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CHIẾN LƯỢC PHÁT TRIỂN KINH DOANH 2010-2015 CỦA CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN HÓA- DƯỢC PHẨM MEKOPHAR DEVELOPING BUSINESS STRATEGY FOR MEKOPHAR CHEMICAL PHARMACEUTICAL JSC DEVELOPING BUSINESS STRATEGY FOR MEKOPHAR CHEMICAL PHARMACEUTICAL JSC IN THE PERIOD OF 2010-2015 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Our group would like to express our thankfulness to the Directors and the Faculty from Center for Educational Technology and Career Development (ETC) – Vietnam National University; ETC’s Southern Division and Griggs University for having created us the best study conditions and have encouraged us in all the time of research and writing this capstone We have further more to thank the Directors of Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical JSC as well as its related Departments for their provided relevant information, data and their supports for our Capstone We understand that due to our lack of experience and limited information, our Capstone would have some shortcomings However, we would really appreciate all comments and suggestions for improvement in order to make the Capstone become, somehow, more applicable and more meaningful to the current context of Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical JSC Even though this Capstone is our first ever carried-out research, we know that what we learn from doing the research will help us a lot not only in our professions but also in our future academic pursuits, and we believe that all the theoretical and practical business strategies withdrawn from this Capstone will bring us with success in our career WORDS OF REASSURE We affirm that the work of this Capstone is our own research and all the information and data used are true TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGEMENT i WORDS OF REASSURE ii LISTS OF TABLES vi LIST OF FIGURES .vii FOREWORDS CHAPTER I: THEORITICAL FOUNDATION ON BUSINESS STRATEGY .4 1.1 Definition of Dertermining Strategy in Business .4 1.1.1 Defintion of Strategic Management 1.1.2 The roles of Strategic Management in Business .4 1.2 Competitive Strategies according to Michael Porter: 1.2.1 Low-cost leadership strategy .4 1.2.2 Differentiation Strategy 1.2.3 Segmentation Strategy .4 1.3 Planning Company’s Strategy Process .5 1.3.1 Determining the business task 1.3.2 Analyzing External Factors 1.3.3 Analyzing Internal Environment 1.3.4 Analyzing and Selecting Strategy .5 1.4 Tools to develop business strategies: CHAPTER BUSINESS ACTIVITIES OF MEKOPHAR 10 2.1.1 General Introduction: 10 2.1.2 Main business line: 10 2.1.3 History of establishment and development .10 2.1.4 Mission of MEKOPHAR 11 2.1.5 Organizational Structure of MEKOPHAR .11 Organizational Structure: .11 The Company’s Organizational Chart: Chart 2.1 12 2.6.1 List of partners 13 2.1.7 Production and Sales results of MEKOPHAR over recent years .13 2.2 Internal Environment Analysis of MEKOPHAR 17 2.2.1 Management Model 17 Human Resources 17 2.2.2 Marketing 19 2.2.3 Finance and Accounting 21 2.2.4 Production: .22 Image 2.3: Some images of the Company’s manufacturing equipments .24 2.2.5 Research and Development .24 2.3 External factors analysis: 25 2.3.1 Macroeconomic environment analysis 25 Political, Legal, Cultural and Social Factors 25 Natural Factors .27 Demographic Factors 27 Technological Factors: 27 2.3.2 Industrial environment analysis and development directions until 2015: .28 Customers 30 Indirect customers 30 Direct customers: .31 Suppliers: .32 Substitute products: 32 2.3.3 Competitor analysis: 32 Factors determining the competitiveness in the industry: 32 Content of competitor analysis .33 Potential competitors: 35 2.4 Evalueted Matrix: 35 2.4.1 The External Factors Evaluation Matrix (EFE): (Table 2.7) 366 2.4.2 Competition Matrix: 37 2.4.3 The Internal Factors Evaluation Matrix (IFE): 39 CHAPTER 3: BUSINESS STRATEGY FOR DEVELOPMENT IN THE PERIOD OF 2010 – 2015 40 3.1 Goals and Objectives of Mekophar in the period of 2010 - 2015 .40 3.1.1 Long-term Goals to 2015: (Table 3.1) 40 3.2.2 Foundation for goal and objective definition: .40 3.2.3 Specific objectives for each year in the Period of 20011-2015 (Table 3.2) 41 3.3 Strategy Selection Matrices: 42 3.3.1 The SWOT Matrix: 42 3.3.2 Strategic Position and Action Evaluation Matrix (SPACE): (Table 3.4) 44 3.3.3 The Internal – External Factors Matrix (IE): .46 