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Lesson Summer How you know when it is summer? Summer is the season after spring It is the hottest season People spend a lot of time outside in summer A These boys are having fun 68 Seasons horse Summer has more hours of sunlight than any other season Some animals look for shade to stay cool A This horse eats grass in the shade Summer Sunlight Date Sunrise Sunset Hours of Sunlight June 21 5:41 A.M 8:07 P.M 14 hours, 26 minutes Read a Chart Quick Check Fill in the blanks is the hottest season Use the chart There were more than hours of sunlight on June 21 69 Chapter • Lesson What is summer weather like? In most places in California, it is hot and dry in summer Deserts have very hot summers Shasta Lake sand Death Valley California 70 Seasons A Death Valley is a hot, dry desert Summers may be cooler near the water or in the forest Shasta Lake lake Death Valley A Shasta Lake is cool in summer California Quick Check Circle the answer Summers in Death Valley are cool wet 10 Summers may be hotter -Review cooler Summaries and quizzes online @ hot near the water drier 71 Chapter • Lesson
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