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I I �, ,� l_) ) '1 BQ GIAO DlJC VA DAO T�O , �J5:_9_k L �L\.��UONG D�I HQC SUP� KY THU�T TP HO CHi MINH � , - , � , , I I BAO cAo KHOA HOC • DE TAl: I NGHIEN cUu xA Y Du'NG CHu'ONG TRINH ' " � � A' � DAO TAO MOT SO NGHE PHO BIEN CHO Lu'C Lu'ONG LAO DONG DAN T0C KHMER ' � � " VUNG DONG BANG SONG CUU LONG • • • • • • Ma • ! , so: ? B2008 - 22 - 23 · · �Tr�r·F".· , 1nU \ ·�t·· · _\ � _._._,_ • TD ·::DKT · ··' · -· - Thanh pha HJ Chi Minh, thting nam 2009 I I BAO cAo KHOA HOC • Nghien ctru xay dl)llg chuong trinh dao t�o m()t s6 ngh€ ph6 bi�n cho hJc luqng lao d()ng dan t()c Khmer vung D6ng b�ng song Ciru Long Mas6: B2008 - 22 - 23 TD Chti nhiem dS tai: PGS TS Phung Ran Cac vien: TS Dd M�nh Cuc t€ va n�n kinh t€ thi truang, a nuac ta dang di�n ba v�n d� n6ng cfrn dugc quan tam giai quy€t D6 hi: ) Khoang each giau- ngheo c6 xu huang gia tang; 2) V�n d� nong dan, nong nghi�p va nong thon truac chu truang cong nghi�p h6a va thi h6a nong thon; 3) v�n d� dan t()c D� tai v� dan t()c Khmer a vilng nong thon D6ng b�ng song Ctru Long c6 y nghia c�p thi€t va thl)'C te Vai tu duy: nang cao ch�t lugng ngu6n nhan ll)'c ( nang cao trinh d9 van h6a va trinh d() ngh� nghi�p} la don bAy cho vi�c giai quy€t ba v�n d� tren m()t each b�n viing D� tai da xay dl)'ng dugc ca sa ly lu�n, ca sa phap ly d€ dinh huang cho cac buac nghien cful ti�p theo ( chuang II) Nh�m hinh dung buc tranh thl)'c tr�ng v� ngu6n nhan ll)'c nguai Khmer Nam B(); d� tai da ti€n hanh thu th�p lugng thong tin, sf> li�u kha phong phu va toan di�n b�ng cac phi€u di�u tra khao sat, thong qua Vi�c huang dftn cac lu�n van cao hQC va duai hinh thuc h()i thao khoa hQc ( chuang III) • • I I Tren ca sa phan tich buc tranh hi�n tr�ng ngu6n nhan ll)'c k€t hgp vai cac chu truang, chinh sach cua Dang va Nha nuac cac c�p, d� tai da d� xu�t bay nh6m giai phap mang tinh t6ng hgp nh�m tirng buac cai thi�n ngu6n nhan ll)'c nguai dan t()c Khmer vilng D6ng b�ng song Ctru Long ( chuang IV) 19 Trong trinh bay giai phap t6ng th€, khau ph6 cap ngh� cho nguai lao d()ng la khau dang bo ngo dUQ'C ChQn lam khau dot pha va ffil)C tieu d� tai cfrn d�t d€n di�u ki�n cho phep v� thai gian va kinh phi Ph6 c�p ngh� b�g hinh thuc dao t�o ngh� ng�n h�n dugc tri€n khai buac ddu vai m()t sf> ngh� ph6 bi�n- Ngh� ph6 bi€n la ngh� rna cfing cfrn bi�t va la ca sa cong nghi�p h6a, hi�n d�i h6a nong nghi�p va nong.thon, nhihlg ngh� rna ti�m nang hi�n c6 cua dja phuang hoan toan chu d()ng thl)'c hi�n dugc - D6 la ngh� da dugc bien so�n chuang trinh ( chuang V) • Nh�m dua k€t qua nghien CUu vao thl)'C t€, d� tai da t6 chuc h(}i thao khoa hQC danh gia k€t qua thl)'C hi�n dugc va kY k€t van ban ph6i hgp tri€n khai ( Ky y€u h()i thao lfrn 25/ 91 2009) »2 tai mong muan gop mpt phin vao vi?c xoa iloi gitim ngheo, giup ngtrlli dan tpc Khmer nang cao nang life phtit triin theo phtrtmg cham "Ly nong bfit ly htrtmg" ABSTRACT In the context of international integration and market-based economy, there are three urgent issues to be solved in our country They are: ) the growing gap between the rich and the poor, 2) farmers, agriculture and rural areas vs the policy of industrialization and rural urbanization, and 3) the issue of ethnic people's identity The issue of Khmer people in the Mekong Delta rural areas is one of practical and pressing importance Reasoning that upgrading the quality of the human resources (improving the educational level and technical knowledge/skills) is instrumental in sustainably solving the three above-mentioned problems, the authors have established a rationale and legal basis to orientate the next research steps (Chapter II) To figure out the actual situation of Khmer manpower in the southern provinces, the authors have gathered substantial and comprehensive data, using survey questionnaires, supervising Master' s theses, and organizing scientific seminars (Chapter Ill) Based on a thorough analysis of this actual situation and the existing guidelines and policies of the Vietnamese Communist Party and government organizations at different levels, the authors have proposed seven groups of overall solutions aimed at gradually improving Khmer human resources in the region (Chapter IV) In the framework of this overall master plan, the issue of "popularization of vocational education", which still has not received adequate attention, has been chosen as our breakthrough solution, the objective to be achieved within our time and financial budget Popularization of vocational education through short training courses initially focuses on some "popular jobs" - jobs which everybody needs to know and serve as the foundation for the industrialization and modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and which the localities are fully capable of training with their existing potentials These include the jobs, for which training curricula have been designed (Chapter V) To implement the research study results, the authors have organized a scientific serp.inar to evaluate their achievements and sign implementation coordination contracts (Summary record of the second scientific seminar - 25 09.2009) The authors wish to contribute to hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, helping Khmer people in the Mekong Delta with their capacity development following the maxim "Leaving agriculture, staying on the farm" MucLuc • • CHVdNG I: NHUNG VAN DE CHUNG Tinh c�p thi�t va th\IC ti�n cua de tai Mvc tieu nghien Ctru 3 Nhi�m V\1 nghien Ctru 4 D6i tuQ'll g va khach th� nghien Ctru 4 D6i tuQ'llg nghien Ctru 4.2 K.hach th� nghien Ctru Gia thuy�t nghien Ctru Phuan.g phap nghien Ctru 1 Giai h�n de tai CHVONG II: Cd SOLY LUAN CUA VAN DE NGHIEN clru T6ng quan tai li�u 2.2 Nhfmg khai ni�m va dinh nghia lien quan 2.2 Nghe va nghe truyen th6ng 2.2 Lang nghe truyen th6ng 2.3 Vai tro, tac d
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