3.3.4 Preliminary selection of the strategic plans: 47 3.3.5 The Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM): 47 3.4 Strategy Implementation: (Table 3.8) 50 3.4.1 Penetration and Development Strategy 50 Domestic Penetration and Development Strategy of Mekophar: .50 3.4.2 Product Development Strategy: 52 3.4.3 Vertical Integration Strategy: 53 3.4.4 Co-operating with international partners: .54 3.4.5 Cost Strategy: 55 3.4.6 Developing the Human resource 55 CONCLUSION 57 BIBLIOGRAPHIES 58 WEBSITES .59 APPENDICES 60 LISTS OF TABLES Table 2.1: Output and, revenue of each group of products and services through years 10 Table 2.2: Revenue of each group of products and services through years 10 Table 2.3: Revenue of each group of products and services through years 19 Table 2.4: Statement of production and business results through years 20 Table 2.5: Product distribution market rate .26 Table 2.6: Production capacity of some products 28 Table 2.7: Matrix of external factors for pharmaceutical industry 46 Table 2.8: Matrix for competitive images for pharmaceutical industry of mekophar chemical pharmaceutical joint stock company 49 Table 2.9: Matrix to assess internal factors (IFE) 50 Table 3.1: Mission, strategic goals 53 Table 3.2: Goals of each year 54 Table 3.3: SWOT Matrix of pharmaceutical product line of Mekophar 56 Table 3.4: SWOT matrix of the pharmaceutical industry of Mekophar 58 Table 3.5 : Internal – External Factor Evaluation Matrix (IE) 62 Table 3.6: Proposed strategies in each matrix 63 Table 3.7: QSPM matrix of the pharmaceutical industry- Group of concentrated growth strategies 65 Table 3.8: Order of strategic implementation organization 67 LIST OF FIGURES Figure 2.1: The organizational chart of the company 21 Figure 2.2: Products of Mekophar 33 Figure 2.3: Some pictures of the company’s machines and equipments .37 Capstone Project Report FOREWORDS The necessity of the research Throughout the 20-year long of the country’s renovation, Vietnam's economy has gained many important achievements, especially in the early years of the 21st century The economic growth of Vietnam has maintained relatively high with a GDP of 6.7% to 7.2%, which made Vietnam become one of the countries with fastest economic growth, just behind China Vietnam's economy increases integrated with the world’s economy, its trade volume has exceeded the total domestic product, and foreign direct investment to GDP is also increasing Together with great achievements in economic development, Vietnam’s health care sector has won many achievements under the Government’s supports and investment Some dangerous diseases and epidemics are initially controlled and eliminated, the rate of infections and deaths declined substantially Vietnam was the first country in the world successfully controlled the SARS epidemic Grassroots health networks are strengthened, especially the formation of village health care systems, they are closer to the people and creating favorable conditions to access health care services Pharmaceutical sector has developed a very steady foundation of organizing, managing, manufacturing and supplying Basically, pharmaceutical industry has met the people’s demand for drugs in term of quantity and quality Besides the basic achievements it has achieved in recent years, pharmaceutical industry is also facing difficulties and challenges The development of pharmaceutical industry and antibiotics is almost insignificant One of the hardest difficulties is that the raw materials are mainly imported Apart from that, the supply networks, the distribution of drugs develop slowly, dispersedly and monopoly Businesses and distributors are functioning in a very small scale with weak capacity and lacking of experience in the market mechanism The current Pharmaceutical market is chaotic with unfair competition, that required government’s intervention - this has changed the business environment In order Page | Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report Focus on domestic market penetration and development for the following reasons: + The Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies only meet 50% of the domestic market demands; therefore, the domestic market is likely to grow significantly; and the State’s orientation is to facilitate the domestic industry to reach the growth rate of 70% + In the domestic market, MEKOPHAR also has good reputation and brand; according to