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TEST 2: 101 The market analyst stated that the fluctuations in the prices of commodities are the changes in supply and demand across the world (A) reflective (B) reflecting (C) reflected (D) reflects 102 Mary Smith could not have her phone fixed because it was not under at the time (A) warranty (B) control (C) maintenance (D) compensation 103 Workers at Dalston Industries will get a pay raise next month the firm’s sales targets are met (A) consequently (B) on behalf of (C) assuming that (D) afterwards 104 The warehouse is large - for the increasing number of orders (A) spacious (B) plentiful (C) enough (D) sufficient 105 Ms Robinson was pleased to be given autonomy to work on - without any help from her boss (A) her (B) herself (C) hers (D) her own 106 Even the top financial analysts are not consistently able to predict changes in the global economy (A) considerably (B) accurately (C) readily (D) indecently 107 Mark’s shoe store has developed special promotions to attract shoppers to visit the store to try on shoes A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH (A) individual (B) individually (C) individuals (D) individualize 108 The new facilities in the conference center - events with more than 5,000 participants (A) accommodating (B) accommodations (C) accommodate (D) are accommodated 109 Nature Airlines passengers are to carrying only one carry-on bag on the plane (A) restricted (B) allowed (C) permitted (D) required 110 The latest device is popular - college students and corporate users (A) within (B) among (C) in (D) off 111 A new research study shows that design is than technical specifications when customers buy new phones (A) important (B) more importantly (C) more important (D) the most importantly 112 Appreciating the high response rate for last week’s survey, the marketing director thanked the participants for their - (A) respondent (B) subject (C) involvement (D) satisfaction 113 Since Reggie Smith arrived to the meeting, he did not know about the new initiative (A) lately (B) late A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH (C) lateness (D) latest 114 Mr Douglas was on a budget for the new marketing campaign, so he reduced some expenses (A) weary (B) few (C) costly (D) tight 115 The design consulting agency is known for giving simple elegant designs for websites and brochures (A) nevertheless (B) yet (C) despite (D) even 116 The global symposium on the sustainable development will be by the United Nations and some other partner organizations (A) hosted (B) invited (C) voted (D) occurred 117 After moving the headquarters to the downtown area, the office is more easily to all employees (A) access (B) accessible (C) accessing (D) accessibly 118 Much - the surprise of his colleagues, the new associate announced he was leaving the company to join a competitor (A) on (B) to (C) in (D) of 119 International for the service have not yet been analyzed by the firm (A) market (B) marketing (C) markets (D) marketability A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 120 Kelvin's proposal was so persuasive that the board approved his idea (A) overly (B) swiftly (C) seldom (D) usually 121 This email is you that your business plan has won the competition at our university (A) to inform (B) informed (C) informative (D) information 122 - members of the country club are expected to follow club rules while being on the premises (A) All (B) Every (C) Most of (D) Almost 123 At the manufacturing plant in Shanghai, there is a community recreation facility for workers to regularly to relax after the workday (A) answer (B) forward (C) suggest (D) gather 124 A new handbook - company policies and incentives will be given to every employee after the training seminar (A) in detail (B) detailed (C) detailing (D) detail 125 A mediator was called in to make a deal that was acceptable to both (A) competitions (B) directions (C) parties (D) performances 126 Registering your account in our database - us to send you the latest promotions and deals on items that may appeal to you (A) is allowed A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH (B) allows (C) allowing (D) have allowed 127 Even after a heated debate, the two companies were - to reach an agreement on distribution of the product (A) impossible (B) willing (C) unable (D) pleased 128 Research will be done to determine promotion has more impact on customers (A) which (B) on (C) such (D) because 129 At the board meeting, the directors did not show whether they were for or - the shift in strategy (A) against (B) above (C) over (D) beyond 130 Please that the deal will only be good until the end of next week (A) noting (B) note (C) notable (D) notably 131 working on the night shift, Mark Jones received more than three complaints for being tardy for his shift (A) During (B) Even if (C) When (D) Besides 132 Because of budget constraints, Mr Smith had to pick the - costly furniture for the office (A) most (B) least (C) less (D) fewer A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 133 Sales representatives - travel over 40 miles per day are entitled to be reimbursed for fuel costs (A) whom (B) whoever (C) whose (D) who 134 The staff meeting will be - for a month, as some important participants are not available (A) put off (B) backed up (C) come across (D) held onto 135 The machine was not in good condition and was in need of repairs (A) urge (B) urgent (C) urgently (D) urgency 136 If you choose to quit your position, please give us at least two weeks’ prior to leaving the firm (A) word (B) notice (C) advance (D) caution 137 The presidential debate, - scheduled to begin at P.M., has been delayed for 30 minutes (A) original (B) originating (C) will originate (D) originally 138 A special dinner will be served - the presentation by the renowned scientist (A) under (B) beyond (C) following (D) to 139 The police officer was fired for - falsifying evidence that the defendant had committed the crime (A) deliberation A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH (B) deliberating (C) deliberate (D) deliberately 140 bus service will be available on July 25 for the participants of the conference (A) Complementary (B) Additional (C) Redundant (D) Dependent Questions 141-143 refer to the following e-mail To: All employees From: Mary Smith, HR Director Re: Updating Company Intranet Date: February 26 As you might have heard, we our current company 141.(A) replace (B) will be replacing (C) is replaced (D) replaced intranet on March 25 There will be a file sent to you soon that tells you how to use the new intranet and explains the changes between the new intranet and the - one Please 142.(A) notable (B) complete (C) immediate (D) present look at this file for all the anticipated changes to assist in the process For anyone with questions about the new intranet, we are holding a training class on Saturday March 10th This class can only hold thirty people so please contact the company training center - a place 143.(A) reserve (B) to reserve (C) reserving (D) reserved A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH Questions 144-146 refer to the following e-mail From: Kara Hall To: Junichi Tayama Date: May 15 Subject: Class Schedule Dear Mr Tayama Thank you for enrolling at Becton Institute for language classes We are writing to confirm that we have received your for this term 144.(A) product (B) order (C) summary (D) registration However, when you signed up for this term, you did not indicate times you would like to take 145.(A) that (B) which (C) whom (D) where Please this problem by choosing the times for your 146.(A) resume (B) remain (C) resolve (D) reply classes By the way, you are also eligible to take the free Saturday class at 1:00 PM as long as you sign up before the class fills up Thanks again for choosing Becton Institute Please tell us if you have any issues with the class selection process Best regards, Kara Hall Customer Service Manager Questions 147-149 refer to the following memo A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH From: Grace Gomez To: All Marketing Department Staff Date: July 24 Subject: Ron Jones’ Welcome Party As some of you might have heard, Ron Jones is joining the company after a stellar career at Roseton Designs as an international sales director A welcome party in - of his arrival has been arranged at 147.(A) honor (B) expression (C) invitation (D) observance the Worldview Hotel for August 10th at conference room 12 In a prior email, I received for the food and drink for 148.(A) suggestions (B) suggest (C) suggesting (D) to suggest this event From the input that I received, it seems that many of you would like to have steak and wine at the event So, we will ask the caterer to arrange this menu for the event Since this will put us over budget for the event, we would like each attendee to send $20 we can cover the costs for the event 149.(A) in order (B) just as (C) so that (D) even if Questions 150-152 refer to the following advertisement Exco Training consultants make exercise -! If you 150.(A) easily (B) ease (C) easiness (D) easy A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH If you would like, we can provide an extra bed for one of your children We have suites suitable for up to six people, but unfortunately they are already booked for the full month In order to the reservation, please let me know as soon as possible if you find this arrangement suitable 143.(A) be guaranteeing (B) guarantee (C) have guaranteed (D) be guaranteed Please note that a breakfast buffet is included with the fee, and the hotel also provides shuttle service to and from the local train station I hope we will be able to serve you Regards, Carlotta Rossi, reservations manager Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter May Dear Madam or Sir, I purchased a Silver-Tron flat screen television from your Web site on April 19 The item arrived five days later on April 24, but the remote control unit was not included in the box I checked all the packaging several times, but am quite certain it was not sent I found an e-mail address for your customer service department in the manual and notified them of this 144.