could easy convince him not to become too excited with all the media attention 40 football is the subject I know very few of CLOSEST MEANING 41 In the first two decades of its existence, the cinema developed rapidly a stressed b enlarged c progressed d reduced 42 Asia is the largest continent, and Australia is the smallest one a ocean b land area c country d tropical region 43 You don’t have to spend your fortune to give your family tasty, healthy meal a some time b little money c much money d good luck 44 The althlete was exhausted after running the marathon He nearly fainted a heathy b strong c tired d crazy 45 The examination will begin exactly at eight-thirty a precisely b consequently c exceedingly d equally 46 I'm not very good at Chemistry a I wish I am very good at Chemistry b I wish I were better at Chemistry c I wish I will be good at Chemistry d I wish I study better at Chemistry 47 He 's the best player our team has ever had a Our team has never had such a good player b Our team used to have a good player like him c Our team has ever had a better player than him d Our team had him as one of the best players 48 " Don't tell anyone the secret" James said to Anna a James said to Anna don't tell anyone the secret b James told Anna not telling anyone the secret c James said Anna to not tell anyone the secret d James told Anna not to tell any one the secret 49.His hobby is collecting stamps Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN a He is very bored with collecting stamps b He hates collecting stamps very much c He is very interested in collecting stamps d He doesn't like collecting stamps very much 50 Looking at old photographs makes me feel sad a I feel sad if sometimes I look at old photographs b Whenever I look at old photographs I feel sad c Old photographs made me feel sad when I looked d I looked at old photographs and felt sad Test a tomb b home c comb d stone a hire b horror c heir d hair a about b account c sound d cousin a supper b hungry c pull d punish a warned b lifted c covered d moved The school _ all the students to take an interest in the arts a encouraged b regarded c supposed d managed I like sitting on the beach watching the _ in the evenings a sunshine b sunrise c sunlight d sunset My favorite _ is summer because I love the sea and the sun a weather b season c climate d temperature After the break, we will with chapter three of the book a persist b insist c continue d keep 10 The teacher needs to _ the class into two to play the game a decrease b shorten c reduce d divide 11 This is a valuable chair which dates back to the eighteenth century a antique b ancient c traditional d old-fashioned 12 I went to Spain on holiday , but I made of lot of friends there a single b lonely c alone d free 13 When buying something, never forget to ask for the a bill b receipt c tip d debt 14 The of the experiments proved to be very informative a consequences b solutions c effects d results 15 Once I graduate, I plan to _ around the world a travel b voyage c trip d journey 16 The meeting will start when everyone a will arrive b arrives c is arriving d have arrived 17 We Betty since she moved to our neighborhood a have known b knew c are knowing d know 18 My uncle borrowed the money the bank a for b of c to d from 19 “What a delicious dinner! Thanks a lot.” – “ _” a No, it’s not very delicious b Yes, but the meat is tough c I’m glad you like it d You’re also a very good cook 20 “ Please give my love to your grandma.” - “ _” a The same to you b Yes, I will Thank you c Yes, please d I’m afraid I can’t The ideal of living on the moon is no longer science fiction (21) there will be drawbacks to living there as well as advantages On the positive side, people will be (22) to escape from the earth’s overcrowded cities and live in an environment (23) everything is carefully controlled by technology (24) addition to this, they will have very wonderful clear views of the earth and stars, beside being able to (25) the mountains and craters of the moon On the other hand, the moon is Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN an unfriendly (26) for humans First of all, people will have to wear special suits whenever they go outside and if their equipment fails They (27) probably die Secondly, they will have to get used to being weightless or living in artificial gravity and to (28) recycled air and water Finally, they will probably miss the plants and wildlife that (29) on earth To sum up, the moon might be the ideal place for a holiday or for scientists to (30) research It is not for ordinary people to live there all the time 21 A However B Since C Though D Therefore 22 A capable B able C possible D potential 23 A where B when C how D why 24 A On B From C In D For 25 A discover B search C investigate D explore 26 A region B area C location D place 27 A will B would C can D could 28 A being B taking C drinking D using 29 A stay B present C survive D exist 30 get on B go into C carry out D make for One of the most feared monsters of Greek myth was Sphinx This creature, with a woman's head attached to the body of a winged lion, frightened travelers outside the city of Thebes She promised not to devour them if they answered her riddle:'' What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night?'' Until Oedipus met Sphinx, no one escaped being eaten, but Oedipus gave her the correct answer- Man Her power lost, Sphinx threw herself from a cliff Ancient Egypt had many huge sphinx-like monsters Carved statues of winged lions with human or animal heads guarded the Pyramids of dead rulers from tomb-robbers One monument, over 4,800 years old, it a tourist attraction today (31-35) 31 The hunting-ground of the Sphinx was outside _ a Greek cities b Egyptian cities c Thebes d Pyramids 32 Travelers unable to answer Sphinx's riddle were _ a asked a second riddle b eaten c imprisoned d kept as slaves 33 In the riddle, the span of one day-morning, afternoon, and evening-refers to man's _ a life-span b childhood c adulthood d old age 34 When Oedipus answered Sphinx's riddle, she a was killed by him b died a natural death c threw herself from a cliff d dived into the sea 35 Egyptian sphinx-like monsters were meant to frighten _ a dead rulers b women c travelers d tomb-robbers OPPOSITE 36 The girls were surprised when they saw the beautiful flowers that the delivery boy brought a ugly b pretty c fast d orange 37 I have failed my English test I’m afraid that my parents would be disappointed a taken b missed c forgotten d passed 38 In Malaysia, the national language is Bahasa Malaysia (Malay), and English is a compulsory second language a required b necessary c widespread d optional 39 Before our modern age, people had a more physical and active lifestyle a ancient b lazy c serious d peaceful 40 I thank him politely and walked quickly away a respectfully b rapidly c rudely d angrily 41 You can see that the sun is always rising in the east 42 Can you tell me where that apples over there come from? 43 I walked down the road when I saw the old lady fell over 44 He asked his lawyer for a few advice 45 The humming-bird is one of the most smallest birds we know of 46 This is my first visit to England a I never visited England before b I have never gone to England before c I will never be to England before d I have never been to England before 47 They didn't let us feed the animals at the zoo Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN a We were not allowed to feed the animals at the zoo b We were not allowed feeding the animals at the zoo c We were not let to feed the animals at the zoo d we were not let feeding the animals at the zoo 48 You'd better get someone to sweep the chimney tomorrow a You'd better get the chimney to be swept tomorrow b You'd better get the chimney will be swept tomorrow c You'd better get the chimney swept tomorrow d You'd better get the chimney being swept tomorrow 49 Although the weather was good, we stayed indoors a In spite of the weather was good, we stayed indoors b We stayed indoors despite the good weather c Even though the good weather, we stayed indoors d We stayed indoors but the weather was good 50 Jane doesn't dance as well as Mary a Mary dances worse than Jane b Jane dances better than Mary c Mary dances better than Jane d Jane dances as well as Mary Test a machine b character c toothache d mechanic 2.a cottage b village c luggage d garage 3.a blade b shape c frame d trash a food b soon c book d pool 5.a full b dull c pull d bull You need to keep milk cold Put it in the _ a cupboard b fridge c basin d freezer That color really you! a wears b matches c fits d suits Can you open this _ of juice for me? I just can't it! a.carton b glass c packet d tube We sunbathed on the _ all day a lake b shore c beach d desert 10 ''Tom and Jerry'' is one of the best American ever made a operas b westerns c thrillers d