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TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI Trong câu h i sau ây, m i câu có t ho c c m t c g ch chân, ó có t hay c m t sai Hãy xác nh t hay c m t ó (A, B, C ho c D) Each of the nurses report to the operating room when his or her name is called A of the B report C his or her name D is called Species like snakes, lizards, coyotes, squirrels, and jack rabbits seems to exist quite happily in the desert A like B seems to C quite happily D the The Commitments of Traders Report is released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on eleventh day of each month A released by B on eleventh C of D month Mary and her sister just bought two new winters coats at the clearance sale A her sister B just bought C two new D winters It is the role of the National Bureau of Standards to establish accurate measurements for science, industrial, and commerce A It is B establish C measurements D industrial While verbalization is the most common form of language in existence, humans make use of many others systems and techniques to express their thoughts and feelings A the most common form B existence C others systems D to express For the first time in the history of the country, the person which was recommended by the president to replace a retiring justice on the Supreme Court is a woman TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI A which B was recommended C to replace D retiring The Greek historian Herodotus reported that one hundred thousand men are employed for twenty years to build the Great Pyramid at Gizeh A are B for C to build D at Gizeh It was her, Elizabeth I, not her father, King Henry, who led England into the Age of Empire A her B her father C who D led 10 Even on the most careful prepared trip, problems will sometimes develop A Even B careful C trip D will sometimes 11 State universities bear the name of their state, and its achievements are recognized as state achievements A bear B their C its D are 12 Narcissus, a character in mythology, gazed at his own image in a pool so ardently that he fell into itself and downed A a character in mythology B his own C that D into itself 13 I not know where could he have gone so early in the morning A could he have B gone C so early D in the 14 In 1961, America's first manned spacecraft launched TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI A In B America's C manned D launched 15 Today's job seekers are confronted with such question as "Are you computer literate?" and "Can you set up a data base?" A job B confronted C such question D set up 16 Nuclear powers production in the US is controlled by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission A powers B is C controlled D the 17 What happened in New York were a reaction from city workers, including firemen and policemen who had been laid off from their jobs A What happened B were C including D their 18 The Indians of the southwestern United States are famous for their beautiful art work, especially handmade jewelry cast from silver, carved from stones, or decorations with beads and feathers A are B art work C especially D decorations 19 Alfalfa is a nutritious crop rich in proteins, minerals, and with vitamins A Alfalfa is B nutritious C rich in D with vitamins 20 When I last saw Janet, she hurried to her next class on the other side of the campus and did not have time to talk A I last B hurried C the other D did not have TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI 21 Writers and media personnel sell theirselves best by the impression given in their verbal expression A personnel B theirselves C by the D expression 22 The disposable camera, a single-use camera preloaded with print film, has appeared in the late 1980s, and has become very popular A a B preloaded with C has appeared D has become chemical 23 A largely percentage of Canadian export business is with the United States A largely B of C is D with 24 Pollution, which affects nearly all countries, increase the risk of disease as well as harming the environment A which affects B increase C of D harming the environment 25 Some people think that the desire to wear sunglasses are more a need to impress than to protect the eyes A that B are C than to D the 26 The artist tried stimulate interest in painting by taking his students to the museums A stimulate B interest in C by taking D to the 27 The Pilgrims were 102 English emigrants whom, after arriving on the Mayflower, became the first European settlers in New England A whom B arriving C became D the first TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI 28 All the scouts got theirselves ready for the long camping trip by spending their weekends living in the open A all B theirselves C the D living 29 After to have won the light-heavyweight title at the 1960 Olympic Games, Muhammad Ali began to box professionally A to have B at the C began D professionally 30 The information officer at the bank told his customers that there was several different kinds of checking accounts available A at the bank B told C that D there was 31 A turtle differs from all other reptiles in that its body is encased in a protective shell of their own A from B other C their D own 32 If a rash occurs within twenty-four hours after taking a new medication, the treatment should discontinued A occurs B after taking C medication