order of adjectives in english 2

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English Banana.com Test Your Grammar Skills Order of Adjectives in English The order of adjectives is wrong in each sentence Write the order of adjectives correctly: I was reading an newspaper interesting old article _ It’s going to be a major TV new series _ Do you want a glass of apple yummy freshly-made juice? His uncle had a blue and white splendid cotton handkerchief I bought a set of painted miniature Estonian portraits _ Hugh used to be such an young skinny unpleasant guy _ We had seen mountain rocky majestic peaks _ George slid down the curved Victorian red banister He hadn’t been down that dirt long bumpy road for a while _ 10 Mum has just thrown out that brown old ugly pair of slippers _ 11 Dan hadn’t met the Spanish slim 18-year-old waitress before 12 We partied in an Mexican beach exclusive resort _ 13 Frank will’ve won a teddy furry cuddly bear _ 14 He’s discovered an techno astonishing new producer 15 I was trying on an work cotton extra-large shirt _ 16 The festival featured an short comedy offbeat film _ 17 They had a long-distance difficult relationship 18 The family will enjoy a sleigh Christmas magical ride _ 19 We’d like to create a large living roomy room _ 20 The archaeologist revealed an ancient unusual Mayan ritual _ For more fun worksheets, games, and quizzes log onto www.englishbanana.com now! This worksheet can be photocopied and used without charge Big Grammar Book Intermediate Book
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