cartoons 11 The ground is dry, and we haven't had any rain for months It's a real a flood b drought c storm d typhoon 12 What's the _ at your college? Do you study all day? a timetable b program c course d lesson 13 I've heard the boss is going to _ him soon a work b retire c sack d resign 14 We decided to on a _ of European capitals a drive b tour c travel d voyage 15 David didn't mind living at all In fact, he quite enjoyed it a unique b single c lonely d alone 16 He won't be expecting a present, so you buy him one a needn't b don't need c mustn't d have to 17 Mary is even _ than her sister at Physics a badder b more badly c worse d worst 18 Water at 100 degrees Celsius a is boiling b boils c has boiled d is boiled 19 “How far is it from your home to school?” - “ ” a Yes, very far b about a kilometer c How far it is! d I cycle to school everyday 20 – “ Happy new year.” - “ ” a The same to you b Ok Good luck c You’re happy,too d Alright Congratulation! Society has changed in many ways since the introduction of computers, and people’s lives at home and at the office have been affected (21) people are working for fewer hours per week than they (22) to Manufacturers and advertising agencies are becoming much more interested in (23) people spend this extra leisure time One recent report stated that, (24) the number of hobbies had not increased, each hobby had become more specialized A second finding is that nowadays, Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN many managers would rather (25) time with their families than stay late in the office every day Home life is seen to be just as important as working Some companies now (26) managers take their annual holidays even if they don’t want to, because this leads to such an improvement in their (27) if they have some rest In spite of these changes, some people are working harder than ever before The standard of exams is getting (28) , and increased competition is making it harder to get into university than (29) was 20 years ago School children and students are now having to work so hard that (30) many cases they work longer hours than their parents 21 A Some B Most C Few D No 22 A had B wanted C ought D used 23 A how B what C why D when 24 A however B since C although D but 25 A spend B spending C to spend D spent 26 A force B cause C make D have 27 A performance B show C service D employment 28 A more B higher C lower D bigger 29 A it B this C which D that 30 A with B in C for D on Last year, we had a nice holiday My friend and I went to the seaside for a month I had been to the seaside several times before, but this was the first time for my friend Naturally, it was a great event for him Finally, the days came It was a fine morning We got up very early because we wanted to leave home after breakfast We made the journey by car We reached the seaside at noon We spent many hours on the beach We enjoyed making castles and channels in the sand People said we ought to spend at least a few weeks at the seaside If we could stay longer, it would be much better 31 How long did the writer and his friend spend at the seaside? a a week b a few weeks c a month d a few months 32 Who went to the seaside the first time? a The writer b The writer's friend c The writer's family d The writer and his friend 33 What was the weather like on the day they started their journey? a It was bad b It was rainy c It was snowy d It was good 34 How did they travel to the seaside? a by car b by train c by bus d by air 35 When did they reach the seaside? a at 9a.m b at 12 o'clock c at p.m d at p.m 36 I'm sure he prefers tea than coffee 37 She is lying on the bed when the doctor called to see her 38 You need your shoes to repair, don't you? 39 I borrowed some milk from a neighbor of us as we didn't have enough for breakfast 40.When they lived in Jakarta they used to eating Indonesian food 41 I'd go on a world cruise if _ a I win the competition b I won the competition c I will win the competition d I would win the competition 42 _ when I was very young a I will learn to play the piano b I'm learning to play the piano c I have learned to play the piano d I learnt to play the piano 43 The teacher asked us whether a we were going camping that weekend b we have gone camping this weekend c we are going camping this weekend d we go camping this weekend 44 I don't live as far from _ a the supermarket than he does b the supermarket so he does c the supermarket as he does d the supermarket more than he does 45 I was angry with her because _ a She was so rude to me b she was such rude with me c She is so rule with me d she id such rude to me 46 The play started We were not allowed to talk a We were not allowed to talk, as a result the play started b We were not allowed to talk; otherwise, the play started Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN c The play started despite the fact that we were not allowed to talk d We all of our home work We won’t be able to play 47 We all of our homework We won’t be able to play a If we all of our homework, we won’t be able to play b Unless we all of our homework, we won’t be able to play c Since we all of our homework, we won’t be able to play d We won’t be able to play, yet we all of our homework 48 Hellen made a cake for her dad’s birthday The cake was chocolate with sprinkles a The cake Hellen made for her dad’s birthday was chocolate with sprinkles b Hellen’s dad made a cake, which was chocolate with sprinkles for her c The cake of chocolate with sprinkles was made by Hellen for her dad’s birthday d Hellen made a cake for her dad’s birthday as he liked chocolate with sprinkles 49 I think about my third grade teacher I usually have a warm feeling inside a Whenever I think about my third grade teacher, I have a warm feeling inside b As soon as think about my third great teacher, I have a warm feeling inside c I have a warm feeling inside if I think about my third teacher d Thinking about my third great teacher, I have to warm my feeling inside 50.The dog barked.He saw the cat The cat ran away a When the dog barked, he saw the cat and the cat ran away b The dog barked but he saw the cat because the cat ran away c The dog barked when he saw the ca, and the cat ran away d After the dog barked, he saw the cat, since the cat ran away Test a abroad b volume c compose d reduce a dynamite b institute c hamburger d opinion a minority b communicate c celebration d efficiency a device b cupboard c comfort d nature a departure b festival c religious d convenient The first of a book is sometimes very valuable a author b edition c type d title Oh dear, there 's a leak in my water pipe; I'll have to call the _ a builder b electrician c carpenter d plumber After years of war the whole nation wanted to make _ with their enemies a peace b piece c pace d pair She choose cushions of a colour which would her carpet a help b equal c match d agree 10 You can my surprise when I heard the news a see b believe c think d imagine 11 They made themselves understood by using _ language a hand b sign c finger d acting 12 Trains stop here in order to _ passengers only a pick up b get off c get on d pull in 13 The ticket _ one person to the show a includes b delivers c admits d enters 14 She turned up at the party dressed in the _ style a final b latest c last d actual 15 Could you please _ an appointment for me to see Mr Smith? a b take c make d arrange 16 That's the artist _ painting are very fashionable a which b who c whose d whom 17 _ we arrived late, we didn't miss the speech a Despite b Even though c In spite of d However 18 You should hear Lucy play guitar Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN a the b a c one d any 19 “Thank you very much for all that you’ve done!” – “………………………” a no matter b Yes, I’m proud of it c It’s not worth it 20 “………… ” - “Yes, but I wish I didn’t have to go” a you left so early! b/ What about going now? c Are you leaving? d don’t mention it d you don’t have to go now The Taj Mahal is a mausoleum located in Agra, India It was built under Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in (21) of his favorite wife,Mumtaz Mahal It is considered as the finest example of Mughal architecture, a style (22) combines elements from Persian, Turkish, Indian, and Islamic architectural styles In 1983, Taj Mahal (23) a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was cited as "the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired (24) of the world's heritage." The Taj Mahal (25) to million visitors every year , making it the most (26) tourist attraction in India Most tourists visit during the cooler months Polluting traffic is not allowed near the complex and tourist must either walk from the car parks (27) catch an electric bus The Khawasspuras are currently being restored (28) use as a new visitors centre The small town to the South of the Taj known as Taj Ganji or