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Date of planning Date of teaching : The Present sinple and the present continuous I Objective: A Aim: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to Remember their knowledge in unit Do some excercises B Knowledge: Vocabulary: School things and activities Pronunciation: Sounds / �u / and /  / Grammar: The Present sinple and the present continuous Verbs(study, have, do, play) + Noun Communication: Talking about and describing a school Talking about and describing school activities II Procedures THEORY I The present simple : Form: +) I / We / You / They + V (work / study) Yes, He/ She/ It + V-s/ V-es (works / studies) - ) I / We / You / They + don’t(do not) + V He / She / It + doesn’t (does not) + V ? ) Do + I / We / You / They + V (work / study) …? Yes, I / We / You / They + No, I / We / You / They + don’t Does + He / She / It + V-s/ V-es (works / studies)…? Yes, He / She / It + does No, He / She / It + doesn’t Use: the main use of the simple present tense is to experss routine or habitual actions It is often used with adverbs or adverb phrases such as: always, usually, often, sometimes, seldom, never, every…, on (Mondays), once, twice, three times… (a day/week/month…) II The present continuous: Form: +) S + tobe(am/is/are) + V-ing - ) S + tobe + not(‘m not/isn’t/aren’t) + V-ing ?) Tobe + S + V-ing…? Yes, S + tobe(am/is/are) No, S + tobe + not(‘m not/isn’t/aren’t) Use: To talk about actions are happening now or around now To expess a definite arrangement in the near future (one’s immidiate plans)  Adverbs: now, at the moment, at present  Verbs: Look! Watch! / Listen! / Be (careful/quiet)!  Answer questions with “Where” - Ss practice test - T checks - T helps Ss consolidate the knowledge Practice Test A PHONETICS and VOCABULARY I Find the word which has a different sound in the past underlined Say the words aloud A funny B lunch C sun D computer A photo B going C brother D home A school B teaching C chess D chalk A cold B volleyball C telephone D open A meat B reading C bread D seat II Give the names of the following( the first letter of each word is given Read the words aloud Key: compass colour judo office III Match the questions (A) and the answers (B) A rose post B What are you watching? a I like programmes about History What kind of programmes watch? b To my friend’s house Where are you going? c Every day Where does she live? d I’m watching cartoon Who are you talking about? e A friend from school How often you ride your bicycle f 214 Nguyen Hue Street to school? Key: _d _ 2. a _b _ _f _ e c IV Find one odd word A, B, C or D Then read them aloud A nurse B father C teacher D engineer A studying B singing C morning D listening A notebook B compass C schoolbag D basketball A English B Viet Nam C maths D geography A canteen B library C classroom D bedroom Key: B C D B D V What are these things? Write the word in the spaces It is a long seat for two or more students to sit on in the classroom _ They have different colours You draw and colour with them _ It has two wheels Many students ride it to school _ It has many letters and words You use it to lool up new words _ It is a small book of blank paper for writing notes in _ They are 32 pieces used in the game of chess You use them in playing chess _ It ia a room at your school where there are books, newspapers, ect For you to read, study or borrow You can read books or study there _ It is a large picture printed on paper and you put it on a wall as dicoration Key: a bench colour pencils a bicycle a dictionary a notebook chessmen a library a poster VI Add at least two more words to the following groups  Seasons: spring, summer, _autumn, winter  School subjects: physics, maths, _ history, literature, geography, biology  School things: pens, pencils, _ruler, compass, rubber,  Sports and games: football, judo, _badminton, table tennis, basketball  Languages: English, Vietnamese, _Chinese, Japanish, B Grammar I Complete the sentences with the –ing form of the verbs Example: Come to my house Minh We are listening to music (listen) Look! The dog in the river (swim) She her holiday with her family (enjoy) Listen! Someone at the door (knock) Be quiet! We in the library (study) Lan her homework (do) They TV at home (watch) My grandfather newspaper (read) The boys football in the yard (play) Key: is swimming is enjoying is knocking are studying is doing are watching is reading are playing II Complete the sentences with the Present simple or the Present continuous form of the verbs They often (visit) _ their parents in the holidays We (speak) _ French at the moment I (watch) _ TV about hours a day My family usually (go) _ to the movies on Sunday Look at the girl! She (ride) _ a horse We (play) _ tennis now Minh sometimes (practice) _ the guitar in his room _ you (like) _ chocolate ice cream? I really (like) _ cooking 10 Hung can’t answer the phone because he (take) _ a shower Key: visit are speaking watch go is riding are playing pratices Do - like like 10 is taking
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