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4000 ESSAYS ARCHITECTURE ARCHITECTURE A pencil, ruler and rubber or perhaps a sharpener from time to time; those were the essential tools which followed me around as a child whilst I imagined, designed and drew my perfect, dream house (which was obviously and most tastefully pink throughout!!) So it was inevitable that I would pursue a career in design However, it was only until recent experiences that I narrowed that choice down to becoming an architect Being a fully committed art student I've neither lacked creativity, nor the knowledge or history of previous architectural art forms and buildings, as architecture itself, is based around innovative ideas, aesthetics and ingenuity, it naturally became a subject of interest to me For instance, whilst in midst of my A2 personal study for Art and Design I decided to compare two artists from different movements those being the Art Deco movement, heavily influenced by Bauhaus buildings and architecture along with the Art Nouveau movement, which commenced with the ornamental floral patterns of William Morris Last Year, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit Glasgow and hence appreciate Rene Mackintosh’s Art Nouveau souvenirs, gaining inspiration from the influential Glasgow School of Art, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum as well as Princes Square It was like a dream Along with the aesthetical side to architecture, I have also understood the more logical side This was due to a small work experience placement with Simon Janes, a local self employed architect who had acquired a lot of attention and business over the last few years Despite the fact that his entry route into the world of architecture was slightly askew in comparison with what I had in mind, he was still successful I built up an array of knowledge and experience, having heard and witnessed the many challenges of the profession For example demanding clients (hopefully those polished people and communication skills I have obtained from working at the post office will support me here), late hours, building codes and law, the logic of engineering and mathematics and even the management of the business at times; were all skills that I picked up whilst working along side Mr Janes It was a great experience to witness the progression of so many buildings, including; beautiful houses, apartments and office blocks Having played a part in the creation of something so beneficial, yet so striking would surely be the best feeling in the world? The feeling that you contributed to someone’s dreams Having a father in the field of property development has played a vital role in my career decision Through his experiences and knowledge of properties, I realised that pragmatics comes hand in hand with aesthetics in architecture On a day to day basis i assist him in not only imagining and designing, but managing and estimating all costs, time schedules, construction control, obtaining planning permission, leasing whilst working with architects as well as urban planners, estate agents, builders, surveyors and engineers, so that perfect properties are created for his tenants He led me to the conclusion that dreams are the foundations for success, but one can only build success with creativity and logic, especially when art can be so subjective! So, what better way to share my passion for architecture than to help create those dreams for others? After all, “An architect is the drawer of dreams" - Grace McGarvie ARCHITECTURE I am clear that I want to pursue a course in the area of architecture or planning, because it will enable me to combine the strongest aspects of my personality; a fascination with functional art and design, particularly arrangements of light and space; enthusiasm for solving practical problems; and working with other people It is my desire to travel around the world and experience other cultures and broaden my horizons.With this in mind, possessing a set of transferable skills and knowledge will be invaluable for the future My ambition is to go to university and a degree in planning and transport, or in architecture My work experience last year helped me decide that I wanted to study an area of architecture or planning I spent part of my time at a hospital and shadowed doctors The second was spent with an awardwinning firm of architects, planners and engineers in Bath Whilst I enjoyed working at the hospital, I preferred the variety, challenge and social context of the architecture and planning practice At school I have been an all- rounder and this can be reflected in my grades So for A- levels, I have been torn between arts and sciences I opted for a balance, because I knew how important it is to express my creativeness as well as learn more about the physical world I have a deep interest in literature, which I would like to expand and develop I have confidence and am a very keen worker who will not give up until I have achieved my full potential I feel prepared to take responsibilities and am co- operative and willing to accept guidance where ever it will aid my cause I always try to be enthusiastic and find I get on well with other people and enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new surroundings I also have the ability, and willingness, to listen and try to understand the view points of others I have good IT skills, which can be clearly seen in my coursework and analytical and decision- making skills, to assess and resolve conflicting points of view, which is vital in being a Town and country planner I recognise the importance of having a good balance between working hard and engaging in pastimes I have a number of hobbies both in an out of school Out of school I have been practicing Taekwondo, of which I have been doing for five years and currently a black belt This is a hobby, which I enjoy immensely and would like to in the future teach to others.I also enjoy swimming and training at the gymIn school I have been playing the flute and I'm currently working towards grade I've been going to orchestra for about two years and have played in every concert since I hope to continue my music throughout my life and future career I am also very committed- member of the school council, which I find thoroughly interesting and enjoyable ARCHITECTURE Architecture is a natural choice for me I love the thrill of solving a problem in maths, physics and everyday life I this with an imagination and enthusiasm that has propelled me to two terms as a Student Council member acting as Public Relations Officer and Vice Chairperson where I promoted and lead the development of a student voice in the school environment These qualities and an insatiable drive have brought me academic success and fulfilment My spare time for many years has been filled with thousands of art classes, from watercolour to mixed media This passion for art and design has also lead me to great experiences in editing and designing the Transition Year yearbook, developing a theme, poster, ticket and set design for our annual fashion show and work experience with a graphic design company giving me real and practical knowledge of the commercial creative process In architecture I find the opportunity to express and develop these strengths and abilities Ireland is a country littered by abandoned dwellings and these spur my interest in complementary design and construction in renovation while my life close to the land inspires an interest in alternative techniques such as straw bale To build a structure worthy of Frank Geary out of turf blocks would be a dream As a member of the executive of a local charity, SHARE, which provides homes for the elderly I have been involved in research for our latest complex with the aim of providing the residents with best available safety features and an interior that is sensitive to their needs while retaining the warmth and sense of community in what are, after all, their homes In groups we visited other similar facilities and reported back on the best features of each to the architects of the complex The want the time spent studying in a British university to broaden my horizons, provide me with the skills required not only to work within an experienced team but to build my own practice ARCHITECTURE I have always had a considerable interest in architecture, ever since studying it briefly during my art GCSE course Since then I've looked at architecture in detail through my work in as-level art, and in aslevel technology; where I spent months on an architecture related project, and gathered a huge amount of architectural knowledge I think my versatility in coming up with solutions for proposals of any sort, and my articulate manner of communicating these solutions would suggest I would be well suited to the job of an architect I believe it would be a very interesting career to pursue and could be very rewarding for a, hard working, creative, intellectual person such as myself I also think my enthusiasm towards the subject would make the transition from 6th form to university much easier During my time at school I have gathered many key skills and have absorbed a great deal of knowledge Out of everything I had been taught through my secondary education, my 'creative' and 'problem solving' skills were the most influential and had become my greatest assets The subjects I chose to study for my AS-levels helped further my technical ability within these two areas While mathematics and computing have enhanced my problem solving skills, 'design and technology' and art have enriched my artistic and creative capabilities When researching architecture during my as-level technology course I learnt how to produce a wide range of imaginative research and while looking at my two favorite architects; Frank Loyd Wright and Eero Saarinen, I was greatly inspired and developed modern design strategies and imaginative ideas From all the books I've read, the Internet sites I view, and the programs I watch, I've gathered a clear understanding of architecture I worked at the Imax cinema in Waterloo and then in Merton council for my work experience In Merton council I was able to use my design and computing skills and I gathered a variety of other useful attributes while working there In the human resources department I helped design a 20-page booklet about the dangers of smoking, and I was also given tutorial lessons on how to use a computer-aided design (CAD) system in the technology department I now work part time on a flexible schedule for a catering business, and have worked at many high profile events, including 