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By- Abhi Rijal abhirijal@hotmail.com | abhirijal26@gmail.com Copyright AbhiSot Digital Studio Not to copy All rights reserved All the pictures are trademarks of their own Companies I take responsibility of their trademarks Not to freely giveaway If any help contact me |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| | Disclaimer This E-Book is not for free distribution All content are strictly copyrighted All writing belongs to @Abhi, who wrote this E-Book This E-Book is DMCA protected If found copying, you can be banned from internet All you read are being tracked by us using analaytics We are spying / looking at you Please not copy and paste If found, you might get a strict pay All the programs, scripts and other tools belong to their officials All guides are presented by us We not recommend using pirated programs All content are written in simple english If you cannot understand this simple english, shame on you If you dont know english, you can request a other language verison Legal If you didnt buy it from us or get a proof receipt, you will get tracked out soon Please tell us if any sites are copying You can get some credits for telling us that We recommend you to only buy from our official homepage or else this could be outdated andyou might not get it for free Downloads We host our own files We mainly use Paypal for payment If you got this from externel source, you downloaded from pirated sites We not host on Survey/CPA/PPD sites All are hosted in fast and secure server If you got it from any externet PPD sites, you got Pirated The actual price for it is $ But you might get some promo and reduce the pay A Short About Me Many people think they are special, but I don't think that.I feel that I am a tiny ant in front of great elephant E-Book writters But I feel that I have unique and special quality to write a E-Book in a young age Well, If we go a little deeper, I love to post and help users to gain articles and to make money and to make them save money I give them the best ways like I am giving In this E-Book Well, now you know enought about me I don't want to waste your time so lets move froward _ Lets Begin!!! Excited? Before we start the ebook , I want to make some clear to you: 1) I respect others Copyright and not wish to bad 2) I have mentioned the programs with their official links and not un-official 3) If you want to get the programs for free, you can borrow mine.(PM Me) 4) If you find any suggestion and mistakes, PM me ( PM stand for Private Message, which means to email me ) _ _ The Fun Starts Here :) In this guide, I will teach you how to make money with few monetization factors of the internet Its few but as I promised, I will teach you from A to Z I think I dont need to write the index or contents( I Hate THAT) But, I will make sure you dont get lost You can use our bookmark option to bookmark the E-Book anytime I have tried to ease out the book and add images, and other visual-things to boost understanding and so that you wont forget it fast My recommendation is to go side by side For example, You learnt pages of articles and dont read all Do side by side what I am doing I will tell you how to earn money by giving programs and cracks along with your own program _ _ Start Of The Line In this guide, I will be taking my own " Leage Of Legends Hacks" program for demo only Lets start 1) Making a Fast and Quick Response( Mail ) About 90% of mails are full of spam offers which are annoying These makes us lazy to read mails But sometimes, we may have valuable content in our mail which we are not reading Similarly, In our guide, we need to have a quick response to PPD network Some of your clents and many more So, I prefer making a secondary gmail account You can use this to all the "Tech| Things" I prefer also signing up on gmail in iOS and Android for better experience Dont use the email for other works _ _ 2) Signing Up for necessary Websites Many guide tell users to find websites that is suitable or many websites that they provide are dead But in this, I will directly tell you where to make accounts You have to sign up for various websites and all those are free I will tell you the best of best websites: You have to sign up at: 1) Youtube 2) Twitter 3) All Google Services ( Use your Gmail Account ) 4) PPD Network( I will explain it later) 5) 2Freehosting 6) AdfLy 7) Bitly 8) Blogger ( Comes in Google Services ) 9) Dot.Tk 10) BestBlackHatForum, BlackHatGroup, XDA-Developers and other big forums ( I will explain All these slowly) _ _ 3) Getting Your Niche Many people develop things that are very useless I mean to say not recommend For eg- IDM has taken down every download managers and making another DM is useless as IDM has already touched people's heart While some people "Dance On Their Chance" like me Like, I knew GTA V will release and people search for crack So I was the first one to release the crack and all the searches landed to my website and I gained a lot of $$.But the speciality was that I deserved it beacuse I gave them real cracks and I earned through PPD One survey was enough Which meant that If the keyword of your program is very less in market and is unique, you will get more visitor For instance, I am choosing my programs as " League of Legends Hack " ( See no " 7)Researching your Program" for more info) _ _ 4) Designing You Program Many people make fake programs just to earn money, while this isn't good For egThere is a site called OnHAx.net It has small developers but it gives working free downloads, SO people are plase and it get 50,000 visitora daily If your site reaches that lets say out of 50,000 10 people completed surveys ANd survey is 0.30 to 999 $ So the average of 0.50$, : 0.50$ x 20 = 10$ daily 10$ x 30 = 300$ Monthly 300 x 12 = 3600$ Annualy And these are just minimum So, I wanted to clear you that to give users working program because It is owrth their hardwork of completing surveys _ _ 5)Making Your Youtube Channels As you see many channels are banned, but some are full of subscribers But for our ease, we will not make fake cheannels Instead make a channel related to gaming or tech/computer and name it what ever you want Make sure that the email we created earlier is related to the channel.Put a suitable logo/picture that is related to the Channel Make sure that it is unique _ _ 6) Signing Up in CPA/PPD networks As you see there is a tuff competion between PPD and CPA networks, in the case of Pay Per Downloads