Mumtazabad was originally constructed with caravanserais, bazaars and markets to serve the (29) of visitors and workmen List of recommended travel destinations often feature Taj Mahal, which also (30) in several listings of seven wonders of the modern world, including the recently announced New Seven Wonders of the World, a recent poll with 100 million votes 21 A memory B celebration C reminder D respect 22 A that B what C who D it 23 A got B became C made D valued 24 A arts B masterpieces C successes D forces 25 accepts B offers C attracts D invites 26 A enormous B popular C familiar D magnificent 27 A or B then C nor D and 28 A in B with C on D for 29 A desires B needs C wants D wishes 30.A reviews B opens C appears D shows It was the 16th of December Mary went for a ride in the bus to see convent Garden She bought a ticket from the conductor It cost 4p As she got off she could smell the fruit and flowers in the market She noticed that everyone seemed to be in a hurry Some men were carrying large boxes of vegetables, and others were trying to see big Christmas trees As Mary looked at them she thought of her own home The most wonderful moment of all the year was when she saw the Christmas tree with its candles lighted Then before she went to bed on Christmas Eve, she used to go outside and watched the snow on the mountains and the frosty light of the stars in the dark blue sky 31 How did Mary go to Convent Garden ? a by car b by motorbike c by bicycle d by bus 32 The time Mary went to Convent Garden was _ a before Christmas b at Christmas c after Christmas d on Christmas eve 33 The conductor (in line 2) is the person who sells a fruits b flowers c tickets d candles 34 Which cost 4p? a The fruit b The ticket c The Christmas tree d The flower 35 What did Mary use to before she went to bed on Christmas Eve? a go outside b sell Christmas tree c carry boxes of vegetables d ride to see ConventGarden 36 His doctor advised him to stop to smoke 37 At first life was difficult for me because of I didn't understand English 38 I recommended that he must come on time for the interview 39 The number of visitors to the exhibition dropped considerable in the second week 40 There seems to be something wrong about the photocopier 41 It is generally agreed that more funding is needed for education a approved b believed c admired d shown 42 Jenifer’s roasted hot dog was ruined when it fell into the fire a flame b water c ground d fridge 10 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN 18 There’s _ in trying to contact him as he’s touring Europe A no way B nowhere C no point D no quarter 19 - “What dose your brother do?” - “ _” A He is painting in his room B He is a painter C He is still single D He likes to paint pictures 20 - “If you are not Vietnamese, so ……………… ?” - “I am Chinese American.” A where’re you from B what nationality are you C Where you live D What’s your nation There are many reasons why we should recycle household waste The main (21) is to avoid using valuable resources to mark new things when it is not (22) However, I don’t think the government (23) make it compulsory for people to recycle their waste If the government makes a law that all households must recycle their rubbish, it could (24) to more problems For example, how can you check that people are recycling everything? It is not practical to (25) this In addition, there is the argument that (26) _ should be allowed to decide for themselves whether to throw something away or to recycle it I believe the most sensible approach is for the government to put more money (27) recycling schemes The most successful are the ones (28) the government gives each household special boxes to put different (29) _ of waste in, and they provide a regular collection service There are separate boxes for plastic, metal, glass, etc This makes it easier for people to recycle and they are therefore less (30) _ to throw things in the rubbish bin 21 A foundation B cause C reason D basis 22 A necessary B important C significant D major 23 A have to B must C ought D should 24 A direct B lead C bring D take 25 A make B perform C operate D 26 A individuals B persons C singles D folks 27 A into B to C towards D on 28 A which B where C when D that 29 A classes B varieties C styles D kinds 30 A possible B capable C likely D probable 31.It was believed that he himself has traveled all over the world for the shortest time 32.Marilyn Monroe, who acting in many films, committed suicide in 1962 33.If the weather is fine, we would surely go out next weekend 34.The more healthy he is, the most easy his life becomes 35.It is nearly four hundred years for the birth of Shakespeare Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean three times His first voyage brought him fame and popularity - he discovered a new continent But he had enemies who wanted to get rid of him On the second voyage the Government of the country that Columbus himself discovered threw him into prison He was sent back to Spain as a prisoner But Columbus succeeded in proving that the lies his enemies spread about him were untrue, and the Spanish Government gave him four ships to start on a new voyage But this third voyage was unfortunate from the beginning The ships were met by terrible storms and the time he reached the shores of Haiiti, Columbus had lost three of them The remaining ship was about to go down when Columbus reached the island It took Columbus almost a year to return to Spain He was unhappy, disappointed and broken in health Worst of all, everyone forgot his achievements He died in poverty in 1506 without knowing that he had discovered a new word Before Columbus died, another traveler named Amerigo Vespussi returned so Spain He traveled along the coast of the land that Columbus discovered and he proved that it was not the coast of India, as Columbus thought, but unknown continent For a long time the new continent was called the New World But at last, they decided to name it America, in honour of Amerigo, whose voyage showed it was not India America was discovered by Columbus in 1492 It was named America in 1506, the year in which Columbus died (36-40) 36 Columbus was famous and popular for _ A his three voyages B discovering a new world C having many enemies D being thrown into prison 37 When he turned to Spain, Columbus lived _ A very happily B in good health C in poverty D a better life 38 Columbus died un 1506 without knowing that he himself _ A had reached a new continent B had discovered the coast India C showed the world the unknown continent D proved the new land to be America 39 Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? 12 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN A Columbus thought he had come to the coast of India B People did not recognize Columbus achievement C The new continent was named after Amerigo D The new continent was discovered by Amerigo 40 The phrase “in honour of” used in the last paragraph mostly means _ A in order for something to be done B in order to show admiration for C in terms of someone’s honour D on account of someone’s honour OPPOSITE 41 Before you go to bed, remember to turn off the light a put off b catch up c turn on d turn down 42 Some animals make identical sounds when they sense danger Thus, they appear to be communicating with each other a loud b different c similar d musical 43 I was surprised by the absense of our teacher of English It was the English speaking contest! a fluency b kindness c thinking d presence 44 With the arrival of John’s friends, the party became really enjoyable a coming b approval c leaving d support 45 With technological changes many traditional skills have become obsolete a without changing b in use c out of order d up to date 46 How old you think this building is? A When did you build this building? B How many buildings did you built? C When was this building built? D How old were you when you built this? 47 What you ask us to now is out of the question A We cannot answer your question right now B It is not in the question that you can find the answer C What you ask us to now is undeniable D What you ask us to now is impossible 48 A human brain is more complex than a computer A A computer is not as complex as a human brain B A computer is as complex as a human brain C Compared to a human brain, a computer is too complex D A computer is much more complex than a human brain 49 People think that he was born into a rich family A People think his family is rich, so he was born B He is thought to be born into a rich family C That he was born into a rich family is thought about D He is thought to have been born into a rich family 50 Although he was very tired, he agreed to help me with my homework A Tired as he was, he agreed to help me with my homework B He agreed to help me with my homework, so he got tired C He was too tired to help me with my homework