'party in the park' for the prince's trust I take pride in the fact that I readily contribute and take part in school charities, including a charity football tournament where I captained my team to the semi-finals I was a class prefect and spent time after school organizing activities for younger students, including a chess tournament I now regularly help out with after school activities, including guiding for prospective applicants on open days and providing general assistance I was asked to take part in a gifted and talented enrichment program along with several other promising students during my secondary education I have now accumulated several awards and certificates, my most significant being my 'supreme award', which I received for my academic achievements and my contribution as a student to the school ARCHITECTURE My application for your university stems from my desire to study at one of the best universities in the world and from my internationalist perspective as a world traveller It also ensues from my deep passion for art, my appreciation of architecture, and my yearning to be amongst those who create the changing skylines that form our cities Christopher Wren once said, 'Architecture aims at eternity' I can think of no better way to achieve eternity than to help create buildings of tomorrow that preserve the ideas of today Ultimately, we are judged by what we leave behind Art has always been my true passion, and every forms of art has captivated me since I was a small child I sought pleasure, for example, in my surroundings during my encounters with various forms of artwhether it was a building, a person, or a photograph capturing a memory I have lived in diverse countries, such as Brazil, Taiwan, China, and presently Macau, which has allowed me to reflect upon extrinsic lifestyles and fully immerse myself in other languages and cultures As I move from one country to another, I capture the images of these cultures and designs through sketches and photographs which I collect Time and again these mementos transport me back to distant lands This opportunity to combine my love for art and design with a career is once in a lifetime Over the last two years, I have worked at two medium-scale architecture firms across Asia Through my work experience as an intern, I've come to realize that architecture is a special overpass between imagination, reality, creativity, and a world of dreams I've learned that no successful project emerges from a singular idea or person Rather, it requires extensive communication with a team of engineers, contractors, consultants, and the craftsmen who work on a building to achieve the greatest possible effect Learning from the collective expertise of my team has not only illustrated how each project involves more than simply designing a building, but it has also demonstrated how creating and managing a construction project is logical, organized, and defined Since childhood, I have been attracted to the distinctive national identity of a building style A house, for example, can be indicative of a people, the time it was built, and the way a particular society functions From my perspective, a home or building is a projection of so much more than bricks and mortar; it is the capsule in which people live, work, and socialise It is also a record of how we organise and live our lives As a designer, I constantly find myself pondering ways to make people's lives better, both aesthetically and practically I enjoy studying languages, and I have found that being multilingual has given me a certain advantage On a study holiday, I attended an English language course at Stafford House, Imperial College, London Aside from finding the language study interesting, I explored London and discovered it to be a fascinating city with its blend of the ancient and modern Outside my studies, I enjoy drawing and attend sketch classes every week to refine my perceptive awareness of still-life subjects I am disciplined in my approach I study hard and I am not afraid to take initiative In pursuit to enhance my drafting skills using industry-standard software, I have completed many AutoCAD drafting courses and have become an Autodesk AutoCAD certified professional My commitment, work ethic, and selfmotivation allow me to strive for the highest possible standards Considering my life experiences abroad and my determination to be the best at what I do, I believe I have much to offer your university My ambition is to contribute to society by introducing a particular sophistication where harmony and beauty coalesce Moreover, I am sociable, personable, and a great asset to any team Please allow me to move forward and take my education and career to this next exciting stage PROFILE INFO This personal statement was written by alanhuang for application in 2013 alanhuang's university choices University College London Cambridge University University of Bath The University of Nottingham Green: offer made Red: no offer made ARCHITECTURE I believe that quantity surveying is a vocation and not just a job My interests in this area have established within in the last year Some of my ancestors are quantity surveyors and I have seen how demanding the profession can be Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to shadow a Quantity Surveyor outside my family however I would like to gain experience in the one year work placement that is offered through this course I am able to communicate and participate well in a team, as well as being able to achieve goals and objectives independently through hard work and dedication I have attended school for fourteen years and within in this time I have gained a lot of experiences and many rewards I have obtained many certificates and recognition for school choir of the year, camogie championships, netball tournaments, ladies Gaelic football and swimming Academic awards include recognition for French speaking, level in information Systems skills, First aid courses completed with St John's ambulance service finally I received a plaque for gaining G.C.S.Es grade C and above I am currently playing for the Desertmartin Ladies Gaelic football team This has taught me how to work together as a team, consider others yet having self motivation as included in a team sport; this has given me experience in how to work with others especially under pressure A quantity Surveyor is a high pressured job and I feel I have the motivation and skills to deal with this pressure and work to the best of my ability and I am sure this is the career for me ARCHITECTURE Creation is a powerful skill, an intriguing ability evolving from our originalities and perspectives By formulating our own unique creations, we may endeavour to create a parallel between our imagination and the world in which we live Winston Churchill once emphasised the fact that "we shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us" In my mind, these buildings personify and embody the diverse cultures that exist today, reflecting the power and endless potential of man's genius Self expression is what differentiates us as an individual It is my passion for Architecture that acts as a catalyst for inspiration and therefore provides me with a prominent sense of ambition and desire GCSE and A-Level qualifications have given me an opportunity to appreciate the aesthetic beauty prevalent in the world today This insightful demonstration has allowed my passion to evolve further, hence determining my decision to continue at a more advanced level I believe the course will challenge my creative potential, culminating in the formulation of my own, authentic designs In effect, Architecture is a potent, influential force in my life that has given me a sense of direction and meaning I agree with the ideology that an individual will rarely exceed his own expectations Architecture installs in me a belief that I can achieve and reach new heights, therefore acting as a foundation for success and fulfilment in the future To me, viewing a structure in person is substantially more potent than a mere image Travelling has succeeded in broadening my horizons and opening up my mind, therefore allowing me to appreciate traditional British Architecture and the spectacles created by foreign predecessors Last year, I travelled with my school to Barcelona, a city with an abundance of style and creativity Buildings such as the Palacio Guell and the Mila Casa are simply inanimate representations of one mans personal style, a testament to Gaudi's creative excellence Moreover, I also completed work experience with a contractor at Eton College This process of shadowing a professional permitted me to survey Architecture with a greater sense of clarity It is only by completing this experience that I can truly comprehend the complexities of the profession Although I view learning as a crucial area to focus upon in my life, I strive to be more complex than this, making myself a more well rounded individual Essentially, maintaining a healthy body is a prerequisite to achieving a healthy state of mind Therefore, I frequently visit the gym and participate in a variety of sporting activities, both traditional and unique Personally, I enjoy sports such as tennis, rowing and football In effect, these events allow me to work within a team orientated environment, whilst maintaining my individualistic sense of achievement Conversely, I also attempt to integrate my passion with Architecture into my free time On many occasions I utilise ICT facilities such as CAD in order to release the flow of ideas within my mind This contrast of leisure and learning enables me to develop a clear sense of balance within my life In my opinion, it is certain moments in time that encapsulate all our beliefs and theories During my visit to Barcelona, I had the privilege to view the Casa Mila, a perfect representation of originality Viewing this intriguing structure first hand simply confirmed my passion, enlightening me on the endless possibilities that exist The Casa Mila is perceived in a myriad of contexts, by a myriad of people, accentuating Gaudi's genius long after his death I not intend to follow the path of any individual, yet follow a path unique to myself A famous quote once stated "don't bother just to be better than contemporaries or predecessors Try to be better than yourself" I believe University is the first part of my journey and look forward to participating in a rewarding, self fulfilling course ARCHITECTURE At the end of year 11 I had seen my future career path heading towards Business management, as I have the skills needed to motivate teams, solve problems