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LONGMAN Full Actual Tests • Da hon mQt nam ke til Real TOEIC duoe xuat ban Jan dau tien Saeh da nh~n dltoc nhung phan hoi tlch qfC t(r phfa dQc gia vi hoan toan khac vai nhung giao trinh h i ~n c6 tren th! truong: cae cau ho i va clap an da t~p trung dung vilo phall nguai hQc quan tam DVC;1C (hlnh Slra va b6 sling Ian tai ban nay, New Real TOEIC Sf tni nguoi ban tin e~y, dong hanh eung ban cuQe hanh trinh ehinh phue cae ky thi TOE IC Khi ETS bat dau ap dung the thile bai thi TOEIC moi, nhi~u thi sinh 10 lang s' kh6 dat duoe diem eao c3U trlle M thi duoe dieu chinh Vi vay, ho da d6 x6 di mua sach de luy~n thi Tuy nhien, nhung euon sach kh6ng duoc bien so 100 cau hoi ph'n RC (Giu 141· cau 152) - Phan co passage; moi passage co Giu hoi - Mac call hoi dUQc 16ng vao cac passage, nhung loai cau ho i va phuong thire tra lai gi6ng voi Part 5; vI vaY, neu ch u~n bi t6t (; Part thl ban Sf khong gal' nhieu kho khan tn' loi cau ho i (; Part - Co 3-4 cau hoi ve tU lo.i; 4·7 cau hoi til v~ ng; 2·3 cau hoi ve ngil phap (d.i tu, lien tu, gioi tu, v.v.) - Thay vi danh dilu vao phieu ba i lam, hay danh dilu vilo phieu cau hoi, roi viet lai vao phieu bai lam truoc k't thuc phh thi RC khm\ng phut 1:s Part - Sao g6m 48 ciiu hoi trang toan b¢ 100 cau Mi phan RC (Single Passage: call 153· ca u 180; Double Passage: cau181· cau 200) - ThOng thuang co bai dqc (; phan Single Passage va caP bai dqc (8 ba i dqc) (; pha n Double Passage - Cac ba i doc co th~ loai: qua ng cao, email.thu ghichu.tho ngbao.boibao V.V - Ban phai hoan tat Part 5, yang 25 phi t vii phai dimh it nhal 45 phu t de lam Part - Thay vi danh dau vao phi.u ba i lam, hay dan h ciau vao phieu cau ho i, roi viiit lai vao phi'u bai lam truoc ket thuc phan thi RC khoang phut 11 '"I" -., .'" Good evening and welcome to Channel Thank you for coming I'm Ellie Pine director of television's 'Chat Tonight' On our program Ihis personnel for Just Imagine Products Eddy evening we have Dr Hong Man who is a Shak.e from corporate headquarters and AI psychologist al Hillside Hospital in Vietnam Gays, our design director, asked me to meet Dr Hong is well known fOf his analysis into how with you today Each of you represents one of freshmen make friends But loday he's here to our major sales regions But more importantly, talk about his most recent popular psyChology you are the top selling representative in that book 'Power of Feelings', Welcome to the show region Therefore, I'm pleased to announce that, Dr Hong in recognition of your outstanding performance, each 01 you will receive, as a bonus, a 2-week holiday at a resort of your choosing Congratulations J§: -=- Hi , Dr Briman This is Williams from Holy Town carpet store We're going to be installing the carpet In your restaurant next Sunday We should be there around lOam and I just want to ~ ~ Good afternoon I'm Adam Motta, and 1"11 be make sure thai someone will be there II should leading the traming seminar on internet security take us about four hours Please make sure all I·ve worked on security-related issues in the the electrical stuff is unplugged including the computer industry for the past 15 years, and I've faxes and computers If you have any questions, I'll be here until today given workshops like this for the past years First I"m going