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CHAPTER Seasons What can you predict about the seasons? Vocabulary season a time of year: winter, spring, summer, or fall winter the coldest season spring the season after winter when many plants grow summer the hottest season fall the season after summer when it is cooler 59 Chapter Lesson Winter How you know when it is winter? A season is a time of year Winter, spring, summer, and fall are the four seasons of the year Winter is the coldest season A In winter, the air can be very cold You can see this boy’s breath 60 Seasons There are fewer hours of sunlight in winter Less sunlight means plants have less energy to make food A Some plants lose their leaves in winter Some plants die Sunlight in Winter Date December 21 Sunrise Sunset Hours of Sunlight 6:54 A.M 4:47 P.M hours, 53 minutes Read a Chart Quick Check Circle the answer The coldest season is fall winter spring Use the chart There are more than hours of sunlight 10 11 61 Chapter • Lesson What is winter weather like? Some places are very cold There is not a lot of food for animals to eat squirrel Some animals look for food Others put food away before winter begins, so they have food to eat deer A The deer looks for food 62 Seasons A The squirrel puts food away In some places, it snows in winter In other places, like California, it does not get cold enough to snow But it might rain a lot A It can rain a lot in California Quick Check Draw a picture of winter weather where you live Label your picture -Review Summaries and quizzes online @ 63 Chapter • Lesson
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