and communicate with others to get jobs set to me complete All skills which can also be transferred to construction management However construction management offers me the challenge of having to find solutions to problems on a daily basis and the promise that no two jobs will ever be alike but most importantly it will mean that I get a lot of time to spend outdoors in the fresh air and cool summer days At the end of year 11 my interest in construction management was aroused when I decided to go and work for my dad, to earn some money to spend when I went back to College During the next ten weeks I was working on various Building sites from small single room extensions on a house, to a giant sixteen room extension on a nursing home I had spent at least seven years before this following my dad around sites during my summer holidays but this was the first time I was allowed to get some hands on experience laboring I was very excited and willing to get on with the tasks I had seen performed hundreds of times before I spent time working with all the key tradesmen who work on building sites, such as Electricians, Carpenters, Plasterers, Plumbers and Brick layers From working with all the various tradesmen I began to get a better understanding of each of their jobs and the importance of them starting, and finishing on time in order to keep the projects finishing date in sight A large part of my time was spent learning about the health and safety checks everyone has to pass to be allowed onto the site, everybody who wishes to set foot on a building site needs to wear steel toe caps and safety hats for example Many employers ask employees who wish to work for them to have a "CSCS" card which shows employers this person is competent and knows about health and safety rules on a site In the last two weeks of working I started to develop an interest in Melton the foreman's job Melton's job was not only to most of the plastering; he was also the site manager Melton would hold a mini site meeting every morning and make sure that everybody new what they were expected to that day and organize the workers into groups and make sure supplies were ordered so that they were delivered just in time for use so that they weren't lying around reducing the chance of theft When I envisage my life 10 years from now I see my self being very successful in my career as a construction manager, I see myself having worked in various countries solving numerous problems using the skills learnt at University to help enable me to so and in a further ten years I see myself teaching students in a university sharing my past experience with the young, the future of the Construction Industry As a person I am very confident and see myself as a leader rather than a follower in almost all aspect of my life, I am not afraid to challenge an answer with my own opinion or ask a question if I don't understand what is being said During my time in college I fell that I have matured and became a more confident individual My major academic achievements have been scoring a few B grades in individual units across my subjects Sport is a big part of me and my life, I believe that there is no excuse to not be fit and have kept active all my life My sporting achievements include coming seventh in an all school cross country race for Birmingham when I was twelve and being captain of my local football team I regularly attend my local gym at least three times a week and I play five aside football every Wednesday evening ARCHITECTURE Architecture has always stood out as the perfect career path for me It was at the age of that I truly understood what architecture was as I stood before the Sagrada Familia on a family holiday I was taken aback with the intricate detail of the impressive masterpiece by Gaudi Travelling to many different countries has allowed me to experience a variety of different cultures, along with some of the most historic and outstanding pieces of architecture, from Italian renaissance styles like the Duomo to the more modernistic Sydney Opera House I was fortunate to find a college with courses I knew I would be passionate about Studying architecture at A-level has given me an insight into what to expect at degree level The course has widened my knowledge of existing architects and buildings, whilst giving me some understanding of how to draw plans and isometric diagrams The fact that I have enjoyed it reaffirms that it is a path that I would like to continue along, and I would love the opportunity to carry this passion into the future I believe it will be a rewarding profession and something I would gain great satisfaction from Graphic Design works well alongside architecture It allows me to explore and express my creativity, especially as it has introduced me to CAD Working with programmes such as Photoshop and InDesign, has allowed me to expand my flare for design which I put to use socially designing clothes, collages and artwork for friends and family I have practised my computer skills by voluntarily designing posters and album covers for an upcoming band, and invitations to formal occasions With a career in architecture in mind I chose to work experience at a design studio This experience allowed me to work alongside some phenomenal artists, and I had the opportunity to lead some of the workshops and parties I genuinely enjoyed working in the creative field and knew it was an area of work I would like to pursue I manage two part time jobs; I work in corporate hospitality at Twickenham Rugby Stadium, where I have worked at many high profile events I also have an NPLQ which allows me to work as a qualified lifeguard at a local pool At school I was an all rounder and this was reflected in my grades As deputy head prefect, it proved I was capable of handling responsibility and I was trusted with important tasks This improved my organisational and time handling skills The PE department relied on me to produce good results in many sporting events, which included hockey borough champions for five years and football captain I continue to be active In 2005, I completed my Duke of Edinborough award, I found it an excellent opportunity to work as a team and push myself as an individual For my community service I coached 11-15 year olds in hockey It was fulfilling to see their improvement and enjoyable helping others to succeed One of my favourite past times is visiting art galleries I hold an annual family membership to the Tate, where I find work from some of my favourite artists and inspiration for my courses In the coming year I will also get the opportunity to travel to Paris and Venice with my architecture class I look forward to analysing and studying work from a new environment I believe that studying architecture at university will open many doors for me later in life I want to make a positive impact on the environment and dream that one day I will be the hand behind a design that people will stop and admire ARCHITECTURE Since I was young I maintained a keen interest in different types of art, as photography, making the postcards, flower arrangement, but mostly I liked dancing, drawing and painting what I've started to learn when I was years old with my parents who are the choreographers with some drawing and painting skills At the age of 11 I've been spotted by my teacher as creative student with the best capability to harmonize the colours in the class And therefore he asked for my parents to transfer me to high school of art These two and a half year in art school challenged my creative potential in painting and sculpture lessons, but drawing and modeling I have enjoyed the most, because even now I still love to see how I can start from drawing point by point, and after line by line with solving some math problems and making everything narrowly, till the end, when I get the results which is your imagination made into reality on the paper, and it gives me the satisfaction Unfortunately I didn’t have a possibility to finish that school, because of my parent divorce, I moved to other school in the other city with my mother Despite all these problems I've never stopped drawing and painting My spare time after school has been filled with a lot of art classes, from painting with computer to mixed media Now I have improved my IT skills and I can work with such the programs, as PHOTOSHOP, MS OFFICE and learning with CAD Also I have had an opportunity to be a member of senate This let me to develop my patience in pursuance of the best results in organizing some events and shows in my school, and even in the other city schools I always try to be enthusiastic and find I get on well with other people, enjoy meeting new personalities and experiencing new surroundings I have assisted in a lot of projects and public competitions as well I'm pleased to take a dare for myself and show what I can for the others But the best part is to see the reaction when my work is being seen by people I love to hear compliments and criticism, because it makes to improve myself more and more When I was 15 I started to think about what I want from my life and I knew that I really want to something special that people would know about me and wonder at my striking creations These are the causes why I have the ambition to go to university and a degree in planning the buildings, creating some modern houses and interiors, because it will enable me to combine the strongest aspects of my personality Nowadays many buildings are so lofty, extremely the architecture of London Consequently I'm here The centre of this city is the big museum, where I could spend all my time and watch all those small, but labour-consuming details in creative constructions It's a bit hard to explain by letter why I truly want to study exactly an architecture course It's just ambition inside I see a lot of perspectives in architecture with creation, which is just powerful skill I'm inflamed with desire to create something, but I'm missing some knowledge to realize that in the future I love to something new, I have a lot of ideas and I really want to show it for the world I feel prepared to face with math, art history, I'm ready to learn all these for a long years and gain a professional architect name, I'm ready to take that responsibility, but I'm just waiting for agreement 10 ARCHITECTURE Instead of architecture, graphic design was my primary major when I first attend college From graphic design to architecture, this shift happened so suddenly and dramatic In high school, I was doing graphic design so well, well enough to earn an academic award in my senior year With no doubt, I