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Ngày đăng: 07/05/2019, 09:44

Các chuyên đề tiếng Anh được biên soạn tỉ mỉ, logic và khoa học. Kiến thức của các bài học có sự liên quan đến nhau. Giảng dạy theo hướng đơn giản hóa bằng các bí quyết, chiến lược làm bài giúp các em dễ tiếp thu kiến thức nhất. Tài liệu khóa học đa dạng, bám sát từng chuyên đề và có hướng dẫn giải chi tiết cho từng câu. Bài thi thử để tìm ra những vấn đề còn thiếu nhằm hoàn thiện kiến thức phục vụ cho kỳ thi THPT Quốc Gia 2019. www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master 300 CÂU TRẮC NGHIỆM THEO CHỦ ĐỀ H oc 01 (tổng hợp từ đề Đại học thức) Hồng Việt Hưng English - Trick Master Hội người tâm đạt điểm môn tiếng Anh thi Đại học uO nT hi D Biên soạn: Page: Group: iL THÌ + CÂU ĐIỀU KIỆN …………………….… ie Từ đến lúc Thi làm lại lần – kết hợp tra cứu + ghi chép + dịch câu – mà nhớ tầm 90% số khơng lo phần ! (đáp án: 30) Ta DẠNG ĐỘNG TỪ …………………………… (đáp án: 28) (đáp án: 32) GIỚI TỪ …………………………………… …12 (đáp án: 36) TỪ VỰNG + COLLOCATION ……………… 13 (đáp án: 37) /g ro up s/ LIÊN TỪ + CẤU TRÚC CÂU ………………… (đáp án: 42) PHRASAL VERBS IDIOMS …………… … 20 (đáp án: 43) c om ĐỘNG TỪ KHIẾM KHUYẾT …………….… 19 (đáp án: 46) - Trick Master - w w w fa ce bo ok TỔNG HỢP ………………………………………24 (Hòa hợp S V, Mệnh đề Danh ngữ, Câu hỏi Đuôi, … ) www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master rich, she would travel around the world B is C has been D were uO nT hi D fine ie D will be law for four years now at Harvard D wasn’t Ta iL sick, she would have gone out with me to the party B weren’t C hasn’t been s/ B has been studying D studied up Jane A is studying C studies D wouldn't have been it was made of rubber B if she should know D if she knew They will stay there for some days if the weather A would be B was C is If she A hadn’t been If you had taken my advice, you in such difficulties A won't be B hadn't been C wouldn't be My cat would not have bitten the toy fish A if she has known C had she known , how would we control the traffic? B can fly C flies om /g If everyone A could fly from $2 million in 2002 to $4 million this year B has risen C was rising D rose ro Our industrial output A rises ok c It is blowing so hard We A have never known C never know D had flown such a terrible storm B have never been knowing D had never known ce bo 10 “You’ll recognize Jenny when you see her She a red hat.” A will wear B will be wearing C wears D is wearing for the heavy storm, the accident would not have happened B hadn’t been C were D weren’t w w w fa 11 If it A isn’t 12 Only one of our gifted students to participate in the final competition A has been chosen B have been chosen C were choosing D chosen 13 The packages A are tied in a bundle C were tied in a knot H oc If she A would be 01 PHẦN 1: THÌ + CÂU ĐIỀU KIỆN _ so that it would be easier to carry them B are tied altogether D were tied together www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master 14 The boat was sailing north when a terrible storm A had broken B broke C would break D was breaking 15 Due to ever more spreading poaching, there _ elephants over the last decade A was B is D had been 01 16 I work last week, but I changed my mind A have started B was going to start C had started uO nT hi D D would start C has been H oc a dramatic decline in the number of 17 I with my aunt when I am on holiday in Ho Chi Minh City next month A will have been staying B will have stayed C stay D will be staying D will happen for at least thirty minutes.” C are boiling D have been boiling Ta 19 “Could you turn off the stove? The potatoes A boiled B were boiling C happens ie if the earth stopped moving?” B would happen iL 18 “What A happened s/ 20 The theory of relativity by Einstein, who was a famous physicist A was developed B is developed C develops D developed ro up 21 a few more minutes, we could have finished the task A Unless we had B If we had had C If we have five minutes late C would be D are om /g 22 We could have caught the last train, but we A were B have been D If we had their student cards D hadn’t produced c 23 Students will not be allowed into the exam room if they A didn't produce B don’t produce C produced bo ok 24 The headmaster has decided that three lecture halls in our school next semester A will build B will be building C are being built D will be built such a terrible thunderstorm C have never seen D never see ce 25 It is raining heavily with rolls of thunder We A would never see B had never seen w w w fa 26 Without your help, I the technical problem with my computer the other day A wouldn’t solve B couldn’t have solved C could solve D can’t solve 27 For the last 20 years, we significant changes in the world of science