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October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part TOEIC TEST Harry Potter cast a spell over moviegoers during the weekend, as film in the fantasy series about a young wizard smashed sales records around the world a the fourth b fourth c four d the four "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" sold an estimated $181.4 million of tickets, including $101.4 million in North America a worthy b cost c charge d worth The $130 million movie, on the book by British author J.K Rowling, stars 16-year-old Daniel Radcliffe in the title role a basing b base c based d to base The film was rated in the United States as PG-13 for "sequences of fantasy and frightening images," while the first three carried a milder PG rating a violation b violate c violent d violence Exit polling showed that more adults turned than usual, indicating that the franchise's appeal is spreading beyond families a down b up c over d on The new film was by Mike Newell, best known for the 1994 comedy "Four Weddings and a Funeral," and the first Englishman to take the helm of the series a direction b directed c directing d direct In North America, the three-day haul set a new record for the lucrative franchise, the $93.7 million opening of 2004's "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST 10 11 12 13 a surpass b surpassed c surpassing d to surpassing of the three was 2001's "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," which totaled $317.6 million a The most successful b Most successful c The more successful d The more successful than Boeing has two massive deals to supply aircraft to Chinese firms and to Dubai's Emirates Airlines a signature b sign c signing d signed China is buying seventy Boeing 737 aircraft - a $4bn deal that is said to be in Chinese aviation history a largest b larger than c the largest d the larger than Airbus and Boeing have been battling it out to win orders in the Middle East, a fast-growing aviation relatively unchallenged by rocketing fuel prices and terror threats a markets b market c marketing d marketers Airline Emirates 45 Airbus super-jumbo A380 aircraft - the single largest customer for the new jet, which put in an appearance at the air show on Saturday a had already purchased b already had purchased c had purchased already d had already purchase The airline hopes the Gulf a major regional transport hub as it positions itself as a leading carrier on routes between Europe and Asia a make b to make c to making d made October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part 14 China's deal with Boeing was hailed as a promising sign for future between China and the US by China's official news agency Xinhua a cooperate b cooperative c cooperator d cooperation 15 The agreement was as President George W Bush visited Beijing a expressed b signed c honored d broken 16 US carmaker General Motors is to cut 30,000 jobs in North America under a restructuring drive that to revive the company a aims b aiming c aimed d aim 17 The automotive group, which is struggling to stem huge losses, will also nine factories a build up b close down c start off d bring up 18 GM has suffered falling sales, a drop in market share and high costs a labored b laboring c laborer d labor 19 Earlier this year, the firm had warned it 25,000 jobs by 2008 mainly through attrition or natural wastage a has cut b would be cut c would cut d will be cut 20 A diamond necklace that once belonged the Russian Empress Catherine the Great has been sold at auction for $1.5m in Geneva a with b to c of d from 21 Auction house Sotheby's says the necklace is a rare survivor from an era jewelry was broken up for reuse a although Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 b unless c when d and Around 200 attended the day-long auction at Geneva's Le Beau Rivage hotel a dealers b dealings c deals d dealer The necklace was 340 lots that were sold for a total of $27m a between b most c along d among Sotheby's would not the name of the buyer of Catherine the Great's necklace a sign b reveal c remember d use The necklace by a London jeweler in 1927 a has been bought b is bought c bought d was bought It was then sold on to an unnamed collector and in private hands ever since a remained b remains c has remained d will remain Coca Cola is under amid concerns about obesity and the effect that fizzy soft drinks are having on our health a attack b discussion c way d control their arch rival Pepsi, Coca-Cola has been slow in diversifying into healthier products a Dislike b Unlike c Alike d Not likes The price of gold has climbed to its highest level in 18 years after Russia said it may double its reserves a most b most of c the most October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part d almost 30 Costs also have been driven by for gold jewelry and concerns that quicker inflation in the US will erode the value of shares and bonds a demand b responsibility c consumption d request 31 Gold as high as $487.90 an ounce in Friday trading a risen b rose c raised d rise 32 the price fell back in afternoon US trading, analysts predict it may climb to $500 by the end of this year, and could go even higher a Because b However c In spite of d Although 33 Gold prices steadily since they hit a 25-year low of $255 an ounce in 2001 a have been recovering b recovered c were recovering d has been recovering 34 Analysts said mining companies have recently struggled to boost output, hampered in part by higher costs and a failure to find large new reserves a produced b producing c production d productive 35 Demand for jewelry, meanwhile, has remained , and investors have been turning back to gold, lured in part by tracker funds that are linked to the price of the metal a steadied b steadily c steadiness d steady 36 At the same time, a number of central banks, Russia's, have been hinting that they might increase gold supplies and cut their holdings of the US dollar a include b included Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST c including d includes 37 Russia currently has about 500 tons of gold in reserves, and any plan to double that would put upward pressure on global markets a their b our c his d its 38 For the second year in a row this destitute city of Camden, New Jersey, has been named the nation's a most dangerous b the most dangerous c more dangerous d more dangerous than 39 Camden, a former industrial city across the Delaware River from Philadelphia, for a history of corrupt politicians, drug-dealing and murders a knows b knowing c is known d has known 40 The state has poured $175 million into the city to spur projects a developing b development c developed d developer 41 AIDS has killed more than 25 million people since it was first in 1981, making it one of the most destructive epidemics in history a recognizing b recognize c to recognize d recognized 42 An estimated 3.1 million people died from the virus last year and another 4.9 million people became a infected b infection c infecting d infect 43 For the first time, solid evidence that increased efforts to combat the disease over the last five years have led to fewer new infections in some places a it is October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part b they are c Its d there is 44 Key World Trade Organization members have admitted they will not be able to agree a framework for a new deal at upcoming talks in China a trading b trade c traded d trader 45 For more than a decade Central Asia has been a key conduit for the world's heroin, from Afghanistan to markets in Europe and Russia a smuggle b smuggling c smuggled d smuggles 46 Now Central Asian governments a new challenge - a rapid rise in heroin use by their own people a face b pose c offer d present 47 According to the UN, drug abuse in the region has "alarming" levels a arrived b reached c raised d reduced 48 Drug - mainly taking heroin - are now estimated to make up almost 1% of Central Asia's population, three times the rate in the rest of Asia a uses b using c usages d users 49 way to reduce heroin consumption in Central Asia would, of course, be to reduce the amount trafficked through the region a Most effective b The more effective c The most effective d More effective than 50 Of the five Central Asian states, Tajikistan is seen by analysts as having trafficking problem Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST a b c d the worst worst the worse the baddest 51 Measuring the trade is obviously , and most of the available statistics are supplied by governments, which can have their own agendas a difficulty b difficultly c difficult d differ 52 Tajikistan's drug trafficking problem partly stems from poverty - exacerbated by civil war between 1992 and 1997 - and partly due to its topography a his b their c our d its 53 It also has a 1,344-km long, and inaccessible, border with Afghanistan, which is currently proving to police a difficult b difficultly c difficulty d different 54 Analysts say the Tajik guards, took over full control of the border from Russia in August, are poorly trained and lack proper equipment a whom b who c that d whose 55 In Turkmenistan, a very secretive country which to give any information on drugs to the UN in the last five years, the situation is unclear a has refused b refused c had refuse d will refuse 56 Tajikistan's President Emomali Rakhmonov has said that trafficking at its source, in Afghanistan a should be stop b should be stopped c should be stopping d should stop October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part 57 Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan both employed a central drugs control agency, the other countries relied on police and security services a however b for example c while d because 58 Last year, Kyrgyzstan's agency 60-70% of seizures, even though it only numbers 200 people a was in control of b was responsible for c was in custody of d was in response to 59 Mr Hall believes the focus needs to be on poverty alleviation a