would continuously doing it in college or even make it as my life career This idea settled on my mind so strongly Until one day, I saw a wooden house model I was so attracting by that little, roughly made house Its simple exterior design and the warm wooden texture suddenly catch my eyes It reminded me the feeling of “home”, witch I hadn’t felt since I immigrated to U.S I was so amaze by that wooden house and kept staring it for at least half hour Then, on the following summer, I took my first architecture class in community college No surprisingly, All of my friends and parents thought I was crazy, because I made a lifetime decision base on that half hour staring But what they didn’t know is, during that half hour, I was deeply connected with that “house” I was so amaze to realize that, even a non built house can be that powerful; and finally noticed the environment that we surrounding in, were actually in some ways affecting our feelings, emotions or even our lives After that, I was so surprise to know how powerful or important an architect could be and eager to know more about it Without a moments thought, curiosity make me change my primary major and lead me step on a new studying field – architecture Put down my graphic design's back ground, I walked into my first architecture class just like a dry, flat sponge A dried flat sponge, but have plenty of potential to expand and observe In some ways, it was just like me, with no architecture knowledge, but full of curiosity and eager On each learning stages, I was putting down hundred percents of effort I am working so hard from the basic hand drawing technique, to fundamental knowledge, and finally doing our own designs on vellum and CAD I can swear, I have never tried to skip a tiny, little step As a student in architecture I understand how a good foundation important to a building Therefore, I am also trying my hardest to set a strong “foundation” to my career path To ensure my “foundation” would be strong enough, besides doing the best job on my classes, I also active and participate on different school associations Such as being a secretary of Chinese Association Club and member of the Architecture Club Getting involve into all of these association and doing relative activities, actually helped me develop nice leading and social skills And as a member of Architecture Club, I also unintentionally get more chance to explore information about my career choices, such as degree types and schools…etc In this summer, I was lucky to find a summer job as an Auto CAD drafter Even though the company was so small, the boss was so nice and willing to teach I was so lucky that can have a chance to practice my Auto CAD commands by one hand, and learning the building codes on the other I see this working opportunity as a pleasure, because this is the first time I actually getting touch with the realistic atmosphere And also because of this opportunity, I realize that beside school classes, working experiences is also part of the learning After three years community college, university of California is being a new place for me to learn, to explore, to building my strong “foundation” Three years ago, curiosity and eager made me brave enough to change my major; and now with the same curiosity and eager, I am really to step on my next stage and explore the new place 11 ARCHITECTURE The rapid development of urbanization places a huge strain on nowadays architectects to build not only comfortable and solid but also environment- and human-friendly buildings Thus, Architectural science requires a wide range of engineering and geographical knowledge With this purpose, I was excited to learn about your master programme which would expand my knowledge to design buildings with minimal global impact My undergraduate studies included a one-month Garden Observation and Research which made me more aware about ecological function of Architecture and inspired me to engage in this field at Master Level The undergraduate programme also widely contributed to my architectural creativity with a broad range of alternative courses such as Basis of Woodworking and Basis of Masonry In addition, the programme further developed my great appreciation and fondness for Traditional Chinese Architecture, in which my university specializes To extend my perfectionism in this ancient art, I attended sketch and calligraphy courses for years The university also gave me a valuable opportunity to pursue my interest in sculpture, canvas and pottery through extra curricular classes One of my sculpture works was published in the book “The History and Amendment of Art” Through making these works, I gained a profound understanding of architectural aesthetics by enhancing my sense of material, shape and colour The academic environment of the university contributed to my enthusiasm about architecture just as much as its physical environment When I just started the course, I was strongly impressed by one of the campus buildings in XXX Style with cyan bricks and black tiles Deep fascination with the architect's vivid imagination arose in me a large interest to Western Culture and Architecture To improve my English language skills, I often interact with International students studying at our university Collaborative discussions on the subjects of architecture not only taught me to express my ideas clearly but also significantly broadened my horizons To familiarize myself with British culture and its educational principles, I spent a part of my summer holiday in London, attending various classes at International School of Architectural Association For one of our group assignments we had to design a comprehensive city concept This activity perfectly demonstrated the variety of thought and design notions prevailing in different cultures It was an interesting and challenging task to integrate these ideas in a complex model of a future city I believe that your course would advance my knowledge to the extend that would allow me to blend the architectural traditions and needs of different cultures and times in the most creative and effective way I also took advantage of summer and winter vacations to gain valuable work experience in the related field Thus, working in different Design Companies and Provincial Institute of Architectural Design in the position of/as a … , I learnt how tô€¦ /increased my expertise in … Furthermore, I participated in joint Hangzhou Zhongshan Road project which was designed in cooperation with American Rhode Island School of Design It was a Road Alteration project which included programming, protection and building of Zhongshan Road By taking part in this project, I gained a practical insight into the entire process of the operation from investigation and planning, to design and construction This experience taught me to appreciate the enormous collaborative effort that brings designers creation into life I deeply wish for my future projects to be worth such an immense effort in every single way To design a building that is a part not only of social but also natural environment, it is necessary to compromise knowledge from a wide range of disciplines and subjects such as climate, energy consumption, fabrics and many other Thus, I believe that your programme would endow me with the desirable knowledge, skills and practice, and I hope to make as valuable contribution to it with my previously obtained expertise and devoted enthusiasm 12 ARCHITECTURE It is difficult to ignore the accelerating growth of urbanization, caused by profound changes in the world economics This is, particularly, evident in the arena of rapidly developing countries like China, where the expansion of urban space is currently facing a shortage of professional designers, predominantly, due to the lack of Chinese universities specializing in this field Being an enthusiastic and determined person, I am prepared to take an advantage of the created opportunities, especially, for the reason that Urban Design has become a major subject not only of my studies but also interest Since childhood I was engaged in many creative activities From kindergarten to junior high school I was attending painting and drawing courses, which endowed me with a more acute sense of color, sculpt and space, which is vital for an excellent designer At the same time, I enjoyed making handcrafted models of plains, steamboats, cars and etc., which trained my hands adeptly I am glad to have developed this essential skill which has been, particularly, valuable during design projects, where appearance of the model plays an important role in its presentation Along with love for nature, my interests and skills laid the grounds of my 3-year study in Landscape Architecture, which, due to educational system of my country did not result in a Bachelor Degree Being a perfectionist, I could enjoyably spend several hours and even days working on a model or painting As a result, my hard work and sincere devotion to the subjects earned me a rewarding place among the top students of University My course belongs to the Department of Urban Construction - College of Engineering, thus, I additionally gained some basic knowledge in this fields.To obtain a Bachelor qualification I chose to study for another years abroad, in Korea In preparation, I studied Korean language for over year, which, along with previously acquired academic knowledge allowed me to enter the 3rd year of the course In Korea, the Landscape Architecture is run by Departament of Urban Planning and Civil Engineering and closely intercorrelates with Urban Design and Planning courses In my first semester I became very interested in the problems of Chinese Urban development such as the lack of green and public spaces, which, unfortunately, could not be tackled by my former field of study – Landscape Architecture Owing to the large support and encouragement from my supervisor, Professor Lee, I decided to proceed with a new field of study - Urban Design Heartened by similarities between the two fields and stimulated by the challenges of unknown, I soon became very fond of the new subject In spite of my new and old speciality, I will graduate with a degree in Engineering Science since the course is run by the College of Engineering For my final assignment, I am working on a new town design project, which was ordered from the university by Korean government My contribution to this large group project lies in designing outskirts of the town Studying in a foreign country and language significantly developed my independence and mature attitude which, I believe, will become an asset to my learning in the