Anh 12. Bài kiểm tra 1 tiết, HK 2

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ENGLISH 12 YEAR 2008- 2009 ENGLISH WRITTEN TEST (Time allowed: 45 minutes) Full name: ……………………………………. Test date: ………………… PHONETICS (1 POINT) Questions 1-4. Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others. 1. A. opponent B. post C. foul D. goal 2. A. ball B. crossbar C. shark D. garden 3. A. personally B. swallow C. terrorist D. sure 4. A. awarded B. scored C. ejected D. digested VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR (3 POINTS) Questions 5-12. Put the verbs in brackets in the right form. Write your answers in the spaces provided. 5. Yesterday they _______________ (penalize) for showing up late for class. 6. John was the last man _______________ (reach) the top of the mountain. 7. If I _______________ (realize) that Greg wanted to get up early, I would have woken him up. 8. When I came to see her yesterday, she _______________ (read) a magazine. 9. When my father was young, he used ______________ (get) up early to do the gardening. 10. The television should _______________ (repair). It’s not working now. 11. What _______________ (you often/ do) in the evening? 12. If the company offers me the job, I think I _______________ (take) it. Questions 13-16. Complete the following sentences with the right form of the words in brackets. Write your answers in the spaces provided. 13. Water polo is played in a pool that is 1.8 metres in _______________. DEEP 14. Books in the home are a wonderful source of _______________ and pleasure. KNOW 15. Television brings you all the _______________ and stories with colour, picture and action. INFORM 16. Gases from factories are extremely _______________. HARM READING (1.25 POINT) Questions 17-21. Read and circle the correct answer to best complete the following passage. It is difficult to know how many elephants once lived in the continent, but there (17) _______ at least 3-5 million elephants in Africa in the early part of the twentieth century. People have always hunted elephants for meat, hides and ivory. As the human population grew and weapons became more advanced, elephants were under greater (18) _______. In the late 1970s and early 1980s there was a huge decline in the number of elephants (19) _______ the increase in poaching. It is estimated that there are now about 500,000 elephants and they are living in a small number of countries. A ban (20) _______ on all international trade in ivory in 1989, and many governments started to give poachers severe punishments. Thanks to such timely actions, some elephant populations, especially those in southern Africa, have recovered over the last decade. (21) _______, numerous threats remain for Africa’s elephants. 17. A. may be B. might be C. may have been D. must be 18. A. threat B. threaten C. threatened D. threatening 19. A. because B. in view C. since D. due to 20. A. has been given B. give C. was given D. gave 21. A. But B. However C. Therefore D. So WRITING (2.25 POINTS) Questions 22-25. In these sentences, each one has an error. Circle and correct it. 22. President Ho Chi Minh is famous for a great leader. _____________________________ 23. That must be Jenny’s father, isn’t it? _____________________________ 24. It’s surprised to hear the competition results. _____________________________ 25. Gold, as well as silver, has been risen in price. _____________________________ Questions 26-30. Rewrite the sentences in such a way that they have the same meaning as the original ones. 26. The coat is too small for him to wear. → The coat isn’t ___________________________________________________________________ 27. It was such a boring film that she fell asleep. → The film was ___________________________________________________________________ 28. Today American women often earn their own money. → Today American women are used ___________________________________________________ 29. Uruguay defeated Argentina by 4 to 2 in the first World Cup. → Argentina ______________________________________________________________________ 30. Lee is more polite to people than Ben. → Ben is not ______________________________________________________________________ LANGUAGE FOCUS (2.5 POINTS) Questions 31-40. Choose the option that best completes the sentence. 31. The movie itself was not very good, _______ I like the music. A. and B. therefore C. so D. but 32. Who was Tom with when you saw him? - Nobody. He was _______ his own. A. in B. on C. with D. at 33. Are you _______ in soccer? A. interested B. keen C. fond D. excited 34. It is too noisy here. Can we go somewhere _______? A. more quietly B. quietly C. quieter D. quite 35. It was _______ weather that we spent the whole day at the beach. A. such nice a B. such nice C. so nice a D. so nice 36. Work hard _______ you will not get enough money for the family. A. if B. unless C. but D. or 37. Florida, _______ the sunshine State, attracts many tourists every year. A. that is known as B. that is C. known as D. is 38. The grass is wet. It _______ last night. A. used to rain B. rains C. would rain D. must have rained 39. Tomatoes can be used _______ as a salad green or as a cooking vegetable. A. such B. both C. either D. neither 40. Did you read _______ book I lent you _______ last week? A. a __ Ø B. the __ Ø C. Ø _ the D. the __ the - THE END - . ENGLISH 12 YEAR 20 08- 20 09 ENGLISH WRITTEN TEST (Time allowed: 45 minutes) Full name: ……………………………………. Test date: ………………… PHONETICS (1 POINT) Questions 1- 4 gardening. 10 . The television should _______________ (repair). It’s not working now. 11 . What _______________ (you often/ do) in the evening? 12 . If the
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