programming b program c programmers d programs 60 Angela Merkel, of the Christian Democrats, has been sworn in as Germany's first woman chancellor at a ceremony in the country's parliament a leading b lead c leader d leadership 61 Mrs Merkel, a conservative, will a coalition with the centre-left Social Democrats, who ruled before a head b leave c blame d destroy 62 She is also the first chancellor in the former communist eastern part of the country a to have grown up b have grown up c to having grown up d having grown up 63 In the Bundestag 397 MPs voted for her, 51 members of the governing coalition voted against her a and b therefore c however d but 64 During a handover ceremony Tuesday Mrs Merkel paid tribute to her predecessor Gerhard Schroeder, who is preparing to leave politics Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 a by b in c on d at Mrs Merkel will make her first foreign trip as chancellor on Wednesday, Paris and Brussels a visit b visiting c to visit d visited Her foreign policy stance is more pro-US than of Mr Schroeder, who opposed the war in Iraq a this b those c that d these The parties have agreed to cut Germany's budget deficit with spending cuts and moderate tax increases a working b work c worked d to work There is less disagreement over foreign affairs, where Mrs Merkel hopes to smooth relations with the US, Germany's profile within NATO and promote fair dealing within the European Union a boost b boosting c to boost d boosted She has been forced to make concessions to unions and accept Social Democrats in key cabinet roles a trader b trade c trading d traded Italian experts are proposing a dramatic new to the watery threat facing the city of Venice a effort b influence c solution d bill Rather than battling to keep the sea out - they want to use it to help the sinking island-city a rise b raise October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part c rising d raising 72 The scheme would involve pumping huge quantities of sea water into the ground beneath Venice down 12 pipes, would be 700m long a which each of b of each which c which of each d each of which 79 80 73 The sea water would make the sand beneath the city lifting Venice by 30cm in 10 years a to expand b expanding c expand d to expanding 74 The Italian government is spending 4.5bn euro a controversial project to build floodgates across the entrance to the lagoon in which the city stands in an effort to keep the sea at bay a on b in c at d with 75 Now, a panel of engineers and geologists from the respected University of Padua have the new scheme costing just a fraction of that - 100m euro a accounted for b turned up c made up with d come up with 76 Swiss-based food giant Nestle has ordered the of baby milk from France, Spain, Portugal and Italy after tests suggested chemical contamination a distribution b recall c marketing d promotion 77 The alarm was raised traces of a chemical involved in the printing process were found in samples in Italy a until b while c after d but 78 Nestle denies the chemical poses a risk to but has recalled the cartons, with an expiry date of September 2006 a health Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST 81 82 83 84 85 b healthy c healthful d healthily The scare began in June when a sample of liquid baby milk by Nestle showed traces of isopropyl thioxanthone a produced b producing c was produced d to produce Mobile phone giant Vodafone, which Manchester United since 2000, is ending a fouryear shirt deal with the Premier League club a had sponsored b have sponsored c sponsored d has sponsored Manchester United says it is in talks with "a number of world class" potential suitors and is of securing a new deal in coming months a confide b confident c confidence d confidant In July this year, the Manchester United Supporters' Trust, which had been opposed to the sale of the club to U.S tycoon Malcolm Glazer, urged Vodafone to end sponsorship deal with United as it was a "tainted brand" a their b our c its d it Hollywood stars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who have been romantically linked, plan quake survivors in northern Pakistan in coming days a to visit b visit c visiting d visited Jolie, a goodwill ambassador for the U.N refugee agency, has traveled to more than 20 countries she took up the high-profile job in August 2001 a for b in c until d since It was the first time that Jolie, who visits UNHCR headquarters about once a year, was by Pitt October 3, 2014 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 [1] Master TOEIC part a accompany b accompanying c accompanied d to accompany The Oscar-winning actress has traveled for the Nobel-winning agency, which protects people fleeing wars and persecution a wide b widely c widen d width The pair, who played married assassins ordered to kill each in the box-office hit, have been romantically linked in media reports since last year a another b other c others d the other A in subsidies for Europe's sugar farmers has been agreed by European