UK To improve my English skills I attend English language classes twice a week I have an American friend, who lives next to my room, and we often play basketball and watch English movies In my spare time I like reading historical and geographical books, which partly satisfy my passion for travel, teaching me about various cultures One day I would like to go traveling around the world and enjoy different food and beautiful sceneries in reality The books are also a great source of inspiration and new ideas for design, which I often implement in my projects the education in British institution would remarkably broaden my horizons to Western approach in Urban Design, which, in combination with my previously obtained knowledge and experience in Eastern countries, would endow me with a valuable ability of innovative synthesis Thus, your university, well known for its deep expertise, proficient teaching staff and excellent facilities, is a highly desirable place for me to commence my Master programme After my postgraduate studies I would like to take an opportunity to stay in the UK and gain some working experience in one of the British companies I believe that my commitment, skills and passion for the subject make me a suitable candidate for your course 13 ARCHITECTURE Since a young age I've always had a great interest in Art and Design and this interest and commitment was demonstrated in my GCSE A* grades in both Art and Graphics Even before I finished studying at school I knew that my ideal career would be in graphics On the basis of the knowledge I gained through my current studies, I have made an informed decision on the course I wish to apply, this being Architectural Technology This course would provide me with a great insight into the technical side of Architecture and also equip me with the professional, practical and business skills that an Architectural Technologist will require I have carefully researched all routes and courses that would lead to my ideal job and I concluded that your university offers the course content, facilities and qualifications that would suit my needs and aspirations My long term aim is to pursue a career in Architectural Technology and the first step I had to take to achieve this was to complete a course at a local college I was fortunate enough to be accepted onto the course, where I learned from great lecturers and acquired skills which I would like to hone even further This course has given me a greater knowledge about all aspects of the construction industry, including topics such as graphical detailing This was the subject I had the greatest interest in On this course we have covered a wide variety of topics including surveying, property valuation and the stages of the design process, all of which I will need to have an understanding of when attending university Studying these at college has been a huge advantage as it made my career path much easier to choose I currently manage a full time college course and a part time job This has developed my communication skills as I deal with customers on a day to day basis including speaking, listening and providing excellent customer service at all times This will help me in my career in Architectural Technology, as it will require me to have good communication skills to work effectively with clients Through work I have shown that I am able to communicate and participate well in a team, as well as being able to achieve goals and objectives independently through hard work and dedication Being able to manage both college and work I feel it has helped me to organise my workload, helping me to meet deadlines and earn good grades I only have a little spare time and I enjoy spending it with friends and having time to relax I like the general activities such as watching television, meeting friends and going to the cinema Programmes such as ‘Grand Designs' and ‘To buy or not to buy’ interest me as they are about property and design and this is the type of career I wish to have Watching these programmes strengthened my decision even further about going into Architectural Technology I believe that studying Architectural Technology at university will open many doors for me in later life, maybe even progressing into Architecture as a whole I know that I would truly enjoy the course and believe that your programme will endow me with the desirable knowledge, skills and practice to pursue my career in Architectural Technology 14 ARCHITECTURE When I first began my undergraduate studies, I soon realized I found satisfaction in the art of design I studied many fields during my first few years in college, including engineering, only to find some were unfulfilling I was interested in expanding my knowledge of how the built environment affected our daily outcomes with others When younger, I would observe how our environment produced positive and negative outcomes among people and was fascinated by the idea of how they could be altered In order to better familiarize myself with the study of landscape design, I took on Environmental Design (the closest program available in my school to landscape design) Studying Environmental Design allowed me to investigate how good planning tactics led to certain outcomes and trends in populations I took Architecture as a minor in order to establish a strong foundation for the actual construction of our built environment Studying architecture alongside environmental design allowed me to achieve a balance between the arts, mathematics, and design I fell in love with the idea of how building communities with a simple pen and paper could easily flourish and yet fused many of my own passions To my surprise, as I became more interested in pursuing my subject to its fullest I came to know there was no collegiate club or society I could join for my major After having gained leadership skills from my past Resident Advisor experience, I and a collective few chose to run for office and forge our school's very first chapter for the Environmental Design major Establishing this organization helped maximize my commitment in working with members of given communities, while expanding my capacity for designing ecologically sound environments Being able to work with communities provided a sense of accomplishment within me and was one aspect I wished to instill to our future club members Past experience of working with Street Synergy Community Association, proved to spark my interest in the landscape architecture field Providing opportunities like these to our club members, could perhaps lead to the similar results.While working with Street Synergy Community Association, I had the opportunity of helping design a local community garden Designing a community garden truly opened my hearts true desires Knowing the design of this community garden would lead to a reduction in crime rate in the nearby area, amazed and intrigued me Looking to keep fulfilling this sense of satisfaction, I opted to yearly apply to summer programs in similar fields This year inclusively, I bewildered myself in being adventurous and applying to the New York State's Department of Transportation Summer College Internship Program and was accepted under the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sciences department The experiences I underwent through this organization helped me to truly determine Landscape Architecture is the field for me Since the start of the program, I devoted myself to the job as though I was already part of the workforce I am seeking to pursue a degree as a Landscape Architect to further develop myself in the art of designing environments for current community members and those to come I wish to give back to my own community in the future As growing up in a low-income area, we never had the opportunities many high-income areas have Many of my neighborhood streets were vastly filled with a high crime rate If I were to obtain a LA degree from your institution, I would embark the profession on a new journey I wish to one day go back to my own neighborhood and redesign local community parks, playgrounds, and public use facilities to re-invent a new environment and forge a better future I am also seeking to broaden my artistic capabilities suitable to this delicate profession 15 ARCHITECTURE It was during a family holiday in continental Europe, when we passed through Barcelona that I was enlightened to the true meaning and power of Architecture Antonio Gaudi is Barcelona's most famous and beloved architect, he gave the people iconic architectural monuments which are idealized and internationally renowned to this day Since the day I first stepped foot in that city and saw those breathtaking buildings there has been no shadow of doubt in my mind that I wished to pursue a career as an Architect years later all that has changed is that my determination to achieve this goal has grown and to this end I have done all that I could to further my knowledge of this field and fulfill the academic requirements for entry I have served in the Air Training Corps for years and during that time I have participated in numerous activities and feel that I am a key member of the group and have completed my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition which was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience I have attended The Dowding Day Memorial Service in Moffat three times -this year assisted a veteran in laying a wreath on behalf of the WAAF, and last year I was part of the Guard of Honour In 2007/2008 I assisted the Dumfries Branch of the Poppy Appeal selling 100's of poppies for this worthwhile cause and made such a good impression that I was chosen to lay a wreath on behalf of the family of a pilot lost at sea in WWII which was a great honour To top that honour, I was chosen to lay the wreath on behalf of the Air Training Corps on Remembrance Sunday making it the proudest day of my life to date I have gone to wing/regional camps and am in the process of completing my BTEC I have represented my Squadron in wing and regional shooting competitions gaining silver and bronze awards I believe my time in the A.T.C has harnessed my leadership, initiative and confidence and made me proud to add to a community all of which I would deem vital skills for a successful Architect Due to my experience in Graphic Design I have been fortunate enough to be granted a role as a Study Buddy assisting two junior classes with the basics of 3D drawings and spatial awareness as well as a more advanced 3rd year Standard Grade class I am finding the experience extremely rewarding as I see the class progress and it has afforded me the