D should discontinued 33 Oil whale lamps were replaced by kerosene lamps in 1860's and the multi-million dollars whale industry came to an end A Oil whale B were replaced C multi-million D came 34 Before becoming successful, Charles Kettering, former vice president of General Motors, was so poor that he has to use the hayloft of a barn as a laboratory A successful B so poor TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI C has to D as 35 A calorie is the quantity of heat required to rise one gallon of water one degree centigrade at one atmospheric pressure A A calorie B is C required D to rise 36 It is believed that a people could live on Mars with little life support because the atmosphere is similar to that of Earth A a people B live C Mars D that 37 A few tiles on Skylab were the only equipments that failed to perform well in outer space A A few B were C equipments D to perform 38 By the mid-nineteenth century, land was such expensive in large cities that architects began to conserve space by designing skyscrapers A By the mid-nineteenth century B such expensive C conserve D by designing 39 The Board of Realtors doesn't have any informations about the increase in rent for this area A informations B about C increase D in rent 40 The prime rate is the rate of interest that a bank will charge when it borrows money to its best clients A charge B it C borrows D its 41 The purchased of Louisiana was one of the biggest events in the history of the United States TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI A purchased B was C events D history 42 If the project is finished on time, the federal government won't award the company further contracts A If B on C award D further 43 Stuart stopped to write his letter because he had to leave for the hospital A to write B because C leave D for the hospital 44 Fertilize farmland is one of the biggest natural resources in the Central States A Fertilize B one C biggest D in 45 If England had not imposed a tax on tea two hundred and twenty years ago, will the United States have remained part of the British Commonwealth? A If B imposed C ago D will 46 The decision to withdraw all support from the activities of the athletes are causing an uproar among the athlete's fans A to withdraw B all support C are causing D among 47 As the demand increases, manufacturers who previously produced only a large, luxury car is compelled to make a smaller model in order to compete in the market A previously B is C to make D a smaller model 48 Mirrors done of shiny metal were used by the Egyptians in ancient times TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI A done B were used C in D times 49 The bridge was hitting by a large ship during a sudden storm last week A was hitting B during C sudden D last 50 Because not food is as nutritious for a baby as its mother's milk, many women are returning to the practice of breast feeding A not food B as nutritious C as D many 51 Scientific fish farming, known as aquaculture, has existed for more than 4000 years, but scientists who make research in this field are only recently providing the kind of information that growers need to increase production A known as B more than C make D to increase 52 Because early balloons were at the mercy of shifting winds, they are not considered a practical means of transportation until the 1850s A Because B shifting C are D until the 1850s 53 Many American childrens learned to read the more than 120 million copies of McGuffy's Reader A childrens B to read C the D more than 54 To improvement the stability of the building, a concrete foundation two feet thick must be installed A improvement B stability C feet D installed TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI 55 In his early days as a direct, Charlie Chaplin produced 62 short, silent comedy films in four years A his B direct C short, silent D in four 56 Did they tell you that has in our town an excellent beach less than a mile from the campus? A Did they B has C an D less than 57 George is not enough intelligent to pass this economics class without help A enough intelligent B to pass C this D economics 58 A City University Professor reported that he discovers a vaccine which has been 80 percent effective in reducing the instances of tooth decay among small children A discovers B which C in reducing D among 59 Find in 1933, The New York Sun was the first successful penny newspaper A Find B was C the first D newspaper 60 A new form of cocaine, crack attacks the nervous system, brain, and bodily in a sharper fashion than cocaine A form B attacks C bodily D sharper 61 Denver is call the "Mile High City" because it is at an altitude of 5,280 feet, or one mile, above sea level A call B it is C an altitude D feet TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI 62 The common field mouse is about four inches long and has a three-inched tail A common B field C long D three-inched 63 There is some scissors in the desk drawer in the bedroom if you need them A is B scissors C in D in 64 Industrial lasers are most often used for cutting, welding, drilling, and measure A Industrial B most often C for D measure 65 The masterpiece "A Christmas Carol" wrote by Charles Dickens in 1843 A The B wrote C by D in 66 Many of the characters portrayed by writer Joyce Carol Oates is mentally ill A Many of B portrayed C is D mentally 67 