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★ £ O i g |A |ij ★ t | £ ^ £JH cMIt^ «Hg ★ ETS7^ *||£3H=r MP3 H-H! “ S ^ LC+RC ETS, the ETS logo, TOEIC and are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A., used in theRepublic of Korea under license Copyright © 2014 by Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A All rights reserved Reproduced under license for limited use by YBM These materials are protected by United States Laws, International Copyright Laws and International Treaties In the event of any discrepancy between this translation and official ETS materials, the terms of the official ETS materials will prevail All items were created or reviewed by ETS All item annotations and test-taking tips were reviewed by ETS °ist xpqsj s w ° i sjst se a? * a n e e Hssii s i m ¥S!asife flSoil tcfEt a s a! s*x|a| sup s iw is p m - gttMq- LC+RC1200 T O E IC O v e r v i e w ETS s m i s E T S C o n v e r s io n T a b le ETS I I E i l e e n 30 ETS 03 116 E T S ? I # E il^ M iso ETS ? IS Ell— ^ 0| *l|0|fc g |A |tj |# £ * || # ^ |E 71- OIDK £ *||0 |7 | IXH^CHI, |# £ * || 6A||mS go^Ai § |A |« o | L + |S -f s q ^ | S ® ^ £ S ° II CHfh #01 *2=1 g s o ig fe o ii *H ^ o | a o g ^ s e ic h Olfe s H ^ S o ilb E * M c u e ^ U S S I - cH^Ph ga|£|CH °jc h £ ° j ° |s h y s f # m f l g ^ H s # #3M ° * I I S | § M H , g * - j ° £ g * || ° | E * *fe o || a f ° t ^ =£ SJP SE& Part 3,4, 70||Afe nHaH^sH|o|S f i f j t E ll^ E S S fS SiCH ^ l3 S A |y a |^ | ‘LH x |E S ^J7j| o|8Hffi 4= 2W » H E ij7 p ’ * ^ ETS7|- A l|g ff e »4= # - y s » MB| 5££ 7(14=011 “ W £21^1 * fe stl S * h e x i|7 |^ o | x f lg s f e X h s o is s i|H S | ^ J S |£ * S S t W t* ii£ ! ^ lc s ? w t jo ii s ^ iiE is ie e ts ^ ° i Sife- | £ g * t|g t|- 0| *!j0|| =oirt sa =& ° i a i® ° i asm S E “ Ai|°| MP3 E m ir www.ybmbooks.comO||A| ? g g t f g “ f § = ETS7f Test o f English for International C om m unication^*!!*) S |A |-^ s s o | ^ °Kd A ^ | a } # * ! ® eej= u | * l | ^ ® ^o ||A i ^ s s s h ^ g » ^ A |g )o | °fxf a A |g s S 4= S M W ij S ^ A I, g W EH^) ° e ° g g £ p j° £ I S S ^-^0|l_h * q s f l^ § io | ^ f i E N , ^ |Z h moil gEl|0|A|01|Ai MOJOI * j * j 1S|0|| ¥ S S ^ f h 4s SW TOEIC ^ » g A |fli|S !fiE | y L ^ S W TOEIC £ j ^ r ^ I S ^ f l - C ) §4= SPI S ^(R C ) s y ? |0 |0 t 5§0||Ai 495^011 to e ic ^ s s i y o iE o ii °l ¥ 3*11 M I3 2*11 34= Ail -y g c h 1ogoi|Ai 990S771A|0|D1 ^ § 99030|C h =s k js o ii °isn i s m ¥£ 107H ( i t M o t f ) • ie i • °j |& # * f ~ g |f g * ii - S & § * • A ^ /d H a g * || 1-2 g & • AH foi • g * ii ~ g & ® A | °> g S Qf 7:3o| U |° s A fU i § A ^ O I SCK i|A j g g a A H f ^ a S (h H )S §a|o|| g c H fife g | f e n o iq o| g g *|| S ! £ g ad § ? m H s im y g c f Af*! g*i| 30% AS/una g *ii y ^ o i A flg g iei § & § *ii % ei oi-y % % s a ^ # § tfa q S igxffi m idM « t t M Ullfe I § AJSfS a 7|iy file/pile, copy/coffee § g m S i oi?|o|| cut} SEffi- w e a r(^ g $ [ #E|))/put on(Ug s fs h ^ g a o i s s f e | S B m * iS |q s i! A ® || L f g Cflsef s f H A ® a °g S H M S | # ?|o|| to| o i q n SHA| S fe § | a ^ h = *jx |o || (A) He's holding a hat (B) He's greeting someone (C) He's taking a bite of food (D) He's selling sandwiches ► tef*l7l s in S it Al5lo|c|- o|£) § °1 £?