opportunity to improve my communication skills as well allowing me to give something back to the school community I am also involved in the 'peer support club' which allows me to help S1 pupils who are experiencing difficulties with the transition from primary school I am also proud to have been chosen as a prefect on merit of hard work and devotion to the school and carry out my duties with great efficiency and enthusiasm I was a member of the school eco group for years and as part of a team was instrumental in the school achieving its bronze and silver awards I was also a member of the Pupil council and enjoyed voicing my thoughts and those of my peers along with assisting in the planning of the schools 100th anniversary next year I am currently working part time in Halfords as a sales assistant and feel that I have successfully juggled the pressures of work and school and that I have learned many new skills as a result In S3 I participated in a work experience placement in Dumfries & Galloway Housing Partnership's architectural department when I had the opportunity to assist in numerous activities including CAD work, site visits and dealing with clients These experiences made me appreciate how each part of a team must work together towards a common goal It is my wish to become a RIBA chartered architect and found a successful career through hard-work and determination and perhaps one day I may find myself in a position where I would be able to design an iconic architectural treasure and relish the challenges and opportunities that university will bring 16 ARCHITECTURE Architecture is regarded as the most public of all art forms I think this view barely scratches the surface Architecture can't be simply defined, and any attempt to so raises more questions than it answers It challenges our preconceptions over issues like tradition, sustainability and the economy, while functioning on a scale which impacts upon all of society The prospect of following a career path that tackles these questions, whilst still essentially creating art, is a dream for a creative person like myself At A Level, Maths Physics and History aren't always considered as conventionally creative as Art However I found the main reason I enjoyed these subjects so much was that creativity is central to all of them I believe evaluative writing, science and mathematical techniques can be alternative media to express ideas, explore problems and communicate our thinking process, in the same way as Art and Design Undertaking an Art & Design Foundation Course has been essential to my creative development, helping me to re-evaluate my ambitions, and giving me more focus to pursue architecture as a career Whilst undertaking the diagnostic first term I have been excited to explore new approaches to creative work This has made me far more responsive to the importance of communication and diversity of techniques, when displaying individuality and conceptualization of my ideas It has also made me more able to visualise and create work in three dimensions The course has so far given me a wealth of experience in a short space of time and has been crucial to maturing my approach to creative work I am looking forward to applying this to future study in architecture I am also nurturing my appreciation for architecture, art history and literature Obviously there is much I am yet to discover but an architect who really inspires me with his experimentation is Massimiliano Fuksas I like the stark industrial feel to his building-site themes, especially the Zenith music hall in Strasbourg I also admire the dynamic utopian ambition of Antonio Sant'Elia's "Citta Nuova" and Peter Cook's (Archigram) "Walking City" Outside education I feel I have accomplished a great deal, which has helped me gain maturity and direction In the summer I spent a week in work experience with Stubbs Rich architects practice in Bath It was an enlightening week involving everything from getting to grips with CAD programs to seeing the creative process combined with needs of the client Other work experience with Neill Menneer, a Bath photographer, was informative in a different way, showing the working reality of creativity within business Both further inspired me to pursue the career whilst opening my eyes to what it constitutes In September 2008 I ran the Bristol half marathon for the Forever Friends 'space to grow' appeal at the Bath Royal United Hospital NICU This charity is close to my heart as I myself am a triplet who was premature at Bath RUH I completed the half again this year and hope to move on to full marathons soon Finding the time to run several times a week is important to me as it keeps me focused and healthy I also participate in the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme which has been an inspiring mental and physical journey I have been to some amazing places and had some memorable experiences in completing the challenges of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards This includes expeditions to the Brecon Beacons and Galloway Hills, a residential with the RNLI, coaching youth football and community work in the Bradford Youth Town Council Architecture is a dream career for me I feel well prepared and confident to take the next step towards it From AS through to Foundation I have matured as a student and an individual, developed a confidence and set of skills in my creative work and above all nurtured a focus and enthusiasm to study architecture I am excited to continue this progression to degree level and beyond 17 ARCHITECTURE I vividly remember the moment when I knew I wanted to be an architect I had been taken to Barcelona to see ‘the wavy buildings’, at the time I didn’t know anything about Gaudí or his work so I was relatively unenthusiastic However, when I turned the corner onto the plaza where the Sagrada Familia is situated, I was instantly emerged in its grandeur From then on I was hooked, I never knew such awe inspiring structures existed; the shape and colour of the stone looked like it had been dredged up from the earth, as if it had always been there I knew then, I wanted to be a part of it I feel my choice of A-levels have geared me towards architecture Although I chose predominantly sciences and mathematics, I knew I needed a balance so I chose English, partly because I enjoy it but moreover I knew it would help me broaden my communication skills A fundamental part of architecture is communicating with engineers, technicians and of course colleagues; I also thought that it could help me articulate my annotations and concepts more effectively However, at the end of Year 12, it came to my attention that despite my AS in English, I did not have a true art related subject behind me I did not take art at GCSE and felt out of practice, so to remedy this I decided to take an AS in art in my spare time; not only to gain another qualification, but to nurture my creative side and develop my portfolio.Living in Newcastle has given me a diverse architectural upbringing I have tried to explore as much architecture as my means allow, even if it’s just following a cobbled street I have not yet been down or catching the train to a local cathedral city; such as Durham Newcastle itself is brimming with a myriad of different architectural styles and eras; from the classically inspired nineteenth century riverfront area, to modular, brutalist scars on the city’s skyline Traveling is a great interest of mine, visiting places which are considered ‘boring’ by some such as Prague, have been enthralling for me During the summer, I was privileged enough to go to Peru on a charity related expedition It was a lot of hard work to raise the thirty-thousand pounds to go; but it was certainly worth it Fundraising was often challenging; but one event stands out in my mind in particular Within our school, myself and the others in my team organised a mass charity bicycle ride in which all pupils would take turns on a series of static bikes to try to pedal the distance to Peru Calculating the distance the wheels moved was difficult, but I fashioned a device out of flexible card which would attach to the wheel Knowing the card’s width, it would pass though a light gate which would measure its velocity This paired with the circumference of the wheel and some technical know-how provided the distance This may not relate directly to architecture; but I feel it shows my ability to use my knowledge and adapt it to quite an abstract situation To put it in an architectural context, it shows I can think laterally and match a solution to a difficult scenario However, There is an obvious mathematical element to architecture and I believe this demonstrates my aptitude in that area.Our mission whist in Peru was to renovate a school building in a small mountain village I saw how the building was being put together and was astounded at how simple the methods of construction were Bottles filled with sticks and plastic bags helped make the foundations, but it was the resourcefulness of the exterior which was the most impressive For bricks they would simply pack mud into wooden moulds and leave to dry in the sun, they called them ‘adobes’ Architecture is as much an art form as it is a science and I believe I have the right mental balance of logic and a creative flare for design to be a successful architect I want to recreate the feeling that was born inside of me when I first gazed up that day, in every design I produce nanofarad's university choices University of Bath Cambridge University The University of Manchester The University of Edinburgh De Montfort University 18 ARCHITECTURE I am passionate about art and helping people I am pursuing architecture as a profession because I see it as a career path where the two meet Alvar Aalto said, “Building art is a synthesis of life in materialised form We should try to bring in under the same hat not a splintered way of thinking, but all in harmony together.” The desire to make the world a better place for people to live in has been the greatest influence in my pursuit of architecture as a profession Compassion has helped in my pursuit of architecture Last semester I was put on the Dean’s List for earning a grade point average over 3.50 with 18 units, but my grades haven’t always been good When I started architecture classes at El Camino, working to make a living was the highest priority Neither of my parents earned a college degree It was important for me to learn a trade and support myself I worked restaurant jobs and eventually became a server at an upscale restaurant I earned enough money to pay for