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The Great Pyramid o f Giza (1)_________________(design) as a tomb for an Egyptian Pharaoh. Many people think it___________ ____(2) (construct) using slave labour, but we have no real evidence o f this. The pyramid has changed over the years. For example, it____________ (3) originally (cover)___________ in casing stones, but these (4)________________(remove) by later generations. The pyramid contains at least three chambers. The lowest is under the pyramid and (5)______________ (cut) i n to the rock. It (6)____________ never______________ (finish). The other chambers (7)______________(build) into the pyramid itself. UNIT : MATERIALS  ORDER MATERIAL  DESCRIBE PROPERTIES OF MATERIAL  EXPLAIN DELIVERY PROBLEMS  DISCUSS PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS INVOLVING MATERIALS ORDER ORDER MATERIALS MATERIALS Word Definition delivery note (n) piece of paper that you are given which shows which goods have been delivered consignor (n) the person who sends goods to someone else customer identification a unique number given to someone who buys goods or services number (n) shipping agent (n) Translation to Vietnamese hóa đơn giao hàng gửi hàng xác định số khách hàng a person or company whose business is to prepare shipping documents, arrange shipping space and insurance, and deal with đại lý chở hàng customs requirements quote (n) statement of how much something will probably cost báo giá block (n) a letter in its capital form, e.g A, B, C Cổ phần signature (n) your name written in the way you usually write it, e.g at the end of a letter, on a cheque to show that you have written it chữ ký in stock (n phr) a supply of a particular type of thing that is available for use or sale cổ phiếu specification a detailed statement describing materials, dimensions and quality of an item đặc điểm kỹ thuật request (n) a polite or formal demand for something yêu cầu FAQ (n) (= frequently asked question) a common question that someone might ask about a particular topic câu hỏi thường gặp pyramid (n) a large stone building with four walls that slope in to a point at the top, especially in Egypt and Central America casing stone (n) hình chóp, kim tự tháp slant-faced, flat-topped blocks of white limestone used in the past to bao bọc đá construct pyramids generation (n) all people of about the same age hệ chamber (n) a room used for a special purpose phòng Match the terms in 1-7 with their meanings a-g Use the texts in to help you BLOCK CAPS e price quote c a) a document from the seller to the buyer, giving details of a delivery b) ask for in stock g FAQs f signature d c) information about how much the goods cost delivery note a request b d) a person's name, written in his/her own handwritin e) CAPITAL LETTERS f Frequently Asked Questions g) The seller has the items in his store Find words in the texts in that are similar in meaning to these words goods _ AUHAMAD number _ 3723 value _ 239,07 AED seller _ Alfredo Torano lorry _ Truck client _ Ms Sarkis details _ Complete these sentences with information f r om the texts in 1 The name of the seller is _ The goods were ordered by _ Torano Ltd, plumbing Supplier, Ras Al Khor Al Jadaf Avenue 456 The goods cost. _ 289.07 AED The goods were delivered to _(address) Jumeitah Street 23A The goods were delivered by _(name) ALI HAMAD The goods were signed for by _ Glad The goods were delivered at _(time) 12:25 17/5 8.Work in pairs Roleplay the situations in audio script 15 on page 74 Student A: You are Abdulla Phone Malik Zahid and tell him what happened Solve the problem Sudent B: You are Malik Zahid Take the call Student A: You are Cristina Dudek Phone a colleague and ask for suggestions about how to solve the sand delivery problem Student B: You are Cristina Dudek’s colleague Help her solve her problem Sudent A: You are Alano Baldamero Call one of your supervisors and ask him to send a crew to pull outthe truck that’s stuck Student B: You are a supervisor working for Alano Baldamero Take the call Make sure you have all the details you need 9.Do you know any stories about wrong deliveries? What ahppened? Share them with the class FOCUS ON A PROJECT Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) Formula Word Definition venue (n) a place where an organised meeting takes place racing (n) desert (n) a competition in which people compete to drive the fastest and finish first a large area