|fe y * l° | (A) y x p l- X ® g H °[Ch (B) fe|*Ph AHfOM ° U » s m 2JCK g ± l# (C) (D) yx p l- u ji^ a ui|0H s jn S i oich yx|-o| a|°f £0|cl 4 30?H (11B-40S) £* • |£Af o |° o i H og • net • g A ig 3~4ĐrtJ 2~3^w 2~3E*^ ~ Ê fJ 2-3E& MXI o 1~3Đ?f S|gA|-7|- lb ° 3~5^u- |°n r | »uh |-y- x|-A|thC|- * y ¥ ( “H | * ) s cNHiatlofsm EK>)5f B|£ gX|||t || cHb=I£ ¥ S | a i° H ^ :he°| g g o | a is s % 7% o |g x | 2| = = 44% ^ l°A |- ¥ “ °ll H £ £ | ® i^ | 5i7| ttHEOll ^ s )A -fe of be=AH4 S ^ lA K D o , Does) 51th H E ° | sHAiit°J when(°Hxi|), where(01c|A-)), i ^ K W i l l , Can, May E lb A |? fs fe ° i S E S Yes/NoS g A » n jo fS te 3lo| S f l W 0)1 [A or B] SEH°| AjE - H ° |E g g Yes/NoS q iS f - g l® ^ , A£f B # g S K -H tfip H A j m a *ra HE, AL-f B7f Ohtd xi|3°| AjEH A H foj CS C ( | ^ a 7^o|o o a ^ u h o |° “ go| o SW D f£ P W S ^ § Yes, ^ g o | ° j N o £ cHSt-H* o £ | o ^ Yes/No7|- y q |0 |H S SOUS ° J ° L | ® s | ^^jSHOf t W D ® ^ s S I S Yes, T S O I'S N oS C fl^ s =!Ch 5!°§ r0 t|-b ^ ( K / That sounds good / That’s a good idea / Why not? § ) ^M U 'm sorry to ~ / No, thanks / I’d like to, but ~ § ) ^ 167 Why is Ms Bradshaw offered a discount? (A) She is a loyal customer (B) She is placing a large order (C) She was not satisfied with the quality of her previous order (D) Her previous order did not arrive on time 168 How much does a style D partition cost with the discount? (A) S92.07 (B) $132.00 (C) $143.25 (D) $191.00 169 What will NOT be included free of charge? (A) End legs (B) Top caps (C) Decorative handles (D) Aluminum frames 170 By when must Ms Bradshaw place her order if she wishes to meet her stated deadline? (A) July 20 (B) September 15 (C) November (D) December 31 refer to the follow ing article 171 Who published the report about air travel? (A) World Economic Forum (B) Global Travel Association (C) Worldwide Fliers, Inc (D) London University What is predicted in the report? (A) The number of passengers will continue to grow (B) The price of fuel will start to stabilize (C) The cost of airport security will increase (D) The profits of cargo transporters will decline What is NOT cited as a possible reason for the increased number of passengers? (A) Reduced ticket cost (B) Expanded international trade (C) A wider choice of destinations (D) Changes in oil prices refer to the follow ing notice A therton M unicipal Building Please refam iliarize yourselves w ith the follow ing pool safety precautions As a recreation manager, you are responsible for discussing these regulations with your staff at your next weekly meeting We must be sure that our facility is in full compliance with the laws and regulations of Atherton Township • General pool safety and conduct rules must be posted in an area clearly visible to all pool patrons • Gate must be locked and secured whenever lifeguard staff are not on duty • Pools must maintain appropriate chlorine levels at all times to ensure the health of guests • Patio and grass areas surrounding pools must be inspected once every hour and kept free of debris • Emergency phone numbers for police and ambulance services must be provided to all your lifeguards while on duty Any questions or concerns with regard to these regulations may be directed to: Len Shrove, Division of Public Safety, Atherton Municipal Building, 38 Woodbridge Drive, Atherton, ON L4W 1S2 What is the purpose of this notice? (A) To advertise a recreational facility (B) To ensure that management staff follow regulations (C) To announce job openings for lifeguards (D) To instruct guests about swimming pool use What are lifeguards expected to have available while on duty? (A) Emergency telephone numbers (B) The address of the municipal building (C) A list of local health care centers (D) A key to the swimming pool gate For whom is this notice most likely intended? (A) Len Shrove (B) Lifeguard staff (C) Recreation managers (D) Guests at a swimming pool » refer to the follow ing job advertisement Organization for the Improvement of Rice Production Technologies (OIRPT) OIRPT is seeking an experienced agricultural economist to work with a multidisciplinary team as part of a research