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100/ One of the requirements of this position is that you show up every day _ of the weather a despite b nonetheless c regardless c although 101/ If inform Ms.Anne hedoni that we suggest she her appointment for at least a week a postpone b is postponing c postpones d will postpone 102/ There is no need to bring anything to the exam; you will be provided all required materials a to b with c for d about 103/ Dr Scobie is about to complete his research, the results of _ he hopes to have published in a journal by the end of the year a whose b it c which d that 104/ Because he knew he was being observed, Curtis had trouble _ on his work a concentrates b concentrating c concentrated d concentration 105/ While I was sitting outside the head office yesterday, I overheard someone _ that your application for transfer had been rejected, though I am not certain who it was I heard speaking a say b said c to say d had said 106/ It is necessary to _ a thorough survey in order for us to obtain highly desirable sites for our new headquarters a detain b associate c conduct d foresee 107/ Applicants must possess a master of business administration or experience in a related field a compare b compared c comparable d comparing 108/ The more we spent with the sales team, the more _ we were with their innovative marketing skills a impression b impress c impresses d impressed 109/ _anyone wish to access the information on the status of his or her order, the password should be entered a If b Should c Whether d As though 110/ The fitness club a steadily increasing number of customers and is eager to develop new programs a see b seen c seeing d has seen 111/ The enclosed documents summarize _ changes to the existing overtime regulations a propose b propsed c proposes d proposing 112/ It is likely that of the annual conference will reach an all-time high this year, with more than 1000 people planning to attend a attendant b attendance c attended d attendee 113/ _understaffed and under tight budget, 911 centers are struggling to adequately provide emergency assistance to the citiziens a Yet b Meanwhile c But d Although 114/ A detailed quotation on the ongoing _will be provided for free any time upon request a maintaining b maintenance c maintained d maintains 115/ The customer sevice department is responsible for fullfilling _ from the public and has to forward them to the chief financial officer a requests b request c requesting d requested 116/ The purchasing department the drastic changes to the purchasing pratice with outside suppliers a involved b agreed c announced d maintained 117/ Thank you for offering me a position with the company I wish to work for, and I really appreciate the efforts you've made on _ behalf a I b my c me d mine 118/ We are considering a wide variety of potential applicants, so please fill out your background information accurately a ordinarily b currently c commonly d lately 119/ The unions requested that they be offered _pay increases equaling about 40,000 dollars a year a substantiate b substantially c substance d substantial 120/ The company announced plans to its corporate name to BATEL, Inc for marketing and commercial purposes a use b add c change d differ 121/ The chairperson was trying to curtail a lengthy, heated discussion the merits of work ethics due to the time constraint a on b by c with d to 122/ _researching for longterm economic growth, the government intends to study immediate solutions to avoid severe criticism from the public a According to b Future c However d Instead of c approval d approves 125/ Milky Cookies _ enters into a contract with a third party vendor in order to fulfill its business operations a occasionally b prematurely c marginally d uncommonly 126/ The Prime Miniter's decision to delay the upcoming election a month will cause significant controversy among lawmakers a to b for c within d with 127/ Many corporate farms are increasingly _on subsidies from the government thanks to fluctuating food prices a relied b reliant c reliance d relying 123/ The company you work for is willing to take advantage of new technology, but are concerned about adverse consequences a other b others c the other d another 128/ Salary are verified after an evaluation performed every six months after starting employment a increases b increasing c increase d increased 124/ Much of the expected boost in revenue is related to a transaction tax which has yet to receive final from Congress a approving b approved 129/ New owners of Century Regal's condominiums are advised to become more with the amenities and services available to residents a familiarity b familiarly c familiar d familiarize 130/ Purchasing tickets for Rocky Multiplexes has become easier than thanks to changes made to the theater's website a once b never c not d ever 131/ Furniture from our supply centers can only be ordered directly over the phone or online a and b either c both d yet 132/ Empty boxes should be placed in the stockroom for a removable b remover c removed d removal 133/ West Venture Trust, formerly _ as the Western Mining Company, has expanded its business into finance and rural real estate