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This machine is ……… driving piles into the soil.This machine has a bucket which is used ……. scoop soil out of the ground.This machine …….. lift heavy loads high in the air.You ……. this machine to move large amounts of earth.This machine …………. Electric from petrol.This machine …………… used for transporting concrete to high parts of a construction site.This machine is …………. . to transport people to high parts of a construction site. Unit Equipment • talk about equipment • explain faults • deal with repairs • discuss equipment for a skyscraper project Thủy lực xích Ổn định nâng Tải trọng Hào hầm đóng Cọc Xe ủi Máy khoan đào Máy đóng cọc Xe xúc uses hydraulics _ has tracks. _ uses stabilisers. _ lifts loads _ BG GA BHID digs trenches drives piles into the ground. breaks things GBE E I FIE Language for This machine is ……… driving piles into the soil to This machine has a bucket which is used …… scoop soil out of the ground This machine …… lift heavy loads high in the air can You …… this machine to move large amounts of earth use This machine ………… Electric from petrol makes This machine …………… used for transporting concrete to high is parts of a construction site This machine is ………… used to transport people to high parts of a construction site a) a crane b) a lift/an elevator c) a pile driver d) a generator e) a concrete pump/a cement pump f) a backhoe g) a bulldozer Reading Read these extracts from manufacturers' sales brochures Name the types of equipment they describe 11 Choose one of the repairs that need doing to the office trailer on page 24 and explain to a partner how to it Ex: The broken hinge needs replacing, so first you need to 12 Read audio script 11 on page 73 between the supervisor and his team Roleplay a similar situation with your classmates Word Definition clad (v) covered in a particular thing minimise disruption (phr) to reduce the effect in a situation in which something is prevented from continuing in its usual way Translation Được che phủ Giảm thiểu gián transport hub (n) lift shaft (n) the central and most important part of an area for carrying passengers or goods from one place to another a vertical shaft in a building to permit the passage of an elevator or lift from floor to floor đoạn Trung tâm giao thông Đường thông thang máy jump lift technology (n) an elevator system that uses a building shaft during construction to move higher or ‘jump’ as the building gets taller, to allow shaft construction to continue at higher levels while the lift is operating in the same shaft at lower levels machine room (n) Công nghệ thang máy nhảy the place where a piece of equipment with moving parts that uses power, e.g electricity to a particular job is kept Phòng máy cantilever (n) a beam anchored at only one end Dầm chìa, giá đỡ loading platform (n) flush (adj) a flat structure built to have a large quantity of something placed on it if two surfaces are flush, they are at exactly the same level, so that the place where they meet is flat Sàn chất tải Bằng phẳng,ngang core (n) the central part of something Điểm trung tâm,lõi jacked up (phr) to describe when a heavy object is lifted off the ground using a special piece of equipment that you put under the object to support it Kích lên,nâng lên Focus on a project: The Shard, London Reading The Shard is a skyscraper in the centre of London, just near the famous Tower Bridge It is one of the tallest buildings in Europe Designed by Renzo Piano, the tower has 88 levels and is clad entirely in glass It contains offices, restaurants, bars, cafes, viewing galleries, a hotel and residential apartments One of the biggest challenges the developers had to deal with was to minimise disruption in the local area: The Shard is located next to London Bridge station, one of the busiest transport hubs in London, and Guy's Hospital, a large teaching hospital Noise and dust had to be kept to a minimum On this page you will look at some of the equipment that was used in the construction of The Shard Normally a lift shaft has to be complete before a lift can be installed With jump lift technology this is not necessary As the building rises, the jump lift, which contains its own machine room, rises with it These cantilever loading platforms are easy to install and move Cranes lift the platforms into position They are flush with the floor allowing the movement of large objects in and out of the structure High-rise buildings like the Shard need a lot of The Shard construction site concrete This project used a powerful, high- used a number of cranes performance pump which can pump more than 90m1 The lead crane in the centre of concrete per hour occupied the highest spot This crane was mounted inside the core As the building rose the crane was jacked up Vocabulary 1Read the text and look at the photos Find words which are close in meaning to these words simple tall on the same level as middle Easy uppermost Flush elevator finished Jump Lift Installed High-rise Core Highest spot Speaking Think about the four pieces of equipment mentioned in the texts What