Union agriculture ministers a reduce b reducing c reduced d reduction The changes were by the World Trade Organization, but EU farmers and sugar firms have warned of job losses a demanded b demanding c to demand d demand A cloning pioneer as a hero in his South Korean homeland has resigned and apologized for using human eggs from his own researchers a served b denounced c regarded d blamed International medical standards warn against using eggs from researchers may be vulnerable to pressure a who b whom c which d whose The ministry in Seoul insists that he is not guilty of any moral or legal wrongdoing, as the eggs were given voluntarily, without the professor's knowledge Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST 93 94 95 96 97 98 a healthy b healthiness c healthful d health Dr Hwang, 52, gained worldwide after producing the world's first cloned human embryos and stem cells tailored to be used on individuals a famous b fame c famously d famed Human cloning science offers the possibility that stem cells harvested from cloned embryos could be used diseases like Parkinson's, diabetes and heart disease a treating b to treating c to treat d treat Dr Hwang's was seen as particularly important as the stem cells he created were a perfect match for the patient, which could mean treatments without the risk of the body rejecting them a prestige b breakthrough c barrier d demand Opponents argue that and experimenting with human embryos is unethical a create b created c to create d creating Earlier this month Gerald Schatten, a prominent American of Dr Hwang, broke off their collaboration saying he was concerned by the way the group procured human eggs a colleague b college c rival d competitor When the medical journal Nature pressed Dr Hwang in 2004 about the of the eggs, he denied they had been donated by his own researchers a originate b original c origin d originality October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part 99 At a press on Thursday he admitted he had not told the truth a conference b release c coverage d office 100 Dr Hwang said when two women on his team offered their own eggs, he Later, the women donated their eggs under false names, without his permission a brought them up b took them on c threw them away d turned them down 101 South Korea's health ministry also admitted that other women were paid thousands of dollars for their eggs, this took place without Dr Hwang's knowledge a or b however c though d therefore 102 The professor said he was resigning from all public posts, including his of the World Stem Cell Hub, which is designed to produce stem cell lines for disease research worldwide a chairmanship b chairman c chairing d chaired 103 The research conducted by his team requires large of human eggs, which are difficult to obtain a number b numbers c amount d amounts 104 There are no international laws the use of cells and embryos, but scientists said a tough regulatory climate - like that in force in the UK could prevent such abuses or misunderstandings a governed b governs c government d governing 105 A huge swathe of toxic water has the north-eastern Chinese city of Harbin after drifting down the river which is the city's main water source Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST a arrived b came c reached d ran 106 Massive of the chemical benzene were released by a blast 11 days ago at a plant in Jilin a number b numbers c amount d amounts 107 Authorities off water supplies to Harbin's 3.8m residents two days ago a were shutting b shut c are shutting d will shut 108 More than 16,000 tons of water _ in by road a are also being brought b are also bringing c bring d will be bringing 109 Hospitals have been placed on stand-by to cope possible poisoning victims a about b on c with d in 110 Reports on Thursday said the body of water had levels of benzene more than 30 times higher than was considered safe a contaminate b contamination c contaminating d contaminated 111 China's environmental watchdog had found levels in the river 108 times the safe limit Wednesday a at b in c for d on 112 Neighboring Russia was seeking information from China on the spill a urgently b urgent c urgency d urging 113 The European Commission is to begin legal action against the Bank of Italy over handling of recent bank mergers October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part a it b its c their d them 114 The bank's governor, Antonio Fazio, has been accused of abusing his position over the matter and has faced calls in Italy to a restore b relocate c resign d promote 115 The Bank of England will keep a close on changes in gas prices and their potential impact on inflation a ear b hand c nose d eye 116 China has its second human death from bird flu, a 35-year-old woman from eastern Anhui province a confirmed b confirming c confirmation d confirm 117 The farmer died 11 days after she developed pneumonia-like symptoms after contact with sick and poultry a died b death c die d dead 118 Gary Glitter may be detained in