a knowing b was known c known d know 134/ Construction of the new bank branch was completed on time the unseasonably wet weather a even though b as if c in spite of d nevertheless 135/ Intended vacation times require a notification period of at least two weeks _ a in advance b initially c behind d ago 136/ Profits fell by 20% the closure of one of the company’s main branches a due to b because c for d past 137/ Mr.Ben Shipley will be promoted next month for _ managing production at our facility in Kansas City a effective b effectively c more effective d most effective 138/ Consider volunteering at a nonprofit agency to gain new skills and experience that can help _ your transition into a new job a easily b ease c eased d easeful 139/ Once the cause of the flooding on the ground level has been , the warehouse can resume operations a find b finding c found d being found 140/ The deal between Salten Industries and Epitwee Ventures Limited will not be offcial signed by both parties next week a without b until c between d against 145/ The for the research team are asked to wait in room 203 for their interviews a applicants b application c applies d applied 141/ As part of our latest marketing strategy, this coupon _ customers to save more money on purchases made within a certain time period a allows b promotes c accepts d gives 146/ Unless specified , contractors will be responsible for obtaining all necessary safety certification and permits applicable to their scope of work a therefore b consequently c otherwise d yet 142/ Registering and shelving new books and other media is now a process since we are down to seven librarians a length b lengthen c lengthy d lengthens 147/ Andrew Hartwell is _regarded by his employees because of his dedication and experience a highly b high c highest d higher 143/ Whenever you look to make a deal _ anybody, always establish the decision-making hierarchy ahead of time a of b to c with d off 144/ Near 1,000 _ tires were diverted from landfill disposal and recycled into rubber to resurface the school track a wastes b wasted c wasting d waste 148/ In a television interview, the Traxton Ltd CEO said that _ of the merger with Bell Corporation would be announced soon a detail b details c detailed d detailing 149/ Ms Fenwick not only composed the report _ produced the visual aids which were so useful during the meeting a but b however c also d and 150/ Rosewater Medical Center employs healthcare _ affiliated with Huron University a professional b profession c professionals d professionally 151/ After twenty-three years of _, Jeffrey Bartlett is retiring from his positionas chief accounting officer a service b serving c server d serves 152/ When oil occur as a result of accidents, a single incident has the potential to affect very large areas of sea and lengths of coast a spill b spills c spilled d spilling 153/ The research teams of Tyrell Telecommunications Inc possess knowledge of many of the products put forth by the competition a extend b extends c extensive d extent 154/ Arcadia Homes _ for its commitment to provide customers with quality furniture at competitive prices a is known b will know c to know d has known 155/ Even though construction _by unexpected electrical storms, the new office building was still finished in a timely manner a interrupts b to interrupt c was interrupted d be interrupted 156/ Rather than the usual hosted dinner and drinks, we will be _ tonight at the Mandarin Garden at 2025 Shattuck Ave, near the conrner of EIm Street a dine b dined c dining d diner 157/ This plan outlines the topics plan to discuss at this afternoon's staff meeting a my b me c I d mine 158/ As the chief administrative officer, Quincy Paxton will face exciting _ in this new job with Laval International Shipping Company a challenge b challenges c challenging d challenged 159/ Rei Takahashi is one of the three people for overseeing the Research Department at Omi-Tech Solutions a responsible b responsibly c responsibility d responsibilities 160/ Staff is reminded to treat new employees with courtesy _ that a friendly and professional work environment can be maintained a as b then c so d if c adjacency d neighboring 165/ The lights turn on every day at a.m and off again at 10p.m _ employees are in the office a during b whereas c while d through 161/ Ms Quong is a promising bookkeeper at our firm, as she completes assigned to her with precision and quickness a working b worker c work d worked 166/ Remember that work-life balance issues can affect in any stage of the life cycle a who b whom c whoever d anyone 162/ New students at Strafford College of Computer Science are advised to take a free student’s guide booklet and review thoroughly a themselves b them c itself d it 167/ half of the existing employees at Alabama factory have agreed to transfer to the newly built factory in Ohio in July a Every b Almost c Once d Near 163/ hiring the British marketing agent Arthur Downshire, Keene Clothiers Co has gained and edge against its competition a Up b About c By d To 169/ This summer’s lack interesting events in the community caused a decline in tourism from other townships a of b from c with d for 164/ The music