the Department of Pharmaceutical Administration of Vietnam, MEKOPHAR is recognized as the leading enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry of Vietnam and in the top 10 enterprises with the highest pharmaceutical revenues of the industry; which is very advantageous in developing the market + Ensuring the company’s product quality, from 1999 to 2007, MEKOPHAR was continuously awarded the title VIETNAMEST HIGH QUALITY GOODS, which is chosen by consumers through surveys made by Saigon Marketing Magazine • In addition, MEKOPHAR was also awarded the certificate of Vietnamese Strong Brands in 2008 by Saigon Economic Times; and the certificate of Vietnamese Brands Golden Cup in 2006 by Commercial Magazine and The Intellectual Property Association of Vietnam  Implementing Orientation - Promoting the operation capacity, boosting the marketing activities and distribution system based on good manufacturing capacity to take advantages of the increasing demands for medicines in order to increase domestic market shares - Promoting the strengths of marketing to remove the mentality of preferring foreign medicines; eliminating counterfeit medicines; and promoting the strengths of the distribution system to boost product sales in the domestic market, thereby limiting the competitive pressure from foreign companies  Strategy Implementation Methods: - Increasing market shares by attracting customers of competitors, - Focusing on bidding on the major hospitals in order to obtain direct customers from doctors, nurses, and pharmacists - Implementing communication programs to promote the spirit of "Vietnamese people use Vietnamese medicines" to customers Page | 51 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report - Developing product cost structure consistent with two main targets: + Consumer market in rural areas, in particular, the Mekong Delta and Central area; + Consumer market in major hospitals  Strategy Implementation Activities:  Sales & marketing department: + Conduct surveys to understand existing customers and potential customers to take appropriate marketing plans + Conduct comprehensive researches on competitors on the following aspects: distribution channels, pricing, especially the ability to research and launch new products by competitors + Promote biddings on large hospitals like Cho Ray, Thong Nhat, University of Medicine, hospitals in provinces by establishing a team in charge of procurement + Increase 19 product showrooms in Ho Chi Minh City (increase the total to 24 showrooms) + Open level-1 distribution agencies in the regions managed by branches + Restructure the sales force with professional standards + Organize special seminars on Vietnamese medicinal products and participate in commercial fairs of the pharmaceutical industry of Vietnam + Organize workshops to introduce new products + Take advantages of the financial potential to create the extension of debt maturity on the basis of market research and credit score for each group of customers to facilitate the market growth  Production department: Prepare for human resources, facilities…to increase production outputs when needed  R&D department: Research to launch the appropriate product lines for the two strategic markets  Financial department: Prepare sufficient capital to implement selected strategies and coordinate with the marketing & sales department, production department, and R&D department to develop appropriate financial and pricing plans 3.4.2 Product Development Strategy: Page | 52 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report  Implementing Orientation:  Use the strengths of financial capacity, ability to control raw materials and R & D capability to create more new products to satisfy various customer needs  With good R & D professional skills and financial resources, the company increases the investment costs in order to create new products to improve competitive position  Focus on developing Mekophar’s existing products with competitive advantages  Strategy Implementation Methods: - Develop the following product features by improvements: diversity, safety, quality improvements, product style and design development - Develop product portfolios by upward product portfolio stretching by adding products with higher quality features - Focus on proprietary and advantageous products such as: + Produce beta-lactam antibiotic raw materials to supply domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies + Promote and maintain the granulated medicine product line which is preferred by customers and highly appreciated by the experts due to its treatment effectiveness and ability to minimize the side effects + Develop the umbilical stem cells bank services, a very potential area in the future which is first researched by Mekophar  Strategy Implementation Activities: - Marketing & sales department: + Develop marketing and sales plans to increase the sales of proprietary and advantageous products with the specific objectives: the ratio of granulated medicines increase from 10% to 20%; the ratio of beta-lactam antibiotic materials increase from 5.19% up to 10% + Regularly collect and analyze customer data to understand their attitudes toward the existing and potential products of the company and competitors If changes in the products are needed, the Marketing department should coordinate with the R & D department to carry out the development process of new products Page | 53 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report + Production department: Evaluate the production capacity and estimate production costs + Financial department: Analyze the needs for investment capital to prepare the investment capital needed for product plans + Human resources department: Develop policies to attract highly and appropriately qualified personnel to support product research & development strategy 3.4.3 Vertical Integration Strategy:  Implementing Orientation: - Combine the increasing consumption demands with greater access to foreign technology to actively invest in building and producing materials in order to develop wide and deep distribution channels - Take advantages of the support from the State and the access to foreign technology to actively invest in building and producing materials - Have a plan for storage of imported raw materials in the situation of price fluctuation  Strategy Implementation Methods: - The company can implement the selected strategies by building the raw pharmaceutical materials area on its own or by co-operating with other partners in order to control the raw materials for stable production - The company needs to build, consolidate and expand the distribution channel system  Strategy Implementation Activities: - Expand the store and showroom system widely In Ho Chi Minh City, each district should have one store, each province should have at least one store in order to distribute, promote the products and the brand images - Co-operate closely with major distributors by selling stocks to them in order to share and engage the interests between Mekophar and distributors - Bid for medicine supply for hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, and other provincial hospitals Page | 54 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report - Financial department: develop general financial plans to estimate the capital needed for the strategies, ensuring effective strategy implementation; calculate the costs to maintain the distribution images - Human resources department: develop plans for recruitment of technical professionals to support the strategy implementation 3.4.4 Co-operating with international partners: According to the analysis of the pharmacy features is the customers prefer imported drugs, therefore the cooperation of Mekophar with some internationally well-known partners will boost the company general strength Co-operating with foreign partners will increase the company’s qualified staff, better administration and advanced technologies  Mode of performing the strategy: Working with well-known foreign partners like E Lilly, Bayer through franchising mode namely: Mekophar produces according to the required norm of some wellconsumed products in Vietnam like Vitamins, drugs for incurable illnesses (acute infection, diabetes, renal failure and especially cardiovascular, which are quite popular in Vietnam and are increasing rapidly)  Implementing the strategy: - The BoD: Start to look for international partners to perform the strategies - Manufacturing Division: Assessing the current manufacturing capacity and preparing technical facilities and human resources for the project - R&D Division: Preparing human resources for the accession and reception of new technologies, preparing to register for the product - Financial Division: Analyzing the investment capital needed for the production according to