and technology A witness B have witnessed C witnessed D are witnessing 28 I haven‘t met him again since we A have left B leave school ten years ago C left D had left www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master Mary was the last applicant A to be interviewed C to interview _ in more practical ways C to be taught D teach The room needs A decorating for the wedding B to decorate I am considering A to move my job Can you recommend a good company? B moving C to change D changing ie up s/ B difficulties to pass D difficulties of passing ro _ home now.” B go /g om c ok ce bo 10 Neil Armstrong was the first man A to walk B walking 11 I’ve warned you many times A not leaving B won’t leave 12 It is imperative A he must know about C that he knew C gone D went for a few days “How many times have I told you A not playing C not to play fa D be decorated iL the exam Susan’s doctor insists A that she is resting C that she rest w C decorate Ta I'm sure you'll have no A difficulty passing C difficulty to pass w D Modernization uO nT hi D C modernized Nowadays children would prefer history A be taught B to teach w H oc B to be interviewing D to have interviewed The equipment in our office needs A moderner B modernizing “I’d rather you A going 01 PHẦN 2: DẠNG ĐỘNG TỪ B her resting D her to rest football in the street?” B not play D not to have played on the moon C walked D has walked the front door unlocked C not to leave D don’t leave what to when there is a fire B that everyone know D we knew 13 Our boss would rather during the working hours A we didn’t chat B we don’t chat C us not chat D us not chatting www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master 14 The restaurants on the island are expensive, so it’s worth A to take B taking C taken H oc 15 The struggle for women’s rights began in the 18th century during a period as the Age of Enlightenment A that knew B knew C known D is knowing a computer course in preparation for a steady job B have been taken D was taken uO nT hi D 16 It has been suggested that Mary A would have taken C take 17 The Principal usually has his pupils A collected B collect waste paper for their mini-project C to collect D having collected the properties of lines, curves, shapes, and surfaces B concerned with D that it is concerned with ie 18 Geometry is a branch of mathematics A that concerning with C that concerned with Ta iL 19 one of the most beautiful forms of performance art, ballet is a combination of dance and mime performed to music A Being considering B Considering C Considered D To consider up s/ 20 Michael looked deeply hurt and surprised when A scolded B scolding C to scold D having scolded the Constitution of the United D have ratified /g ro 21 Connecticut was the fifth of the original thirteen states States A to ratify B ratify C ratified om 22 No one can avoid by advertisements A to be influenced B having influenced ok c 23 The children ran away as if they A have seen B had seen bo 24 Books and magazines A that lie B laying C influencing a ghost C would see around made his room very untidy C which lied D being influenced D see D Lying at the airport.” D pick up fa ce 25 “My secretary will book you an afternoon flight and have you A picking up B to pick up C picked up D once offering 27 Applications A send D that is sent w w w 26 Do you remember to help us when we were in difficulty? A you offer B being offered C to offer in after 30 April will not be considered B which sent C sent 28 “It’s about time you A must B did 01 a packed lunch D take your homework, Mary.” C will D www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master H oc 30 Although MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) spreads through close contact with sick people, not through the air, many people still avoid to crowded places A having gone B going C to go D gone B says to have fought ie in World War II C is said to fight Ta A says to fight the Internet for information and entertainment C surfed D to surf iL 34 Richard, my neighbor, uO nT hi D 33 Most teenagers enjoy A surfing B surf 31 By the time their babies arrive, the Johnsons hope painting the nursery A have finished B finished C to finish D finish 32 In the wake of increasing food poisoning, many consumers have turned to vegetables organically A that grown B grown C which grows D are grown D is said to have fought D to be graduated w w w fa ce bo ok c om /g ro up s/ 35 Her fiancé is said from Harvard University five years ago A having graduated B to have graduated C being graduated www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 01 29 The girl was used birthday presents from her brothers A to receive B to be receiving C to being received D to receiving