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62 Chapter Item Chapter 63 Item Describe a TV commercial you like very much Talk about your favourite writer (author) You should talk about: Why TV commercials are important to us What factory sponsors that What it is about Why you like it very much Talk about: Who he or she is Who introduced him to you What his or her best work is What he or she usually writes about You know Some eo Ie who watch TV uite often believe that TV commercials are better than the programs In the past, w didn't have so many commercials oll1>i:itnow we have pi nty of them before, in-, e middle and after each pro ram I think TV commercial add ariety to - .:~ the programs because > metimes the program ecomes ve~ monotonous and some V commercials give ou a chance f9r ~ent You can see diff rent people, characters and cartoons in a couple of minutes I gues the commercial I like very much is sponsor_e~ a dory making washing powder It is about a pro uct called NO ryan which in English means "the sea" A couple are asked how they spend the weekend and they say "beside Darya" whi h means "by the ~ then the husband is shown washing I thes with "Darya" I like it so much since it is clever and initiative Generally I like the ads 'and commercials in which th y make use uns I mean humorous use of words and hr ses _.~ -_ ~ First of all, I believe that a good writer can change th~_w~orl~ with his works comm -en1s words creativity and even by his ' - sense of our Writin makes the difference between civilized man and bar arians In other words, writers were the real emperors of new civilization anc,i c:ultlJ~e They conquered the h~s and minds of people The writer I admire so l1! uch is [5:iar IwalD, He was introduced to me by a teacher, I g~ess he was our Math teacher He has written several mast~rPl~ces I suppose his best work is "Adventures of Huckl~berry Fi~n" since it depicts the w'!.y a white boy and a Negro can 1.lve together in piece This book, in my opinion, is~ ra_C1s~ and discrimination He wrote about social issues in ,!_Ianguage that is understandable to everyo[1e Hemingway says Huckleberry Finn is the basis of western literature and I agree ,with him This book 'impressed me a lot It somehow affected m later life I talk about that in different occasions and encourage people to read it It's wortb r~gdj.IL ore than_once Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher 65 Item Item Describe a city you have visited which has im ressed you Describe a memory of your childhood You should sax: Where it is situated Why you visited it What you liked about it ~ You should sax: What it was When it happened How it affected your later life Whether you remember it as a pleasant or disgusting memory When you are a child everything is considered a memory Most of them sta fres in your mind even er some deca~es A few aren't difficult to remem er I was a five-.year-old kid and I wa~ In mark~ and I was la In around and wat~hlng ~he win~ found out that I st I was ke~e TtOil'lor one da till m famil could find me at last You know part is 't nd can't be leasant, being lost a good memory but whenever I remember how warml the ollcemen treated me ~nd how R -Twas w en I saw eve one cryin for me and,can~g t leasant stili about me, I consl' d er ' - - emory But believe me I m Th ~f k t You think mkidding but I am really senous wary mar e s h I e interesting point about this memory is tha~ before that mls ap, wa~ afraid of poli~behlndm mothe.r whenever saw ~ police patrol, but after t at I liked diem so much since t e were very Ind to me, I remember that one of the~ bought som~e A~yway, things ma not look so bad If you reconsider them some th time ~:;t Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher is~'t - Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher 67 a ter J!, " vf Item /lItem 6, / Y /1/1 Talk about your favourite country / Talk about: Which country it is In what continent it is situated Whether you have been there If yes, when What is very fantastic about it like Canada It is in North America I think it's the secon largest count in the world A vast territory of the country is cov red with ice most of the ear The interesting point is that ou can find Eskimos in nort ern Quebec I was eal, a bilingual city where there two years ago I was in many people speak both languages, but most of t -em-speak either English or Frenc~ It is a ve nice country