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Ngày đăng: 21/09/2012, 10:46 This page intentionally left blankThe rule of the Angevins in Brittany is characterised usually asopening an isolated `Celtic' society to a wider world and imposingnew and alien institutions. This study, the ®rst on the subject ofBrittany under the Angevins, demonstrates that the opposite is true:that before the advent of Henry II in 1158, the Bretons were alreadyactive participants in Anglo-Norman and French society. Indeed thoseBretons with landholdings in England, Normandy and Anjou werealready accustomed to Angevin rule.The book examines in detail the means by which Henry II gainedsovereignty over Brittany, and how it was governed subsequently bythe Angevin kings of England from 1158 to 1203. In particular, itexamines the extent to which the Angevins ruled Brittany directly, ordelegated authority either to native dukes or royal ministers, andshows that in this respect the nature of Angevin rule changed andevolved over the period.judith everard is co-editor (with Michael Jones) of The Charters ofConstance, Duchess of Brittany, and her Family (1171±1221) (1999).Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and ThoughtBRITTANY AND THE ANGEVINSCambridge Studies in Medieval Life and ThoughtFourth SeriesGeneral Editor:d. e. luscombeLeverhulme Personal Research Professor of Medieval History, University of Shef®eldAdvisory Editors:christine carpenterReader in Medieval English History, University of Cambridge, and Fellow of New Hallrosamond mckitterickProfessor of Medieval History, University of Cambridge, and Fellow of Newnham CollegeThe series Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought wasinaugurated by G. G. Coulton in 1921; Professor D. E. Luscombe nowacts as General Editor of the Fourth Series, with Dr Christine Carpenterand Professor Rosamond McKitterick as Advisory Editors. The seriesbrings together outstanding work by medieval scholars over a widerange of human endeavour extending from political economy to thehistory of ideas.For a list of titles in the series, see end of book BRITTANY AND THEANGEVINSProvince and Empire1158±1203J. A. EVERARD         The Pitt Building, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom  The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 2RU, UK40 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211, USA477 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207, AustraliaRuiz de Alarcón 13, 28014 Madrid, SpainDock House, The Waterfront, Cape Town 8001, South Africahttp://www.cambridge.orgFirst published in printed format ISBN 0-521-66071-8 hardbackISBN 0-511-03336-2 eBookJ. A. Everard 20042000(Adobe Reader)©CONTENTSListof®guresandmapspageviiiPrefaceixListofabbreviationsxiIntroduction11DucalBrittany,1066±1166172HenryIIandBrittany343ThegovernmentofBrittanyunderHenryII764DukeGeoffreyandBrittany,1166±1186935DukeGeoffrey,HenryIIandtheAngevinempire1236TheendofAngevinBrittany,1186±1203146Conclusion176Appendices1The`AssizeofCountGeoffrey'1822ThehereditaryseneschalsofRennes2043Angevinof®cersinBrittany2074Therightofwreckandducal213brefsdemerBibliography216Index237viiFIGURES AND MAPSFigure 1 Genealogy of the dukes of Brittany, 1066±1203 page xvMap 1 The principal political divisions of Brittany, c.1066 xviMap 2 Ducal domains, c. 1066±1186 xviiFigure 2 Genealogy of the Seneschals of Rennes 206viii . ofConstance, Duchess of Brittany, and her Family (1171±1221) (1999). Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and ThoughtBRITTANY AND THE ANGEVINS Cambridge Studies. political economy to thehistory of ideas.For a list of titles in the series, see end of book.. BRITTANY AND THEANGEVINSProvince and Empire1 158±1203J. A.
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