Kids box 5 second edition pupils book

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C a m b r id g e Perfect preparation for Cambridge English: Flyers Caroline Nixon & Michael Tomlinson Pupil’s Book To Teachers and Parents The Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE) te s ts are a series of motivating, activity-based te s ts designed for primary children The YLE te s ts are often a child’s fir s t experience of language testing and the emphasis is on fun and ensuring a positive experience The YLE te s ts and corresponding preparation materials are recognised worldwide for serving as a gentle introduction to exams whilst benchmarking progress and demonstrating competence The te s ts are designed to develop the skills needed to communicate in English and coverallfour language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) All seven levels of Kid’s 3ox follow the syllabus for the YLE te s ts with each cycle corresponding to one of the three te s ts - S tarters, Movers and Flyers The YLE te s ts are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and Kid’s box provides the building blocks to enable students to reach CEFR level A2 Kid’s 3ox provides thorough preparation for the Cambridge English: Young Learners te s ts through a fun and engaging learning experience Cambridge University Press Pupil’s Book C a m b r id g e U N IV E R SIT Y PRESS Second Edition Caroline Nixon & Michael Tomlinson Language summary Key grammar and functions Key vocabulary Welcome to our ezine page Time for television page 10 History Like / love + -ing / nouns, ’d like + infinitive Present simple questions and short answers: Do you live near your school? Yes, I / No, I don’t Is it on Thursday? Yes, it is / No, it isn’t T im e: half, o’clock, past, quarter, to T V program m es: action film, cartoon, comedy, documentary, music video, news, quiz show, sport, weather T V : channel, episode, series, turn on Adjectives: bad, boring, exciting, funny, good, interesting T h e tim e: What time is it? It’s quarter past one Vowel sound: ‘yoo’ (usually, music) Plans, intentions and predictions: going to Short vowel sound: ‘er’ (painter, actoi treasure) Cartoons Teeth page 28 Geography page 36 Geography page 24- Review C ity life: airport, bridge, castle, fire station, hotel, museum, playground, police station, post office, prison, road, restaurant, street, taxi, theatre, zoo Directions: across, along, corner, left, past, right, straight on Cities Consonant sounds: T0umP’ orange) and ch’ (cheese, luncjj) page 16 Jobs: actor, cook, dancer, dentist, doctor, farmer, firefighter, footballer, journalist, mechanic, nurse, painter, pilot, secretary, sports commentator, swimmer, teacher, writer page 18 Science School subjects: Art, Computer studies, English, French, Geography, German, History, Maths, Science, Spanish, Sport School: competition, dictionary, exam, language, lesson, prize, study, subject, timetable and page 26 Directions: Go along / across (Green Street), Take the first / second I third street on the left / right, Go straight on, Turn left into (Blue Street), Turn right at / on the corner, Stop before you get to the (river), Walk past the (playground), What’s at the end of (the street)?, be lost Prepositions: behind, between, next to, opposite Consonant sounds: ‘s’ (socks) and ‘sh’ (shops, machine) Past continuous and past simple: / was having a picnic when it started to rain What were you doing when the teacher saw you? Stressed syllables page 34- Disasters: earthquake, hurricane, iceberg, island, lightning, storm, tsunami, volcano Verbs: break (leg), catch fire, cut, destroy, drop, erupt, fall down, hit, hurt, lose Months The Earth’s surface page 42 Review and page 44 Key grammar and functions Key vocabulary Material things page 46 Science Recycling plastic Optical illusions page 64 Science У Extinction World of sport page 72 A rt page 60 Consonant sounds: ‘s’ (rice, salad) and ‘z ’ (music, loves) y f and y g f page 62 Giving advice: should / shouldn’t, People should / shouldn’t, What should we do? You should / shouldn’t , I think we should / shouldn’t , I agree, I don’t agree W eak form of and Present perfect for life experiences: Have Rhyming you ever (won a prize)? Yes, I have / No, I haven’t words I’ve never (won a prize) Present perfect for recently completed actions: He’s visited his grandmother this afternoon Present perfect for com pleted actions w ith present relevance: He hasn’t done his homework page 78 Review page 82 Values & Respect in the classroom Values & People who help US Values & G Tell the truth but don’t hurt Values & Value your friendships Grammar reference Describing sensations: What does it (feel / taste / smell / look / sound) like? It (feels / tastes / smells / looks / sounds) like + noun page 70 Sports: athletics, badminton, golf, ice skating, race, running, sailing, skiing, sledging, snowboarding, volleyball Seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter Olympic design Rhyming words Review N a tu re : bin, butterfly, clean up, endangered species, extinct, field, ground, habitat, in danger, insect, protect, rainforest, rubbish, tree Describing species: female, male, spots, spotted, striped, stripes, wing Natural world Describing objects: It’s / They’re made of (brick), What is it / are they made of? Where / does come from? (Wood) comes from (trees) page 52 Senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch Cooking: bowl, cheese, cut, flour, fork, ingredients, knife, mix, onion, pepper, pizza, plate, recipe, salami, salt, sausage, spoon, topping page 54 A rt M aterials: bone, brick, card, fur, glass, gold, grass, leather, manmade, metal, natural, paper, plastic, recycle, rubber, silver, stone, sugar, wood, wool Phonics page 86 page 83 page 84 page 85 y f ° nd I * page 80 рта Welcome to our ezine Show what you know! W h a t school words can you remember? Listen and tick ( / ) the school words you hear Listen again W ho said it? Answer the questions Did you have a good holiday? W h a t are the children’s names? W h a t’s an ezine? W here are they? It’s an internet magazine k Can we w rite about spo rt and computers? W he re ’s the poster? W h a t’s an ezine? Let’s w rite our firs t ezine on our school See you outside school at four o’clock W h a t’s the prize for? W h a t can they w rite about? l o o k ) — Nice to m eet you it Read and answer Kid’s Box is an exciting new ezine fo r young people Let’s meet the w riters, Dan, Alvin and Shari They all go to the same school It’s called ‘City School’ Alvin D an I’m eleven years old I always ride I’m ten I live in a my bike to school I sometimes village outside the have breakfast in the school town so I catch breakfast club before my classes a bus to school I love playing football and every morning I basketball I’d like to w rite about like singing and music I love playing the guitar and the sport and computers in the ezine piano I’d like to w rite about music and clothes in the ezine Shari I’m ten I live near the school W h a t’s Kid’s Box? H ow many w rite rs are there? so I walk in every day I have lunch at school w ith my friends I love drawing and W hich school they go to? H ow does Alvin go to school? taking photos so I w ant to put H ow old is Dan? my photos in the ezine and W h a t would Dan like to w rite about? w rite about the natural world W h a t does Shari love doing? W h o ’s the oldest, Alvin, Shari o r Dan? Listen and say the name ►y W h o lives near the Ask and answer you live near yo u r school?) ■li'ye / near schoollunch / home /»A:e / sf50rt play / musical instrum ent re a d / maga ' Use/ internet N ow think of some more questions
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