the strategy - HR Division: Issuing new policy to recruit new staff for manufacture according to the new technology resources 3.4.5 Cost Strategy: At the moment, the price of some products is still high because the cost-controlling activity is rather weak Especially, Betalactam antibiotic could not compete with cheaper Chinese products Therefore, cost saving and regulating is necessary Page | 55 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report - Performing Orientation: Reduce all possible waste in manufacturing in order to create competitive advantage in prince in the domestic market - Implementing Scheme: All Departments and Division have to review the cost in order to create competitive advantages in price in the domestic market - Performing the strategies: Marketing & Sales Division: Setting up financial plans for marketing and sales activities with aim on major markets Manufacturing Division: Apply 5S in manufacturing to avoid any possible waste Financial Division: Analyzing cost structure in general and in manufacturing, especially manufacturing of antibiotics raw materials (as lesson learned from 2009: the price of raw materials was too high that led to great loss in sales.) Human Resources Division: Restructure the human resources following the principle of reducing quantity, increasing quality 3.4.6 Developing the Human resource * Implementing orientation: focus on recruiting manpower from different sources in order to create breakthrough * Mode of Implementation: - Investing in hiring international pharmaceutical experts; Working with leading professors of new researches at famous Universities, which have their products manufactured popularly; Focus on herbal based products that cure or support heath (rehabilitation or sex-support) - Co-operate with international partners to carry out training while implementing franchising projects - Providing sponsorship to excellent students of final year at Pharmaceutical Universities - Working with medical schools: sponsoring and attracting students with suitable graduation researches to work for R&D Division This is not only a social work but also supports researching activities Page | 56 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report - Head-hunting senior Sales and Marketing staff of competitors specialized in hospital tender * Implement Strategies - R&D Division: + Listing all the requirements needed for researching to send orders to Medical Universities or propose and encourage students to research on the demanded topics + Coordinate different processes in implementing the research - HR Division: + Setting up policies with attracting wages, rewards, and welfares in forms of shares or life insurance for high qualified staff Page | 57 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report CONCLUSION After analyzing the external and internal environment, the research has found out the opportunities and threats of Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical JSC They are listed as follows: Customer’s mentality of preferring imported drugs; increasing pressure from foreign enterprises, People’s increasing need for medicines; cooperate and broaden relationships for accessing new technologies; Lack of qualified workers, insignificant pressure from the customers; Vietnamese customers require higher quality from the medicine; dependence in importing raw materials, high barrier for entering the industry The research has also pointed out the strengths and weakness of Mekophar, which are, 80% of the total amount of raw materials are imported; stable control over the raw materials; Safe and good quality products, competitive featured product, distribution channels, R&D Capacity, Good Marketing, Good manufacturing and financial Capacity The research has used some tools in planning strategies for Mekophar The research has proposed some suggestions, which would help the company achieve its set goals: increase average profit (20%), average revenue of 15% from2010 to 2015 Mekophar should penetrate and develop local market, developing products, backward integration Together with strategy in cooperating with international parties, the strategies in cost and developing human resource will bring the three mentioned strategy success Due to lack of time and information, the capstone focused only on analyzing the pharmaceutical products Because apart from that, Mekophar is also doing other businesses like