D I wanted him to help me with my homework as I was tired Test A heir B hour C how D exhaust A parachute B chorus C scheme D choir A causal B television C pleasure D decision 4.A closed B marked C believed D followed 5.A.Thursday B health C thought D smooth I could tell from the frightened look on her face that something terrible A has happened B happening C had happened D would be happening He rarely goes fishing, _? A doesn’t he B is he C does he D isn’t he 8.Safrguarding our natural resources is now a _ A force B must C power D needy He spoke quietly to her _ nobody else could hear a word A because B in order to C although D so that 10 The problem with him is that he suffers from constant _ A sleepy B sleepless C sleeplessness D asleep 11 They didn’t want their money back They wanted a A placement B replacement C place D replacing 12 a movie to be entertaining, it should have an interesting story A So that B In order that C In order for D In order to 13 They stayed and chatted for hours, annoyed me very much A which B that C what D it 13 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN 14 Poverty is a problem in some cities _ whole families can only afford to live in one room A when B where C even D if 15 She had changed so much that _ anyone recognized her A almost B no C nearly D hardly 16 There’s always _ traffic in the city center at rush hour A full B crowded C heavy D plenty 17 Children should be to realize their full potential A encouraging B courageous C encouraged D discouraged 18 There’s someboby behind us I think we A are following B have been following C have been being followed D are being followed 19 – “ Shall we go to the Ethnology Museum this weekend?” - “ ” A Nothing more to say B Yeah It sounds interesting C Why ask that question? D No you must be kidding 20 –“ _” - “She is slim, and she has long black hair.” A What’s Nina like? B How’s Nina today? C Is Nina a nice girl? D What does Nina look like? 21.His condition is worse than before I think would go to see a doctor 22.I think your garden needs to weed and you had better it right now 23.I’m going out now If anybody phones while I shall be out, can you take a message? 24.In some countries, octopuses and snails are considered being delicacies to eat 25.Men and women in the Peace Corps work with people in developing countries to help them improving their living condition Tigers are one of the most powerful and graceful animals in the world The different species that still exist today, namely the Bengal, Indochina, Siberian, South China and Sumatra tigers are in danger of becoming extinct Due to irresponsible hunting, the Bali, Caspian and Java tigers have already become extinct This could soon happen to the other species too In the past, tigers were considered as pests With a smaller area to hunt, as man had taken up more of the land to build upon, the tigers found less areas for themselves to hunt They thus turned to farms to get their food Farmers' livestock were attacked by these tigers People were then encouraged to hunt and kill these animals with the promise of rewards Even after the threat of tigers on livestock was over, man continued to hunt tigers, this time for recreation Poachers too hunt tigers for their body parts knowing that the skin of tigers is much sought after Bones and other organs are also used as ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine Although killing tigers is illegal, it is still being carried out and unless it is stopped, the remaining species of tigers will soon become extinct too 26 How many species of tigers were there originally? A Three B Four C Five D Eight 27 There were hunting grounds for the tigers because ? A man had occupied the land B the farmers put their livestock there C the tiger population was becoming bigger D they likes hunting livestock 28 Man continues hunting tigers even when they are no longer pests because A he treats it as a form of recreation B he loves tigers very much C he still thinks tigers are pests D he wants to make the tigers extinct 29 Poachers are people who A look after tigers B make Chinese medicine C hunt tigers illegally D hunt tigers’ body parts 30 Illegal poaching will A cause the extinction of tigers B increase the population of tigers C increase the amount of Chinese medicine D increase the price of body parts When man first learned how to make a fire, he began to use fuel for the first time The first fuel he used was probably wood As time (31) _, man eventually discovered that substances such as coal and oil would (32) _ Coal was not used very (33) as a source of energy until the last century With the coming of the industrial revolution, it was soon realized that production would double (34) _ coal was used instead of wood Nowadays, many of the huge factories and electricity generating stations are (35) _ to function if there was no coal In the last forty or fifty years, (36) _, the use of coal has declined As a result, there have been (37) in the coal industry It is believed that more people would use coal if oil and gas (38) so readily available There is more than enough coal in the world for man’s needs for the next two hundred years if our use of coal doesn’t (39) Unfortunately, however, about half of the world’s coal may never be used Mining much of it would be very expensive even if it was possible to (40) _ new equipment 14 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN 31.A flew B floated C, went D Passed 32.A flame B, burn C fire D blaze 33.A.generally B mostly C broadly D widely 34.A.if B unless C expect D while 35.A.powerless B impossible C unable D incapable 36.A.however B Therefore C, yet D thus 37.A varieties B difference C changes D variations 38.A.aren’t B weren’t C won’t be D wouldn’t be 39.A.raise B increase C decrease D enlarge 40.A.use B apply C employ D utilize Closest 41 I hope we can get over the difficulty without too much effort a overcome b understand c master d finish 42 Alexander Graham Bell started experimenting with ways of transmitting speech over a long distance a taking back b sending out c looking for d going on 43 Her mother’s ancestor came from France many years ago a cartoon b family c class d grandchildren 44 The librarian asked the children to silent because everyone was trying to study a noisy b boring c quiet d early 45 Young children not fully know that many household objects are dangerous a impossible b inexpensive c unsure d unsafe 46 My mother drives more carefully than my brother A My mother drives as carefully as my brother B Mother drives as carefully but brothers don’t C My mother is a more careful driver than my brother D My brother is a more careful driver than my mother 47 No sooner had she put the telephone down than her boss rang back A Scarcely had she put the telephone down when her boss rang back B As soon as her boss rang back, she put down the telephone C She had hardly put the telephone down without her boss ringing back D Hardly had she rung her boss back when he put the telephone down 48 The critics undervalued his new book A His new book was valuable to the critics B The critics had a low opinion of his new book C The critics turned down his new book D The critics were fed up with his new book 49 “Will you to go Myanmar next month?” he said A He asked me to go to Myanmar with him the next month B He told me to go to Myanmar the next month, but I wouldn’t C I would go to Myanmar the following month as he said D He wanted to know if I would go to Myanmar the next month 50 They arrived too late to get good seats A When they arrived the good seats were already taken C They got good seats some time after they arrived B Although they were late they found some good seats D They had stand for the whole show Test A joke B ghost C cost D mold A crush B jungle C puppet D tunic A says B prays C stays D lays 4.A.hole B hour C hug D hide 5.A stream B means C head D teach David’s house is twice mine A bigger from B as big as C as big so D more big than Let’s go for a walk this evening, ? A won’t we B will we C don’t we D shall we She is one of those who _ money on clothes A enjoy to spend B enjoys spending C enjoy to spend D enjoy spending I don’t like oranges and I don’t like apples _ 15 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN A still B too C either D also 10 Tom borrowed shoes _ me last night A out B from C with D on 11 What shoes you take, Lan? A size B number C level D grade 12 My brother’s hobby is _ A composing B including C gathering D collecting 13 It rained all day, so the grounds were _ A focus B search C revise D view 14 It rained all day, so the grounds were _ A pouring B wet C chilly D boiling 15 Ships _ from Southampton to New York in four or five days A travel B are traveling C have traveled D will travel 16 By the time you reach the station, the train _ A have left B will be leaving C will have leftD