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1 Where (you /live) _? – I (live) in Xuan Hoa town What (he / do) now? – He (water) _flowers in his garden What (she /do) _? – She(be) a teacher 4. you (be) in 4A? – No,I (not be) _ Where (you/be) from? At the moment , my sisters (play) volleyball and my brother (play) soccer it is 9.00, my family (watch) _tv In the summer, I usually (go) to park with my friends and in the spring , we (have) Tet Holiday, I (be) happy because I always (visit) mygranparents 9. your father (go) _to work by bus ? 10 How (your sister/ go) to school? 11 What time (they /get up) _? 12 What (they /do) in the winter? 13.Today,we (have) English 14 Her favourite subject (be) English 15 Now, my brother (eat) _a banana 16 Look! Aman (call) _you 17 Keep silent ! I (listen) to radio 18.(you / play) _badminton now? 19 Everyday,my father (get up) _at 5.00 a.m but today ,he (get up) _ at 6.00a.m 20 Every morning , I (watch) _tv at 10.00 but today , I (listen) to music at 10.00 21 Everyday , I(go) to school by bike but today I go to school by motorbike 22 Every morning, my father (have) _a cup of coffe but today he (drink) milk 23 At the moment, I(read) _a book and my brother (watch) _ TV 24 Hoa (live) in Hanoi , Ha (live) in HCM City 25 Hung and his friend (play) _badminton 26 They usually (get up) _at 6.oo in the morning 27 Ha never(go) fishing in the winter but she always (do) .it in the summer 28 My teacher (tell) Hoa about Math 29 There(be) .animals in the circus 30.(he /watch) tv at 7.00 ever ymorning? 32 What (she /do) _at 7.00 A.m? 33 How old (she/be) _? 34 How (she /be) _? 35 My children (Go) to school by bike 36 We (go) _to supermarket to (buy) some food 37 Mr.Hung (go) to Hanoi every month 38 Ha (like) coffee, but I (not like) it 39 She (like) _ Tea,but she (not like) _ coffee 40 I (love) _ catbut I (not love) dog 41 Everyday ,I (go) _to school on foot , but today I (go) _to school by bike 42 Who (you /wait) _for, Vien? - I (wait) _for Mr.Hung 43 My sister (get) .dressed and (brush) _her teeth at 6.30 everyday 44 Mrs.Huong (not live) _in town She (live) in a house in the country 45 How (your children /go) _to school everyday? 46 It’s o’clock in the morning Lien (be) in her room.She (listen) to music 47 We (play) _soccer in the yard now 48 My father (go) .to work by bike.Sometimes he(walk) 49 (You /live) near a market? - It (be) noisy? 50 Now I (eat) _an apple and Hoa (listen) _.to music 51 At the moment ,Nam and his friends (go) _shopping 52 In the autumn, I rarely (go) sailing and (go) to school 53 I (write) _.a letter to my friend now 54 At 12 a.m every day, I (have) _lunch and (go) to bed 55 On Monday, I (have) .math and Art 56 On Friday, I (have) English 57 At the moment, I (eat) .an orange and My sisters (Play) Tennis 58.(her bag /be) ? – No,they(not be) 59 What time (your children /go) to school? 60 He (live) in HCM City 61 What time (your brother /get) _up? 62 My house (be) _in the city and it (be) _small 63 Every morning , we (have) breakfast at 7.00 a.m 64 This (be) a book and there (be) _pens 65 Mr.Quang (live) _in the country His house (have) _a garden 66 Viet (not have) Literature on Friday 67 What time (you /start) your class? 68 (you /be) in class 4A? 69 Mrs.Ha (learn) _in Hanoi but she (not live) in Ha Noi 70 My brother (not live) in London , he (live) in Manchester 71 Now, Mr.Long (draw) his house 72 He (like) APPLES but he (not like) _banana 73. _she (like) apples? 74 Usually,I (have) lunch at 12.00 - (you /have) _lunch at 11.00? 75 He can (swim) _but I can’t(swim) _ 76 At the moment , my sister (read) _a book 77 I (like) ice-cream 78 Where (Mr Ha /live) _? 79 The monkey can (climb) _ the tree 80 Hang (go) to the bookshop now because she (want) some book 81 We (go) _to market and (buy) _some fruits 82 Now, Lan (study) English and Lien (listen) to music 83 Everynight , she (have) dinner at 7.00 p.m 84 Every year, I usually (go) Vietnam 85 In the summer, I sometimes (go) swimming 86 Every everning, my mother (watch) _television 87 Lan (have) _breakfast and (go) _to school at 6.30a.m 88 We (not read) _after lunch 89 Tom (be) _my friend He (play) sports everyday 90 (your students /play) soccer every afternoon? 91 He (go) _to bed at 11.30 p.m 92 They (go) _home and (have) _lunch 93 (he /play) sports? 94 He (teach) _in a big school in town 95 Everyday she (go) to work by bike 96 We usually (read) books,(listen) to music or (watch) _TV 97 Sometimes, I (play) badminton 98 Ann(like) her job very much 99 (your mother/walk) _to market? 100 Look! They (run) _ 101 Listen! My mother (sing) a song 102 Everynight, We (go) to bed at 10p.m 103 Giang (like) _Music but I (like) Math 104 Now , they (stay) _in Hue 105 My father (read) a newspaper in the morning 106 Look!Ha (run) 107 Trang usually (listen) to the teacher in the class, but she (not listen) _now 108 Where (your father/be) ? - He (be) _ living room He (watch) TV 109.(they /go) to school by bus today? 110 There (be) _many flowers in our garden 111 Everyday, Mr.Hung (not go) _to work by car 112 In the autumn, I rarely (go) _ sailing and (go) to school 113 I (write) _ a letter to my friend now 114 At 12 a.m every day, I (have) _ lunch and (go) to bed 115 On Monday, I (have) math and Art 116 On Friday, I (have) English 117 At the moment, I (eat) an orange and My sisters (play) Tennis 118 Now, He (look) _ his cat It (eat) _ a mouse in the garden 119 Phong, An , Ha, Lan (be) close friend 120.(your mother/walk) to market? 121 It (be) 10.00.We (learn) _our lesson 122 What (you /do) now? 123.(your mother /walk) _ to work every day? 124 They (not play) soccer in the morning 125 (Hai/work) _in the garden at the moment? 126 My brother (do) _his homework in his room now He (do) it every day 127 James and his brother soccer at the moment.They _ it every afternoon.(play) 128 Where (the old man /live) now? 129 Mr.Smith often (teach) class 4A, but this morning he (teach) _class 4B 130 It’s 7.30 now She (study) _ science in the classroom
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