of land where it is always very hot and dry and there is a Translation to Vietnamese chổ hội họp đua sa mạc lot of sand thời gian kỉ lục in record time (phr) faster than ever before concept (n) an idea of how something will be khái niệm sweet water (n) a clear liquid for drinking that is sweet or tastes like sugar nước Word hollow (adj) paving brick (n) asphalt (n) timing circuitry (n) roofing membrane (n) palm tree (n) Definition having an empty space inside a type of clay brick used in the construction of pavements Translation to Vietnamese lỗ rỗng gạch ốp lát a black sticky substance that becomes hard when it dries, used for making the surface of roads used to measure the time it takes to complete a set distance nhựa đường mạch thời gian a very thin layer of material or plastic that covers the structure that covers or forms the top of a building a tropical tree which grows near beaches or in deserts, with a long straight trunk and large pointed leaves at the top mái lợp cọ Reading : Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) was completed in 2004 and is now used as a venue for different racing events, including Formula It cost approximately US$150 million to build One of the most interesting features of the track is its desert location, which created interesting challenges for the designers Read the text about the quantities of materials used in the construction of Bahrain International Circuit Complete it wit h the figures in the box 40,509 m 400,000 litres 600 70,000 m 8,500 tonne The construction o f the circuit was carried out in record time for such a huge project It was completed in just 485 days - from concept to race It required 8,265,000 man hours , 2,084 workers , (1) of sweet water , 300,000 hollow blocks , 190,810 m 3 paving bricks , 820,000 m rock removing , 300,00 m asphalt, (2) _ concrete , 1,000 tonnes aluminium ,(3) _ steel, 7,750 m glass, 30,000 m electric wiring , 2 70,000 timing circuitry , 78,91 m paint, (4) _ plaster, 10,800 m roofing membrane and finally (5) _palm trees 400,000 litres 70,000 m 3 8,500 tonnes 40,509 m 600 Read the text again Find examples of building materials for these categories: painting and decorating; electrical; landscaping; masonry Painting and decorating : paint, paving bricks, glass, plaster Electrical : electric wiring, timing circuitry Landscaping : roofing membrane and finally ,palm trees Masonry : hollow blocks, concrete , rock removing After completion , the track was surrounded by artificial grass What problem does that solve? Choose from this list Which materials in the text solve the other two problems? It speeds up construction time It stops sand blowing onto the track It helps t o keep the buildings cool inside Work in pairs Student A: Tur n t o page 69 Student B: Turn to page 68 REVIEW Vocabulary Match the materials 1-5 to their properties a-e rubber d a) rough sand b b) strong reinforced concrete e c) brittle ceramic tiles sandpaper c a d) elastic e) strong put these sentences into the passive We ordered the parts he parts were ordered They sent us the wrong items the wrong items were sent us They supplier gave him the wrong number the wrong number was gave him by the supplier A truck delivered the heaviest box the heaviest box was delivered by A truck Abdul signed the pagework the pagerwork was signed by Abul Put these words in the correct order to make question and sentences about delivery problem late / Did / say / you / ? Did you say late ? please / Could / you / that / repeat / ? Could you repeat that please ? you / excactly / mean / / What / ? What you mean exactly ? Are / deliver / you / that / saying / you / can’t / today / ? Are you saying that you can’t deliver today ? Who / please / speaking / am / I / / ? Who am I speaking to please ? problem / I’m / about / a / calling / delivery I am calling about a delivery problem problem / call / again / if / I / any / have / I’ll I’ll call again if I have any problems THE END Thank you for your cooperation ... or speech that gives details about what someone or something is like Translation to Vietnamese thuyết minh giá trị thâm nhập penetration value (n) the amount of depth something enters something... action or process of light, heat or sound being thrown back from a surface cắt bớt độ xốp giảm tiếng ồn phản chiếu cure (v) to be prepared, preserved or finished by a chemical or physical process
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