will travel 17 Working all day and studying at night can be very A stressing B stressed C stress D stressful 18 We expected him at eight, but he finally _ at midnight A came to B went off C got out D turned up 19 – “Good morning. ” - “Yes, I’d like to find some history books, please.” A Can I help you? B What kind of book you like? C How harworking you are D I know you don’t want math books 20 – “Do you mind if I switch the light off?” - “ _” A Yes, I mind it, sorry B What will you if I don’t mind it? C Yes Please it D I’d rather you didn’t, if you don’t mind 21.I was tired after walking so far, so I stopped talking a rest 22.He put on his coat and leaves in a hurry 23.He has reported on that matter to me months ago 24.She sent her teacher a beautifully Christmas card 25.Why weren’t you inform us about the strike? Every year seven thousand people died in the car accidents in Great Britain And between one and two hundred thousand people are hurt There are rules to make the roads safe, but people not always obey the rules They are careless If everybody obeys the rules, the road will be much safer How can we make the roads safer? Remember this rule In Great Britain traffic keeps to the left Cars, buses and bikes must al to the left side of the road In most other countries traffic keeps to the right Before crossing the road, stop and look both ways Look right and left Then, if you are sure that the road is clear, it is safe to cross the road We must teach our children to cross the road safely We must always give them a good example Small children must not play in the street 26 If we want to make the roads safer, A everybody must be careful and obey the traffic rules B traffic should keep to the right C we should not cross the road too often D all the roads must be clear 27 If you ride a bike in Great Britain, you must ride _ A on the right side of the road B on the left side of the road C in the middle of the road D behind the buss 28 Which of the following is NOT true, according to the passage? A Few people die in the traffic accidents in Great Britain B In our country traffic keeps to the right C Cars, trucks and buses kill many people every year D Streets are not safe places for playing 29 What dose it mean by “the road is clear”? A You can see clearly on the road B The road is very clean C The road is not noisy D There is no car or bus running 30 The safe way to cross the roar is to A look right only B look left, and look ahead C look both ways, right and left D run cross the road without looking 16 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN Volcanoes have been erupting (31) the earth for millions of years More than five hundred still (32) today These are called active volcanoes Volcanoes are (33) _ along belts or chains They are found (34) the earth’s crust is weak The weak spot lets the hot rock escape when the volcano erupts Many volcano belts are mountain ranges along (35) edges of continents One belt runs along the western coast of South America up through the western (36) _ of the United States Other volcanoes are (37) _ in ocean basins About (38) _ of all active volcanoes in the world are in the Pacific Ocean Many of these volcanoes erupt (39) _ water The Hawaiian Islands were built by volcanoes that (40) _ erupting under water and finally reached the surface of the ocean 31 A in B on C under D over 32 A erupt B are erupting C have erupted D erupted 33 A sited B located C positioned D put 34 A when B where C that D which 35 A a B an C.Ø D the 36 A part B division C locality D quarter 37 A started B created C found D established 38 A three five B three fifth C third fifth D three fifths 39 A over B on C under D in 40 A began B were C continued D finished opposite 41 My grandpa made the new dollhouse, complete with miniature furniture for every room A pretty B tiny C huge D tall 42 The boys on the coccer team were hungry after the game, so they went to eat pizza A bumpy B happy C starving D full 43 Driverless cars are said to get people from A to B in maximum safety A Minimum B unchanging C greatest D similar 44 The town council decided to pull down the building, as it was unsafe A look after B make C leave behind D put up 45 It was Monday night, and the restaurant was dark and almost empty, except for three men at a table A with no furniture B full of people C with a lot of women D having no food or drink 46.Warning: Street musicians are not allowed to perform in this station A Musicians must not play here B Musicians not have to play here C Musicians can leave instruments here D Musicians must keep their instruments with them 47 The boy was too fat to run far A The boy was very fat and couldn’t run far B The boy’s fatness didn’t stop him running far C The boy had to run a lot because he was fat D The boy became ill because he was too fat 48 “Sorry We have no tea left.” A We told them we didn’t like tea B They asked me if I had some tea C They said they had no tea left D We said we left no tea at home 49 Jack is afraid he’ll gain weight if he stops smoking A Jack is worried he’ll put on weight if he gives up smoking B Jack is afraid of cutting down on smoking C Jack dose not realize the dangers of smoking D Jack is afraid he’ll become fat if he quits smoking 50 You’re not to blame for what happened A What happened is more or less your fault B You’re not accused of what happened C You’re responsible for what happened D We should blame you for what happened Test A grind B twin C exist A typhoon B choose C flood A challenge B change C charity 4.A tasty B crack C grade 5.A claimed B poured C needed After two years’ hard work, she _ in finding a job D sticky D moon D champagne D safe D pulled 17 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN A managed B succeeded C was able D achieved It is one of the most people I have ever met He never says anything interesting A bore B bores C bored D boring I have got two sisters, of whom is married A both B all C neither D none She had her hair yesterday A done B make C D made 10 This is the company advertisement you watched on TV yesterday A whose B of which C which D for which 11 She made mistakes on her last exams A much B little C few D none 12 His father is a very good friend of A them B theirs C their D themselves 13 _ it is getting dark, we will not wait for him any longer A Unless B While C Since D Although 14 I bought three books Here are two, but where is _ one? A other B the other C another D the others 15 I should be very _ if you would accept the invitation to the party A thanking B honorable C pleased D pleasing 16 More and more women in the world are now _ independent A used to be B used to beingC use to be D use to being 17 The new director of the company seems to be an intelligent and _ man A well-educated B well-educate C well-educational D good-education 18 I don’t think that green shirt with your yellow trousers A suits B fits C goes D matches 19 -“What would you like for starter?” –“ _” A Yes Why not B Some salad, please C No, thank you for that D Please don’t ask me 20 - “Bless you!” - “ _” A Bless you too B Yes, of course C No, I won’t D Thank you 21.People think that computers never any mistakes, but in fact, they 22.Going to the cinema is an enjoyable way to relaxing at the weekend 23.Until diamonds are cut and polished, they just look alike small blue-grey stones 24.New universities are being establish at a slower rate nowadays due to the lack of funds 25.The teacher had us to finish the first half of the book by Monday Francis Bacon, one of the most important philosophers of England, was born in London and educated at Cambridge University When he was only 15, he went to France to work for the English ambassador Two years later he went back to England to study law At the age of twenty-three he was chosen to parliament His ideas about how scientists should study things in nature help to bring the modern way of thinking, called the scientific method One of the Bacon’s best knows books was his Essays Each Essay was s short piece of writing in which he tried to give a lesson by discussing sides of a subject such as studying, conversation, friends and healthy living In many of his books, Bacon explained how scientists should study things to be as it was Later, by doing experiments, the scientist could see that any one cause would always have the same result This method, which is called inductive reasoning, is used by all the scientists today, but it was new in Bacon’s time 26 From the passage we know that A Francis Bacon was the most important philosopher of England B Francis Bacon had good education C Francis Bacon worked for a French ambassador at the age of 15 D Francis Bacon stayed in France until he was 23 27 It can be known that Francis Bacon was famous for _ A inventing the scientific method B his books C his Essays D being a member of parliament 28 His Essays