to spene! some time today giving you a general overview of security problems faced by the banking industry For most of the week, though, 1"11 be showing you how to set up a web page that is safe for customers to use As you are aWClre , this year marks an important an niversary Leah Computer has now been producing good-quality computer products for over years I think a celebration is in order I've made arrangements to set up an exhibit in the lobby of the building to displClY samples of our products from each year we've been in operation We will also H,clude photographs of employees who have been with us from the beginning years is a long time and those employees deserve recognition for their faithfulness WithOutlhem, we wouldn't be celebrating so many years of success www.nhantriviet.(om 273 Scripts & Answers , I), tI)l : (I II \' , I' IJ·I( 1-1, 11'1 \I 16.(11 17 tUI ~f).fBl ",'J ~1I ) ~{, ':0 " 5(, (PI "7.01) ,So (III (,5.IP) h(,,/'\ I 117.11 ) Mi ct I (,'J 7~ n.t l '17 It 7H., '\1 -II, 1$1 ') Xx I' I ')7 (UI 'JK "' (,4 II T I II n.ID) u " Ii! II , Kl ,I Xl ) N=',II.l) tiC" '12.11'11 '),1, ( \ 'I·t (( I tl~ f( ) '1(, (l '• 1>, " W.',dil tII.I, I( I III.J if I II ~.jl 1.1 JI j, I~.l I"~, \I IU:'.lf " (11 (I.t IC, I IDI :CS.IHI -15 III.'D) ) 2') t \ I 1'1 'II ttBl ';4 I Ii " 1111 ' \) P.I 5.!, 1( 'II 211.1111 lll, If ) I l7 \ ) rII 1U1•• C( ?Ii tu1.\t , II, ~:-i \ Ill I 1'), \ IS,II n (I~1 , '" f,:! II I Y \' Ui {( " < ~I ~j)1 ,, X .11., \) II III I:' \) I l> I t ill) tl_ I ') ,I, J.~ ') ~) 15 tI~1 1.1 • \) , , Ii) 21 (11 j ·t I , 11.111) ,',J \ ( ) ?- " " ), 51), I 1\) hU I \) '" 7n., \1 \) Mil Ii \1 1 121.\1 122 I '\J 1.\1.\\1 1.\!.IlJI U.l.tHl I.>ol It ) B:'\.j.\) 13(1 Cl:H U7.d>1 1.\K '.:1 II', 141.1111 I J.~ ,.») I 4.\B) I.J:' (!II l(i.(iI) ,.n.11 1~)oi.IB, l-l\l (( ) 1:;11.1 /11 J :'\1 (1)1 ISl til 15.'- 1::.1./ \1 !:'5 ISh.lll IS7 1\ , ,So I PJ 15'/ f), I MI I \ I (, I IP) Illl It Ih.l H.·I.IBI 1(,S I HI 1(,1'1 1107 I ( 1M•.• Ih'l I( ) 17U ill) 171 (.\ J 112 (PI 17.\.(('1 17.J ,D) 17$.tBI 17(,.1111 171 fiJI I1S dll 171) ill/ IKII (t ') ,., 1.'12.10, IRS till IS6.,1l1 IS7.!! I:O;S fHI 11.l (I)) (14 fll) I,:.' (.\) M.tD) 61.(Ci {II' (el (.\1.( \) 711 (I II 71.1111 12.\(', 7.~ I]), 74.( I 7~ cU, 71, In, Ii {('J 71l (Ill 7'J ,I») XU.I,\) ~I J{ x2.1 \, In (H, !oW I \1 1'15 (B) So ,B) ~7 SIt I!» )W (Ill ')11 ')I ell) '12.IAI '13 II I '14.1 \) '1:' I( 'Ito fIJI 'n.IHI 'J1l.IC, 'I'J, on 111(., In 107.[1l) 111M til) III" (I)) (.\, II-i I G, IIIO.m, JIll (BI 1112.((" IIH (.\) Hl4 111.(1), 111·1:\1 I1:U(I) 11·1 I II) J I ~.I'\) (1(• (I)) 117 fIJ) 11K tAl 11'1 121 (1)1 11!.(C\ I n r.\) 124 ( ) 125.(1)) 116.(1}) 12:7·1/\) 12lt (U) 12'1 1(') UU (Ii' '-'1.(\) t.U.(B) Il' (Ill 134.(1:1, 1.\5 \f'J /;\(._ IB) Ln 1(, l.lN.IA) I.W.\( ) l.tll (0) 14 I Il, \·I! I( 14.~ IA) 1+1 {t) 1-l~.IIJi l~lt.IBl 1-'7 filf 14K tin (-I'I It ) 15U (\) 151 Il, 1:;2 I J:;J.IBl 1:'4 (Il) 1:'5 fil) 156.\·\) 1::7 (I ) IS1'I It , l:i'I (D\ IM.II I I('~.l [)) \) j \) IU5 " ('J 1111 1'\) 12(\ {Rl en) om.1A 1M ,l) J(.2.\[)} tld.ICI 164.(('1 (t.:, 171 (13) 17~.on Inee) li4.fA) li5 ( \) 17/• (ll) 177 (lil 17M.I :'\ \71) (('I un cU, ISl, I \1 IS~ {.\} IS-I I" IS:'.I( ) INfo WI tX7.litl IKS.IHI IS9.1:\) I'm II)! JIll In (I}) I 'J.~ t I)) 1')-1.1 \) 1'J:' (1 >I 1
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