(A) damage (B) oversight (C) correction (D) cancellation I received a reply the very next day, and was told that a would be sent out that very day 145.(A) refund (B) return (C) replacement (D) remittance A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 99 However, it is now May and I have not received anything from your company I contacted your customer hotline this morning and was on hold for 20 minutes until the call was disconnected I must say that I am rather with the poor customer service 146.(A) surprise (B) surprises (C) surprised (D) surprisingly I would like to request that the remote be sent to me immediately, as I have now been nconvenienced for more than two weeks Please let me know how you plan to rectify this situation right away Joel Conners Questions 147-149 refer to the following advertisement Westerly-Air Helps you Escape the Winter! Have you got the winter blues? Well, hop on board one of Westerly-Air’s daily flights to the beautiful island of Maui and take advantage of our “Winter Escape Holiday Package!” For the low price of only $699 per person, you can enjoy the sites, sea, and warmth that Maui has to offer staying in five-star accommodations 147.(A) during (B) meantime (C) where (D) while With year-round tropical climates, beautiful beaches, and stunning scenery, Maui is perfect for family vacations This special includes: 148.(A) promotion (B) location (C) destination (D) reduction    Return airfare from Vancouver to Kahului International Airport Four days and three nights at the Coral Cadence Resort One day tour of local sites transport and accommodation, guests will be provided a breakfast buffet and sitdown A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 100 149.(A) In regard to (B) Apart from (C) Instead of (D) Prior to meals for lunch and dinner Members of the Westerly Air Frequent Flyer Club are also eligible to receive 30 percent off of car rentals from Addison Wheels, located on the island Packages are limited, so to ensure your spot, visit www.westerlyair.com/maui to make a booking today! Questions 150-152 refer to the following e-mail FROM: Austin Sulu TO: Erica Molson SUBJECT: Query about services Dear Ms Molson, A colleague of mine, Sasha Gorski, recommended your company to me and said you did an excellent job catering her wedding last year I work for a film production company, and we plan to hold an awards ceremony on December 18 the event, we would like to offer all attendees a buffet-style dinner 150.(A) Before (B) Following (C) Throughout (D) Within The ceremony will end at 7:30, so the meal should be served soon after that We are expecting around 150 people and will the gathering on one of our sound-stages at our studio compound in Burbank 151.(A) participate (B) invite (C) host (D) welcome We are interested in a full-service buffet including appetizers, salads, soups, main courses, desserts, and bar-service Also, we vegetarian options for each course 152.(A) are liking (B) have liked (C) would like A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 101 (D) will be liking As for the type of food, Sasha said you did a wonderful Mediterranean-style dinner which sounded wonderful Could you possibly send me some suggested menus along with a cost estimate? If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me Test 13 101 One of the stated requirements of the job was a valid driver’s license and _ transportation (A) reliant (B) rely (C) relied (D) reliable 102 Customers can expect to receive a reply to questions that they _ within 48 hours (A) obtain (B) acquire (C) submit (D) admit 103 _ being warned about the weather, the students failed to pack appropriate clothing for the field trip (A) Even though (B) Despite (C) By (D) During 104 Any customers that are finding it _ to upgrade their accounts to the faster broadband service can contact our technical support team (A) difficultly (B) difficulty (C) difficult (D) difficultness 106 Many executives were due to be in Munich for an company meeting; however, continued airport strikes are _ the meeting from taking place (A) diminishing (B) preventing A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 102 (C) interfering (D) refraining 105 Over the last two years, there has been significant in the smart phone market (A) grow (B) grows (C) growth (D) grower 107 Any staff wishing to book vacation time over the Christmas period must submit requests _ the end of November (A) on (B) before (C) since (D) prior 108 SE Electronics found their new product was selling at record levels increased competition from other manufacturers (A) as (B) even if (C) even though (D) despite 109 Both advertising campaigns are innovative, and _ you select will be a hit among other advertisements (A) these (B) whatever (C) which (D) whichever 110 