packing, processing, office and house rental, functional foods producing And also because of time and data limits, we only chose to analyze Mekophar typical competitors in order to bring an emphasis to the current complex market Developing strategies plays an important role to the existence and development of a company With the scale, advantages and opportunities it has, Mekophar really needs the right strategies to promote its strengths and make use of the opportunities the future market brings Page | 58 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report BIBLIOGRAPHIES In Vietnamese Languages Griggs University (2011), Text book “Strategic Management” in Ho-Chi-Minh City 2011 Duong, Ngoc Dung (2008), Competitive Strategy according to Micheal E.Porter’s Theory, Ho-Chi-Minh City General Publishing House Fred R David (Englewood Cliff, NJ: Prentice Hall) (1995), Concepts of Strategic Management, Statistical Publishing House, Gary Smith, Danny R Arnold and Bobby Bizzel, Business Strategy and policy, Ho-Chi-Minh City General Publishing House, Le Van By (2011), Text Book “Strategic Management” in Ho-Chi-Minh City 2011 Audit reports (Year 2007-2008-2009), Reports on Productivity over the years Source: Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical JSC (2007-2009), Selling Volume, Revenue and Profit of each product and service group through the years, Rate of product distribution, Production capacity, Organizational Chart, Related Images about the Company Assoc Prof Dr Nguyen, Thi Lien Diep, MSc Pham Van Nam, Business Strategies, Statistical Publishing House, 10 Assoc Prof Dao, Duy Huan (1996), Enterprises’ business strategy in the market economy, Vietnam Education Publishing House In English language: Fred R David (1995), Concepts of Strategic Management, Nj Prentice Hall Gary Smith, Danny R Arnold and Bobby Bizzel, Business Strategy and policy, Houghton Mifflin Page | 59 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report WEBSITES Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical JSC MHB Securities ACB Securities Cổ phiếu 68 Drugs Administration of Vietnam Sanofi-Aventis Corporation Đồng Tháp Trading Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation Hanoi University of Pharmacy 10 Ministry of Health 11 University of Pharmacy Ho Chi Minh City Page | 60 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report APPENDICES Appendix 1: List of some major materials providers Vitamin B1 Mono Erythromycin Stearate Roxithromycin Rifampicin Pyrazinamide Spiramycin Base Paracetamol Dexamethasone Acetate Betamethasone Base 20ml 10 Vial 7ml-10ml-15ml 11 Metronidazole 12 Penicillin Sodium Ster 13 acid Ascorbic 14 Azithromycin 15 Chloroquin phosphate 16 Spirulina 17 Metronidazole injection 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Ofloxacin Tetracycline HCl Rubber caps Rubber Caps Aspirin Dextrose (U), Destrose (T), Manitol, Sorbitol N_acetyl_cyscein Aceton, Methylene Chloride Nang Artesunat Develing (Holland) Mega (Thailand) Mega (Thailand) Mega (Thailand) Mega (Thailand) Develing (Holland) Develing (Holland) Develing (Holland) Sinopharm (China) Sinopharm (China) Develing (Holland) Sinopharm (China) Shanghai Pharmaceutical (China) Amoli Enterprises (Hongkong) Oxy Grain Develing (Holland) Rhodia (France) Shanghai Pharmaceutical (China) Develing (Holland) Alcapharm (Holland) CJ Corp Rhodia (France) Northeast Pham (China) Lupin Chemicals (Thailand) Lupin Chemicals (Thailand) Lupin Chemicals (Thailand) Lupin Chemicals (Thailand) Henan Topfond (China) An qilu’an Pharmaceutical (China) Tianjin Tianyao (China) Shandong Pharmaceutical (China) Shandong Pharmaceutical (China) Donggang Hongda (China) Shjiazhuang Pharma (China) Jiangsu Jiangshan (China) Shanghai Modern (China) Ipca Laboratories (India) Jiangsu CibainianCo.LTD Farchemia (Italia) Zhejiaang kangyu (China) NCPC Goodstar helvoet Pharma (Belgium) Stelmi SA Rhodia (Thailand) Rhodia (France) Sumit Pharma Europe Roquette (France) Moehs Catalana Spain Chemicals Co Cuu Long Pharmaceutical JSC Medicals Co Petrolimex Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Page | 61 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report Appendix 2: Proportion of Expenses over Net sales in the period of 2007-2009 Capital expense 376,687 69.06% 437,185 78.10% 485,032 74.98% Sales expense 33,524 6.15% 38,711 4.59% 36,071 5.58% Administration expense 52,836 9.69% 41,425 2.83% 40,173 6.21% Financial