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TRÌNH C: T V NG Their flat is very modern, but they have some antique _ in it A pieces of furniture B furnitures C piece of furnitures D pieces of furnitures _ the last market session, the Down Jones dropped 67 points A While B While having C During D Throughout I didn't want to make either of them redundant The choice was really _ A painful B serious C impossible D shocking I believed everything she said She was really _ A hard-working B convincing C serious D impossible _ we get to the meeting, the presentation will have started A As soon as B By the time C Whenever D Until Jack has egg because he couldn't remember how to spell "Batman"! A on his teeth B on his face C on his shirt D on his fingers _ will be invited to join us for lunch on Saturday A Whoever will come B Whoever come C Whoever comes D Whoever would come John is a very good student, _his brother A although B unlike C unless D yet TRÌNH C: T V NG I am slow to _ A express my opinion B express my viewing C make my views D make my opinion 10 "I don't want to buy anything, you?" "Yes, I'd like to buy _." A pencil B much pencils C any pencils D some pencils 11 The woman was _ someone might recognize her A afraid of B afraid about C afraid for D afraid that 12 It is very rude to point _ someone in many cultures A at B to C into D off 13 We couldn't enter the court The police _ let us in A shall not B won't C shouldn't D wouldn't 14 I am sure you made the right choice and I _ support your decision A fairly B wholly C quite D considerably 15 When it comes to the vote, you can _ on me to support you A stand B count C number D figure 16 _ I hate getting up at six, I have to A Much as B As much C So much as D So much TRÌNH C: T V NG 17 Well _! This is a very good piece of work A made B done C finished D taken 18 _ ended after years in 1918 A World War First B World War I C First World War D World War the First 19 "Have you had enough to eat?" "I'd like _, please." A another B one more C some more D any more 20 Sally left school the age of 16 and went to work a bank A out of // in B in // next to C on // for D at // in 21 Never up That's a good philosophy A give B C take D try 22 “I was exhausted with the exam .” A Neither did I B Neither was I C So did I D So was I 23 I couldn't find _ your last question A an answer to B an answer C answering D to answer 24 It's often difficult for a young child _ clothes A wearing B wear TRÌNH C: T V NG C putting on D to put on 25 I am going to Hawaii on my vacation _ I have enough money A in order that B unless C in spite of the fact that D provided that 26 Dr Taylor is leaving _ of the semester A at the end B for the end C in the end D to the end 27 "How I use this tool?" "Hold it _." A on your right firmly hand B in your firmly right hand C firmly in your right hand D firmly on your right hand 28 getting the highest result in the class, John still had problems with the teacher A Despite of B In spite of C Even though D Nonetheless 29 I have to have this report finished _ A by Friday B until Friday C Friday before D Friday beginning 30 This sauce doesn't taste _ it should A as B for C like D where as 31 He moved the TV antenna _ he could get a clearer picture A because of B in which C so which D so that 32 "Who did you meet at the community dinner dance?" "I met many _ people." TRÌNH C: T V NG A grand dly B celeb bration C fame ous D famo as y to ntain-climb bing 33 It wa _ that they decided t go moun A such a good we eather ood er B so go weathe C such good weat ther ood er D as go weathe 34 you stud more, y won't p the test dy you pass t A If ided that B Provi C When n D Unless aby er _ 35 A ba is unde parental A guida ance B guide e C guide ed D guide eless k es resses of as many _ s as possible 36 The police took the name and addr ects A suspe B witne esses C viewe ers D judge es made him cry 37 His _ A fearfu ful B fearfu ulness C fearle ess D fearle essness dn’t this on succeed in business I wasn’t very It _ 38 I did enjoy t book o how to s A poorl written ly B well t typed C well w written D good written d ods sale pric ces 39 Goo are for s at _ A attrac ct B attrac ctive C attrac ction D attrac ctively uble-stars orbit _ 40 Dou TRÌNH C: T V NG A each to other B each other C each other one r D other each one st eavers have the _ e to go to work be ecause they want to live y l 41 Mos school-le independently A keen ly B keenl C keenn ness D keenl ly ying in a ho costs _ otel r renting a ro oom in a