program on improving crop yield for rice-farming communities OIRPT has four branch offices in South Asia, which are located in Dhaka, Calcutta, Kathmandu, and Thimphu The successful candidate will be posted in Calcutta but will travel throughout the region Responsibilities will include conducting surveys on the agricultural technology needs of local communities and using past research to assess how improved technologies would affect those communities Candidates should have a university degree in agricultural economics, resource economics, or other relevant disciplines Candidates should have strong research and writing skills, be fluent in English, and have a working knowledge of another language Send a letter of interest and resume along with three letters of recommendation to: Personnel Department Job #1223 OIRPT - South Asia Main Office 237B Parliament Street New Delhi 110 069, India What is one of the stated job responsibilities? (A) Conducting research on plants (B) Developing new farming technology (C) Improving natural wildlife areas (D) Utilizing data from previous studies What is NOT a requirement for this job? (A) Well-developed written language abilities (B) Proficiency in English (C) Strong computer programming skills (D) A university degree refer to the follow ing article 179 According to the article, what challenges are larger oil companies facing? (A) Smaller oil companies are merging (B) They are having difficulties finding local labor (C) Demand for fuel is leveling off (D) They are experiencing lower rates of production 180 What does the article suggest? (A) Car companies recently had high sales figures (B) A surplus of oil has been created (C) Gasoline prices rose steadily last year (D) Analysts have noted changes in oil quality GO —► refer to the follow ing advertisement and letter Are you dreaming of paradise? If so, look no further than The Sunscape Hotel on the beautiful island of Barbados Located on one of Barbados' most beautiful beaches, The Sunscape Hotel is a charming resort that offers its guests a vacation they will never forget Guests of The Sunscape Hotel can also pamper themselves in our brand new day spa, offering body treatments and a full beauty salon Don’t forget to ask our friendly staff at the front desk about special prices on boat trips around Barbados, which make stops at Sunrise Bay, Porpoise Village, Emerald Lagoon, and Sailor’s Point 2-night stay .$650 3-night stay $875 5-night stay $1,300 7-night stay $1,650 Please contact us at 011-246-555 4521 to make reservations or if you have any questions " ‘ Taxes, tips, and fees for the use of the spa facility are not included in the packages*** P.M P.M 181 What did the hotel advertise as a new feature? (A) A shuttle bus service (B) A fitness center (C) A day spa (D) A theater 182 What is NOT included in the cost of the vacation package? (A) Transportation between the airport and the resort (B) Entertainment events (C) Food and drinks for the entire vacation (D) Boat tours around the island 183 What was the rate Mr Shastan was charged? 184 W h a t is the purpose o f Mr Shastan's letter? (A) To thank the manager for solving a problem (B) To suggest some changes to the vacation package (C) To complain about the service he received at the resort (D) To ask for a discount on a future vacation What time was Mr Shastan initially told he could check in? (A) After 1:00 P.M (B) After 2:00 P.M (C) After 4:00 P.M (D) After 6:00 P.M (A) $650 (B) $875 (C) $1,300 (D) $1,650 GO refer to the follow ing letter and ticket ADMIT ONE (1) New Exhibits Currently Open: * Toronto Expressionism 1900-1965 * Scenes of Summer The MAAM Sculpture Gardens are closed for renovation We regret any inconvenience; the gardens are due to reopen next May Visit the museum Web site at for coupons redeemable at our souvenir shop! Tues.