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Date of preparation : Date of teaching : Comple x s entences I Obje ctives By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to: - get m ore practice and know how to use com plex sentences -develop four skills II- Language content : III- Teaching me tho d: IV- Te aching aids V- Teaching steps: Structure: Vocabulary: Vocabularies of Unit Com plex sentences - Communicative approach - Textbook, pictures and advanced books St ages Co ntent -Ask Ss to talk about conjunctions / joining-words /co-ordinators / connectors: and, or, but, so yet, both and, neither nor, either or, not only but also / as well Ac tivities Group work War m up Present ation I VOCABULARY - craft village : làng nghề thủ công - set up: establish: thành lập - take over: tiếp quản - artisan (n): nghệ nhân - attraction: thu hút - m emorable (a): - experience (n): trải nghiệm - handicraft: đồ thủ công - lacquerware: sản phẩm sơn m ài - m arble sculpture: tác phẩm điêu khắc đá cẩm thạch - workshop: xưởng nghề - embroider (v): thêu - cast (v): đúc - weave -wove- woven (v): dệt, bện, đan, thêu - m ould (v): uốn nắn, nặn, đúc khuôn II Grammar When we see a clause inside an other, that is com plex sentence There is a main clause and subordinate clause(s) in complex sentence - Main clause + connector + subordinate clause: I am happy because/when I feel well - Subordinate clause - subordinate clause: C prep:I’m tired of being treated like a child C adj: The children were busy building sand- castles Pr actice - Ask students to som e exercises Individual work What I like to eat is fish Bare infinitive nominal clauses: (To) turn off the tap was all I did S: C s: T-Whole class (Ing-form is m ore usual; to has to be om itted) All I did was (to) turn off the gas -Whole class -Individual work - Pair work - C all som e studnets to write down the board - C orrect EX1: Fill in each blank wit h t he correct for m of the verbs fro m t he bo x cover knit make cast carve draw embroider mould Group work Every region has a different quality of clay, varnish color. _ and burning technique in pottery making Recently Southeast Asia's largest bronze statue of the Buddha erected in Bai Dinh pagoda was by artisans from Van Diem bronze village cocoon silk was one of the women’s chores 3,000 years ago At the beginning of the 20lh century, Vietnamese artists used lacquering techniques to draw and pictures for decorations In the early 20th century, most houses, beds, and household were _ from bamboo and rattan With only needles and colorful rolls of thread, craftswomen silk pictures, usually of natural wonders such as birds, plants, or landscapes Conical hats are _by using young palm leaves along a circular bamboo frame In Dong Ho Village (Bac Ninh) or Sinh Village (Hue), the painter who _ the folk picture is a craft village farmer EX2: Make a complex sentence from each pair of sentences Use the subordinator provided and make any necessary changes Many craft families stopped their business There is the economic crisis in the world, (because Dong Ho paintings are simple These pictures reflect a typical characteristic of Vietnamese labourers, (although) Three villages were chosen for the pilot project The Asia Foundation had worked with local authorities, (after) We not have many handicraft products that are well-known abroad There are thousands of craft trades nationwide, (though) The craft village must also meet environmental requirements It wants to develop craft village tourism, (so that) Viet Nam began integrating into the international economy a few decades ago Production in craft villages developed strongly, meeting demand for domestic decoration, and construction, (when) At the age of over 80, the artisan is instructing the craft to his grandchildren He wants them to preserve this ancient craft, (so that) The workers have taken several steps to whiten the palm leaves They sew together the leaves and the rings, (after) The conical hat has several useful functions It protects the wearer’s head and face from sunlight or rain, and it also works as
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