Thuyết trình tiếng anh xây dựng 2 unit 5

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Straight line a line traced by a point traveling in a constant direction; a line of zero curvature; the shortest distance between two points is a straight lineThe simplest way to set out a straight line is use three ranging poles and three plumb lines. You also need two people, an observer and his assistant. LOGO ENGLISH FOR CONSTRUCTION UNIT 5: PROCESSES INSTRUCTORS: GROUP: PROCESSES • sequence events • plan a process • explain changes • discuss emergency housing construction Setting out Vocabulary: Word Definition straight line (n) in a line or direction that is not curved or bent set out (n) the process of putting what was on the plan on the ground observer (n) someone who sees or looks at something assistant (n) someone who helps someone else in their work Translation đường   thẳng đặt  ra quan  sát viên trợ lý   Vocabulary Word Definition Translation ranging pole (n) a pole for marking positions in surveying cực   plumb line (n) a line from which a weight is suspended to determine verticality or depth peg (n) a pointed piece of wood or metal that you push into the ground routine (n) the usual order in which you things procedure (n) a way of doing something, especially the correct or usual way stage (n) one of the parts which a process is divided into   dây dọi   chốt   thói quen   thủ tục giai  đoạn Vocabulary Word Definition Translation systematic (adj) organised carefully and done thoroughly có hệ  thống outcome (n) the final result   kết first (adv) the beginning   second (adv) is the one that comes after the first   thứ hai third (adv) is the one that comes after the second   thứ ba next (adv) immediately afterwards finally (adv) used when talking about the last in a series of actions tiếp  theo cuối   Speaking Work in small groups and answer the questions a) What is a straight line? Try to agree on a clear definition Straight line - a line traced by a point traveling in a constant direction; a line of zero curvature; "the shortest distance between two points is a straight line" b) What is the easiest way of setting out a straight line on a construction site? The simplest way to set out a straight line is use three ranging poles and three plumb lines You also need two people, an observer and his assistant Listening Listen to surveyor describing the process of setting out a straight line Mark the following on the illustration the observer the assistant a ranging pole a plumb line 1-A 2-C 3-B 4-R Use these prompts to make notes about the process of setting out a straight line Listen again and check your answers plans and drawings equipment poles plumb lines assistant pegs We make sure we have the plans and drawings we need We get the equipment The simplest way to set out a straight line is use three ranging poles and three plumb lines He observer and his assistant place the ranging poles at points A and B It’s important to use the plumb lines to make sure that the rods are vertical The assistant places a third pole at point B, close to A than to B, and moves it until the observer is satisfied that it is in the correct place Finally, the line is marked with a series of pegs, say ten metres apart Vocabulary A process is a series of actions that are done in order to achieve a particular result Explain the difference between process and project vocabulary Word Definition Translation Warehouse (n) a large building for storing large quantities of goods kho mobile (adj) not fixed in one position; easy to move and use in different Di động   places vital (adj) extremely important and necessary for something to Quan trọng succeed or exist simultaneously things that happen at exactly the same time Đồng thời (adv) storehouse (n) a building where things are stored Nhà kho vocabulary Word Definition partition (n) a thin wall that separates one part of a room from   another portable (adj) something that can be easily moved erect (v) to fix all the pieces of something together, and put it in Translation Vách ngăn Có thể đem Dựng lên an upright position ready to use (adj) available for immediate use Sẵn sàng sử dụng assemble (v) to put all the parts of something together Tập hợp Speaking Work in small groups Think about some recent, large-scale natural disasters ( e.g earthquakes, floods) Brainstorm factors you think are important in the construction of postdisaster housing - Transportation of emergency housing to disaster zone Examle: - Provide medicine and heath servies - Provide food and daily supplies Reading In two groups, read the articles about emergency housing in China and Japan Group A: Read Article A Group B: ReadArticle B Then in AlB pairs compare the words in your article that mean: at the same time movable building used for storage of materials Reading 2: Meaning of the word 1-At the same time 2-Movable Article A Article B Concurrently Simultaneously Mobile Portable Warehouse Storehouse 3-A building used for storage of materials Speaking Work in pairs and discuss these questions Refer to the article you read in 1.What natural disaster does the article mention? -Earthquakes and tsunami 2.What type of emergency housing does the article describe? -prefabrication building , mobile homes, store house, school, house make of cardboard 3.What construction materials were used? -steel, concrete, polystyrene(EPS), cardboard, plastic sheeting… Imagine a natural disaster in your country Your company warehouse is full of old shipping containers that victims could use as emergency housing Many employees have volunteered to help and the company director has agreed to cover costs Discuss the process you need to follow to get the containers to the disaster area and in use as emergency housing - Assemple of old shipping containers can be use - Put them on the container truck and transported to disaster areas - Handing them out to people in disaster areas REVIEW Vocabulary put the activities in a small-scale residential construction project in the correct order Then write a short text explaining the process Construction design design handover occupancy site preparation Site preparation occupancy construction handover Produce a flowchart for modular house construction using the same activities as in Site preparation design Yes construction No Start Yes design sfsf Site preparation No No acceptance Yes occupancy handover Circle the word on the right that is closest in meaning to the word on the left Simultaneous same / concurren / equal Result outcome / end / finish Preparation design / planning/ process Routine normal / rare / unusual Update inform / instruct / explain Mobile movable / modular / prefabricated Warehouse shelter / container / storehouse Language Complete this conversation using the present continuous (with future meaning) form of the verbs in brackets are you doing are you meeting A: what (1)………………… (you/do) tomorrow? (2) …… (you/meet) the clients? B: yes, that’s right They (3)……….……….(arrive) around nine o’clock Are then arriving I (4)…………………(give) a presentation first and I (5)……………(take) them to the site am giving A: How (6) ………………….(you/get) there? By car? B: No, there are seven people in the group, so I (7) …………….(use) the minibus are you geting A: What (8) ………………………(you/show) them? The foundations? am using B: Yes And then we (9) ……………(go) over to the storage area to lookat the glass panels are you showing lunch? I might join you A: Where (10)…………………(you/have) B: In the restaurant opposite – the Italian A: What time? B: One o’clock A: Great! are you having are going am taking Complete this text with the words in the box be give have shout sing sms worry be When I was an apprentice, things used to (1)… .very different First of all, we didn’t use to (2) sms ……… each other all the time There weren’t any mobile phones in those days I remember my first site manrger – he was a hard man He used to (3)…………us dirty jobs it we were late And he used to (4) ………… at us on the time We didn’t use to (5)…………so much about health and safety either: no hard shoutno reflective vests We just did the job But we also used to (6)……… a lot of fun I hats, no gloves, remember give we used to (7)………….while we worked You never hear that now have sing worry Writing Think of a process at work (or at college) that you are familiar with Write an email to a new colleague ( or to a new student) explaining the key stages LOGO THE END Thank you for listening and tracking presentations!!! ... There’s never enough time for (2) …………………… updates Conversation 2: A: What can you tell me about the (1) ………………………… ? organization B: Well, they only have one (2) ………………… They make the project... three stages in the process The result is a straight line It’s important to be systematic 1-c 2- d 3-b 4- a 5- e Language Sequencing It is important that the listener knows when you finish First,……... There are only seven (2) and stages the (3) is always the same (4) _, you smile at the guard and say ‘Good morning’ result smiles back and says ‘Good morning’ (5) _, the First Second,
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