expense 338 0.06% 3,758 5.85% 10,593 1.64% 463,385 84.96% 521,079 Total 91.37% 571,869 88.41% Page | 62 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report Appendix 3: Some financial indicators of Mekophar in 2009 comparing with enterprises in the same industry that listed in the Ho-Chi-Minh City Stock Market MEKOPHAR DHG(*) DCL(*) DMC Charter Capital (millions VND) 92.1 226.63 97.193 178.093 Net Sales (millions VND) 646.845 1.746.022 575.519 Revenue after tax (millions VND) 61.191 357.071 342.897 INDICATOR Owner’s equity (millions VND) Proportion of revenue after tax over net sales (%) Proportion of revenue after tax over Charter Capital (%) ROA (%) EPS (VND) OPC(*) TRA(*) 116.598 81.9 101.982 1.067.897 660.076 371.463 747.041 56.472 76.362 65.707 49.393 51.047 1.010.376 289.477 497.253 537.73 262.154 259.177 9,46 20,45 9,81 7,51 9,95 13,30 6,83 66,44 133,92 58,10 42,88 56,35 60,31 50,05 13,68 23,46 8,81 10,76 8,98 12,82 12,57 6,753 13.396 5.812 4.349 5.659 5.958 19,70 IMP Page | 63 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report Appendix 4: Labor Structure by educational level in the period of 2007-2009 Educational level Graduate Undergraduate High-school graduate Unskilled workers YEAR Quanti ty 124 133 546 Total 807 2007 YEAR 2008 YEAR 2009 Proport Quant Proport Quant Proporti ion ity ion ity on 0.50% 0.46% 0.61% 15.37% 138 15.88% 16.65% 137 16.48% 152 17.49% 18.83% 155 67.66% 575 66.17% 63.91% 526 100.00 100.00 869 823 100.00% % % Appendix 5: Accounting Balance Sheet and Major Financial Expenses A BALANCE SHEET Unit: Vietnam Dong CONTENT No Ending Balance 327,849,661,804 Balance at the beginning of the year 297,211,599,725 I SHORT-TERM ASSETS Cash and Cash Equivalents 65,784,691,775 13,608,768,057 Short-term financial investments 9,155,601,100 9,155,750,000 Short-terms Receivables 96,304,091,051 80,329,891,257 Inventory 152,856,545,218 182,543,948,439 Other Short-term Assets 3,748,732,660 11,573,241,972 II LONG-TERM ASSETS Long-terms Receivables 119,532,843,220 104,264,572,693 0 Fixed Assets 102,842,843,220 89,174,572,693 - Tangible fixed assets 71,187,088,111 70,385,426,274 - Intangible Fixed assets 31,655,755,109 18,789,146,419 - Expense for Constructions in progress 0 Real Estate Investments 0 Long-term financial Investments 16,690,000,000 15,090,000,000 TOTAL ASSETS 447,382,505,024 401,476,172,418 III LIABILITIES Short-term liabilities 77,939,059,070 66,329,505,705 66,429,629,147 52,834,560,546 Long-term liabilities 11,509,429,923 13,494,945,159 Page | 64 Group 4- C0110 Capstone Project Report IV OWNER’S EQUITIES Owner’s capital - Owner’s investment capital - Shared Capital Surplus - Treasury Shares - Exchange Rate Differences 369,443,445,954 335,146,666,713 342,897,282,971 307,597,372,634 92,100,000,000 92,100,000,000 108,706,704,458 107,702,218,400 -8,160,533,158 -18,556,047,100 171,071,590 - Investment and Development Fund 140,030,623,548 116,301,784,801 10,049,416,533 10,049,416,533 0 Funding sources and other Funds 26,546,162,983 27,549,294,079 - Award and Welfare Fund 26,546,162,983 27,549,294,079 TOTAL 447,382,505,024 401,476,172,418 B MAJOR FINANCIAL EXPENSES No INDICATORS Year 2009 Year 2008 - Short-term Assets/Total Asset (%) 26.72% 25.97% - Long-term Assets/Total Asset (%) (%) 73.28% 74.03% - Liabilities/Total Capital (%) 17.42% 16.52% - Total Owner’s Capital/Total Capital (%) 82.58% 83.48% - Quick solvency (time) 0.84 0.21 - Current Solvency Status (time) 4.21 4.48 13.68% 15.36% 9.46% 10.35% - Financial Reserve - Retained Profits Asset Structure Funding Structure Solvency Profit rate (%) - Profit rate after tax/Total Assets (%) - Profit rate after tax/Net Sales (%) 16.56% 18.40% - Profit rate after tax /Owner’s Capital (%) Source: MEKOPHAR Chemical Pharmaceutical JSC Page | 65 Group 4- C0110 ... district, Hanoi Central Branch: 70 Phan-Van-Nghi street, Thanh-Khe District, Danang city Can Tho Branch: 17A CMT8, Binh-Thuy District, Can-Tho City Our company has stores located in districts which... 200 different types with high quality, fine packages, and reasonable prices We always gain customers’ trust, especially domestic hospitals and retailing market in Ho Chi Minh City Page | 22 Group... Basically, pharmaceutical industry has met the people’s demand for drugs in term of quantity and quality Besides the basic achievements it has achieved in recent years, pharmaceutical industry
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