ormitory fo a week or 42 Stay A twice more than e n B twice as much a e as C as mu twice a uch as D as mu as twic uch ce n’t you o must our _ 43 I can advise y what to do, you m use yo own A opini ion B guess swork C justic ce D judge ement retired early _ ill-health y h 44 He r A on be ehalf of B ahead of d C on ac ccount of D in fro of ont p g e ou op m me 45 Stop criticising me all the time - yo never sto getting _ A at B in C on ugh D throu ok e at e m 46 I too someone else’s coa from the cloakroom by _ A mista ake B fortun ne C error etfulness D forge 47 It is becoming more and more _ that the Govern nment has lost the co onfidence ation of the na A under rstood TRÌNH C: T V NG B appar rent C antici ipated D expec cted 48 He h always gone has _ stran hobbie like colle nge es ecting bottle tops and d inventin secret co ng odes A into B by r C in for D throu ugh 49 As h is an exp on pottery, his op he pert pinion wou be wort _ uld th A to ave B havin ng C of aving D to had ave ven’t had a accident yet but I h a numb of an t had ber shave es 50 I hav A narro ow B near e C close D tiny ve hat nt and rankly it ju doesn’t _ ust 51 I hav heard th argumen before a quite fr A face t music the B carry weight y C hit th nail on th head he he D hold water disapp pointed wh she lea hen arned that s had not got the jo she t ob 52 She was _ ely A grave B fully ly C highl D bitter rly n, _ there wa an explo , as osion and t lights w out the went 53 Then all of a _ A sudde en B once C mom ment D time declared tha a further period of pay _ was essential dur at r f _ ring the 54 The Minister d present e economic c crisis A defla ation B const traint C restra aint D deval luation TRÌNH C: T V NG 55 Pete tells me t he is _ er that _ the Queen’s horse in th Derby he A wage ering B bettin ng C backi ing D stakin ng his _ his nervousn ness 56 The tremor in h voice _ med A affirm B revea aled C disgu uised D repre esented has idely but se eldom thou ught deeply so his ap y, pparent learning is rea ally 57 He h read wi quite A super rior B super rficial C super rfluous D super r e e t nk arge when i money it 58 The prime rate is the rate of interest that a ban will cha to its best clients A lent ows B borro C borro owed D lends s ’s y _ mands 59 She’ perfectly in her dem A reaso on B reaso oned C reaso onable D reaso onably ny f _ are ave y red 60 Man kinds of animals a disappearing or already disappear from earth e A brave B wild endly C unfrie D angry y you _ rning on th television now? he 61 Do y my tur A mind d B disap pprove C want ct D objec 62 Ther are three men re e _ w waiting outs side A who B they TRÌNH C: T V NG C which h D – hough exac statistics vary becau of polit ct use tical chang separa nation ges, _ ate 63 Alth states ar included in the offi re d icial lists at any one time t t A more than two h e hundred B as mu as two hundred uch C many as two hu y undred D most that two h hundred mother got home _ t _ag go 64 My m A a half an hour f B an ho our’s half C half a hour an D a half hour f ording to th doctor, there is ab he bsolutely no othing the _ with you 65 Acco A wrong B problem C matte er D illnes ss eacher how to solve t problem _ we can’ agree on the w this ’t 66 Let’s ask our te answer use A becau of B since e C conse equently D as lon as ng he story of ind dustrial _ in t United States, Ne York the ew 67 In th relatively short his city has played a v vital role A devel loped B devel loping C devel lopment D devel lop ng? ut _ go _to 68 Are you leavin Yes, bu I wish I _ ’t A didn’ have B will n have not C don’t have t D may not have d pen outh _ 69 The dentist told him to op his mo d A broad B much h C greatly D wide TRÌNH C: T V NG 70 In sp of her protest, he father pite er _her train for t race thr hours a day r the ree A let e B made C insist ted D cause ed peo can liv without any mone ople ve t ey 71 A Few w B A few C Little e D A litt tle form the pu ublic about factories that pollute the envir t e ronment is through 72 One way to inf ms _ program on TV A agric cultural B educa ational C indus strial D cultu ural _ his f he got up and went to work flu, 73 A Desp pite B Altho ough C In spi ite D Even though n 74 He h a bad cold and wo be _ has on't to play in the match tom p morrow A adequ uate B appro opriate C fit er D prope 75 It wa _ we had to walk qu as , d uickly to keep warm k A cold B fresh en C froze D mild sh uldn't call h _ him that in nsulting na ame 76 I wis you wou A by B with C in r D under _ hard he tries, J d John never