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PRESSURE SORE PREVENTION AND CARING IN SCI PATIENTS NURSE Pham Phuong Hong Bach Mai Rehabilitation Center INTRODUCTION  Since May, 2008 with the auspices of Handicap International (HI), Bach Mai Rehabilitation Center started to provide treatment for SCI patients with 20 beds  Between May 2008- May 2009, we have 198 SCI patients admitted  24.7% (N: 49) have pressure sore at the time of admission OBJECTIVE S  Prevent pressure sore in good ways  Reach the good results in pressure sore management GRADE OF PRESSURE SORE WHEN ADMITTED PRESSURE SORE AND ASIA SCALE WHEN ADMITTED OUT COMES OF PRESSURE SORE MANAGEMENT BEFORE DISCHARGE PRESSURE SORE IN RELATION WITH SCI CAUSES Causes Grade of pressure sores Total Non41 traumati c 49 Traumati 108 c 24 149 Total 28 10 198 149 PRESSURE SORE PREVENTION Educate and give advice to the patients and their families about the important role of pressure sore prevention PRESSURE SORE PREVENTION  Always in right positions in bed or in wheelchairs  Change the posture every two hours  Use cushions and pillows if skill at risk of pressure  Keep hygiene of clothes, keep bed sheet without folds PRESSURE SORE PREVENTION  Massage to maintain blood circulation  Keep skin dry and clean  Ensure a diet with enough nutrition  Use a mirror to check skin PRESSURE SORES MANAGEMENT PROCESS Educate and advise for patients and their families about pressure sores SOME PICTURES ABOUT PRESSURE SORES AT REHABILITATION CENTER General principles  Avoid more pressure on the area of pressure sores  Change posture every two hours  Keep skin dry and clean  Ensure enough nutrition Equipment preparation Educate patients and their families Before discharge CONCLUSION  No more cases with pressure sores at the Center  94,4% of patients with pressure sores before discharge  Health staffs, patients and families need to work together to get good results in prevention and management of pressure sores in order to improve the quality of life of SCI patients THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION
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