www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master C has she D she doesn't have the storm, the ship couldn't reach its destination on time A In case of B In spite of C Because of uO nT hi D He hurried A since he wouldn't be late for class B as if C unless D so that B what's wrong with it D what wrong is it with , the results couldn't be better A No matter what he tried hard C Although very hard he tried B No matter how hard he tried D Despite how hard he tried Ta iL ie Do you know ? A what wrong was it with C what wrong was with it I hadn’t realized she was English A only after B in case s/ up C how good a D what a good any fires can be detected immediately C such as D so that ok c The building has a smoke detector A if B as if bo 10 Prizes are awarded _ the number of points scored A because of B according to C adding up fa ce 11 The doctor decided to give her a thorough examination illness A after B so as C unless D resulting in he could identify the causes of her D so that 12 The price of fruit has increased recently, A whereas B whether the price of vegetables has gone down C when D otherwise 13 I won’t change my mind A whether B no matter C because w w D when allow adequate ventilation C so that D with a view to /g speaker! B so a good om He was A so good a she spoke C until ro Ensure there is at least a 3cm space A in view of B so as to w D But for What beautiful eyes _ ! A does she have B she has H oc 01 PHẦN 3: LIÊN TỪ + CẤU TRÚC CÂU what you say 14 The United States consists of fifty states, _ A each of which B hence each D although has its own government C they each D each of that www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master leave the car at the roadside where it had broken down C than D unless H oc 16 There was nothing they could A but B instead of D easy to live uO nT hi D you are sober when you come home.” C as far as D as soon as 17 broken several world records in swimming A She is said that she has B People say she had C She is said to have D It is said to have 18 “You can go to the party tonight A as long as B as well as 19 “The inflation rate in Greece is five times A as high as that in B as much as my country,” he said C as many as that in D more than iL ie 20 Not having written about the required topic, a low mark, A the teacher gave me B I was given C the teacher gave D my presentation was given our guests stay to dinner C if C Try as up 22 I might, I couldn’t open the door A However hard B As try s/ Ta 21 We have bought extra food A so that B when D in case D No matter om /g ro 23 Before I left for my summer camp, my mother told me to take warm clothes with me it was cold A so that B despite C whereas D in case you can’t get the job.” C or so D unless c 24 “Never be late for an interview, A otherwise B if not bo ok 25 The temperature takes place varies widely from material to material A which melting B which they melt C at which melting D at which they melt B to enable people not taking her fruit D to prevent her fruit from being stolen 27 The sky was cloudy and foggy We went to the beach, A so B however C even though D yet 28 “ you treat him, he’ll help you He’s so tolerant.” A In addition to B Even though C As if D No matter how w w w _ .fa ce 26 She built a high wall round her garden A in order that her fruit not be stolen C so that her fruit would be stolen 01 15 They didn’t find in a foreign country A it easy to live B it easy live C it to live easy 29 smoking is a causative factor of many diseases, there is no ban on tobacco advertising A However B Therefore C In spite of D Although www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master misuse them D so that not , he sometimes gets bad marks C so D however 32 He is a very intelligent boy; A otherwise B thus H oc 31 Working as a volunteer gives her a chance to develop her interpersonal skills, promote friendship, and her own talent A discover B discovered C to discover D discovering B That was in 1492 D It was in 1492 34 The pool should not be made so deep small A if B so as to children can be safe there C though D so that 35 Education in many countries is compulsory _ A for B when the age of 16 C until D forwards iL ie uO nT hi D 33 that Columbus discovered America A There was in 1492 C In 1492 s/ Ta 36 has been a topic of continual geological research A The continents formed B If the continents formed C How did the continents form D How the continents were formed B lies a lighthouse in the middle of the sea D we can see the lighthouse in the distance /g John Kennedy was elected president, he was the youngest American President ever B While C Before D As long as om 38 A When ro up 37 Standing on the tip of the cape, A people have seen a