rent, groceries and other living expenses, but I struggled to balance my education with work My grades were low and I dropped several classes, but I was still interested in learning I absolutely loved the architecture classes I took pride in my work, but I kept to myself in the campus studio Advanced students came to me and mentored me Without me asking for it, they kept coming back Eventually they helped me to feel at home in the studio, and I felt comfortable as an architecture student That made all the difference in my educational progress The character and determination I built from working restaurant jobs to pay for rent and food could be focused comfortably on my dream of architecture I have since committed myself to helping other students in the architecture studio succeed I volunteer to help when I can Outside of school I volunteer with The Sunshine Kids non-profit organization, which provides positive group activities and emotional support for young cancer patients I participate in Sunshine Kids events and help kids receiving cancer treatment have a good time At El Camino this has gone beyond helping classmates with homework I have found or made opportunities to help people in other ways I served a year as president of El Camino College’s Architecture Club, and I used my leadership to create programs and activities that take the interest of over one hundred fellow students beyond the classroom I led El Camino College’s Design Village teams in 2011 Going into the competition no team member had participated in Design Village or any extracurricular design/build competition like it Our goal was to see our structures, a design we create just like in class, become a livable structure on a windy hillside in San Luis Obispo We felt this was a valuable experience to our education as architecture students, but the school did not sponsor the teams and instructors were not able to oversee our operations The project was a challenge with several risks We needed to collaborate among ourselves to research a comfortable structure design that could be built on a very small budget, and we needed to be confident that it would not tumble down a hill, blow away in the wind, get washed away with rain, or fail us in any other way It was a challenge we enjoyed I met with local businesses to acquire building materials as donations, local architects to review the design, and a local engineer to check the design for its structural integrity We invested weeks into the idea of seeing our design become a real structure Every member sacrificed their entire spring break to build the structures and participate at the Design Village event, and because of all the hard work that went into the structures, sleeping in the structures didn’t seem like a risk I organized a group art show that allowed everyone in the architecture club the opportunity to display artwork in a professional gallery for one night I wanted fellow architecture students at El Camino to feel good embracing their creative interests, and I wanted art goers to notice that community college students are capable of more than just computer aided drafting – that there are in fact great minds at El Camino I collaborated with professional artists, local musicians, poets, promoters, and a newspaper to put the event together I initially funded all the costs of the event with my money I collected artwork and all the pieces in the gallery I found club members who took pride in their cooking and offered to bring in 19 homemade goods Everything on the night of the event was free Admission was free, the music was free, the refreshments were free, and artwork sales were free of commission The event gained so much momentum that a man volunteered to print t-shirts for the event He printed dozens of t-shirts and gave them away at the event for free All the architecture students that took the risk of showing their artwork were celebrated, and many of them told me they had a great time I know my future is in design innovation bringing solutions that improve the local and global environments My commitment to improving the lifestyles of people within my community, country and the planet was evident to my professors, as I was amongst only four students selected to participate on a paid internship program with the State Chancellor Office of California Community Colleges The DEEP program is a pilot program that takes a systems approach to teaching sustainability within a campus setting using buildings as pedagogical tools for learning about topics like energy efficiency, waste, transportation I am working alongside professors and the boards of student clubs to integrate and infuse sustainability into existing classes, researching topics for new curricula DEEP programs will provide me with an opportunity to earn the United States Green Building Council – Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design LEED Green Associate certification I am also writing a monthly newsletter to inspire the entire campus community to think critically about environmental issues California College of the Art’s values align perfectly with my personal values I want to well, and I want to be among the best I want to go to CCA because CCA students amazing work and because I believe the college’s values create the perfect environment for students to help each other succeed I see a connection between the work students and the environment created by the college’s value, and I feel offering wisdom gained through my experiences could contribute to the creative greatness at CCA Despite my youth I have been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity and challenges to project manage the Interior Design of Samuel Pepys, a pub and restaurant in Northamptonshire, by someone who was willing to give me the challenge and liked my vision for when I applied for the project This opportunity gave me a taste of how exciting Interior design is Experimenting with colours and furniture and working with carpenters and decorators For me the most intriguing aspect was choosing the furniture and ornaments practically and aesthetically I had to take into consideration how easily the chairs and tables can be cleaned; will they show up dirt easily? Are they versatile enough to be used at conferences? However the biggest part was choosing the colour scheme This was not only going to be used in the rooms but on the menus, pamphlets and business cards – This lead to me also working with graphic designers That said, I feel I have the foresight and maturity to realise to take this as my chosen career I need good computer skills in design and visual techniques to enhance any natural ability that I may possess And that is why I wish to an undergraduate’s degree in Interior Design/Architecture.Through my Grandmother who worked at Burghley house I became fixated in historical Interior Design When I was shown through the mesmerising Elizabethan rooms, they were so rich and intricately detailed with the hand sewn tapestries portraits and stunning patterned fabrics From that point onwards I have regularly visited stately homes and became a member of the national trust, with my favourite stately home being Wimpole Hall I took a particular interest into Alec Cobbe who redecorates historic British country houses He donated his design archives to the Victoria and Albert Museum which I visited in autumn last year In the summer of 2011 I did work experience at fired earth, gaining skills in creating professional mood boards – which I did for a family bathroom, and gaining costumer service skills During my time there I had the chance to sit in a client meeting for a fitted bathroom and see what clients were looking for and the way in which designs were put forward through computer animated design In addition I was given the challenge in designing an installation for a kitchen- choosing suitable colour schemes, tiles and fittings I also did visual window displays and delved into decorating This experience led me to become a shop assistant at the stationary Art shop Coleman’s (which I began in June 2013) with emphasis in framing orders and selling art equipment from my own knowledge as an 20 art student As a shop assistant I have to be charismatic and persuasive in selling products and have full knowledge of the products available that we sell What I enjoy most about my part time job is talking to costumers and giving them advice to what to buy Although selling a pen is different from selling a room, I have learnt how to be persuasive and put forward ideas clearly As well as being a shop assistant I have had three other jobs in waitressing –which i have done the last three years The main focus point from these jobs has been customer service and working in a team, I have to work efficiently and well under pressure I understand the importance of communicating with different clients and feel that I have gained confidence to fulfil that and talk to people at a professional level, and compose my ideas formally and clearly.I currently work sixty six hours a week including my part time jobs and college Due to the commitments to my jobs, I like to have a hardworking ethos I have had to constantly be able to manage deadlines and organisation skills due to my time at college and part time jobs It has allowed me to prepare and structure my times for when I am at university, And in full time work placements in the future.I am currently doing a foundation diploma in art and design at New College Stamford, the course is broad and covers a lot of art related subject I am currently learning about 3D sculpture design and taking a particular interest into spatial design and pattern designing What I have so far found to be beneficial from the subject is the structure of the course, and has given me perspective on what a university course would be similar to, especially because both are practical based, I have also learnt about what is expected from you as a student, self-discipline and meeting deadlines on time In addition I am also a representative to my art foundation course, showing that I can listen to what people have to say and take action I have the confidence to take leadership and represent groups ensuring that everybody contributes Before my time at Stamford, I went to Prince William School Oundle studying three A levels in Art, Textiles and religious studies This taught me to independently manage deadline dates and organisation skills A level proved to be most challenging that I succumbed and passed because of my determination I thoroughly enjoyed Art and Textiles coursework most because I could chose my own topics I drew a lot of