gave many useful lessons on A studying B conversation C friends and healthy living D all of the above 29 The underlined phrase “inductive reasoning” in the paragraph means _ A to discover general laws from particular facts or examples B to reach a conclusion by reasoning from general laws to a particular case 18 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN C to study things as they used to be D to study things in a particular way 30 Which of the following is NOT true? A Bacon was a learned man B Bacon did a lot of philosophy C The inductive reasoning was used in Bacon’s time D Bacon gave scientists a lot of useful advice You can make life more difficult for thieves by (31) your wallet in an inside pocket instead of a back pocket But make sure that you still have it if someone bumps into you in a (32) Most pickpockets are very skillful Never let your handbag out of your (33) On public transport, (34) hold of it You are also (35) to take travelers’ checks rather than cash when you go abroad, and to use cash dispenses which are on (36) streets, or are well lit at night A quarter of all crimes are car thefts or things from cars, like radio and cassette players If your car is (37) _, you may not get it back One in four are never found, and even if it is, it may be badly (38) Always lock all doors and windows and think about fitting a car alarm too If you are buying a new radio cassette player, it is (39) choosing one that is security-code or removable by the drive These precautions will help to (40) thieves 31 A taking B holding C carrying D bringing 32 A mass B band C crowd D group 33 A view B sight C visibility D vision 33 A keep B catch C take D have 35 A suggested B told C informed D advise 36 A main B important C principal D major 37 A robbed B burgled C stolen D hijacked 38 A hurt B damaged C spoilt D injured 39 A beneficial B practical C worthwhile D sensible 40 A put off B put down C put out D put back CLOSEST 41 We were disappointed that the journey home was a disaster a sad and dissatisfied b surprised c good and hopeful d concerned but confident 42 What we have to now is to remain calm and try to think reasonably a generally b basically c purposely d logically 43 In the Geography lesson, we look at the atlats to find India a map b pencil c bags d words 44 My dad was trying to mend the broken door of the garage after the crash a beat b.repair c pull d make 45 Buying canned or froen food rather than fresh food cut down our vitamin intake by as much as 25 – 30 perccnt a preserves b remains c reduces d increases 46.It’s ages since I last had a holiday at the sea A I may have had a holiday at the sea ages ago B I haven’t had a holiday at the sea for a long time C I have never had a holiday at the sea before D It’s ages since I last went to the sea 47 He asked her if she would meet him that evening A He said to her: “Did you meet me that evening?” B Her question is “Will you meet me this evening if I like?” C He said: “Would you meet me one evening if I asked you?” D He said to her: “Will you meet me this evening?” 48 Lenny denied breaking the window A Lenny was determined not to break the window B Lenny said that he hadn’t broken the window C Actually Lenny didn’t break the window D Lenny refused to break the window 49 People believed that the boys started the fire A The boys were believed to have started the fire B That the boys started the fire was believed C It is believed that the fire was started the fire D It is believed that the boys started the fire 50 The secret to success is hard work A One must work hard to keep secrets B One cannot succeed if has secrets C Working hard ensures success D If you keep your work secret, you will succeed A birthday B thirteenth Test 10 C thing D therefore 19 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN A grew B threw C knew D flew A finish B invite C sometimes D nice 4.A devices B houses C changes D articles 5.A worried B tomorrow C sorry D ordinal Bob received a video tape recorder as a _ on his birthday A present B money C reward D bonus After the passengers the plane, they put their bags under the seats A left B saw C got on D got off She is going to finish her work, ? A is she B will she C doesn’t she D isn’t she I _ when he came last night A have read B am reading C read D was reading 10 He rested his bicycle the wall A at B for C against D inside 11 Will you me your pen for my examination this afternoon? A borrow B lend C allow D permit 12 The picture was sold for a great of money A cost B sum C value D price 13 It is very difficult to a secret from my family A keep B learn C take D hear 14 He bought books and then left A much more B any C a few D a little 15 It rained three days without stopping A during B for C since D while 16 Didn’t you see that _ of lightning just some minutes ago? A bolt B twinkle C flame D spark 17 Is Phuong student in your class? A good B a best C the best D better 18 I am not ready yet and A she isn’t too B neither is she C so is she D she is too 19 -“Can you tidy the kitchen, Hoa?” – “ ” A.That’s good, mum B Why I have to, mum? C Sure, I will, mum D What about my sister, mum? 20 - “Oh, I’m terribly sorry?” - “ .” A I’m sorry,too B That’s alright C You made me hurt D You’re welcome 21.The park keeper told us not walk on the grass or we would be fined 22.John used to smoking cigarettes when he was a young man 23.Could you buy me two loafs of bread, please? 24.We are confident that we will be possible to persuade our friends to keep the school clean 25.Tom didn’t drive a car since he had an accident two years ago It is usually very hard to become familiar (26) _ the culture of a foreign country If you live a long time in that country, you will find out how little you really know about its culture Books are often of little use (27) they concentrate on differences between your own culture and that of the foreign country A lot of information they contain is not correct It is even difficult for us to become (28) of the culture of our own country A recent (29) _ showed that British people did not know what was really typical of their country They listed stereotypes when they were asked to (30) the things they thought were typical of Britain 26 A with B about C for D on 27 A instead B but C despite D because 28 A interested B amazed C aware D famous 29 A novel B survey C carton D interview 30 A inform B draw C describe D Assist The Arctic and Antarctic, geographically at opposite ends of the world, are dissimilar in almost very particular The Antarctic ice covers a base of rock; the Arctic ice floats on salt water United States submarines have sailed several times to the North Pole and surfaced there for scientific observations and picture taking; the South Pole can be reached only by air or 20 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN over the frozen surface Although the north polar region is almost entirely landlocked, the south polar continent is far removed from most other land masses, a condition that allows the Antarctic current to circle with unhindered ferocity Arctic storms are tamed by the surrounding continents, but Antarctic ones sweep unimpeded for thousands of miles The Antarctic spawns the big-league icebergs; these sometimes tower 200 feet above and 1,500 feet below the water, and stretch for 30 miles The most significant difference between the Arctic and Antarctic is the presence and absence of life Eskimos have dwelt for centuries upon the north ice, catching fish and hunting walruses and polar bears In the Antarctic there is little animal life except for the dinner-jacketed penguin, and man can survive in that hostile environment only by importing tons of supplies 31 The North Pole is accessible by submarines because A it is isolated from land masses B it is covered by nothing but floating ice C there is an opening in its rock base D the surrounding sea is free of icebergs 32 One might reach the South Pole by _ A airplane B dogsled C ship D either A or B 33 Antarctica has fiercer storms than the Arctic because A it has lower temperatures B it is landlocked sea C few land masses shelter it D it has no vegetation 34 The word “ones” in the passage refers to A storms B continents C miles D icebergs 35 Arctic animal life includes _ A fish B polar bears C walruses D all of the above 36 When living in Antarctica, man must A hunt seals and walruses B import all his food C gather penguin eggs D subsist on plant life 37 The writer believes the Arctic and Antarctic differ most significantly in _ A ocean currents B land structure C presence of life D weather 38 The word “dwelt” in the passage probably means _ A lived B travelled C hunted D farmed 39 The Arctic and Antarctic are alike in that they are A about the same size B equally hostile to man C covered with ice D both explored by man 40 The writer’s main purpose is to _ A describe the Arctic