Nobody had known before the presentation that Sue and her sister will receive the awards for outstanding scholarship A had known B the C will receive D the 68 The bell signaling the end of the first period rang loud, interrupting the professor's closing comment's A signaling B loud C interrupting D closing 69 The vase has the same design, but it is different shaped from that one A the same TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI B primarily C painting D fine 98 The first postage stamp, issued on May 6th 1860, in England it was the Penny Black, which featured a profile of Queen Victoria A issued B it was C the D featured 99 According to some scientists, the earth losing its outer atmosphere because of pollutants A According to B losing C its D because of 100 Before dinosaurs became extinct, plant life is very different on Earth A became B is C very D different 101 The school board decided to suspend the new teacher who late to proctor the final examination A decided B to C late D the final 102 Ralph has called his lawyer last to tell him about his problems, but was told that the lawyer had gone to a lecture A has called B to tell C that D had gone 103 Boys cannot become Cub Scouts unless completed the first grade A Boys B become C unless completed D the first grade 104 Whereas Earth has one moon, the planet call Mars has two small ones A Whereas TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI B has C call D ones 105 The famous Jim Thorpe won both the pentathlon or decathlon in the 1912 Olympic Games A The famous B won C or D in 106 The actress was supposed to should attend the film premier but she became ill at the last moment A was B should attend C became D at 107 Computers, who keep constant track of inventories and handle all billing, have become the backbone of the large business firms A who B constant C track D have become 108 The indiscriminate and continual use of any drug without medical supervision can be danger A use of B without C medical D danger 109 Accountants are always busiest on April because both federal and state taxes are due on the fifteenth A Accountants B on April C and D on the fifteenth 110 They said that the man jumped off of the bridge and plunged into the freezing water A that B jumped C of D plunged into 111 Fishing have been found to contain a particular type of fat that may help lower blood cholesterol levels TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI A Fishing B to contain C that D levels 112 The best way to eliminate a pest is to controlling the food accessible to it A The best B to controlling C food accessible D it 113 My brother is who wrote the spy story upon which the movie we saw was based A is B wrote C upon D the movie we 114 The harder he tried, the worst he danced before the large audience A tried B worst C danced D large 115 The taxi driver told the man to don't allow his disobedient son to hang out the window A taxi driver B told the man C to don't allow D to hang out 116 From 1785 to 1790, the capital of the U.S will be located in New York City A the B capital C will be D located 117 Jim was upset last night because he had to too many home works A upset B because C had to D many home works 118 We decided together with other members of the Astronomy Club to stay up all night to work the full noon next A together with B other TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI C up D next 119 They are known that colds can be avoided by eating the right kind of food and taking exercise regularly A They are known B be avoided C by D regularly 120 Because of his physical, Ben was able to lift the car out of the way A Because of B physical C able to D out of 121 After Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin in 1793, the cotton market had boomed A invented B in 1793 C the D had boomed 122 In 1975, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average life expectancy for people born during that year is 72.4 years A according to B born C during D is 123 The Department of Foreign Languages are not located in the new building opposite the old one A The B are C in D opposite 124 After talks in Copenhagen yesterday, the Secretary of State returning to Washington A After B talks C the D returning 125 Natural gas is compose of hydrocarbon molecules that break apart into hydrogen and carbon atoms when heated A compose B that break TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI C apart into D when heated 126 Without alphabetical order, dictionaries would be impossibility to use A dictionaries B be C impossibility D to use 127 Sharks differ from other fish in that their skeletons are made of cartilage instead bone A differ from B other fish C are made D instead 128 John's wisdom teeth were troubling him, so he went to a dental surgeon to see about having them pull A were troubling B to see about C them D pull 129 Grandma Moses having been able to continue farming, she might never have begun to paint A having B farming C begun D paint 130 An increasing number of office works use computer programs as daily routine A increasing B of C works D daily 131 Among the world's 44 richest countries, there has been not war since 1945 A Among the B richest C there D not 132 New universities are being establish at a slower rate nowadays due to the lack of federal and state funds A are being B establish TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI C slower D due to the 133 As you come to each town, however small, you will see a sign which states the name of the town and how many inhabitants does it have A As B however small, C will D does it have 134 Mumps are a very common disease which usually affects children A are B common disease C which D usually 135 The first professional baseball game it took place in 1846 when the New York Nine defeated the New York Knickerbockers 23 to A The first B it C when the D defeated 136 The statement will be spoken just one time; therefore, you must listen very careful in order to understand what the speaker has said A will be spoken B very careful C to understand D what 137 One kinds of tool that was popular during the Stone Age was a flake, used for cutting and scraping A kinds of tool B was C was D for cutting 138 One can only live without water for about ten days because almost 60 percent of their body is water A for B because C their D is 139 Each salmon remember the precise taste of the water in which it hatched A remember B the precise TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI C it D hatched 140 The church it was open, and the choir was having a last minute rehearsal A it B open C was having D last minute 141 More than 300 different kinds of nails is manufactured in the United States A More than B kinds C is D manufactured 142 According to the experts, genetic inheritance is probability the most important factor in determining a person's health A genetic B probability C the most D determining 143 According to the graduate catalog, student housing is more cheaper than housing off campus A According B is C more cheaper D than 144 Before creating the telegraph, Samuel Morse made their living as a painter A creating B made C their D as 145 His secretary called inform us he would be late for the meeting A inform B would be C late D for 146 Because of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the United States begin to realize the true value of the Louisiana territory A Because B begin C the true value TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI D territory 147 It was only after 1815 that a distinctive American literature had begun to appear with writers like Washington Irving and James Fenimore Cooper A It was B that C had begun D to appear 148 Much Civil War battles were fought in Virginia than in other state A Much B were fought C other D state 149 Had the committee members considered the alternatives more carefully, they would have realized that the second was better as the first A Had the committee members B more carefully C second was D as the first 150 Mr Peters used to think of hisself as the only president of the company A think B hisself C as the only D of the company 151 In England as early as the twelfth century, young boys enjoyed to play football A In England B as early as C twelfth century D to play 152 For many years, scientists studying the effects that the sun has on human skin A For B studying C that D on human skin 153 Underutilized species of fish has been proposed as a solution to the famine in many underdeveloped countries A Underutilized B has been C as D to the famine TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI 154 People in the world differ in his beliefs about the cause of sickness and health A differ B his C about D and 155 In the 1840s, hundreds of families pioneer moved west in their covered wagons A In the B hundreds C families pioneer D their 156 The United States has a younger population as most other major industrial countries A has B as C other D countries 157 Tea did not become popular in Europe until the mid 17th century when it has been first imported to England and Holland A did not become B it C has been D first 158 She must retyping the report, before she hands it in to the director of financing A retyping B before C hands it in D to the 159 Sloths spend most of its time hanging upside down from trees and feeding on leaves and fruit A most B its C feeding D fruit 160 Since the average age of families has fallen, therefore more and more women have been able to join the labor force A has fallen, B therefore C have been D the labor 161 There is fewer rainfall on the West Coast of the United States than on the East Coast TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI A fewer B rainfall C the West Coast D the East Coast 162 Champlain founded a base at Port Royal in 1605, and builds a fort at Quebec three years later A founded B in 1605 C builds D at Quebec 163 New synthetic materials have improved the construction of artificial body parts by provide both the power and the range of action for a natural limb A have B the construction C body parts D provide 164 Although business practices have been applied successfully to agriculture, farming is different other industries A applied B successfully C farming D different 165 Urban consumers have formed co-operatives to provide themselves with necessities such groceries, household appliances, and gasoline at a lower cost A have formed B to provide C themselves D such 166 The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution gives women the right to vote in the elections of 1920 A The Nineteenth Amendment B gives C to vote D the elections 167 To see the Statue of Liberty and taking pictures from the top of the Empire State Building