I fact PPD also uses CPA networks WHich means CPA is the main and PPD are branches So, my recommendation is to sign up for a reliable networks which pays you If you sign up only in CPA networks, there may be less offers So I recommend signing up for FileIce or CleanFiles They are the tuff competitors SHarecash is loosing its popularity and other small sites are gaining For ease, I recommend usinf FileIce as cleanfiles is little harder CPA vs PPD I always liked CPA networks who are big guys and MAx Bounty, Adscend Media, Adwork Media, AdGAte media, AdShift media, Bluetrack media, ADnooka and CPAGrip is my favourite However, I dont have experience with CPAlead I have completed offers from manhy sites specially of AdNooka, AdGate, Adscend and CPAgrip along with Adwork Media We will compare PPD and CPA Networks in short below: Advantages OF CPA networks: They are the mother surveys provider of PPD networks They have strong rating and pay on time They allow us to select surveys and also advertise They are reliable and provide quick support Many offer live chat also They have a main office where we can visit Advantages of PPD networks: They have more offers They have less minimum payout They give more content locker and link locker tools They have more time to handle users Content Locker By Network(Adworkmedia): -Limited to ads from the network -Customizable content locker -Social locker(Help build facebook pages to gain access) -Onclick pop up -Geotargetting 100% Earnings Link Locker(adworkmedia): -Ads from network -Customizable but limited to few themes -Can be used to lock any webpage(except porn and such, Well it can lock it but You'll most likely get dicked down and lose an account) -Geotargetting -Social locker -100% Earnings PPD(Cleanfiles): -Allows content locking via widget(not sure if they are all like this) -Earnings are down by a significant % as to pay the owner of the PPD network -Easy to get accepted into a network -More allowing with content(Movies, fake files, warez and such) -Share lock -Fake number of downloads Thats all I can tell you about PPDand CPA I will talk the best later Some CPA Networks: Some PPD sites: _ 7)Researching your Program I keep seeing people asking how to keyword research so I have decided to a quick over-view on how I my own keyword research There are many ways to keyword research, but its all about what you find works for you, and all method works to a degree so don't be too worried i)Researching Keyword By Google &TRAFFIC TRAVIS 1) Go to Google and type in your main keyword 2) Press on your keyword and a new window should open with google and your keyword typed in it Put your keywords in quotes and press enter, you should now see a figure, this number is showing you how many people are you competitors 3) Put &start=990 to see how many pages google is showing with your keyword 5) Insert intitle:"keyword" and press search to see how many of the competition have done on page SEO and have the keyword in the title on their page (part of on page SEO) 6) Insert inurl:"keyword" and press search to see how many of the competition have put the keyword in the URL (this is part of on page SEO and helps alot for ranking) 7) Insert inurl:"keyword" inurl"keyword" and press search and you will see how many 10 19 _ 17) YouTube 20 (I recommend USing PVA youtube accounts for this) Step 1: Create a unique video 30s ~ 2mins long This video can be: A screen capture of your hack, A still image with explanation of each function & how it works, Slide show Just advertise your 21 hack.Make sure it is unique.I recommend using Camtasia STudio For recording Step 2: Upload the video with an appropriate title, description and tags Step 3: Use indexer sites to get your video indexed Step 4: Using traffic exchange services get views, likes, subscribers & comments for your videos Keep adding these elements to your video until ranked to the top for your main keyword Step 5: Rinse and repeat Tips: 1) You can use google keyword tool to index your video by pasting the link in the "Get keywords from website" box 2) Backlinks won't a video bad, get a bit 3) Ranking on youtube alone is good, but on youtube and google is better 4) If a video is in second position and not earning a reasonable sum per day don't waste 22 your time getting it to the top, not much will change 5) If someone steals your video, flag it -Filtering Bad Youtube Comments 1.Log in into your Youtube Account 2.Go to : https://www.youtube.com/comment_management 3.Add words like : Code: Survey, Virus, Fake, Error, Password, Lock, Locked, Fileice, Sharecash You may make your own list and put it there 18) Tracking your Earnings Well, this could be a hardwork but its worth the money Many big companies have been succesfull tracking Tracking make us understand what users want and doesnt want This can be useful , as well as a lot of hardwork Websites to track your earnings: Bit.Ly Many people use bit.ly for shortening their url,but its not Bit.Ly is made for tracking and 23 shortnening your url not just for hiding your url FileIce.net ALong with others, FileIce(PPD site) also has a tracking feature 24 25 Google Analytics Google analytics is the best tracking software by google for free Amny big companies like mashable also uses Google Analytics: 26 LinkBucks You might wonder how this is true LInkBUcks is beleived to make money, but this is not all It has a google analytics feature to track the clicks So this makes you money+tracking _ 19)Conceptualized Methods/Random methods coming to mind These are just thoughts that should work based on natural human logic 1) Scarcity: People want what others have that they can't get Today I was chillin, killin and you know the regular While reading I learnt about scarcity If you bring this across well then you will be The God Of Bitches because you have half a million dollars to buy stuff you can't remember right now Anyways How this works is you show a preview of it in an effort to show off in one channel So in one channel you go ahead and create your video showing off your superb hack and how no one else has it and how good it's working Most people will try to flip you off because yes, you are being an asshole and they are jealous Go ahead create a second youtube channel, Pay for a fiverr gig to get a video of some kid 27 saying "Hey I saw a video on a next channel with some kid showing off his hack, so I decided to create one just like it so he can show off no more."
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