way of life B point out hardship in exploration C paint a bleak picture of Antarctica D show how Arctic and Antarctic differ OPPOSITE 41 We still remember looking at the brilliant stars in the clear night sky a dim b moving c bright d smart 42 The way to judge a good comedy is by how long it will last and have people talk about it a performance b tragedy c passage d fiction 43 The sea lions are energetic, but the warus is lethargic a lazy b tired c active d joyful 44 The police want to know exactly when you left the building Was it six o’clock in the morning? a approximately b extremely c accurately d highly 45 Kevin’s teachers saw him as quiet and serious, but with his friends he was the opposite a the contrary b the quickest c the best d the same 46 “Would you like to come to my party?” said Frankie A Frankie invited me to party B I invited Frankie to my party C Frankie asked me if I like to come to his party D Frankie said I could come to his party 47 People rumoured that her husband had died in the battle A Her husband is rumoured to die in the battle B Her husband died in the battle, and it is the truth C People knew that her husband died in the battle D Her husband was rumoured to have died in the battle 48 I found it difficult to communicate in English A I didn’t like to communicate in English B I was not used to communicate in English C Communicating in English was no difficulty for me D I preferred communicating in English 49 My father is determined to continue working until he is 65 A Only when my father is 65 is he determined to continue working B Not until he was 65 did my father stop working C There is a determination of my father to stop working when he is 65 21 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN D My father has no intention of stopping working until he is 65 50 “Latecomers will not be admitted until the interval.” A The play will start later than usual today B Please be quiet because the play has started C If you arrive late you cannot go straight in D We never start late for any reason Test 11 A calendar B impress C petty D depend A message B village C voyage D teenage A butter B sugar C put D push 4.A.hopital B honesty C horn D hobby 5.A finished B talented C watched D looked She finally finished at 7.30 and served dinner A to cook B to be cooked C cooking D being cooked Mary plays the piano beautifully than I A quite B so C most D more 8.They took him to the Central Hospital, is only one kilometer away A which B that C where D when You shouldn’t go out the rain A at B by C in D on 10 I have no brothers or sisters I’m child A an only B a sole C a unique D a single 11 Thies television gives you the news A last B least C latest D later 12 I only one mistake in the final test A made B did C took D gained 13 The teacher told the children always to tell the A true B truth C information D fact 14 A mechanic is a person that cars A repairs B produces C stores D sells 15 It would surprise me of he _ you A didn’t help B wouldn’t help C doesn’t help D won’t help 16 He is unhappy because his parents not very well A make up B go off C get on D come over 17 I’m sorry, teacher I’ve _ my homework book on the bus A forgotten B placed C missed D left 18 The man who was taken to hospital had been for three hours A insensitive B unconscious C unfeeling D indifferent 19 – How did you come home from Ho Chi Minh city? - “ ” A The train was very low B Very late last night C By plane D With my mum 20 - “I’m taking my driving test tomorrow.” - “ ” A Good fortune B Good luck C Good outcome D Good success 21 The number of women earning Doctor’s Degrees have risen sharply in recent years 22.No one knows exactly how many species of animals lives on earth 23.Benjamin Franklin, as an inventor, he had broad interests, mechanical skills, persistence and a practical view of life 24.This is the only library which we can obtain scientific information 25.Before the invention of the printing press, books had all printed by hand A FRIEND OF LIBERALITY When I was in high school, there was a girl whom I disliked I don’t know why I dislike her She had always been friendly towards me, and had never done anything to cause me to feel the same way I did about her I was continually saying unpleasant things to her, making fun of her, snubbing her One day as I was going home from school, the girl caught up with me and told me that our teacher wanted me to come back for a while I did not believe her and walked on down the street, leaving the girl standing alone The next day when I got to school, our teacher asked me: “Why didn’t you come back to the school as I asked you to?” I said: “I didn’t know you wanted me?” The teacher sent for the girl and asked her: “Did you tell Rose to come back?” The 22 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN girl answered, “I’m sorry, but I didn’t tell her I couldn’t catch up with her” I was surprised and suddenly realized how pretty she was I felt I ought to be ashamed of myself and I found out all my fault in comparison with her liberality 26 Why did the writer dislike the girl ? A Because the girl disliked her B Because the girl was not friendly to her C The writer didn’t know why D Because the writer didn’t feel comfortable with her 27 We can infer from the passage that A The writer always did the best to help the girl B The writer didn’t behave well towards the girl C The girl didn’t behave well towards the writer D The writer liked the girl very much 28 The phrase “making fun of her” in the passage means A laughing at her B looking at her C playing with her D feeling funny when playing with her 29 How did the writer react when the girl told her that the teacher wanted to see her ? A She got very angry B She went to meet the teacher C She thought the girl was telling a lie D She believed the girl 30 Why did the girl tell a lie to the teacher ? A Because she was afraid of him B To avoid being punished by the teacher C Because she was afraid of her teacher D To help the writer avoid the teacher’s punishment Diego Armando Maradona was born on October 30, 1960 ,in Villa Fiorito, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina He was (31) _ in an underprivileged family and spent his adolescence playing football in the street of his (32) He made his debut (33) the age of 16 and throughout his professional career he played 692 (34) _ games scoring 352 goals He played 90 games for the Argentina National Team and scored 33 goals, of (35) were in world cups His first team was called Estrella Roja (Red Star) and was (36) by his father for the neighborhood boys One of the players was Gregorio “El Goyo” Carrizo, (37) _ played in the lower divisions of Argentinos Juniors, and who helped Diego to be part of the team called “Los Cebollitas” (the small onions) With only 14 years of age, he (38) _ the public at his first game with the team and gained (39) _ and respect as a player With “Los Cebollitas” he (40) _ a winning spree of over one hundred games 31 A risen B raised C grown D shown 32 A neighborhood B environs C manors D lands 33 A in B for C on D at 34 A significant B main C official D chief 35 A them B that C which D what 36 A found B founded C set D fixed 37 A who B that C he D whom 38 A enjoyed B fascinate C interested D astonished 39 A name B reputation C achievement D strength 40 A kept B played C held D napped 41 There is too much noise in the room I can’t understand A what is the teacher saying B the teacher is saying what C what the teacher is saying D dose the teacher say 42 She was _ she could not say anything A very surprised at the news B too surprised at the news that C so surprised at the news that D such surprises at the news 43 - is the new library in the town center A What interested in us B What we are interested in C That we are interested in D Which is interested in us 44 The more you study during the semester, the week before exams A the less you have to study B you have to study the less C the less have you to study D the study less you have 45 Stars shine because of _ produced by the nuclear reactions taking place within them A the amount of light and heat is B which the amount of light and heat C the amount of light and heat that it is D the amount of light and heat 46 A man sat down beside me He wanted to talk about his city A A man sat down beside me but he wanted to talk about his city B The man who sat down beside me wanted to talk about his city C Sitting down beside me, the man wanted to talk about his city D Although the man wanted to talk about his city, he sat down beside me 47 We got lost because we didn’t take the city map with us A We didn’t take the city map with us, so we got lost C We nearly got lost because we didn’t take the city map with us B.Having taken the city mapwith us, we still got lost D We didn’t get lost when we took the city map with us 48 He triesto pratise English