Ardsley House is the venue of choice for many business _ in the city due to their great location and low prices (A) practices (B) environments (C) drives (D) functions 111 Many companies require employees to organize own health insurance plans to give A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 103 staff a greater choice of coverage (A) their (B) they (C) themselves (D) theirs 112 When _ a room, it is important to remove all furniture first, and then cover the carpet or flooring (A) decorated (B) decorating (C) decoration (D) are decorating 113 The employees’ roles and training were examined _ following the company’s takeover (A) thorough (B) thoroughly (C) thoughtful (D) throughout 114 The staff at the hotel were very _, providing each traveler with a glass of champagne upon arrival (A) welcoming (B) encouraging (C) satisfied (D) bewildered 115 The lease agreement promises _ all maintenance carried out will be paid for by the property owner (A) what (B) that (C) how (D) about 116 It is advisable to compare prices online if you are _ about which travel insurance is right for you (A) unavailable (B) undeniable A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 104 (C) unknown (D) unsure 117 After six _ months as the number one selling product, the Adelphi e-reader is now at number (A) consecutive (B) consequent (C) subsequent (D) constant118 The customers complained that the car’s design had _ changed in comparison to the previous model (A) hardly (B) recently (C) certainly (D) necessarily 119 The method for downloading apps to smart phones has _ changed and now requires users to register their name and cell phone number (A) always (B) recently (C) promptly (D) shortly 120 Employee contracts state that any disciplinary meetings must be _ in the presence of a member of the HR team (A) skilled (B) conducted (C) engaged (D) included 121 Customers with gold-level subscriptions have unlimited _ to TV shows and movies that have already aired (A) accessing (B) accession (C) access (D) accesses 122 I wish _ to Richard Franks for missing him off the list of people with perfect attendance A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 105 (A) to apologize (B) apologizing (C) apology (D) apologize 123 In order to prevent employees wasting time, the company _ a new social media policy (A) instituted (B) agreed (C) decided (D) resembled 124 A director of Weston Foods stated that the company _ to change suppliers and begin to use local produce (A) intends (B) intending (C) intentional (D) intention 125 ATEL Computers has announced that they are _ and remodeling their current range of laptops due to declining sales (A) unveiling (B) distributing (C) launching (D) redesigning 126 John’s second job, working in the evenings designing websites, contributes _ to his overall monthly income (A) signifying (B) significantly (C) significant (D) signify 127 Royal Standard bank has implemented new safety features after uncovering a _ fraud plot last year (A) constructive (B) massive (C) destructive (D) affirmative A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 106 128 The customers using the new operating system responded _ than market research had predicted (A) enthusiasm (B) more enthusiastic (C) enthusiastically (D) more enthusiastically 129 Retail outlets are relying on staff to _ new products in store when customers buy other items (A) push (B) put (C) place (D) purchase 130 Plant expert Dr Hickory Swanson is the most _ skilled botanist currently working at the university (A) high (B) highly (C) highest (D) higher 131 The library sent out a letter to Mr Smith _ a number of overdue books he had loaned (A) provided (B) relating (C) regarding (D) referring 132 Smith Tours is regarded as one of the best employers in the country, as even part-time employees are _ for paid vacations (A) compatible (B) suitable (C) eligible (D) entitled 133 All the customers are given one voucher per _ offering them a discounted drink from the store’s cafe (A) purchase (B) purchasing A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 107 (C) purchaser (D) purchases 134 Students at the university are expected to turn off their phones _ the lecture is taking place (A) in case of (B) while (C) during (D) meanwhile 135 _ Richard studied hard for his latest science exam, he failed to get a high score (A) Although (B) In spite of (C) When (D) Whom 136 While the overtime shift paid more salary, the employees would be required to work for several days (A) exhausting (B) exhaust (C) exhausted (D) exhaustion 137 Katie always refuses to watch scary movies, unless she _ that she won’t see any blood (A) convinces (B) is convinced (C) will be convinced (D) is convincing 138 Johnny Wrangler is a Dutch journalist _ reviews were not acclaimed until after his death in 1993 (A) who (B) what (C) whose (D) whom 139 The new monthly transport card can be used by passengers who take both the bus _ A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 108 the subway (A) or (B) nor (C) also (D) and 140 University residences are not available to students whose parents live _ thirty kilometer radius of the main campus (A) above (B) through (C) in addition to (D) within Questions 141-143 refer to the following memo Adelphi Zest e-Reader on Sale Now! Still not sold on e-readers? Why not try the new Adelphi Zest: out now! One of the greatest _ of owning an e-reader is that you can access thousands of books in the palm of your hand 141.