are they for? Make notes and discuss your ideas with a partner How you think the top crane was removed at the end of the construction phase? Find photos of The Shard construction site on the internet Can you identify any other pieces of equipment? Report back to the class Explain what the equipment is for  Review Vocabulary 1) Hose (n) A rubber or plastic tube Ống vòi 2) Damage (n) A bad effect on something Hư hại 3) Flat battery (phr) A battery that has lost all its electrical power Pin phẳng 4) Grease (n) Dầu mỡ A thick oily sudstance that is put on the moving parts of a car, machine, etc, to make it run or move smoothly 5) Lift (v) To move something or someone upwards into the air Thang máy 6) Hydraulics (n pl) Parts of a machine or system that use the pressure of water or other liquids to move or lift things Thủy lực 7) Backhoe (n) A large digging machine used for making roads, etc Xe xúc 8) Bulldozer (n) A powerful vehicle with a broad metal blade, used for moving earth and rocks, destroying buildings, etc Xe ủi đất Read these two conversations about maintenance Complete them with the words in the box battery damaged dirt grease hose tank Conversation A: What are we going to about the leak? B: Do you mean the leak in (1) ? tank A: Yes B: Well, it’s just a small leak I think we can top up the (2) A: OK And the cracked (3) ? B: Let’s try glue A: Glue? B: Yes, it’s only the casing, It should be OK battery with hydraulic oil, and keep an eye on it hose A: Fine, but it could be (4) inside damaged B: That’s true Let’s replace it then Conversation A: I greased all the Zerk fittings on the backhoe They needed it There was lots of (1) dirt every morning, but I was too busy this morning B: Thanks I normally them A: Any idea why they’re called Zerk fittings? B: A guy called Zerk invented them, I think You can also call them (2) fittings It makes more sense A: Yes grease Language Answer these questions What is hydraulic oil used for? What batteries do? What are Zerk fittings for? Examples of equipment that might use hydraulic oil include excavators and backhoes, hydraulic brakes, power steering systems, transmissions, garbage trucks, aircraft flight control systems, lifts, and industrial machinery Battery is an energy storage device in the form of energy When we use energy will be gradually converted into electricity Zerk fittings are commonly found on marine engines Besides providing fresh lubrication, pumping grease into a grease fitting on a boat motor or lower unit expels moisture that would otherwise cause corrosion Write these sentences in another way so that the We need to sort out the delivery We need to improve the quality of the concrete The quality of the concrete needs improving We need to revise the schedule The schedule need to revise We need to cover the sand before it starts to rain Before it starts to rain need to cover the sand We need to inspect the wiring The wiring needs inspecting We need to go through the contract The contract needs going through We need to fill in the trench by p.m The trench by p.m needs filling in emphasis changes The delivery needs sorting out Correct the errors with get in these sentences Let’s pack up It get dark at around six The paperwork gets all wet when it rained The paperwork gets all wet when it rained The pipe gets fixed yesterday The pipe were gotten fixed yesterday The oil tank get damaged in the accident The oil tank gets damaged in the accident An extinguisher get stolen every week An extinguisher got stolen every week How did it got cracked? How did it get cracked? Where were you when he get fired? Where were you when he get fired? Let’s pack up It gets dark at around six Choose one of these pieces of equipment Write down five things you should check regularly as part of a maintenance programme backhoe bulldozer cement pump crane fork lift truck generator Generator - Generators difficult explosion After each day operation of the generator, we have to clean and tighten the screws are loose, and check lubricant, coolant, and straps - After 50 hours of using the machine to change the oil, clean the fuel filter and fuel filter Prior to the open drain plug oil drain viscous, old viscous emptied out, then tighten the drain plug and pour viscosity new lubricant - After 100 hours to pour out all the old lubricant and oil change in the new machine on, replace belt, clean the air filter THANKS FOR YOUR LISTEN ! ... task? Complete the table NAME TASK John (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) Supervisor (6) NAME TASK John (1) Fix the roof is leaking (2) Fix the elictrics (3) Replace the lock is broken and one of the hinges... A: I use a jackhammer in my job B: What you use it for? A: You use it for breaking up concrete Unit Equipment Faults Word Definition maintenance a list that helps you by reminding you of the... inspection (n) a routine that is done every day to check that everything is satisfactory Translation Danh sách bảo trì,bảo quản Sự kiểm tra ngày and running well keep under the process of watching someone
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