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Music is one of the most popular sources of entertainment and an indispensable part of people today As a teenager, I can see a lot of states of people, who are my friends, when they listen to music such as when they hang out, shopping, study, and even when they go to the toilet From that, we can know that music plays an essential role in our everyday life We listen to music everyday and even sometimes not releaze it Even if you listen to it everyday, and music is real good; but have you ever ask that why is music important to us? For some reasons, which I mention below is what I think is the answer for me First, music can makes people calm and have more energy In this complexed community, a person can have a dozen of things to In my country, Vietnam, most of the students have to go to 1-2 or even three extra classes after a hard-working hours at school A housewife can have many housework and sometimes doesn’t have enough time to relax But music comes out as a way for avoiding from being more tired and remaining fresh It also helps us to get off hurtness, relieved and bring joy to us Second reason is the last one but I think it’s a really important one is music is like a passion, a source of life For me, I have a big passion with music If you are the same like me I think you understand the feeling The feeling of how music encourage you; the feeling that you and music join to Why there are some celebrities like Toc Tien, who leave family to live with her dream and passions It has to be an important reason From my knowledge, music is from high value because it can bring persons to the peaceful and clam point and imply a good sense which feed on their souls Furthermore, now people are more excited with plentiful styles of music than before they were
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