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1. Follow take name the instructions. 2. Take give receive proper precautions.3. Don’t fall don’t cut don’t rig corners.4. Take break remember your time.5. Take use keep the equipment.6. Keep handle wear your hard hat.7. Use follow keep the recommendations. UNIT 8: Health and safe • Communicate heath and safe guidelines • Give instructions for traffic control • Describe incidents • Discuss hurricane precautions  Health and safety guidelines A-5 D-4 B-2 C-3 E-1 Translated from difinition available 1) Health and safety Sức khỏe an toàn 2) Common cause Nguyên nhân thường gặp 3) Rigging load Tải 4) Bury Chôn vùi Regulations and procedures intended to prevent accident or injury in workplaces The most frequent thing to make some thing happen The system of cables and fittings fitted around the heavy or bulky thing that is being lifted To cover something so that it cannot be found 5) Precaution Sự đề phòng 6) Remember Something you in order to prevent something dangerous or unpleasant from happening To not forget something that you must Nhớ lại 7) don’t cut corners Do not something in the easiest quickest or cheapest way or it might harm the quality Khơng cắt góc of your work 8) Keep your eyes open Pay attention, be watchful Giữ mắt bạn mở 9) Recommendation Khuyến cáo 10) No need to shout Không cần Official advice given to someone especially about what to A phrase to mean: I heart you Do not raise you voice 11) warn Cảnh báo 12) Instruct To tell someone that something bad or dangerous might happen so that they can be ready or avoid it To official tell someone what to Giảng dạy 13) Suggest To tell someone your ideas about what they should Đề nghị 14) Road works Cơng trình đường Repairs to a road, or under a road, creating a hazard or obstruction Listening Listen to the presentation Number the illustrations in in the order the speaker mentions them E 2C 3A 4D 5B Match 1-5 with a-e Then listen again to check 1) What did the speaker say about hazardous waste? 2) What is one of the most commom accidents? 3) What did he say about rigging loads? 4) What happened in sand last year? 5) What did he call protective clothing? A D C E B Choose the correct verb to complete the advice Follow/ take/ name the instructions Take / give/ receive proper precautions Don’t fall / don’t cut / don’t rig corners Take / break / remember your time Take / use / keep the equipment Keep / handle / wear your hard hat Use / follow / keep the recommendations Follow Take Don’t cut Take Use Wear Fallow Language: Reporting instructions and advice  There are ways to report instructions and advice One way is to say exactly the same thing  Another way is to use told ( note that told needs an object)  Note that like say and tell, some verbs need an object and some not EX: - He said, “ don’t cut corners’ He said, “keep your eyes open” - He told us not to cut corners He told us to keep our eyes open - He recommended that we… He warned us not to… He instructed us to He suggested that we … Focus on a project: Hurricane preparations, Florida, USA Word Definition Translation high winds (n) strong wind Gió mạnh flooding (n) a situation in which an area of land becomes covered with water, for example because of heavy rain Lũ lụt make landfall (v) refers to when a hurricane reaches the land after being over the sea Đổ tie beam (n) a horizontal beam forming the base of a triangular truss for a pitched roof, connecting the two side walls Đà ngang cũa mái nhà plywood (n) a material made of several thin layers of wood that are stuck together to form a strong board Ván ép lumber (n) pieces of wood used for building, that have been cut to specific lengths and widths Cấu kiện xât dựng Word Definition permit board (n) a notice board with an official written statement giving you the right to something dual carriageway (n) British English a main road that has two lines of traffic travelling in each direction, with a narrow part between them that has no traffic [= divided highway American English] pour (v) column (n) to make a liquid or granular solid flow from one container to another Translation Giấy phép Làn kép Đổ vào a vertical support or pillar Trụ Speaking • Imagine you work on a construction site and receive a warning of bad weather: high winds and possible flooding Work in pairs and list the preparations you need to make Reading • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Hurricanes are common in Florida, USA The Florida Home Builders Association