lighthouse far away C a lighthouse can see from the distance 39 You can use my car you drive carefully A though B as though C as long as ok c D lest , and thus it had greater influence on the tides C than is the Sun D unlike the Sun bo 40 The Moon is much closer to Earth A but the Sun is B where the Sun is fa ce 41 It is work of art that everyone wants to have a look at it A such an unusual B such unusual a C a so unusual w w w 42 We decided to take a late flight A so as to B in order D so an unusual we could spend more time with our family C so that D in order to 43 My brother tried to learn Japanese at a night school, A therefore B when C until he gave up after months D but www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 01 30 You should look up the meaning of new words in the dictionary A so as not to B so that not to C so not to www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master 10 H oc 01 44 Having traveled to different parts of our country, A we have learned a lot about interesting lifestyles and customs B we are seeing a lot of interesting lifestyles and customs C many interesting lifestyles and customs have been learned by us D much has been learned about interesting lifestyles and customs uO nT hi D 46 my mother’s encouragement, I wouldn’t have made such a daring decision A In spite B Providing C Until D But for 45 In my opinion, _ new technology who will finally decide which ideas take off A that the development of B it is the user of C that the user of D it is the development of 47 The bank has more than 100 branches, A the location of which C each located in a major urban area B and are located D each locating s/ B Although in poor health D No matter how poor her health up 49 , she continued to carry out her duties A Despite her good health C Although she is in good health Ta iL ie 48 Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking accepting opinions without questioning them A in addition B because of C instead of D for instance ro 50 “Take a spare tyre you have a puncture on the way to the beach.” A in case B unless C so that D if om /g 51 he got top marks at high school, he never went to university A Although B Despite C Nevertheless ok c 52 In my apartment there are two rooms, A the largest one C the largest of which D Meanwhile is used as the living-room B the large one D the larger of which ce bo 53 The higher the content of carbon dioxide in the air is, A the more heat it retains B the heat it retains more C it retains the more heat D more heat it retains w w w fa 54 Mrs Chau has managed the department A too successful B too successfully that she’ll be promoted next month C very successful D so successfully 55 Sammy had worked in England for a year A while B before moving to Scotland C once D until 56 always gives me real pleasure A While arranging flowers B The flowers are arranged C Arranging flowers D I arrange flowers www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Câu B - quy tắc 13 location /ləʊˈkeɪʃ(ə)n/ - quy tắc atmosphere /ˈætməsˌfɪə(r)/ - quy tắc 13 festival /ˈfestɪv(ə)l/ - quy tắc 14 attend /əˈtend/ - quy tắc quy tắc appear /əˈpɪə(r)/ - quy tắc quy tắc anthem /ˈænθəm/ - quy tắc apply /əˈplaɪ/ - quy tắc quy tắc uO nT hi D H oc 01 scenery /ˈsiːnəri/ quy tắc 14 - ro quy tắc 14 communicate /kəˈmjuːnɪkeɪt/ - quy tắc om - quy tắc 10 quy tắc physicist /ˈfɪzɪsɪst/ - quy tắc 14 property /ˈprɒpə(r)ti/ - quy tắc 14 inventor /ɪnˈventə(r)/ - quy tắc quy tắc 10 president /ˈprezɪdənt/ - quy tắc 14 offer /ˈɒfə(r)/ - quy tắc 11 persuade /pə(r)ˈsweɪd/ - quy tắc quy tắc 11 particular /pə(r)ˈtɪkjʊlə(r)/ /g economy /ɪˈkɒnəmi/ w ok fa bo Câu 12 C c unemployment /ˌʌnɪmˈplɔɪmənt/ w iL Ta - ce up s/ Câu 11 D w ie Câu 10 C Câu 13 A www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 apply /əˈplaɪ/ - quy tắc quy tắc 11 reduce /rɪˈdjuːs/ - quy tắc quy tắc 11 potential /pəˈtenʃ(ə)l/ - quy tắc understand /ˌʌndə(r)ˈstænd/ - quy tắc 12 recommend /ˌrekəˈmend/ - quy tắc 12 volunteer /ˌvɒlənˈtɪə(r)/ - quy tắc preferential /ˌprefəˈrenʃ(ə)l/ - quy tắc congratulate /kənˈɡrætʃʊleɪt/ - quy tắc development /dɪˈveləpmənt/ - quy tắc 10 preservative /prɪˈzɜː(r)vətɪv/ - quy tắc 14 uO nT hi D H oc 01 Câu 14 A up s/ Ta iL ie Câu 15 A quy tắc 13 - quy tắc 13 - quy tắc 13 - quy tắc 13 - quy tắc 10 (Ab- Tiền tố từ gốc normal) initial /ɪˈnɪʃ(ə)l/ - quy tắc innocent /ˈɪnəs(ə)nt/ - quy tắc 11 quy tắc 13 impatient /ɪmˈpeɪʃ(ə)nt/ - quy tắc 10 quy tắc 11 - quy tắc 14 elephant /ˈelɪfənt/ om dinosaur /ˈdaɪnəˌsɔː(r)/ /g - ce ro Câu 16 D c buffalo /ˈbʌfələʊ/ bo ok mosquito /mɒˈskiːtəʊ/ Câu 17 C w w w fa abnormal /æbˈnɔː(r)m(ə)l/ Câu 18 C significant /sɪɡˈnɪfɪkənt/ www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 - quy tắc fashionable /ˈfæʃ(ə)nəb(ə)l/ - quy tắc 11 quy tắc 10 traditional /trəˈdɪʃ(ə)nəl/ - quy tắc catastrophe /kəˈtæstrəfi/ - quy tắc 14 agriculture /ˈæɡrɪˌkʌltʃə(r)/ - quy tắc 15 dictionary /ˈdɪkʃən(ə)ri/ - quy tắc 11 supervisor /ˈsuːpə(r)ˌvaɪzə(r)/ - quy tắc 15 settle /ˈset(ə)l/ - quy tắc 11 protect /prəˈtekt/ - quy tắc compose/kəmˈpəʊz/ - relate /rɪˈleɪt/ - quy tắc H oc 01 convenient /kənˈviːniənt/ s/ www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 uO nT hi D Ta iL ie Câu 20 A Câu 19 A /g ro up quy tắc adventure /ədˈventʃə(r)/ - quy tắc 11 c om Câu 21 C - quy tắc 11 advertise /ˈædvə(r)taɪz/ - quy tắc 12 - quy tắc imagine /ɪˈmædʒɪn/ - quy tắc 12 inhabit /ɪnˈhæbɪt/ - quy tắc 12 continue /kənˈtɪnjuː/ - quy tắc 12 disappear /ˌdɪsəˈpɪə(r)/ - quy tắc quy tắc 11 bo ok advantage /ədˈvɑːntɪdʒ/ ce adverbial /ədˈvɜː(r)biəl/ w w w fa Câu 22 D www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 23 A - quy tắc electric /ɪˈlektrɪk/ - quy tắc contagious /kənˈteɪdʒəs/ - quy tắc suspicious /səˈspɪʃəs/ - quy tắc quy tắc 14 organism /ˈɔː(r)ɡəˌnɪz(ə)m/ - quy tắc 15 prevention /prɪˈvenʃ(ə)n/ - quy tắc quy tắc 10 attraction /əˈtrækʃ(ə)n/ - quy tắc quy tắc 10 uO nT hi D H oc 01 periodic /ˌpɪəriˈɒdɪk/ iL ie 24 A Ta engagement /ɪnˈɡeɪdʒmənt/ - quy tắc - ro quy tắc - quy tắc - quy tắc 15 quy tắc 11 represent /ˌreprɪˈzent/ - quy tắc 12 ce up s/ 25 D permanent /ˈpɜː(r)mənənt/ - quy tắc 13 sentiment /ˈsentɪmənt/ - quy tắc 13 continent /ˈkɒntɪnənt/ - quy tắc 13 future /ˈfjuːtʃə(r)/ - quy tắc involve /ɪnˈvɒlv/ - quy tắc popularity /ˌpɒpjʊˈlærəti/ /g politician /ˌpɒləˈtɪʃ(ə)n/ om documentary /ˌdɒkjʊˈment(ə)ri/ w w w ok fa bo 26 A c laboratory /ləˈbɒrət(ə)ri/ 27 B www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 - quy tắc guidance /ˈɡaɪd(ə)ns/ - quy tắc quy tắc 12 accuracy /ˈækjʊrəsi/ - quy tắc 15 ngoại lệ quy tắc fabulous /ˈfæbjʊləs/ - quy tắc 15 immediate /ɪˈmiːdiət/ - quy tắc 13 optimist /ˈɒptɪmɪst/ - quy tắc 13 facilitate /fəˈsɪləteɪt/ - quy tắc intimacy /ˈɪntɪməsi/ - quy tắc 15 ngoại lệ quy tắc participate /pɑː(r)ˈtɪsɪpeɪt/ - quy tắc hydrology /haɪˈdrɒlədʒi/ - 01 prospect /ˈprɒspekt/ s/ www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 uO nT hi D Ta iL ie Câu 29 B up quy tắc ro /g Câu 30 B - quy tắc + quy tắc 10 + quy tắc 11 popular /ˈpɒpjʊlə(r)/ - quy tắc 15 romantic /rəʊˈmæntɪk/ - quy tắc financial /faɪˈnænʃ(ə)l/ - quy tắc w w w fa ce bo ok c om reduction /rɪˈdʌkʃ(ə)n/ H oc 28 C www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master uO nT hi D H oc Biên soạn: Hoàng Việt Hưng Page: English - Trick Master Group: Hội người tâm đạt điểm môn tiếng Anh thi Đại học 01 BÀI TẬP: TỪ ĐỒNG NGHĨA - TỪ TRÁI NGHĨA * Ngoài từ vựng ý DỊCH CẢ CÂU xu hướng đề gần cho từ cho sẵn khó lại dễ dàng suy luận Nhớ dịch câu trước định đáp án * Khi làm nhìn lại YÊU CẦU ĐỀ để xem làm CLOSEST hay OPPOSITE ! Vì nhiều bạn làm OPPOSITE mà nhầm sang CLOSEST Ta iL ie Phần OPPOSITE chắn cho lựa chọn CLOSEST cho từ cho sẵn ! s/ Từ Đồng Nghĩa ro up Đáp án /g Từ Trái Nghĩa w w w fa ce bo ok c om Đáp án www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master H oc uO nT hi D Câu His new work has enjoyed a very good review from critics and readers A viewing B regard C opinion D look Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions 01 TỪ ĐỒNG NGHĨA Câu Such problems as haste and inexperience are a universal feature of youth A marked B separated C shared D hidden iL ie Câu We have lived there for years and grown fond of the surroundings That is why we not want to leave A possessed by the surroundings B planted many trees in the surroundings C loved the surroundings D haunted by the surroundings up s/ Ta Câu As tourism is more developed, people worry about the damage to the flora and fauna of the island A mountains and forests B flowers and trees C fruits and vegetables D plants and animals om /g ro Câu It is such a prestigious university that only excellent students are entitled to a full scholarship each year A are given the right to B are refused the right to C have the right to refuse D have the obligation to c Câu The repeated commercials on TV distract many viewers from watching their favourite films A businesses B economics C advertisements D contests bo ok Câu The works of such men as the English philosophers John Locke and Thomas Hobbes helped pave the way for academic freedom in the modern sense A terminate B prevent C initiate D lighten fa ce Câu E-cash cards are the main means of all transactions in a cashless society A cash-starved B cash-strapped C cash-in-hand D cash-free w w w Câu Many scientists agree that global warming poses great threats to all species on Earth A risks B annoyances C fears D irritations Câu 10 Although they hold similar political views, their religious beliefs present