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house 28 foot long (± 1”), 20 foot wide (± 1”)1 total area – main room, with the kitchen – bed room – bathroom –height of rooms – doors, not including frames – Estimating is about calculating time, materials, equipment costs and so on. If we overestimate, someone else gets job. If we underestimate, we lose money. So it’s very important that we get it right. Unit 2: DESIGN  Describe technical drawings  Estimate  Discuss ideas and improvements  Discuss light tube technology Technical drawing Word Definition Translation to Vietnamese representation (n) describing or explaining something using drawings Bản vẽ   orthographic projections a means of representing a three- dimensional object in two dimensions   Hình chiếu (n) object (n) a solid thing that you can hold, touch or see but that is not alive elevation (n) an upright side of a building, as shown in a drawing cross-section (n) something that has been cut in half so that you can look at the inside of it, or a drawing of this exploded view (n) a diagram, picture or technical drawing of an object that shows the relationship or order of assembly of various parts assembly (n) the process of putting the parts of something together Vật thể     đứng Hình chiếu Mặt cắt ngang  Bản vẽ chi tiết   Sự lắp ghép Word Definition Translation to Vietnamese fit together (v) to put the parts of something together  Ghép lại plan view (n) a view from above of the relationships between rooms, spaces and other  Mặt tổng thể physical features at one level of a structure floor plan (n) a diagram usually to scale, showing a view from above of the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features at one  Bản vẽ tầng điển hình level of a structure fitting (n) a piece of equipment in a house, e.g cooker, fridge that can be moved or taken with you when you sell the house detail (n) all the separate features and pieces of information about something circle (n) a completely round shape, like the letter ‘O’   Đồ gia dụng  Chi tiết Hình tròn   Word Definition l-shape (n) shaped in the form of the letter ‘I’ oval (n) a shape like a circle, but wider in one direction than the other square (n) a shape with four straight equal sides with 90º angles at the corners triangle (n) a flat shape with three straight sides and three angles cone (n) a solid or hollow shape that is round at one end, has sloping sides and has a point at the other end cube (n) a solid object with six equal square sides Translation to Vietnamese   Hình chữ I  Hình bầu dục   Hình vng Hình  tam giác   Hình nón  Hình lập phương Word Definition cylinder (n) a shape, object or container with circular ends and long straight sides rectangular prism has six flat sides with 90º angles and all of its faces are rectangles (n) sphere (n) Translation to Vietnamese  Hình trụ  Hình hộp chữ nhật a ball shape  Hình cầu tolerance (n) a minimum or maximum deviation from a nominal value  Dung sai scale (n) the relationship between the size of a drawing or model and the actual size of the place or thing that it represents  Tỉ lệ Look at three representations of a house Name the types of drawing Then read the text and check your answer: Orthographic projections Exploded views Plan view Work in small groups Discuss what other types of drawing elevation are used in the construction industry floor plan cross-section Identify these 2D shapes in the drawings in Write the names of the shapes on the drawing circle I-shape oval rectangle square triangle rectangle circle triangle I-shape oval square Focus on a project: Light tubes in Potsdamer Plazt, Berlin Word Definition Translation to Vietnamese tube (n) a round pipe heliostat (n) a device that includes a mirror, which turns so as to keep reflecting Ống Kính lúp sunlight toward a specific point transfer (v) to move from one place to another, or to move something from one Dời chỗ place to another sunlight (n) natural light that comes from the sun external diameter (n) the outside measurement of a straight line from one side of a round object to the other side, passing through the centre of the circle Ánh sáng mặt trời Đường kính Word Definition Translation to Vietnamese mirror (n) a piece of special glass that you can look at and see yourself in reflective (adj) if a surface is reflective, it sends back the light that reaches it Gương Phản chiếu line (v) to form a layer over the inner surface of something reflective material (n) a material that reflects light spread (v) if something spreads or is spread, it becomes larger or moves so that it Phủ Vật liệu phản quang Căng affects more people or a larger area artificial (adj) not real or not made of natural things but made to be like something that is real or natural Nhân tạo Look at the photo What are the tubes? What they do? Read the text about the light tubes in Potsdamer Platz What is a heliostat? Heliostat is a device that includes a mirror, which turns so as to keep reflecting sunlight toward a specific point Are these statements true (T) or false (F)? Correct the false statements Each tube is over ten meters above ground (T/F) The tubes are made of glass and steel (T/F) A heliostat contains mirrors (T/F) T T F contains => use Each light tube contains a plastic pipe (T/F) F plastic pipe => steel pipe Light can only travel down the tubes (T/F) travel down => travel down and up F Look at this sketch of a light tube What the letters stand for? A reflective material B mirror C heliostat D steel pipe E glass cover Review Write these dimensions in words 45.805 cm twenty seven foot three inches 27’3” 7,643 sq yd 17 cm x 13 cm 0.045 cm 1,267 m seven thousand six hundred and fourty three square yard seventeen centimeter by thirteen centimeter fifteen feet plus or minus three per four 15’ ± ¾” fourty five point eight zero five zero point zero four five one thousand two hundred and sixty seven square metres Put these words in the correct order to make zero conditional sentences If / need, / you / tell / help / me If you need help, tell me If / it / wet / site, / things / on / rains / get If it rains, thing on site get wet If / visits / the / client / let / know / me If the client visits let me know If / is/ you / a / cube / cut /, the / a / cross-section / square If you cut the cross-section a cube is a square If / strike / there / is / a, /stops / work If there is a trike, stop work Complete this conversation between two builders Use one word in each space A: The client thinks that the room is too dark more why B: No (1) _.(2) don’t we install more light? A: Well, he wants natural lighting B: I see How (3) if I make the windows bigger? A: But the walls aren’t strong enough… about B: That’s a good (4) _.I know … why (5) we use A: Light tubes? light tubes? walls don’t B:Yes.They come in kits We’ll (6) to cut a hole in the roof first I think the diameter is about 40 cm The tube goes from the roof, through the attic and comes out in the ceiling At the top there’s a semi-spherical glass dome which collects the sunlight This light is reflected down the tube need And at the bottom there’s a ceiling-mounted unit which transfers the sunlight into the room A: That makes (7) _ But aren’t they expensive ? B: Not really Around $300,I (8) They should take around half a day to install A: I’m sure he’ll be OK with (9) B :OK I’ll call the office and ask them to produce a proper (10) _ easily think it heliostat Name the shapes that are 90-degree cross-section of : a cylinder a circle; a rectangle a cube a rectangular prism _ a sphere a cone a triangle _ two square two rectangle two circle a circle Write the opposite simple complex permanent _ final _ begin subtract _ add different _ same hardware _ software loss _ have new Do the following, then compare with your classmates Draw a floor plan of your classroom and label the fittings Draw the front and side elevations of an object in the room and include dimensions THE END ... the dimensions you hear house - 28 foot long (± 1”), 20 foot wide (± 1”) total area – 560 square feet main room, with the kitchen – 16 by 20 foot bed room – 12 by 14 foot bathroom – by 14 foot... thirty four metres by twenty eigh metres 26 ’ ± ½” twenty six foot plus or minus a half inch 2, 500 sq ft two thousand and five hundred squere foot 4,6 32 m 0.045 cm four thousand six hundred and... feet foot 8, or 32 inches wide, and foot high Language Talking about dimensions Say these dimensions aloud 3.065 mm three point zero six five three feet four inches 3’4’’ 34 m x 28 m thirty four
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