Vietnam for another four months while claims that he had sex with under-age girls are by police a cleared b investigated c fabricated d produced 119 The ex-singer has accusations of having sex with two under-age girls, one aged 12 a brought b defended c made d denied 120 If convicted, Glitter - real name is Paul Francis Gadd - could be jailed for up to 12 years a who b that c whose d whom Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST 121 Japanese gaming firm Nintendo, creator of iconic characters Donkey Kong and Mario Brothers, has seen profits drop amid weak of its latest console a sell b sold c selling d sales 122 Net profit 21% from 46.5bn yen a year ago to 36.6bn yen in the six months to 30 September a increased b doubled c dropped d balanced 123 Nintendo said that the of developing its next generation "Revolution" console, due for release in 2006, was weighing on earnings a cost b fee c fine d charge 124 Firms have to spend more on their products as they look to lure demanding consumers in a multi-billion dollar market that is growing annually a increase b increasingly c increased d increasing 125 The new machines will offer larger hard drives, improved wide-screen graphics, CD and music players, internet and wireless connections, and innovative control pads a features such b features as such c such features as d features so as 126 A military court in South Korea has to death a soldier who shot dead eight of his colleagues in June a denounced b found c executed d sentenced 127 Kim Dong-min threw a grenade inside his barracks the border with N Korea, and then opened fire at random at colleagues a near b nearly c nearest d nearer October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part 128 An inquiry into the incident found Kim had become obsessed by computer war games that he could no longer tell the difference between fantasy and reality a such b enough c so d too 129 Kim's defense said he would appeal the ruling at a higher court a law b lawful c lawfully d lawyer 130 Children should be the prime target of malaria control as they are ones most likely to be by mosquitoes carrying the parasite a biting b bitten c beating d beaten 131 Malaria kills about million people each year, are children under five a most of them b most of who c most of whom d most of which 132 The United Nations has warned that no developing region is on track to the international goal of reducing the number of hungry people by half a see b meet c arrive d score 133 six million children die from hunger or malnutrition every year a Nearly b Near c Most of d The most 134 Many deaths result treatable diseases such as diarrhea, pneumonia, malaria and measles a of b at c in d from 135 They if they had proper nourishment, the agency says in a new report on world hunger a would have survived b had survived 10 Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST c would survive d will survive 136 The report says that children start school later and find it difficult to learn, and they are much more likely to die from disease a malnourished b malnourish c malnutrition d malnourishment 137 The report, on data compiled last year, estimated that 852 million people were undernourished during 2000-2002 a basic b basis c basing d based 138 Tom Cruise has bought a ultrasound machine for his pregnant actress fiancée Katie Holmes they can monitor their unborn child at home a so that b therefore c as a result d because 139 Cruise said the device - which up to $200,000 - would be donated to a hospital when they have finished with it a pays b costs c spends d fines 140 Cruise told U.S network ABC that he did not know the child's gender a already b still c yet d ever 141 Cruise, who his engagement in June, said the couple will tie the knot in summer or early autumn next year a announced b broke off c encountered d conducted 142 Cruise, who has been married twice before, has two other children - Connor, 10, and Isabella, 12, he adopted with previous wife, actress Nicole Kidman a whose b who c that d whom October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part 143 Action movie star Jackie Chan has been presented with an award in of his status as a global role model a recognize b recognition c recognizable d recognizing 144 Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich is Britain's man, having amassed a fortune of £7.5bn a richer b the richest c richest d richer than 145 The 37-year-old is also wealthiest person in Europe and ranks 22nd in the world, according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2004 a the six b six c sixth d the sixth 146 The bulk of Abramovich's wealth from Sibneft, the oil business that he bought with Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky in 1995 a comes b coming c come d to come 147 Abramovich was left in of Sibneft after Berezovsky went into exile and his stake is now worth £5.3bn a use b charge c custody d common 148 Property plays a major role in the growth of British wealth, with a quarter of the 1,000 