are two reasons for visiting New York City A taking B from C are D for visiting TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI 168 The name "Vitamine" is proposed by Casimir Funk, who suspected that these substance were essential for life A is proposed by B who suspected C that D were 169 Having been beaten by the police for striking an officer, the man will cry out in pain A by B for striking an officer C the man D will cry out 170 Most Americans would not be happy without a color television, two cars, and working at an extra job A Most B without C a D working at 171 "Gone with the Wind" written after Margaret Mitchell quit her job as a reporter because of an ankle injury A written B quit C as D of 172 Interest in automatic data processing has grown rapid since the first large calculators were introduced in 1950 A in B grown C rapid D since 173 The corals can be divided into three groups, two of which is extinct A can be divided B groups C of which D is 174 Cotton fiber, like other vegetable fibers, are composed mostly of cellulose A like B other C are D mostly TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI 175 That it is believed that most of the earthquakes in the world occur near the youngest mountain ranges-the Himalayas, the Andes, and the Sierra Nevadas A That it is believed B most of the earthquakes C near D the youngest 176 President Wilson had hoped that World War I be the last great war, but only two decades later, the Second World War was erupting A be B later C the Second World War D was erupting 177 Pioneers on the plains sometimes living in dugouts, sod rooms cut into hillsides A on the B sometimes C living D cut into 178 The tornado uprooted all the power lines leading to the town so the inhabitants had to live in darkness until new ones A the B leading C had to D until new ones 179 The fire began in the fifth floor of the hotel, but it soon spread to adjacent floors A in B fifth C of D soon spread 180 Before she moved here, Arlene had been president of the organization since four years A Before B been C of the D since 181 Authors Samuel Eliot Morison won two Pultizer Prizes, one in 1943 for a biography of Columbus and the other in 1960 for a biography of John Paul Jones A Authors B won C a biography D the other TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI 182 According to legend, because the Indian Princess Pocahontas said that she loved he, Captain John Smith was set free A According to B because C he D was 183 Columbus, Ohio, the capital of the state, are not only the largest city in Ohio but also a typical metropolitan area, often used in market research A are B the largest C but also D used 184 Although maple trees are among the most colorful varieties in the fall, they lose its leaves sooner than oak trees A among B in the fall C its D sooner than 185 The value of precious gems is determined by their hardness, color, and brilliant A precious B gems C their D brilliant 186 The test administrator ordered we not to open our books until he told us to so A test B we C not to open D told us to so 187 With a policy of eminent domain, the state has control ultimate of all real property A policy B the C control ultimate D real 188 Freshman students are encouraged to take part in sports such as football, basketball and to ride A Freshman B are encouraged C sports D to ride TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI 189 The teacher taught her students to look careful to the left and the right at least three times before crossing the highway A taught B careful C to the D before crossing 190 The library at the university is new and has taken her name from the wife of the first president of the university A at B has taken C her D of the first 191 Jackie Robinson, whose joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, was the first black American to play baseball in the major leagues A whose B was C to play D the 192 Historically there has been only two major factions in the Republican Party - the liberals and the conservatives A Historically B there C has been D only 193 One of the most popular major fields of study for foreign scholars in the United States is business and the another is engineering A foreign scholars B in the United States C is D the another 194 Led by Daniel Webster, the Whig party was one of the two major political powers in the United States from 1834 and 1852 A Daniel Webster B one of C political powers D and 1852 195 The International Red Cross, which has helped so many nations, won the Nobel Peace Prize three times for their efforts to reduce human suffering A which B has helped TRÌNH B: TÌM T /C M T SAI C their efforts D human suffering 196 As Ingrid Bergman lived a life of courage, she also approached die with courage A As B a life C she D die 197 The planning committee told Julie that they had decided hers proposal would be adopted A planning B had decided C hers D would be 198 The actor failed to show at the rehearsal because his migraine A The B failed C show at D because 199 Bats use echoes of their own high-frequency sounds to detect food and avoiding obstacles A Bats B their own C high-frequency D avoiding obstacles 200 The railroad was one of the first methods of transportation to be use extensively in early American history A one B the first C methods D use
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