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Home work part [Year] stt Qs Critics regards Bergstein as one of the most - film directors of his generation (A) imagine (B) imaginary (C) imagination (D) imaginative stt Some tourists were - photos of the artwork on show in spite of the guide's request that they not so (A) take (B) taking (C) taken (D) took - to the amusement park has more than doubled in price over the past coup of years (A) Admit (B) Admitted (C) Admissible (D) Admission The supervisor in charge of the production team - for next weekend's management workshop (A) registered (B) registration (C) registering (D) registry The finance director of the government health care agency - accepted bribes from pharmaceutical companies (A) allegedly (B) alleged (C) allege (D) allegations Deni Raviso is - considered to be the most promising young executive at Cornatec Industries (A)wide (B) wider 12 11 TỰ HỌC TOEIC 10 Qs Ms Wilson will conduct job interviews with the 2D most promising - for the vacancy in Sales (A) apply (B) applicants (C) applicable (D) applications Located near Kaitaia on the east coast of the North Island, 9D Mile Beach is one of New Zealand's most - tourist sites (A) attract (B) attracted (C) attractive (D) attraction Once all the nominations are put forward, Andrew Joseph, a member of the judging panel, will - the contenders for This Year's Employee Award (A) announce (B) announcement (C) announces (D) announcer All visitors to Croke County Hospital are to register at reception if they wish to see patients (A) required (B) retained (C) recognized (D) restated Mr Siovania's flight to Frankfurt on the 2nd of July will cost $1,5DD - the airport departure tax (A) exclude (B) exclusive (C) excluding (D) excluded The sales projections drawn up by the finance team - that the company is on the right track (A) indicated (B) indication Mr.SON 0987700332 page : Nhóm học TOEIC Home work part [Year] 13 15 17 19 21 23 (C) widely (D) width Dr Harrison's team will conduct - on research people's intorespiratory the effectsorgans of the medication (A) extend (B) extensive (C) extension (D) extent The supervisor halted work on the line yesterday afternoon so that the maintenance crew could inspect the malfunctioning machinery (A) assemble (B) assembling (C) assembled (D) assembly Trans Atlantic Inc tour guides are - to be the most knowledgeable and friendly in the tourist industry (A) consider (B) considered (C) considering (D) considerable Before - the following program on your computer, please make sure you have read all of the relevant terms and conditions (A) install (B) installed (C) installing (D) to insta The paper factory in Slough, which employs over 3,DDD , has been in operation for more than 5D years (A) locations (B) locals (C) local (D) localize A specialist mediator was brought in to help the two parties solve their dispute over the real estate contract - (A) quickly TỰ HỌC TOEIC 14 16 18 20 22 24 (C) indicate (D) indicating The executive board met last week the proposal to merge with Alloy Industry Inc in more detail (A) discuss (B) is discussed (C) discussing (D) to discuss Ms Ojama talked with the heads of department about the company's new -handling employee absenteeism (A) regulate (B) regulatory (C) regulations (D) regulated According to yesterday's report in the New York Times, more than 1D,DDD people participated in the anti-nuclear campaign (A) active (B) action (C) activate (D) actively In order to preserve fossil fuels for future generations, people must reduce their -of these precious materials (A) consume (B) consumer (C) consuming (D) consumption The market research conducted recently on consumer attitudes -that most potential customers view our brand in a positive way (A) indicate (B) indicative (C) indicates (D) indications The financial - for next year indicate that we will need to cut spending drastically (A) projects Mr.SON 0987700332 page : Nhóm học TOEIC Home work part [Year] 25 27 29 31 33 (B) quicken (C) quicker (D) quickest The hospital has a backup - just in case there is a power failure or a civil emergency A) generate B) generating C) generator D) generation At Jack's Kitchen, we sell top-quality knives and cooking equipment at surprisingly - prices (A) afford (B) affording (C) affordable (D) affordability last decade, increasing from around $25 billion in 1997 to over $7DD billion today (A) steady (B) steadily (C) steadiness (D) steadfast 26 28 30 -, the IT technicians should be able to 32 recover most of the data that was lost when the server malfunctioned (A) Fortune (B) Fortunate (C) Fortuitous (D) Fortunately Mr Kearns was made a very attractive 34 to come and work at Pilsner Beer, Scotland's largest brewery (A) offer (B) offers (C) offered (D) offering TỰ HỌC TOEIC (B) projected (C) projecting (D) projections During a - meeting with American Auto president John Valerie, Mr Keith raised the need to explore a joint venture between the two companies (A) private (B) privately (C) privacy (D) privatize Most applicants for the entry-level vacancies regarded the arithmetic section as the part of the aptitude test (A) easy (B) easier (C) easily (D) easiest attended the sales conference on behalf of the company, Mr Rogers presented a summary of his findings to the executive board (A) Having (B) Had (C) Has (D) Have The Ozlak Chamber Orchestra from Belarus will be - next week at the Lilac Theater m for one night only (A) performed (B) performing (C) performance (D) perform It is very important in any organization that the people in positions of responsibility know how to manage their time - (A) efficiently (B) efficient (C) efficiency (O) efficacy Mr.SON 0987700332 page : Nhóm học TOEIC