and the l2 eo ple are coming from different ulture, so it is a multi cultural country That is why you don't encounter that uch discrimination as in some Europ countJies The we her is very, dive~~a~trY.1 w;s in"MOntreal and It was very cold The winter is rather long and somehow depressing I also appreciate the sho in malls~hem are und~the &r£.l.!n~Li!l subwa st tion I en'oyed watching skunks v.el}'_m ch Museums are also very attractive for tourists Jazz festival fascinates mft~y people during summer The social security system and the health insurance were amazing as well Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher Talk about your favourite superhero You should mention: Who he or she is (was) What he or she did Whether he or she is a national or an international hero I~mstroo~my superhero I really admire and I.know ~'m not the' only one, so man eo I~ see him as a kind of mod - im.e e end I wasn't even born yet when he set foot on moon but even now when you look back, it still amazes you People of a hundred years a couldn't even dream of that steppi~g on moon was mentioned in fictions and legends I had ~y-s been so fascinated b what he did that I've read ~any books and watched movie a documentaries and eve thlO I could to know him better I don't know if all people feel the same way or not when hearing that famous expression~e small st~ for maIl, QD.e$ant lea for man d/l but it makes me energized anEi keyed up Anyway, he was Q!le of the three men who were sent the moon in 1969 and one of the two who actually and~d on the moon and the very first human e~g who -alke on the moon I think that's what makes him an internatlona superhero! After_all we're all human bein sand feel proud o.! massive achievements by other human beings Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher .r-~fer Ir () Z ",,,,-It :ryd"-~ ~K'""",,, k P ~ /A,e,v - ~ ow1'lc r: A· J J;V'ol S QlJ'lt~m Item t" Il""t'" St,~' _i'~=- (! Parents shouldn't let the children replace goodfoods;;thlunk foods, it is really harmful This causes a lot of problems such as heart Rwblems in later life Nowadays we see high blood pressure even in young children This is a disaster, I guess Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher -Tv 't \ o~ , • ~~ \:\C..-s Jl.l~ms In another saloon you co ld visit ola clothes aD: ts Ion in to ro al families_and ordinarype gple In another you could get pleasure from watching old car~ts and Lyg; Some of th~m were worn out, but this c ul ' e of the artlfa~l strongltrz::omm~d Y OU tOqvisitq there, you won't waste your tlT!1 _ Wnw your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher ArlH6-GtAT~ 7~ it1~ TH&££ W~5 'TW :J sfc;., Sl"Alvi:\ 'D/lo""~'D ~c.x ~""A~"""~ c.,~,,-\,",,\\'t>~ ~\:S.s(.t'ln\.:l~,'rt~ Si~~ of ~,.N~R , A e ,,~ P; ,- , PJ:!.U;«~CM vwt ~nUlJ& O j, v€-t S • 1Nf,;.tif\l,ArlON I'+l.• N'" "II,JI4 ~ • • JJ ,J~04 l.t- Ac.7 oN 1/1JC"-l IVV Chapte.2 Chap.e.2 JOJ Item 40 Please talk abovt the effect of technology in your school Describe one of your cousins whom you admire very much You should mention: What kind of technology it is When it appeared in your school Whether it can replace human teachers You should mention: Your relationship to him or her How he or she looks What he or she is like IJ Well, you know, er about two years ago we started using computers in our school and some teachers assigned some homework that had to be done by means of computer For example, our English teacher asked us to find some re~g and listening passages and texts in the Internet and share them with others Our math teacher encouraged us to search for sites related to math problems About the third question I think technology can never replace human teachers, at least at lower levels of education Teaching isn't just sendingjWd receiving messages It goes much further Teaching includes hu~n relationship The way a teacher l9 Q.ks, smiles Qr frowns at a stud~nt influences the orocess of learning There are many peoplfU"lho chose to be a teacher just oecause thE:Y lo~~cltbe;r teacher or they followed a career sincJU;heir eacher re.commended tbat Nowadays they'say computers are starting to have emotion and feeling, but I think they can never act like a human being You may become yel"Y-.ex Q.ted when y-ou see Y"®LPli.D:larY- school te.a~her after twen!y years, but it never happens that a person Rets excited when visiti n&1!Lw h,g,LOld useless computer in the ani& or basement of his house Of course technology is ?rogressing so fast ~t we c~n't i":,aginewhat comes to the market In future (Mayb~ c1onmLglves~s-.