inspiration from Neo Classical Architecture from trips to Rome, Paris and London.During my two years of studying textiles my coursework focused specifically into architecture In the first year I looked into my two favourite architects Preston Scott Cohen and Odile Decq I took inspiration from Cohen’s building ‘TEL AVIV MUSEUM OF ART’ from the way in which the rectangular whole’s in the wall play about with dimension almost to the state of confusion, With a simplistic interior and colour pallet of white and nudes allowing the architecture to be the main vocal part During my time studying A level Art, I looked into various artists such as Paul Klee, but there was one Artist that totally captivated me, with their piece ‘A Cold Dark Matter’ which was Cornelia Parkers Installation of an abstract exploded shed hanging from the ceiling What enchanted me about this piece was not the artwork itself but how, it filled the room, with its lighting and dramatic shadows against the otherwise bland walls creating an intense atmosphere That’s what enthrals me most about interior design- creating an atmosphere, one of my favourite quotes which is strictly follow is ‘ ‘ from the interior designer Sarah Ward, where her ethos is ‘simple’ In the future, my aim is to work for an interior design company such as because I work sufficiently well in teams and with other people I would even aim to pursue A career in Historical interior design or become self-employed.I have thought hard as to whether or not University was the correct avenue for me, but I feel that I gained enough experience, confidence and electrifying enthusiasm to pursue this degree Doing the interior design for the pub has really revealed to me how fascinating and captivating interior design is And with the beneficial experience that I have gained I feel that I can inject that into my work I know I will work exceptionally hard and if you would consider me for your university I will everything I can to be a creditable student, and get the best out of it libby96's university choices Northumbria University, University of Lincoln, The Arts Institute At Bournemouth, Falmouth University, Oxford Brookes University 21 ARCHITECTURE "The architect must be a prophet if he can't see at least ten years ahead don't call him an architect."Frank L Wright Architecture has become my way of life By noticing the buildings I see the architect and praise their work The elements which spark my enthusiasm are the subjects of continuous researching and the attention to detail for a building's form and function with its unique and characteristic styles: organic; modern; post-modern or minimalism Also, supplementary to this, architecture is the backbone of success in tourism in this country Furthermore, that what I gain from the interests is the satisfaction in the ability to realise peoples' dreams and create them in reality As a student, I have succumbed to respecting the architects that ever more I was fascinated with the Structural Mechanics class as we focused on loading that can disturb a building's stability; I excelled in the Conversion/Adaption to Buildings and Architecture Design/Sketch classes Upon building up my awareness to the industry, I grew in spirit to learn so much more and improve my writing skill, sketches and ideas With what was taught I was eager to commence the Graded Unit to prove myself I could manage on an imperative deadline I feel I have grown in responsibility as I have set priorities, marked deadlines, organised and positioned myself comfortably for study I was class representative during which attending meetings and discussions gave me confidence in my communication skills Being a student has awarded me with being proficient in my research: to know what I'm looking for, where I'm looking, and what is relevant is a fundamental asset for me to master Frank L Wright Charles R Mackintosh Frank Gehry Each play an important influential role in my work with their styles being unique and ahead of their time, inspiring me for more modern and less restrictive design-work I work in France during the Summer as a holiday courier Interacting with customers, as one would a client granted me the opportunity to sharpen my informative and organisational skills I have also achieved some practical knowledge from assisting in the Church creche, and with some people within the community with new-build and renovation works, consequently leading to a better understanding of on-site operations Chess A game where mind over matter prevails, determination and patience being the key driving force to success, and educates the mind with problem solving tactics and strategies I consider it an important hobby of mine I reigned as chess champion for six consecutive years, with forming my chess club, at Academy school Chess develops the mind to thinking more logically and methodically, which can in time improve stimulation of the mind for techniques to overcome such problems, teach patience, and introduce an open eye to not overlook situations This can be a benefit to the University standard Frank L Wright once explained that, "'Arch' means the top what does 'tect' mean? Technician knowing the way and the means-'tect' Architect-there you have the master of know-how." I understand what the University would be expecting of me as a student, but realising I may be that 'Master of know-how' from furthering my education, by taking that leap forward, inspires me to set down concrete commitments In the next ten years I hope to have achieved my goal, providing having graduated from the University with a degree after a long and exciting four years' journey, acquiring a secure job working for a respectfully well-known firm with experience in the office Reference: Patrick J Mechan, 1987 Truth Against The World: Frank Lloyd Wright 22 ARCHITECTURE Growing up in post-soviet Belarus I wasn't surrounded by the architectural wonders - all the buildings were dull and grey, therefore from early childhood I started drawing and making houses of my dreams I have been travelling a lot throughout my life and in every city I found buildings which truly excited me, for example: The Russell Hotel in London, The Selfridges Building in Birmingham, Trulli houses in Alberobello, 0-14 "Cheese" Tower in Dubai and El Capitolio in Havana While studying in Oxford, occasionally I tend to walk around narrow streets getting enchanted by laconically combined romanesque, gothic and modern architecture I was always interested in how architects come to such great ideas and develop them from an initial concept to the final piece To learn the basics of sketching I completed the academic drawing course in Minsk Art School There I gained skills in understanding light, penumbra, reflex and shadow, had to apply perseverance and diligence while perfecting my pencil still lifes In Oxford, on the contrary, I explored color theory and 3D, while inspired by Andy Warhol and Scott Specht Being a committed art student I make sure my projects are firstly carefully planned, then made in a relatively short period of time and aren't left until they meet all my objectives I enjoy combining techniques and materials, e.g making a house model led me to use balsa wood, foam board and plastic I have compared the effect of drawing a building in Minsk both in dull and in bright colors, evaluating the outcome and becoming a stronger critical thinker in the process Finishing specialized school in physics and mathematics, while also participating in Olympiads like "Kangaroo" and "Zubrenok", I developed sound technical skills, which I think are equally important for an architect While solving physical problems and conducting various experiments I consolidated my theoretical knowledge and improved reasoning skills Taking IB Geography opened my eyes on the issues of environmental contamination, fast-growing population and scarcity of resources My viewpoint on the world has altered after I read "Green Architecture" by James Wines - I have learnt that two-fifths of fossil fuels and a quarter of the wood harvest are used for construction purposes To me it is of major concern; there is a huge necessity to modify the architectural processes in order to provide sustainable environment for next generations In my Extended Essay I researched artistic ways of development of Belarusian Straw Art, which, as I concluded became symbolic for the country I got inspiration from folk craftsmen and enjoyed every minute of the investigation, developing evaluating skills During summer, I had an internship with Aresa Service in Minsk that lasted weeks I saw different sides of the profession and was convinced that being yourself in a creative way, listening and understanding the client, cooperating with engineers and builders is what I'm looking for As well as witnessing barely noticeable progression of new buildings I was involved in the process of reconstruction of Vankovich's homestead, watching the ways in which heritage can be preserved In parallel to my interest for built environment, I am keen about many more things I have been playing tennis for years, learning finding the fastest and at the same time the most strategic way to beat the opponent Meanwhile, I used to be captain of handball school squad for years what taught me how to apply leadership skills in real-life situations and work in team Being part of the Orientation this year I got a chance to show my enthusiasm for helping people and communicating with them I was also responsible for singing competition, picking up good singers, jointly writing up lyrics and achieving 2nd award at the end 23 Combining creative and logical skills in order to design human habitat in harmony with nature - this is what I expect from connecting my future with architecture Profile info This personal statement was written by Porcelain15 for application in 2012 Porcelain15's university choices The University of Manchester University College London The University of Nottingham 24 ... spite of my new and old speciality, I will graduate with a degree in Engineering Science since the course is run by the College of Engineering For my final assignment, I am working on a new town design... top students of University My course belongs to the Department of Urban Construction - College of Engineering, thus, I additionally gained some basic knowledge in this fields.To obtain a Bachelor... the course In Korea, the Landscape Architecture is run by Departament of Urban Planning and Civil Engineering and closely intercorrelates with Urban Design and Planning courses In my first semester
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