a striking contrast A minor comparison B interesting resemblance C significant difference D complete coincidence www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Câu 11 These were the people who advocated using force to stop school violence A openly criticised B publicly said C publicly supported D strongly condemned H oc Câu 12 Within a week on display at the exhibition, the painting was hailed as a masterpiece A an expensive work of art B a down-to-earth work of art C an excellent work of art D a large work of art 01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master uO nT hi D Câu 13 Many parents may fail to recognize and respond to their children’s needs until frustration explodes into difficult or uncooperative behavior A slowly reaches the boiling point B suddenly becomes uncontrollable C stays under pressure D remains at an unchanged level iL ie Câu 14 Those children who stay longer hours at school than at home tend to spend their formative years in the company of others with similar aims and interests A forming a new business company B being separated from peers C enjoying the care of parents D being together with friends up s/ Ta Câu 15 "A friend in need is a friend indeed": Our friends have voiced their strong criticism of China’s escalation of tension on our continental shelf A easing the tension B improving the condition C facing the reality D worsening the situation /g ro Câu 16 Now many people who shop at a heath food store instead of a local supermarket are much more likely to find a healthy, sugar-free beverage A full of preservatives B harmful to heath C convenient to prepare D beneficial to heath ok c om Câu 17 Even though the mountain was very steep and the climb was hazardous, several adventurous tourists managed to reach the top A causing a lot of risks B bringing excitement C resulting in depression D costing a lot of money ce bo Câu 18 Dozens of applicants showed up for the vacant position, but only a handful of them were shortlisted for the interview A class B hand C small number D small amount w w w fa Câu 19 Just like hearing infants who start first with simple syllable babbling, then put more syllables together to sound like real sentences and questions, deaf babies follow the same pattern A able to hear B physically abnormal C obedient to patterns D hard of hearing www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Câu 20 Thanks to the invention of the microscope, biologists can now gain insights into the nature of the human cell A far-sighted views B spectacular sightings C deep understanding D in-depth studies H oc Câu 21 When Susan invited us to dinner, she really showed off her culinary talents She prepared a feast – a huge selection of dishes that were simply mouth-watering A concerning nutrition and health B involving hygienic conditions and diseases C relating to medical knowledge D having to with food and cooking 01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master uO nT hi D Câu 22 Suddenly, it began to rain heavily, so all the summer hikers got drenched all over A very tired B refreshed C completely wet D cleansed Câu 23 “It’s no use talking to me about metaphysics It’s a closed book to me.” B a book that is never opened A an object that I really love C a subject that I don’t understand D a theme that I like to discuss Ta iL ie Câu 24 Not until all their demands had been turned down did the workers decide to go on strike for more welfare A rejected B sacked C reviewed D deleted up s/ Câu 25 Environmentalists appeal to the government to enact laws to stop factories from discharging toxic chemicals into the sea A releasing B producing C obtaining D dismissing om /g ro Câu 26 The overall aim of the book is to help bridge the gap between theory and practice, particularly in language teaching A increase the understanding B reduce the differences C minimise the limitations D construct a bridge ok c Câu 27 The student service centre will try their best to assist students in finding a suitable part-time job A help B allow C make D employ bo Câu 28 My sister is a very diligent student She works very hard at every subject A clever B practical C studious D helpful fa ce Câu 29 Students are expected to always adhere to school regulations A question B violate C disregard D follow w w w Câu 30 A number of programs have been initiated to provide food and shelter for the underprivileged in the remote areas of the country A rich citizens B active members C poor inhabitants D enthusiastic people www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master H oc Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions 01 TỪ TRÁI NGHĨA uO nT hi D Câu Fruit and vegetables grew in abundance on the island The