wins at ten nnis 77 A Wher rever B When never C Howe ever D What tever 10 TRÌNH C: T V NG B staye out ed C stay o out D stayin out ng 86 Wou you like _ uld _ chick ken? A any B a e C some D one ea dre essed when you go fo an interv n or view 87 It is a good ide to be _ y A finely B boldl ly C smart tly D clearly far , it’s quite a right for you to lea early all r ave 88 As f as I am_ A conce erned B regar rded C consu ulted D bothe ered m r hat k d ication for an 89 I am afraid, Mr Jones, th the bank is obliged to refuse your appli extended _ d A estim mate B overd draft C comp pensation D balan nce _of all of us who are here t o tonight, I would like to thank M Jones fo his w Mr or 90 talk A On behalf ccount B On ac C In person D Instead _, n nothing mu happen at the meeting uch ned m 91 In A quick k B briefl ly C short tly D short he he peakers a s standing 92 At th end of th speech, the whole assembly gave the sp _ A ovati ion B appla ause C cheer ring D suppo ort 12 TRÌNH C: T V NG 93 Politicians pretend to ignore opinion A votes B figures C numbers D polls 94 I need to my belt, and cut down on the money I spend on luxuries A loosen B tighten C D shorten 95 Some people only read the lines in a newspaper A top B big C main D head 96 You should always check the sell date of things you buy in the supermarket A in B through C by D off 97 When the building was completed, all the workers were paid A off B through C out D over 98 The boss was good enough to my mistake A oversee B overtake C overdo D overlook 99 The man known as Bonnie Prince Charlie claimed that he was the heir to the throne A due B correct C authentic D rightful 100 You're your time trying to persuade him; he'll never help you A wasting B spending 13 TRÌNH C: T V NG C losing D missing 101 I don't see any in arriving early at the theatre if the show doesn't start until o'clock A cause B aim C point D reason 102 When they had the new carpet, the workmen went back to the office A laid B lain C lied D been lying 103 Do be careful not to your coffee on this white rug, Bill A drip B spill C filter D leak 104 Furniture manufacturers are now of the latest credit restrictions A feeling the pinch B smelling the rat C affect D hurt 105 He to turn up for the football match A omitted B neglected C stopped D failed 106 John decided _ golf on weekends A to begin B to commence C to take up D to start up 107 They had a great of trouble getting through customs A lot B level C quantity D deal 108 The witness told many lies in court and so committed _ A perjury 14 TRÌNH C: T V NG B forgery C quackery D hypocrisy 109 In the past, all customers _ out withdrawal slips in order to withdraw funds from their accounts Nowadays, many banks are paperless and customers can withdraw the funds electronically A opened B exchanged C reviewed D filled 110 Christina wants to _her check because she needs the money right away A rent B buy C cash D exchange 111 Ben and Jen needed money to redecorate their home, so they asked a loan officer if they qualified for a _ instead of a second mortgage on their house A deposit slip B line of credit C debit card D bill 112 When the clock twelve, we raised our glasses and drank to celebrate the New Year A beat B hit C shot D struck 113 There hasn't _ A been a concert like this before B been a concert like before this C a concert been like this before D before a concert been like this 114 The bus from High Street to the Station Road is 30p A cost B fare C payment D charge 115 Hugh Jones never married, choosing to remain all his life A separate B single C individual 15 TRÌNH C: T V NG D divorced 116 I read an interesting in a newspaper about farming today A article B advertisement C description D composition 117 No, she isn't stupid she's rather clever, and always has been A Actually B Currently C Recently D Now 118."What is the in Poland?" "It's the Polish Zloty" A money B currency C greenback D bill 119 He doesn't have any money problems He is fully A wealthy B solvent C thrifty D capable 120 If you work longer than your usual working day, you should be paid A outgoing B overdue C overtime D overcharge 121 I don't get paid in cash My salary is paid into my bank A deposit B debt C account D loan 122 I don't have any money I'm A stony broke B hand and fist C comfortably off D well off 123 Food prices have been steadily for at least twenty years A rising B raising C lifting 16 TRÌNH C: T V NG D growing 124 His application for a visa was turned by the consulate A aside B down C out D