gives hurricane preparation tips to construction sites Read this extract from their guidelines and add to or change yours list in Suggested answers Check national weather service Cancel material deliveries Stop construction activities 48/24 hours before hurricane expected to hit Activate hurricane job site plan Notify subcontractors to help secure site Clean up any debris Tie loose materials together Remove all signage Turn off all utilities Secure any portable toilets Tell subcontractors to leave until threat passes Speaking • Work in small groups One of you is a site maneger and the other are subcontractors On a construction site near you • Site manager: you have just received a hurricane warning Make notes on the preparations you need to makes Then brief your subconstractors Start like this: There are a lot of preparations we need to make First, we need to • Subcontractors: you have just received a hurricane warning The site manager will brief you on hurricane preparations Make notes on the questions you need to ask Then ask him/her questions When you want us to ? What about the…? Work with people from other groups Compare your hurricane preparations He said, ‘We need remove all signage’ She told us to check the batteries in our mobile phones REVIEW • Vocabulary • Match the expressions in columns and Them match them to their definitions in columns 1.Dual 2.Length of 3.Safety 4.Traffic 5.Oncoming 6.Speed 7.Minimum a) zone i) two lanes b) taper ii) how fast you are allowed to drive c) traffic iii) the smallest amount d) carriageway iv) how long the slant is on the row of traffic cones e) number v) the cars coming toward you f) limit vi) an area free of traffic where people can work g) cone vii) a piece of equipment used to control moving cars 1-d-i, b, iv a, vi g, vii c, v f, ii e, iii Language Read the supervisor’s instructions Then complete the labourer’s summary with told or said Correct the four errors in the labourer’s summary Supervisor’s intructions: Listen carefully Here’s what I want you to First, fix the signs properly Use sandbags to prevent them falling over Second, make sure the sings are at least 150 metres away from the ditch We need to give drivers enough warning Third, keep checking the signs to make sure they haven’t been knocked over by traffic Language Labourer’s summary: He (1) told us lots of things First of all, he (2) said that he wants us to use cement to stop the signs falling over Second, he (3) said we need to put the signs at least 15 meters away from the kerb And third, he (4) told us to keep checking the signs to make sure they’re not dirty 3.Complete these sentence with your own ideas Sometimes more than one word is possible He was walking along the road and I tripped over a cable wrist (1) I broke my (2) He was rigging the (3) scaffolding when one of the (4) plan snapped Luckily no one was hurt She was (5) talking to the supervisor when the (6) bulldozer crashed into the barrier He was putting out the signs when a car (7) bulldozer The hurricane started at about p.m The first thing that flew into the air was the (8) roofing cable, wrist load, slings talking, truck hit him portable toilet List the bad weather preparations for a construction site near you Use the words in the box to help you Advise call cancel deliveries lumberportable toiletsecure signage subcontractors tie turn off Suggested answers Call the subcontractors and advise them of your plans Turn off the electricity Tie (up) any loose lumber Secure the portable toilet and all signage Cancel all deliveries Writing Look at these illustrations and write the story about what happened to the construction worker Suggested answer A construction worker was walking behind a bulldozer He was pushing a wheelbarrow The bulldozer reversed towards the worker The bulldozer hit the worker and the wheelbarrow The worker was OK but the wheelbarrow was destroyed ... Health and safety guidelines A-5 D-4 B -2 C-3 E-1 Translated from difinition available 1) Health and safety Sức khỏe an toàn 2) Common cause Nguyên nhân thường... cones? Safety at street works and road works size and siting distance: detail of sign and cones and safety zone dimensions Since the ‘road works’ sign is only 50 metres from the vehicle (or 25 metres... taper of 26 metres, so a distance of five metres between cones is fine Use the illustration in and the tables in to complete this table D=110 27 5m;T=50m;S=0.5m; L=1⁄2m D= 725 –1600m;T=160m;S=1.2m;
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