islanders even exported the surplus A excess B sufficiency C small quantity D large quantity Câu There is growing concern about the way man has destroyed the environment A ease B attraction C consideration D speculation ie Câu After five days on trial, the court found him innocent of the crime and he was released A guilty B naive C benevolent D innovative Ta iL Câu affluent families find it easier to support their children financially A Well-off B Impoverished C Wealthy D Privileged up s/ Câu Population growth rates vary among regions and even among countries within the same region A restrain B stay unchanged C remain unstable D fluctuate om /g ro Câu In some countries, the disease burden could be prevented through environmental improvements A something to suffer B something enjoyable C something sad D something to entertain c Câu The consequences of the typhoon were disastrous due to the lack of precautionary measures A damaging B beneficial C severe D physical bo ok Câu Vietnam’s admission to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has promoted its trade relations with other countries A boosted B expanded C restricted D balanced fa ce Câu We are now a 24/7 society where shops and services must be available all hours A an active society B an inactive society C a physical society D a working society w w w Câu 10 A chronic lack of sleep may make us irritable and reduces our motivation to work A uncomfortable B responsive C calm D miserable Câu 11 We'd better speed up if we want to get there in time A slow down B turn down C put down www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 D lie down www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master D thoughtful H oc Câu 13 Her thoughtless comments made him very angry A honest B kind C pleasant 01 Câu 12 She is a very generous old woman She has given most of her wealth to a charity organization A mean B amicable C kind D hospitable uO nT hi D Câu 14 We run a very tight ship here, and we expect all our employees to be at their desks by eight o'clock and take good care of their own business A organize things inefficiently B manage an inflexible system C run faster than others D have a good voyage Câu 15 Any student who neglects his or her homework is unlikely to well at school A approves of B attends to C puts off D looks for iL ie Câu 16 It is widely known that the excessive use of pesticides is producing a detrimental effect on the local groundwater A useless B harmless C damaging D fundamental s/ Ta Câu 17 His dreamlike villa in the new residential quarter is the envy of his friends A something that everybody looks for B something that everybody dreams of C something that nobody wants D something that nobody can afford ro up Câu 18 Sorry, I can’t come to your party I am snowed under with work at the moment A busy with B free from C relaxed about D interested in om /g Câu 19 Basically, everything is the same; however, there may be some minor changes to the schedule A big B sudden C gradual D small ok c Câu 20 Drivers are advised to get enough petrol because filling stations are few and far between on the highway A easy to find B difficult to access C unlikely to happen D impossible to reach w w w fa ce bo Câu 21 We managed to get to school in time despite the heavy rain A earlier than a particular moment B later than expected C early enough to something D as long as expected www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master ĐÁP ÁN PHẦN I - CLOSEST H oc uO nT hi D C shared: chia sẻ, có nhiều đối tượng = universal: chung, tồn thể - MARKED: rõ ràng, đáng ý - SEPERATED: riêng biệt - HIDDEN: giấu kín, kín đáo 01 C opinion = review: ý kiến đánh giá C => (be/ grow/ become) fond of sth: dần/ trở nên thích = love - grow + adj = trở nên D plants and animials: cối động vật = FLORA AND FAUNA: hệ thực vật hệ động vật A => be entitled to sth = be given the right to sth: trao quyền cho, ban cho iL ie C => advertisement = commercial: mục quảng cáo Ta C initiate = pave the way for: mở đường, mở màn, mở đầu (câu khó :’( ) ro up s/ D cash-free = cashless: không dùng tiền mặt - free hậu tố mang nghĩa: “khơng có” vd: duty-free (miễn thuế), care-free (khơng lo lắng, vô tư lự) /g A => risk = threat: mối đe dọa, mối nguy hiểm om 10 C significant diffreence (sự khác đáng kể) = striking contrast (sự tương phản lớn) c 11 C => publicly support = advocate: ủng hộ cơng khai (chỉ có support + V-ing) ok 12 C an excellent work of art = a masterpiece: kiệt tác ce bo 13 B => suddenly becomes uncontrollable (đột nhiên trở nên khơng kiểm sốt được) = explode (bất ngờ thể cảm xúc mạnh) fa 14 D being together with friends = in the company of: gắn bó với bạn bè (COMPANY = bạn bè) w w w 15 D worsening the situation (sự