Home work part [Year] 35 he report which the accounting department manager submitted last month - the ayroll problem in detail A) describes B) description C) describing D) describe 36 37 Results from the customer survey are used in order to suggest that the company i performing well (A) frequent (B) frequency (C) frequently (D) more frequent Readers feel that the city's best-selling newspaper fails to provide - news stories (A) substantial (B) substance (C) sustantially (D) substantiate The head of the IT department called a meeting - the company's new electronic security guidelines (A) introducing (B) introduce (C) introduced (D) introduces Financial analysts responded to the chairman's -news by predicting the eventual bankruptcy of the organization (A) shocker (B) shocking (C) shockingly (D) shocked One of the nation's largest car announced today that it plans to close its primary facility later this year (A) producers (B) production (C) produce (D) products 38 39 41 43 45 TỰ HỌC TOEIC 40 42 44 46 The - sales figures indicate that our attempt to market our products more aggressively overseas has only had a marginal impact (A) latent (B) lateral (C) late (D) latest A general strike by the company's employees should - the board of directors to listen to their demands (A) force (B) forcing (C) forces (D) forced Data shows that the recent tax imposed on cigarette products has been -effective at reducing their use (A) surprised (B) surprisingly (C) surprises (D) surprising The marketing strategy employed by Oevo & Co in the last quarter increased the firm's sales - (A) dramatized (B) dramatic (C) dramatically (D) dramas The the public mayorfor suggested her revised that tax policy - among would increase over time (A) support (B) supporting (C) supports (D) supported The firm has hired a top - to review the financial documents that are believed to contain the error (A) analyzed tB) analysis (C) analyst (D) analyzing Mr.SON 0987700332 page : Nhóm học TOEIC Home work part [Year] 47 49 51 53 55 57 With its improved design, the city's transportation system will be able to serve citizens more - (A) effect (B) effective (C) effects (D) effectively There (D) theirs is no doubt that we will need to allocate our - wisely to expand operations overseas successfully (A) resources (B) resourceful (C) resourcefully (D) resourcefulness 48 Kevin Jennings and Viii Dilisau, who for Gener-X Inc., will not join the seminar until after the lunch break (A) work (B) works (C) working (D) to work The supervisor at the construction site is -of hiring more temporary workers to help with the project (A) think (B) thinking (C) thought 52 Our market research indicates that firsttime users of the website often get - by the complicated registration procedure (A) frustrate (B) frustrated (C) frustrating (D) frustration The supervisor determined during Mark Hamlin's employee evaluation that his performance so far has been - overall (A) satisfy 56 TỰ HỌC TOEIC 50 54 58 The senior members of the marketing team will visit department stores in the area to conduct product - (A) to research (B) research (C) researching (D) researched There are several varieties of potatoes that - specific weather conditions during the growing season (A) to require (B) require (C) requiring (D) requires Experts worry that the quality of the oil in the underground reserve is too poor to a large-scale extraction project (A)justify (B) justification (C) justifiable (D) justifiably An EPA report describes the harmful effects of mercury, a chemical substance -known for its use in toy manufacturing (A) primacy (B) primary (C) primal (D) primarily Hamilton & Blackwell, Inc always makes a donation to charity at the end of the fourth quarter (A) generous (B) more generously (C) generosity (D) generously Many members of the public remain that further government action is needed to protect the environment (A) convincingly Mr.SON 0987700332 page : Nhóm học TOEIC Home work part [Year] 59 61 63 65 67 69 (B) satisfactory (C) satisfied (D) satisfaction According to the latest figures, over 2D million - worldwide watched the final of the televised singing competition (A) views (B) viewing (C) viewed Payment should be - to the accounting department at Shole Human Resources Consulting by September 22 at the latest A) remit B) remitting C) remitted (D) to remit The Swanson Foundation for the Hearing Impaired - holds fundraising events at the Carlton Hotel in the city center (A) occasion (B) occasional (C) occasions (D) occasionally The team manager's main role is to make sure that there is an even - of work among the team members (A) distribute (B) distributing (C) distributor (D) distribution The President's proposal to - the healthcare system has met with strong political opposition in Washington (A) reformist (B) reform (C) reformation (D) reformer The world-famous Romanian National Orchestra will be at the Hudson City Hall on the evening of Saturday, January 3D (A) perform TỰ HỌC TOEIC 60 62 64 66 68 70 (B) convinced (C) convincing (D) convince Company sales of automobiles this quarter are off to their - start in nearly 15 years (A) slowing (B) slowly (C) slowest (D) slower - named "the Employee of the Month" for four consecutive times, Barbara Hudson finally gained a promotion (A) Having (B) Had been (C) Having been (D) Been Your - is requested at the fifth annual Mega Corp Charity Dinner and Ball taking place on August 3D (A) attendance (B) attending (C) attendee (D) attends Reorganizing the entire department to create an additional work shift proved not to be as as some had thought (A) simple (B) simply (C) simplicity (D) simpler Mr Johnson sent out a letter to shareholders the postponement of the company's