richest involved some way in the building industry - owning, trading or buying properties a on b at c in d by 149 A French woman has admitted to open an airplane door mid-flight so that she could smoke a cigarette a attempting b to attempt c attempt 11 Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST d attempted 150 Sandrine Helene Sellies, 34, who has a fear of flying, had drunk alcohol and taken sleeping tablets ahead the flight from Hong Kong to Brisbane a on b of c in d with 151 She then began tampering with the emergency exit she was stopped by a flight attendant a because b but c although d until 152 Defense lawyer Helen Shilton said her client had memory of what had happened on the flight on Saturday, and that she had a history of sleepwalking a not b none c no d nor 153 A Chinese man jailed for 11 years for murdering his wife - who then turned up alive - is seeking from the state of 4.37m yuan a compensation b salary c fortune d fine 154 She Xianglin, 39, was from prison in central Hubei province last month after his wife reappeared a free b freedom c freeing d freed 155 The case has been watched, amid wider fears about China's legal system a strictly b closely c tightly d firmly 156 Mr She, a former security guard, was arrested in 1994 and in 1998 to 15 years in jail for the murder of his wife, after a body was found a sentencing b to sentence c sentenced d sentence October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part 157 His wife reappeared March, and Mr She's plight became one of the most glaring of many recent examples of failures in China's legal system a on b at c in d with 158 Mr She said he had been tortured by police into making a false a accusation b confession c alarm d name 159 Beijing outlawed torture in 1996, human rights organizations report it is still used to extract confessions a but b so c however d since 160 The Chinese authorities move to stop that the death penalty is too widely used a critical b criticize c critically d criticism 161 China carried at least 3,400 executions last year, according to rights group Amnesty International a on b out c off d away 162 At the moment, Chinese citizens can be sentenced to death for crimes such as corruption and a rob b robber c robbery d robbed 163 Nokia Corp will mobile networks for BSNL in northern India, in a deal valued at $140 million a to expand b expanding c be expanded d expand 164 The expansion is an extension of a $285 million contract signed last year by Nokia and Bharat 12 Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST Sanchar Nigam Limited, one of India's telecoms a leader b leading c led d lead 165 The deal will enable BSNL _ coverage and its capacity to million new subscribers a increase b increasing c to increase d increased 166 Based in Espoo just outside the Finnish capital, Nokia in 130 countries and has about 55,500 employees a operates b lives c stays d cooperates 167 The cost of building a Microsoft Corp Xbox 360 video game console is nearly 40 percent higher than the price a retailing b retailed c retailer d retail 168 Microsoft aims to sell about 5.5 million premium and lower-priced basic Xbox 360 units the end of June a on b by c until d in 169 The machine will compete the PlayStation from Sony Corp and Nintendo Co Ltd's Revolution, each due out in 2006 a for b about c in d with 170 Console makers have historically subsidized manufacturing costs by creating and selling their own video games and by fees from publishers who make titles for their systems a collect b collection c collecting d to collect 171 Several new Xbox 360 games are priced _ a as high as $60 b high as $60 October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part c as high $60 d as high to $60 172 Microsoft, currently in second place to Sony in the $10 billion U.S video game , is gunning for the top spot with the release of its new console a marketer b market c marketing d marketed 173 Crotty said the big winner in the video game wars is IBM, its microprocessors power all three of the new consoles from the industry's heavy hitters a since b although c therefore d but 174 The release of those machines is expected to reignite hardware growth a selling b sold c sell d sales 175 Japan's surplus narrowed in October as import costs continued to swell on high oil prices, offsetting a mild recovery in exports a trade b to trade c trade d trading 176 Japan's economy grew 0.4 percent in JulySeptember, the fourth straight quarter of a growth b decline c crisis d loss 177 China, combined with Hong Kong, is now Japan's biggest trading and Japan's secondlargest export destination after the United States a colleague b partner c counterpart d rival 178 Economists also expect a recent depreciation in the yen starting to support exports A weaker yen makes Japanese exports cheaper and in overseas markets a the most attractive 13 Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST b more attractive than c more attractive d most attractive 179 After looking for love on the