(A) drawbacks (B) advantages (C) possessions (D) discrepancies Whether you’re traveling, having limited storage space, or you don’t know which book to read first; your problems, the Adelphi Zest is the gadget for you 142.(A) who (B) whatever (C) however (D) all All book purchases can be transferred to your new reader using WIFI, the store is now accessible via the device for easy purchasing and books can be categorized by author, genre or purchase date 143.(A) previous (B) mandatory A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 109 (C) unwavering (D) unprecedented To see a demonstration of the Zest in action, check our website now! Questions 144-146 refer to the following e-mail To : customerservices@gashouse.com From : twellburn@mail.com Date : 14 February Subject : Gas Letter Dear: Customer Services, I just returned to the country _ my vacation, and in my absence a letter had been delivered 144.(A) next (B) prior to (C) following (D) as a result of I opened the letter to find that I owed you $300 for my winter bill I wanted to email you and tell you that I _ made a payment online using my credit card 145.(A) recently (B) solicitly (C) tentatively (D) immediately I am also emailing to ask for ideas about _ my gas costs I live in a very small apartment and don’t often use my heating Is there anything more I could to lower my bills? Do you have different tariffs? 146.(A) excluding (B) decreasing (C) eliminating (D) skipping Regards, A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 110 Tom Wellburn Questions 147-149 refer to the following e-mail Please be aware that, starting next month, phone conversations _ from the office will be monitored to ensure that protocols are being followed 147.(A) were made (B) making (C) make (D) made In line with the new telephone policy, staff will no longer be allowed to make personal calls It that the change will save the company several thousand dollars over the course of the year 148.(A) is expected (B) expecting (C) will expect (D) has expected We appreciate that you may need to be in contact with friends and relatives during your office hours, but we ask you to take advantage of your break time and use your cell phones to make personal phone calls It became apparent that too many non-essential and non-business calls were being made, and _ the only fair way to control this was to ban them all 149.(A) in case (B) therefore (C) now that (D) otherwise Thank you for your time We hope you understand Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter Dear University staff and faculty members, A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 111 Starting from next semester, all university parking will be by permit only There have been cases of people abusing the university parking scheme, and so we have implemented this new policy Under the new scheme, all patrons of the car parking will be required to pay a monthly fee of $100, _ people in possession of disability parking passes 150.(A) regardless of (B) without (C) given that (D) except for While we that we are unable to offer free parking any longer, the money generated will be used to improve certain facilities around the campus 151.(A) doubt (B) hope (C) regret (D) inform Please find _ your permit application Be advised that essential university staff will receive priority should we receive too many permit applications 152.(A) enclosure (B) encloses (C) enclosed (D) enclosing Sincerely, Robert Mapplewell University Services Test 14 : 101 One of the stated requirements of the job was a valid driver’s license and _ transportation (A) reliant (B) rely (C) relied (D) reliable A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 112 102 Customers can expect to receive a reply to questions that they _ within 48 hours (A) obtain (B) acquire (C) submit (D) admit A SCORE –RAISING TOEIC TEST BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH 113 ... BOOK FOR STUDENTS OF ENGLISH From: Grace Gomez To: All Marketing Department Staff Date: July 24 Subject: Ron Jones’ Welcome Party As some of you might have heard, Ron Jones is joining the company... offer travel vouchers to its employees this year - an annual staff party (A) in lieu of (B) so that (C) as for (D) as part of 124 Despite stringent for quality control, manufacturing... (A) seating (B) waiting (C) moving (D) departing 107 Mr Bennett will serve as acting vice president - a permanent replacement can be found (A) since (B) long (C) until (D) then 108 Changes to
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