-some new unprecedented_outlooks._ ~, You see, there are a couple of people who I admire very much in my rather extended family, but the one who I think highly of Is my first cousin I mean my uncle's son He's my father's nephew He looks rather tall, with white hair, dark eyes, healthy body at age 50, and he is a very tough man He doesn't wear slasses and he wakes up at 5:00 o'clock in the morning and exercises for about half an hour The interesting point about him Is that he doesn't use an alar1m clock to wake him UPi he has a biological clock that never loses time About his personality I should say that he has worked hard all his life in the army and his heavily built body indicates that He usually goes to his doctor but not for treatment but for a friendly chat since they are old friends He is very strict and appreciates discipline very much Moreover, he adores his family, he still remembers and talks about his wife who passed away ten years ago He hates films and serials and loves only documentaries Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher _ '''''j CA -I.' • , , " " f:.It- -~ ""'f'~ ~ rv.-J I [J~ r'Ptv :.- _1 j,.",r ~ c • J-:J f~ ,_ ~ t -: ,d ~ ""' t ~ , ,[...]... Flf!./ D· ' • w6 flfOVl-D ;./0' 'lV' G,ov w6 UI4 vE To • I IFE~ • v,R:rv£ 1lL-'- mG 2( ; - AJG,O, KeI'1A811_lf.Ar~C£~S ~ RtSf~!lI.o;(",""eJ "c Tlvc oN ;¥JI2TtCJP""tlTS THc;~ ,n CJ - ,,7/'fP' tlf PI/f.c.Ho(Vli5T'/ ~z>vC/lTlON- • • 7H'ti/ f?u;o'""""t#f:iIITIDI'I'> w~ 2 00 87 Chapter 2 Item 25 Item 26 Describe a book you have justlead Describe a TV commercial you dislike You should mention: Who was the writer You should mention: What it is about What is shown in that What the 2 83 pler Item 21 Item 22 Describe the differences between a camera and a video recorder Talk about your favourite actor or actress . Try to include: How they are different Try to include: What his or her best work... too ~ -ri;c.' ~ f~ ,., I; \- 'Ie tNJ yt p (- t'b• I b~ "" cha -t- < \.J \ \ ~ • ~ 5 • ll' '";)~'J"~I-~ - • ~t N("T 1J./'W~ IS:SUE:· Ipter apter 2 Item 23 , 'i I i Item 24 Are you saving money to buy something? Talk about a pe""n from childhood whom you particularly admired You should talk about: What you are planning to buy How much it will cost How much longer you will need to save before you can... _ _ Chapter 2 98 99 Chapter 2 " Item 37 Item 38 Talk about your favourit Try to include: Who he or she is What his or her field of sport is Whether he or she has broken a record If yes, what and when What his or her other good features are -,,"~\"\~s~r -My favourit 5 ortsman is Mr RezaZade, the famous wrestler ~ H~~old medal for wrestling, I mean he was_t e champion of ~Id in the year 2 QQ3 Of cours... with your classmate or teacher What you had to do How well you did it Describe how you felt about the competition When I was a freshman around 4 years ago, I took part in a novel-reading contest at university Th,ere were about 50 students participating in the contest We were to read a coupl of novels; I think four books, for two weeks The novel~ w~re Madam Bovary, The Old Man ~The Sea, Pride and Prejudice... world of literature You see, in my oplOlon, me~~ participation in a competition or rivalry is an achievement If itself since in a competition you develop your self- confidenCl and self esteem You learn to be an unselfish winner and: patient loser As a matter of fact, you gain knowl~dge of y.ou weak points and strong points Last but not least, taklOg part 10 ' competition adds variety to your life Write... ' competition adds variety to your life Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teachel -:;n.prer"Z Ctilplir2 Item 35 Describe ~mus~um Item 36 or.:ac;rt~a::I:::Je:u ""that you~bave visited • You should sa~: Where it is Why you went there What you particularly remember about the place - Describe your favourite Web site You should talk about: Why you like it How it is different... viewpoint, it contributes to the psychological health of the society I mean it fuels the people for the next whole vear Write your reply here and then check it with your classmate or teacher 7V Chapler2 • " Item 29 Describe a serio Item 30 roblem in your country Talk about a volunteer activity you have done in your life
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