Internet and failing to find it, frustrated lonely hearts are heading to court, accusing online dating sites of engaging in practices a good b legal c standard d deceptive 180 A recent lawsuit against charged the matchmaking service with a female employee out on a date with a male subscriber as "date bait" to keep him signed up a to send b sending c sent d send 181 Another lawsuit against a personals service by Yahoo Inc accused the Internet portal giant of creating fake profiles to entice subscribers a offer b offering c to offer d offered 182 the allegations and obtained an affidavit from the woman in question, who declared she never worked for the company a denied b admitted c investigated d faced 183 The federal fraud lawsuits, seek classaction status, have roiled the lucrative online dating industry a that b who c whom d which 184 A 2004 report by Jupiter Research estimated the U.S Internet personals market had of $473 million that year — the largest moneymaker for online content a revenues b expenses c losses d costs 185 The lawsuit against Yahoo was filed in October in U.S District Court San Jose by plaintiff Robert Anthony of Broward County, Fla October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part a in b on c at d above 186 The suit says Yahoo posts fake profiles on its personals site "to generate , public trust and give the site a much more attractive and functional appearance." a interesting b interested c interest d to interest 187 Yahoo $19.95 a month for a dating service and $34.95 a month for a service geared for people looking for more serious relationships a pays b charges c subsidizes d spends 188 After months of failing to meet a potential match, Anthony became and discovered the same picture of a woman being posted for different cities under different names a suspicion b suspect c suspecting d suspicious b her c their d his 192 It was the fourth and final home match fans, a UEFA punishment handed out to the Italian club following fan violence during a Champions League match last season with city rival AC Milan a with b no c except d without 193 Russell Crowe pleaded guilty Friday to thirddegree assault, to a judge that he threw a phone that hit a Manhattan hotel concierge in June a denying b admitting c accusing d devoting 194 Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Kathryn Freed sentenced the actor to a conditional discharge, which means he must not get for one year a arrested b arresting c arrest d to arrest 189 Trish McDermott, chief matchmaker at and a member of's startup team, said she never saw any type of fraud during her decade at a consumer b consumption c consume d consuming 190 Defending champion Liverpool, Chelsea and Inter Milan reached the knockout stage of the Champions League on Wednesday, joining seven other teams that had qualified a yet b already c still d ever 191 In Milan, Adriano ended his month-long scoring drought with hat trick in the 4-0 win over Artmedia The victory at San Siro was again played behind closed doors a its 195 If he of more serious charges initially filed against him — assault and criminal possession of a weapon — Crowe could have lost his right to work in the United States and might have faced seven years of prison time a were convicted b has been convicted c had been convicted d would have been convicted 196 Crowe, 41, who the Academy Award for best actor in 2001 for "Gladiator," has also starred in such films as "A Beautiful Mind" and "Cinderella Man." a wins b has won c had won d won 197 He was arrested after flying into a rage in June he had trouble calling his wife in Australia from his room at the Mercer Hotel in Manhattan's SoHo district a although 14 Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST October 3, 2014 [1] Master TOEIC part b when c however d yet 198 Crowe, who still and erect, told the judge on Friday that he did throw the phone, striking the concierge a said b announced c admitted d stood 199 On Aug 25, Crowe said in a statement that he had a settlement with the concierge, Nestor 15 Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332 | HUST Estrada Terms of the settlement were not disclosed a rejected b reached c proceeded d conducted 200 The actor also had publicly apologized on the "Late Show with David Letterman" after the incident a shortly b shorten c short d shortness ... of d from 21 Auction house Sotheby's says the necklace is a rare survivor from an era jewelry was broken up for reuse a although Nguyễn Bá Sơn 09877003 32 | HUST 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 b unless... rise b raise October 3, 20 14 [1] Master TOEIC part c rising d raising 72 The scheme would involve pumping huge quantities of sea water into the ground beneath Venice down 12 pipes, would be 700m... 12 a brought b defended c made d denied 120 If convicted, Glitter - real name is Paul Francis Gadd - could be jailed for up to 12 years a who b that c whose d whom Nguyễn Bá Sơn 0987700332
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