-Thurs.: 9:00-6:00 Fri.-Sat.; 10:00-4:00 Sun: 12:00-5:00 186 Why did Rob Wood send tickets to Mr Jensen? (A) To pay for work completed by Mr Jensen (B) To advertise a gallery opening (C) To show gratitude to a customer (D) To apologize for a late delivery 189 What the newsletter and the Web site have in common? (A) Both are available only to DLC customers (B) Both are published by the museum (C) Both discuss car safety (D) Both provide coupons 187 What service does Mr Wood's business provide for customers? 190 What information is NOT listed on the ticket? (A) Free transportation to a museum (B) Regular notification of recommended vehicle service (A) The museum's address (B) Names of upcoming exhibits (C) Details about hours of operation (D) The museum's telephone number (C) Automatic renewal of subscriptions (D) Prompt delivery within the Toronto area 188 What attraction is currently closed? (A) The Toronto Expressionism exhibit (B) The Scenes of Summer exhibit (C) The Sculpture Gardens (D) The souvenir shop Q uestions 191-195 refer to the follow ing tw o job advertisements on the Internet Job Listing 14523 - Posted May 1ft _ 191 What is the last day to apply for the WHC position? (A) May (B) May (C) May (D) May 10 17 27 192 What does the WHC job advertisement imply? (A) The position is a one-year assignment (B) WHC will provide necessary software training (C) Applicants who know multiple languages are more likely to be hired (D) Applicants must have management experience to be considered 194 According to the job posting, what is an advantage of working for Whirlwinds? (A) The company will pay for living expenses (B) Workers can choose the countries they go to (C) Skilled laborers receive a monthly bonus (D) The company offers education scholarships 195 According to the postings, what skill should applicants at both companies have? (A) International experience (B) An ability to work in groups (C) A university degree (D) Creative skills 193 What is NOT mentioned as a potential position on a cruise ship? (A) Swim teacher (B) Cafeteria cook (C) Store manager (D) Child care worker — ■ > refer to the follow ing program and article W h a t is this program from ? (A) An orchestra concert (B) A theatrical play (C) An art exhibit (D) A dance festival 199 Whose work did NOT receive a positive review in the article? (A) Julia Ortiz (B) Gina Bloom (C) Seiji Uchida (D) Frank Rich 197 Who is Gina Bloom? (A) An actor (B) A writer (C) A designer (D) A musician 198 What is suggested about ? 200 In the article, the word "estimation" in paragraph , line , is closest in meaning to (A) approximation (B) measurement (C) opinion (D) theory (A) It is Seiji Uchida's first production (B) It is being performed internationally (C) Most of the performers are well-known (D) There are no evening performances on Sunday Stop! This is the end of the test If you finish before tim e is called, you may go back to Parts 5, , and and check your work ... sup s iw is p m - gttMq- LC+RC1 200 T O E IC O v e r v i e w ETS s m i s E T S C o n v e r s io n T a b le ETS I I E i l e e n 30 ETS 03 116 E T S ? I # E il^ M iso ETS ? IS Ell— ^ 0| *l|0|fc... and official ETS materials, the terms of the official ETS materials will prevail All items were created or reviewed by ETS All item annotations and test-taking tips were reviewed by ETS °ist xpqsj.. .LC+RC ETS, the ETS logo, TOEIC and are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New
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