làm tình hình xấu thêm) = escalation of tension (sự làm leo thang căng thẳng) (vụ Trung Quốc đặt dàn khoan Biển Đông tháng năm 2014) www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master 16 D beneficial to heath (có lợi cho sức khỏe) => health food phải là: thức ăn có lợi cho chức khỏe H oc 01 17 A hazardous = causing a lot of risks: đầy mạo hiểm (đoán dịch câu - leo núi tất nguy hiểm) 18 C => handful (số lượng nắm tay, số lượng nhỏ) = small number (có yếu tố hand người (Applicants) nên số lượng amount dùng cho không đếm được) uO nT hi D Câu 19 A able to hear = hearing: có khả nghe (phía sau có DEAF: điếc => vế trước ngược lại) 20 C insights = deep understanding: hiểu biết sâu sắc (khó suy luận - câu chống điểm 10) iL ie 21 D => culinary = Liên quan đến thực phẩm cách nấu nướng (có yếu tố dinner, dishes mouth-wastering (chảy nước miếng) (nếu suy luận từ ) s/ Ta 22 C => drenched = completely = ướt sũng (có thể suy luận từ việc rain heavily) /g ro up 23 C => vấn đề khó hiểu với dịch qua: “Thật vơ ích nói chuyện với tao metaphysics (siêu hình học)… Thực chả cần biết metaphysics chi rứa, dịch đoạn đầu biết KHOAI => Nó cần yếu tố tiêu cực => ý C tiêu cực (ý A thiếu yếu tố i/me nên bỏ) om 24 A => reject = turn down = từ chối c 25 A => release = discharge = thải ok 26 B => bridge the gap = giảm khác biết, giảm khoảng cách = reduce the differences (câu đòi hỏi suy luận - gap = khoảng cách) bo 27 A => help = assist = giúp đỡ ce 28 C => diligent = studious = chăm 30 C => the underprivileged = poor inhabitants = người dân cư nghèo (dịch qua có “cung cấp thức ăn ….” - có cho người nghèo thơi) w w w fa 29 D => adhere = follow = tuân theo (A, B, C mang nghĩa “tiêu cực” nên không hợp) www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master ĐÁP ÁN PHẦN II - OPPOSITE H oc 01 C small quality (số lượng nhỏ) >< abundance (số lượng lớn) (nếu suy luận được: even exported (thậm chí xuất khẩu) => abundance = nhiều >< ít) uO nT hi D A ease (sự thoải mái) >< concern (sự lo lắng) (nếu dịch câu việc phá hủy môi trường phải lo lắng >< ease (suy từ easy: dễ dàng, thoải mái) A guilty (có tội) >< innocent (vơ tội) B impoverished (rất nghèo) >< affluent (khá giả) (câu khó thật :’( - đòi hỏi lượng từ vựng nhiều) B stay unchanged (không thay đổi, thế) >< vary (biến đổi, khác đi) iL ie B something enjoyable (điều dễ chịu) >< burden (gánh nặng) (nếu suy luận được: disease = bệnh tật => từ sau phải từ không vui vẻ >< vui vẻ) s/ Ta B beneficial (mang lại lợi ích) >< disastrous (có hại, mang lại tai họa) (nhiều từ vựng câu nên khoai :’( ) ro up C => restrict (hạn chế) >< promote (đẩy mạnh) (do vốn từ vựng bọn em) om /g B => an inactive society (1 xã hội hoạt động kém) >< a 24/7 society (1 xã hội hoạt động liên tục) (24 ngày - nhớ chương trình Thể thao 24/7 t.v) ok c 10 C calm (điềm tĩnh) >< irritable (dễ bực tức, hay cáu) (nếu dịch việc thiếu ngủ gây tác hại biết nghĩa từ uncomfortable miserable không liên quan loại được) bo 11 A slow down (chậm lại) >< speed up (tăng tốc) ce 12 A mean (keo kiệt) >< generous (hào phóng) fa 13 D thoughtful (suy nghĩ thấu đáo) >< thoughtless (thiếu suy nghĩ) w w w 14 A organize things inefficiently (tổ chức thứ hiệu quả) >< run a very tight ship (điều hành hiệu quả) (dịch vế sau loại C D B gây nhầm lẫn KHOAI !) 15 B => attend to (chú trọng đến, chăm lo đến) >< neglect (sao nhãng) (có thể suy luận từ ATTENTIVELY: cách chăm chú) www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 10 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: Trick Master 17 C => envy (sự ghen tỵ = người muốn) >< something that nobody wants (cái chả muốn) 19 A => minor (nhỏ, bé) >< big (to, lớn) uO nT hi D 20 A => few and far between (hiếm thấy, khó tìm) >< easy to find (dễ tìm) (DỊCH CÂU !) H oc 18 B => snowed under with sth (rất bận với) >< free from sth (rảnh rỗi, khơng phải làm gì) (dịch câu suy luận !) 01 16 B => harmless (vơ hại) >< detrimental = harmful (có hại) w w w fa ce bo ok c om /g ro up s/ Ta iL ie 21 B => in time (kịp giờ, lúc) >< later than expected (muộn dự định) www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 ... www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 01 29 The girl was used birthday presents from her brothers A to receive B to be receiving C to being received D to receiving www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01... www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng - Page: English Trick Master 11 uO nT hi D 59 about gene-related diseases has... breakfast C take D cost to comment on this matter C quality D qualitative www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 www.facebook.com/groups/TaiLieuOnThiDaiHoc01 Facebook: Hoàng Việt Hưng -
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