Kids box 6 second edition activity book

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Perfect preparation for Cam bridge English: Flyers Caroline Nixon & Michael Tomlinson Activity Book with Online Resources Activity Book with Online Resources Activity Book Caroline Nixon & Michael Tomlinson High technology 4 B eastly tales 10 A rt - Myths and legends 16 Tom orrow ’s world 18 Science -T h e solar system 2it Review and 26 Review and 62 D ress sense 64 History - Clothes 70 i i l Around the world 72 4 * ■pf T h e g re at outdoors A rt - Landscape painting Language -T h e history of words 78 Review and 80 28 Values & 34 Living with technology jp f Food, glorious food! 36 Values & Science - Micro-organisms 42 Be safe at home Review and lilt 4 83 Values &6 Harmony at home k 82 84 U nder the sea 46 Science - Food chains 52 Sharing problems 85 Free tim e 54 Grammar reference 86 Music - Popular music 60 YLE irregular verbs 88 Values & Choose words from the box to complete the text excited going won laughed -started" horrible thirtieth Maths year something The kids (t) s t a r t e d back at school last week and they’re ready for another (2 ) of study They’re really (3 ) about working on K id ’s Box again, their ezine for young people Last year they (4 ) the school prize for the best project and this year they want to win an international ezine competition if they can They’re (5 ) to visit lots of places and write about some very interesting things Last Wednesday they met to talk about their new project and they also looked at some funny photos from last year They ( ) a lot when they remembered some of the things that happened C o rre ct the sentences The kids started their holidays last week _T h e _k jd ssta rte d bac K, l ast week They’re ready for another month of study They won the school prize for Art They met last Friday They watched some funny DVDs _ They cried a lot when they remembered We_ use a jfcopjthbnjgh _tp_ clean ou r_ teeth, _ O Answ er the questions W hat did you during the holidays? _ W here did you go? _ W ho did you see? W hat did you eat? _ W hat did you do? W ho were you with? o 44atbs bored friendly -p ray salad surprised Geography sandwich excited History afraid pepper salt English Science Find the letters on the clock Make words It’s twenty-five to twelve w[ng It’s twenty-five past six _ It’s twenty to eleven It’s ten past one _ _ It’s ten to nine _ W rite times to make four more words You can use the same letters again It s ten tQ.eJeven, _(dpJQ _ _ _ Find and write the adjectives iped ot mous h a h fa ired errible afraid _ rk l o fa lo da str da _ str s _ t s t _ orrible ngerous t quare vely ud oft ong frmd* wake Sort and write the words Label the pictures nep irved keyboard cawmeb corphimneo adephoshen toppla V C o rre ct the sentences A laptop is a big, heavy computer which we can’t carry in a special bag A _Icjptop_ js_ a s rnaJL Speakers are like microphones W e use both of them to see our friends when we chat with the The whiteboard is the part of the computer which has the letters and numbers W e use it to d We use a microphone to carry information from one computer to another W hich computer should Peter buy? Tick (/) the correct box Peter needs a new computer because the one he has got is very old The C D player doesn’t work so he can’t listen to CDs It hasn’t got a DVD player but he isn’t unhappy because he doesn’t like watching films on the computer He has a lot of problems with his old computer when he tries to use the internet because it is too slow The internet is important for him because he uses it to get information for his school projects He also uses his computer a lot to chat with his friends, but he never uses it to play game He doesn’t need to carry his computer when he travels so he doesn’t want a laptop He thinks it’s a good idea to buy a pen drive to take his projects and songs round to his friend’s house The KB4 The KB5 The KB6 Better Good for the DVD player , Webcam f Microphone Speakers Good for the internet Free pen drive Laptop Speakers DVD player Big screen - great for playing games Special keyboard W rite three reasons why you chose that computer in your notebook £395 Join tw o words to make one W rite the new word home head ball board key room class basket work homework phones W rite another word at the end to make new words bathroom ear _ arm _ foot book _ hand _ tooth _ snow In.picture _g,.the boy's chatting_online,_In picture A he’s, watching, a film, Answ er the questions ts§ ? m m m m Can you use a computer? _ I Do you write emails? _ Do you chat with your friends on the internet? : Have you or your parents got a computer? Do you use a pen drive? _ ; Do you send messages to your friends? _ How you listen to music? Do you prefer headphones or speakers? o Match the words to make new words L8 d play a board country f ache _ air b ball _ business side _ key c shop _ head h ball _ foot d ground _ super _ book e port 10 _ volley • i man j market 10' Listen, check and say W h en we use text language: • We take out the vowels: clssrm - classroom • We use words or letters that sound the same, but are shorter: hw r u (= How are you?) • Some people don’t use punctuation or capital letters in a short message / W rite the text above correctly [20 W rite a text message for your friend to read La st weekend W hat time’s Diggory giving his talk? At.balf -past_t_wo. W hat kind of computer has Diggory got? W hat can he use to explain ancient Maths and technology? U W ho’s Sir Doug Bones? W hy does he want to look under the cloth? W ho’s got the calendar at the end? Look at the code W rite the secret message A B N o c & Jft % I h * # ^ mmm e Q p n s * D n E F G % M $ R s T H % H i j * U V w fl © I® ^ X
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