area will be enlarged to include pratice room with immediate _ to the stage a next b close 170/ _top entertainment venues enjoy using notable celebrities, local talents are also welcome to participate and gain experience a But b Even so c Except d Although 171/ Laboratory employees are expected to wear a name tag and carry identification at _times a full b complete c all d total 172/ UDA Airways will no longer participate in joint mileage programs with credit card companies, January 2006 a effected b effective c effects d effect 173/ Airlines will most likely make it easier _ frequent travelers to upgrade their tickets a to b of c for d from 174/ We are a business strategy consulting firm the top management of leading corporations a are serving b serve c serving d served 175/ Ms Maria Perreira is responsible for some of our company's most successful marketing campaigns a large b largely c largest d larger 176/ Ms Cho relayed her concerns about the company's financial situation while she _ a meeting with the manager a having b will have c was having d has 177/ Our apartment building's occupancy increased the efforts of our knowledgeable and friendly rental agent, Ms, Gova a despite b due to c provided that d because 178/ Welton Textiles Inc made a net profit of $500 million, _ it to fund its expansion across the continent a allowing b allows c allowance d allowably 179/ Heidelberg Publishing Co provides employees performance bonuses to encourage success a of b for c with d to 180/ _contacting our Human Resources Department by phone, please include your contact information a During b Until c After d When 181/ Since she's running late for _ meeting downtown, Ms Joyce will have to catch a taxi a she b her c hers d herself 182/ Dr Teitelbaum asked his assistant _ the report for tomorrow morning's meeting a type b will type c was typing d to type 183/ Between April 2nd April 11th, the Merewether Library will be closed for renovations a or b and c yet d if 184/ $5 million was paid for the construction of this office building a More b Over c Higher d Further a expected b expecting c expectation d expect 187/ Poplar Mills Inc has been purchasing more arable land, hoping to increase not only production but also its _ in the nation's grocery stores a competitor b competitiveness c competitive d competitively 188/ When handling large funds, bank employees are required to check the statements to make sure that everything is correct a careful b carefully c more careful d carefulness 189/ Doctor at Stephen Mallory Memorial Hospital claim that cases of food poisoning caused by improper storage are becoming more a frequented b frequently c frequent d frequency 185/ Once Mr Mirren completes his studies and necessary training, he may come and work for our corporation a success b successful c successfully d successes 190/ The conference's keynote speaker addressed _ impacts of digital technology on the current music industry a variety b variably c variation d various 186/ The _ delivery date was moved ahead by one week because of a minor computer error 191/ The two divisions have unveiled plan to set aside millions of dollars to invest in a very lucrative field a they b them c their d those 192/ _ proficiency in German would be of much help, it is not a requirement for the advertised position a Otherwise b Despite c Regarding d Although 193/ I don't think I've ever had a more difficult time here than I did during the events of the past few days a to work b working c worked d at work 194/ Most of the departments will be _ office parties before the Christmas vacation begins a to hold b held c have held d holding 195/ Be sure all stationery orders by p.m on Fridays a place b placing c to place d placed 196/ A questionnnaire asked to evaluate the appearance and the overall brightness of the new merchandise a shopping b shoppers c to shop d shopper 197/ Applicants are advised to fill out an application form concisely to impress potential employers, without being too or boring a repeating b repeative c repetition d repeat 198/ During the sessions, speakers will discuss the process of _ a global service by opening doors to economic opportunities a establish b establishing c establishes d established 199/ OFA representatives recently on-line tours and found those kinds of tours to promote their products the most effective a conduct b conducted c to conduct d will conduct 200/ Requirements for the open position include basic computer skills and managerial experience in sales a retailing b retail c retailer d retailed ... fullfilling _ from the public and has to forward them to the chief financial officer a requests b request c requesting d requested 116/ The purchasing department the drastic changes to the purchasing... that cases of food poisoning caused by improper storage are becoming more a frequented b frequently c frequent d frequency 185/ Once Mr Mirren completes his studies and necessary training, he... struggling to adequately provide emergency assistance to the citiziens a Yet b Meanwhile c But d Although 114/ A detailed quotation on the ongoing _will be provided for free any time upon request a
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