everyday He can speak English more fluently now A The more fluently he can speak English, the more he practise English 23 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN B He can speak English fluently, but he tries to practise English everyday C The more he practises English everyday, the more fluently he can speak it D He tries to practise English every day, and he can hardly speak Rnglish fluently 49 She is learning computer programming She want to get the better job A She is learning computer programming so he want to get the better job B She is learning computer programming in order to get the better job C She has got a better job.because she is learning computer programming D To learn computer programming, she may be able to get a better job 50 The bridge was very low The ship couldn’t go under it A It was a very low bridge , and big ship couldn’t go under it C It was a low bridge because the ship couldn’t go under it B The bridge wasn’t high enough for the ship to go under easily D The bridge was so low that the ship couldn’t go under it Test 12 A capture B distance C finish D invite A amazing B apartment C compliment D delicious A delightful B calendar C encourage D linguistics 4.A order B receive C complain D enjoy 5.A expensive B favorite C chemistry D uniform They worked for an hour and then they stopped a rest A to have B having C to having D have had There is _ water in the bottle A many B number of C a few D a little I don’t like stories have an unhappy ending A whom B who C which D where That’s what I would like Christmas A for B in C on D about 10 Do you know when a _ spaceship first landed on the moon? - In 1969 A manned B man-made C manly D manlike 11 If you can’t reach me at home, send me a _ A postscript B brief C letter D mail 12 I believe it is to hold a door open for a lady A polite B impolite C politely D politeness 13 There are so many things that it’s difficult to _ A follow B choose C find D put 14 Anna is a shop assistant She in a shop A sells B talks C buys D dances 15 They to see us more often if they had a car A have come B came C will come D would come 16 Next week when there a full moon, the ocean tides will be higher A will be B will have been C is being D is 17 From an early age, Wolfgang had a(n) _ for music A interest B passion C involvement D tendency 18 - “Is dinner ready?” - “No, mother is it ready now.” A doing B cooking C getting D preparing 19 - “Would you like anything else?” - “ .” A That’s all Thank youB Yes, I like everything C Tomorrow Thanks D No, I wouldn’t 20 -“Who invented the world wide web (WWW)?” A In 1989 B It is a useful tool C Tim Berners- Lee did D He is an English scientist 21.John’s father had him repeated the poem many times 22.John Keynes used his knowledges of economics to help his colleagues and himself 23.Most doctors agree that it is not good for patients to lay in bed without exercising 24.What I love most about the book that is the close-knit friendship of the three friends 25.Jack had to skip breakfast; otherwise, he will be late for class Strange things happen to time when you travel, because the earth is divided into twenty- four time zones, one hour apart You can have days with more or fewer than twenty- four hours, and weeks with more or fewer than seven days 24 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN If you make a five- day trip across the Atlantic Ocean, your ship enters a different time zone every day As you enter each zone, the time changes one hour Traveling west, you set your clock back; traveling East, you set it ahead Each day of your trip has either twenty - five or twenty - three hours If you travel by ship across the Pacific Ocean, you cross the international date line By agreement, this is the point where a new day begins When you cross the line, you change your calendar one full day, backward or forward traveling East, today becomes yesterday; traveling east, it is tomorrow! 26 Strange things happen to time when you travel because _ A no day really has twenty-fours hours B the earth is divided into time zones C time zones are not all the same size D no one knows where time zones begin 27 The difference in time between zones is _ A seven days B more than seven days C one hour D twenty - four hours 28 From this selection it seems true that the Atlantic Ocean A is in one time zone B is divided into twenty-four zones C is divided into five time zones D.can not be crossed in five days 29 The international date line is the name for _ A the beginning of any new time zone B any point where time changes by one hour C any time zone in the Pacific Ocean D the point where a new day begins 30 The best title for this selection is A How Time Changes Around the World B A trip Across the Atlantic C Crossing the International Date Line D How Time Zones Were Set Up Throughout history, many people have worn clothing more for decoration than for protecting the body Even in cold climates, some people seem more (31) _ in decorating their bodies than in protecting them In 1830s, (32) _ example, the famous British biology Charles R Darwin traveled to the islands of Tierra del Fuego, (33) _ the south tip of South America There he saw people who wore only a small (34) _ of animal skin and a little paint in (35) _ of the cold rain and sleet Darwin gave the people scarlet cloth, (36) _ they wrapped around their necks Even in the cold (37) _, the people wore the clothes more for decoration than for protection No one knows exactly why or (38) _ men first wore clothes But they probably began to wear clothing more than 10,000 years ago - and probably for much the same reasons we wear clothes today 39) _ men may have wanted to protect themselves, to improve their (40) _ and to tell other people something about themselves A cave man may have worn the skin of a bear or a reindeer for warmth He also could have worn the skin to show his neighbours that he was a great hunter 31 A interested B believed C engaged D involve 32 A with B within C in D for 33 A off B in C on D at 34 A coat B shirt C cloak D cloth 35 A spite B despite C case D fact 36 A that B which C when D what 37 A climate B weather C day D region 38 A when B how C where D whether 39 A Ancient B Early C Historic D Old 40 A face B look C appearance D body CLOSEST 41 No matter how remarkable it seems, Mozart was an accomplicated composer while still a child a temporary b cheerful c talented d slow 42 The relationship between chilren and their grandparents is something very precious a priceless b valualess c worthless d useless 43 Regular feeling with a general fertiliser will help to ensure that the plants are always supplied with adequate food materials a satisfactory b sufficient c lacking d plentiful 44 During physical education, the children had to jump as high as they could a skips b leap c swim d run 45 All teachers should be aware of the real challenges that visually handicapped pupils have to face a images b tasks c positions d difficulties 46 We had better go home before it gets dark 25 Tạ Thị Hương Liên – LT- BN A It’s dark now, and we ought to have gone before B We have left for home before it got dark C It’s better for us to leave in darkness D We should go home while it’s still daylight 47 The concert wasn’t as good as we had expected A The concert wasn’t so good as we had expected B We expected the concert to be worse C We thought the concert would be much better.D The concert was thought to be as good 48 “Are you waiting for your exam result?” she said A She asked me was I waiting for my exam result B She asked me whether was I waiting for my exam result C She asked me if I was waiting for my exam result D She asked me whether I was waiting for your exam result 49 We have many flats available for rent in this area A We offer a wide choice of flats to rent B This is the best area to find a flat C We promise to find you a flat to rent D Flats in this area not cost a lot 50 I don’t understand how to fill in this application form A It is not explained how to fill in this application form B I am not clear about how to fill in this application form C It is not difficult for me to fill this application form in the right way D I really know how to fill in this application form 26 ... colourful and fashionable clothing.” a Are you following the latest fashion? b Clothes in this shop are trendy c What is your favourite type of clothing? d What is your national costume? 20 “Could... antique b ancient c traditional d old-fashioned 12 I went to Spain on holiday , but I made of lot of friends there a single b lonely c alone d free 13 When buying something, never forget to ask... they used to eating Indonesian food 41 I'd go on a world cruise if _ a I win the competition b I won the competition c I will win the competition d I would win the competition 42 _ when I
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