over 125 Shopping malls account for 60 percent of the retail business done in the United States because they are controlled environments which concerns about the weather A eliminate B necessitate C foster D justify 126 It is impossible to tell the twins apart A virtually B realistically C closely D extremely 127 I wonder who drank all the milk yesterday It have been Jane because she was out all day A can’t B must C could D needn’t 128 Many people are camping for the of whale hunting A annihilation B extinction C abolition D extermination 129 "Here's a ten-pound " "Your change, Sir" A invoice B bill C note D draft 130 I don't have any cash on me Can I pay with my card? A deposit B credit C expenditure D expense 131 "Excuse me Do you know where the bus terminal is?" 17 TRÌNH C: T V NG "It is _ the large police station." A opposite B opposed to C opposite with D opposite to 132 Susie didn't leave for the station until the very moment A latest B late C least D last 133 We won't be able to go to the club our parents give us permission A although B nevertheless C unless D without 134. Patrick, he can't possibly go alone - he's far too young A As for B As if C As far as D As 135 I'm afraid I know nothing about the fight for independence It was A behind the times B as the same times C before my time D for the time being 136 I have to be careful which soap I use, because my skin is very A sensible B senseless C sensational D sensitive 137 He's intelligent but he common sense A wants B fails C misses D lacks 138 They were warned never with the members of any extremist group A to associate B to assimilate C to assign D to assume 18 TRÌNH C: T V NG 139 This car is inferior the one I bought last year A for B to C at D by 140 The vet decided that he had to operate the cat to save its life A on B with C too D at 141 There are several that describe the state of being asleep A impressions B expressions C conditions D digressions 142 This story is on an incident that actually happened A founded B grounded C based D established 143 You can easily tell that this document from the 12th century because of a distinctive script A holds B trails C lasts D dates 144 I'm sorry to tell you but she is simply that this will be the result but she has no actual proof A daydreaming B hallucinating C hypothesizing D dithering 145 It's a waste of time asking them for their opinion as they're bound to object because they've been against the idea from the start A subjective B derogative C conscious D prejudiced 146 The main quality that is required of someone holding that kind of job is to have the to get on with people A task 19 TRÌNH C: T V NG B ability C requirement D need 147 I always let her handle that kind of situation because she's very good at with difficult clients A taking B bringing C tackling D dealing 148 Some people who have been made redundant make no further effort to get employment in complete to those who decide to retrain A comparison B difference C attitude D contrast 149 As a troubleshooter, he was often to sort out problems in different area offices A transmitted B delivered C attached D sent 150 I don't believe it myself but to the newspapers, he is supposed to have exaggerated the firm's profits A following B regarding C according D concerning 151 Don't talk to him about politics because it's like a rag to a bull A blue B white C red D black 152 This is a very expensive holiday intended for those with plenty of money as it involves a trip the world A through B along C about D around 153 The car is almost ready to collect from the garage but there is just a couple of spare missing A parts 20 TRÌNH C: T V NG B pieces C extras D accessories 154 They were of having broken into the stately home and stolen several famous paintings A charged B described C accused D blamed 155 The one thing my family will always remember about Grace was the many of kindness that she showed us in her long life A deeds B acts C actions D feats 156 If you had bought a house about thirty years ago, you would certainly find that it had considerably in value A increased B heightened C developed D doubled 157 If you're not careful, you'll find that because of your generous nature, she'll start taking of you A part B advantage C consideration D prominence 158 There's a huge in the local paper about the special offers available in the store this weekend A announcement B display C notice D advertisement 159 You'll notice that as soon as the children come home from school, the dog will jump