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http://tailieuso.com/ Date: 20th, Aug 2008 To: Human Resources Manager Vietclever JSC Room 1708 - Building 18T1 - Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, Ha Noi Dear Ms Thao, I have learnt that you are recruiting more staff for your office I am writing to you to apply for the position Accountant cum Secretary As you will see from my CV., I have graduated from Hanoi University of Commerce and holding a diploma on Business Administration I’m studying the second qualification in Accounting Finance Department I have good knowledge of accounting, book keeping and be able to care for office duties, organizing skill as well as very good knowledge of computer processing It has been my great desire to seek for a new challenge job working in an development office in order to widen my knowledge and learn more I firmly believe that with my knowledge and hard working manner I will get a lot of value to your Organization I am now a similar position in abTech Co., Ltd I am sure that I will get used to the responsibilities and the working environment in your office very soon I am enclosing herewith the supporting reference and copies of the degrees for your kind consideration I hope that you will schedule me for an interview at your earliest convenience Thank you very much for reading my letter I’m looking forward to hearing from you Yours faithfully, NGUYEN THU HOAI
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