annual conference (A) concerns (B) concerning (C) concerned (D) concern - of the candidate gathered at City Ha oday to denounce the dishonorable tactics of his rival (A) Supporting Mr.SON 0987700332 page : Nhóm học TOEIC Home work part [Year] 71 73 (B) performed (C) performing (D) performance The organizers have decided to hold the computer gaming industry's annual - at the Holdwell Complex in Houston (A) convention (B) convenience (C) conventional (D) convenient The manager prefers to talk to the employees in his department - instead of holding frequent team meetings (A) individual (B) individuals (C) individually (D) individuality 72 74 75 The course textbook provides a introduction to the major issues in business management today (A) comprehensive (B) comprehensibility (C) comprehend (D) comprehensively 76 77 The Russian auto manufacturer's sales strategy has proven - effective in emerging markets such as South America (A) remark (B) remarked (C) remarkable (D) remarkably 78 79 We have a - obligation to stick with Jacobsen Courier Services although several of its competitors now offer better deals (A) contract (B) contracting (C) contractual (D) contractually 80 81 In - with Pennsylvanian state law, 82 TỰ HỌC TOEIC (B) Supports (C) Support (D) Supporters -, no city residents have complained about the increase in airplane traffic over their neighborhoods (A) Remarkable (B) Remarking (C) Remarks (D) Remarkably Apparently Mr Hubbard's secretary forgot him that there had been a change in venue for the conference (A) inform (B) informing (C) informs (D) to inform The non-government organization has conducted - research into the impact of globalization on the standard of living in developing countries (A) extend (B) extensive (C) extension (D) extensively The members of the Kenwyn County Chamber of Commerce convene - to discuss important issues concerning trade, industry, and the community (A) period (B) periods (C) periodical (D) periodically Several prospective investors expressed interest in the investment proposal by Clint Richards at the Calsworth Venture Capital Forum (A) present (B) presenting (C) presented (D) presentation The candidate opposing Ben Watts in the Mr.SON 0987700332 page : Nhóm học TOEIC Home work part [Year] 83 85 87 89 91 alcoholic beverages will be sold to only patrons aged 1B and over (A) accord (B) according (C) accordingly (D) accordance Prizes, - free sports attire and equipment, will be distributed at Henderson Athletics' massive annual sale (A) includes (B) included (C) including (D) inclusion According to the Doctor's Association of America, you can stay fit and healthy by - for only 3D minutes a day (A) exercise (B) exercised (C) exercises (D) exercising Mr Wilson called the real estate agent to inquire about the one-bedroom unit in this morning's Property Press (A) advertise (B) advertising (C) advertised (D) advertiser Harry Collins, who has been with the company for several years, is regarded as the most effective salesperson in the entire division (A) generic (B) generate (C) general (D) generally As it is becoming difficult to predict trends in the markets, entrepreneurs need to run their businesses with more flexibility (A) increase (B) increased TỰ HỌC TOEIC 84 86 88 90 92 upcoming mayoral election is Emily Endo, a leading - (A) environment (B) environmental (C) environmentalist (D) environmentalism The environmental activist made a argument to the group of senators about the merits of supporting electric cars A) persuade B) persuasive C) persuasion D) persuasively Several executives raised -to the expansion proposal which was put forward at the board meeting (A) objects (B) objections (C) objectives (D) objected It is important for employers who run small businesses to have a very close and amicable - with their staff (A) relate (B) relative (C) relatively (D) relationship The customer relations manager is responsible for - all complaints that the company receives from consumers (A) process (B) processed (C) processing (D) procession The "Ancient Mayans" exhibit is - to debut at the Native American Museum in Montana on the 21st of February, 2DDB (A) schedule (B) scheduled Mr.SON 0987700332 page : Nhóm học TOEIC Home work part [Year] 93 95 97 99 (C) increasing (D) increasingly Members of the board responded positively to Mr Itaki's recently introduced - for increasing factory output (A) propose (B) proposal (C) proposing (D) proposed 94 Michelle Finn was - viewed as an 96 official capable of making important changes in the government A) widen B) wide C) width D) widely New York Fashion website provides 98 tickets for the Broadway musical performance as a prize of the special thankyou event (A) commanding (B) complimentary (C) complacent (D) commercial All information contained in these 100 computer files - with confidential matters that are not to be discussed openly (A) deal (B) deals (C) dealing (D) dealer TỰ HỌC TOEIC (C) scheduling (D) to schedule The tour guide - warned the passengers on the bus not to leave their personal belongings lying around unattended (A) repeat (B) repeatedly (C) repeated (D) repetition There has been a lot of speculation about he appointment of a new CFO - Kelvin Banks' announcement that he would be eaving the company A) follow B) followed C) following D) follower The leader of the seminar listed man -statistics about how the industry had progressed during the past decade (A) interesting (B) interest (C) interestingly (D) interests The property owner - believed that he would be able to sell the renovated home for a profit (A) mistook (B) mistake (C) mistakenly (D) mistaken Mr.SON 0987700332 page : Nhóm học TOEIC
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