up and show its great for them A infection B affection C affectation D protection 160 Children will be taught to respect other people's property and A belongings 21 TRÌNH C: T V NG B attachments C additions D added 161 They him for his brave actions A praised B worshipped C flattered D congratulated 162 He is very lucky to have got himself a job A pear B banana C lemon D plum 163 They from the fire unhurt A evaded B escaped C avoided D abstained 164 She never spoke about herself and was always very about the good things she had done A modest B meek C humble D simple 165 A farmer had two sons both of whom were not very and avoided work if they could A industrial B industrious C industry D industrialist 166 The food here is quite good although the menu is quite A elementary B basic C easy D fundamental 167 Don't count your chickens before they are A born B fed C hatched D stolen 22 TRÌNH C: T V NG 168 There's no fool like an fool A aged B ancient C elderly D old 169 The success of a really good meal is that not only must it taste good but it should also look good and thus to your eye A attract B appeal C attend D appear 170 The place was so full of people and tables that the waiter had to us through the crowds to our table A show B guide C conduct D enable 171 As there are so many dishes on the menu, would you like me to something to eat? A decide B suggest C offer D consider 172 They simply couldn't decide which restaurant to choose and so in the end they took a vote and the decided on a Chinese one A most B more C majority D main 173 There was a great discussion about which particular type of cuisine the guests would choose and finally they reached a and settled on the set menu A compromising B compromised C compromise D compromisingly 174 Excuse me for but what are you doing? A intervening B interviewing C interrupting D intercepting 23 TRÌNH C: T V NG 175 A man had two dogs: a hound to help him with his sports and another to guard the house A trained B tutored C brought up D educated 176 Anyone seeking of life on Mars is likely to be disappointed A clarity B evidence C witness D index 177 After what you've , I'm sure you need a holiday A felt B sensed C acted D experienced 178 You can on me, have no fear about that! A support B rely C hold D hang 179 How long did the baseball game _? A endure B survive C continue D last 180 She was going to discuss the matter with her colleagues or her family A but B yet C neither D either 181 Our project team tried hard to think all the possible alternatives before making a decision A of B at C by D as 182 Timing can be crucial when you're considering launching a new online marketing campaign A strongly B greatly 24 TRÌNH C: T V NG C extremely D already 183 Are you able to our conditions of delivery in line with our recent invoice? A except B expect C accept D access 184 Fortunately for us we're finding that our new internet division is showing an increased A prophet B profit C profitably D profits 185 Following some recent research, our engineers that our index system had scope for fast improvement A fined B finding C found D finds 186 In our line of business, it is vital to host our website on our own server of getting someone else to it A except B but C besides D instead 187 Before you employ new staff, you should carry out a examination of their personal qualities and professional experience A careful B caring C carefulness D carefully 188 Thanks to the high standards of service we offer our customers, we have been able to establish an excellent A repute B reputable C reputation D reputedly 189 An interactive website can save your organisation amounts of time and money that would otherwise be spent on correspondence A signify 25 TRÌNH C: T V NG B significant C significance D signification 190 I'll their cat while they are away on holiday A be looking into B be looking at C be looking after D be looking over 191 I really didn't want to come last night _ A So I B Neither I C Neither I did D Neither did I 192 That is the man grandfather founded Kentucky Root Beer A who B that C which D whose 193 He drove the car the garage and left for work A into B out C out of D outside 194 Mary's house is _ the hair salon Do you think you can find it? A along B near to C against D next to 195 Do we have _ money to survive until next week? A a lot of B plentiful C plenty of D enough 196 John decided _ golf on weekends D to begin E to commence F to take up D to start up 26
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