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1 GRAMMAR Unit 1+ 2 : Basic Tenses Exercise 1. Choose the most correct answer: 1. I _______this film twice. A. see B. saw C. will see D. have seen 2. –Peter, please help me do the washing up. – Sorry, Mum. I ______ TV. A. watch B. am watching C. had watched D. watched 3. The farmers _____ in the field now. A. were working B. have worked C. worked D. are working 4. The war _____ out three years ago. A. broke B. had broken C. has broken D. was breaking 5. He ______ a cup of coffee every morning. A. drinks B. drank C. is drinking D. has drunk 6. She ______ a lot of new books. A. had just bought B. has just bought C. buys D. bought 7. Up to the present, Nam_____ good work in his class. A. does B. has done C. had done D. did 8. At present, that author ______ a historical novel. A. is writing B. was writing C. has written D. had written 9. By next month, I _____ my first novel. A. will finish B. am going to finish C. finish D. will have finished 10. Phong ______ at the university so far. A. had worked B. was working C. worked D. has worked 11. How long _____ able to drive? – Since 1990. A. could you B. have you been C. were you D. are you 12. They ______ since eight o’clock. A. are talking B. have been talking C. talked D. talk 13. My brother _______ in the army from 1990 to 1995. A. served B. has served C. had served D. is serving 14. At this moment, I _____ that we have a good chance of victory. A. was feeling B. am feeling C. feel D. had been feeling 15. I _____ the money from him yet. A. haven’t received B. don’t receive C. will receive D. am receiving 16. This is the most interesting book _____ . A. I’ve read B. I had read C. I’ve ever readed D. I’ve ever read 17. I ____ him ten days ago. A. see B. saw C. have seen D. will see 18. It ______ a long time since I last saw him. A. is B. was C. will be D. had been 19. She _____ so hard this week that she doesn’t have time to go to the hairdresser’s. A. works B. worked C. has been working D. had worked 20. Mr. John_______ to Los Angeles in 1992. A. had gone B. has gone C. went D. was going 21. What ______ to you yesterday? A. happened B. did happen C. had happened D. has happened 22. I never go to Australia. I _____ to Australia yet. A. will go B. went C. haven’t been D. have been 23. What _____ do at 7:00 tomorrow morning. A. will you B. shall you C. were you D. did you 2 24. Why ______ you come yesterday? A. couldn’t B. can’t C. didn’t D. A and C 25. My mother ______ in this factory since 1990 A. works B. worked C. has worked D. had worked 26. I _____ my hair before breakfast this morning. A. washed B. had washed C. was washing D. have washed 27. I _____ about him when he suddenly came in. A. talk B. talked C. am talking D. was talking 28. He will finish this work before you _______ here tomorrow. A. leave B. will leave C. would leave D. are going to leave 29. Don’t make noise. My mother ______ with her friends. A. is talking B. was talking C. talks D. talked 30. He _____ in this office for ten years by next Monday. A. will have been working B. would be working C. will work D. will be working 31. No sooner _____ the office than the telephone rang. A. was he leaving B. he was leaving C. he had left D. had he left 32. George______ this movie three times. A. sees B. has seen C. saw D. had seen 33. Food, air and clothes _______ necessary for life. A. was B. were C. is D. are 34. He ______ a visit to Halong Bay in 1995. A. had paid B. paid C. has paid D. pays 35. This morning while I ______ for the bus, the rain stopped. A. waited B. have waited C. had waited D. was waiting 36. What _____ during the last few weeks. A. did you do B. had you been doing C. have you been doing D. were you doing 37. Up to now, the teacher _______ our class five tests. A. gives B. is giving C. has given D. had given 38. The students _____ English now. A. study B. are studying C. will study D. have studied 39. I don’t feel good. I _____ work tomorrow. A. won’t be going B. won’t go to C. don’t go D. went 40. He is tired because he ____ all day. A. had worked B. has worked C. worked D. works 41. _____ at home tonight? A. are you staying B. do you stay C. were you staying D. did you stay 42. We _____ in this house for ten years. A. are living B. were living C. had lived D. have lived 43. She ____ in the departure lounge for a long time. A. is waiting B. was waiting C. waits D. has waited 44. I ______ my driving test on Friday. A. have passed B. had passed C. passed D. was passing 45. I ______ a vegetarian since 1998. A. am B. was C. have been D. had been 46. When _____ she was sorry? A. did Jane say B. had Jane said C. has Jane said D. was Jane saying 47. The motorway ____ in 1986. A. finished B. was finished C. has finished D. finishes 48. I hope you _____ more carefully in the future. A. write B. will write C. would write D. wrote 49. She _____ English before she came to England. 3 A. studied B. had studied C. would study D. studies 50. We usually go ______ after work. A. to fishing B. fished C. fishing D. fish 51. She’ll be a millionaire by the time she _____ forty. A. was B. is C. will be D. is going to be 52. I’ve been waiting for my friends. I wonder if they_____ their way. A. will lose B. would lose C. had lost D. have lost 53. He said everything _____ all right. A. is B. will be C. can be D. would be 54. It is raining now. It began raining two hours ago. It ______ for two hours. A. has rained B. had rained C. is raining D. has been raining 55. He ______ his job last month and since then he ________ out of work. A. has lost/ is B. had lost/ was C. lost / has been D. lost/ had been 56. At this time tomorrow, my father ____ in London. A. is arriving B. has arrived C. will be arriving D. would arrive 57. In a few hours, we ______ the test, and we’ll go home and rest. A. have finished B. are finishing C. will be finishing D. will have finished 58. People ____ English and French in Canada. A. speak B. have spoken C. had spoken D. are speaking 59. The car isn’t here today because Dick ______ it. A. uses B. used C. is using D. has used 60. “When did you come here?” “I ____ here since last Sunday.” A. have been B. had been C. was D. am 61. Mr. Harry ______ in the army from 1980 to 1985 A. had served B. has served C. is serving D. served 62. At first you should ____ slowly for a short distance. A. jog B. to jog C. jogging D. jogged 63. We began to jog____. A. before three year B. three years ago C. three years past D. the past three years 64. The baby_____. Don’t make so much noise. A. sleep B. sleeps C. slept D. is sleeping 65. Peter said that he _____ that film before. A. didn’t see B. had not ever seen C. will not see D. has not ever seen Unit 2 Sequences Of Tenses  Choose the most correct answer: 1. He said that he ____ a lot of money on advertising to expand his business. A. spends B. has spent C. spending D. had spent 2. The train _____ when we got to the station. A. just left B. just leaves C. had just left D. will leave 3. Tom told me he _____ call me at the airport when I ______. A. would/ arrived B. will/ arrive C. will have/ arriving D. would be/ arriving 4. At this time tomorrow, we ____ our final exam. A. will have taking B. will be taking C. will be taken D. would take 5. ____ before? – Yes, I ____ my holidays here last year. A. have you ever been / spent B. have you ever been / spend C. Did you ever be / spending D. were you ever / spend 6. ______ I was working in the garden, John was repairing the washing machine. A. as soon as B. because of C. while D. until 7. Peter said he _____ a test the following day. 4 A. had had B. will have C. has had D. would have 8. After she _____ at the hospital for 2 years, she_____ to give up the job yesterday. A. had been working/ decides B. had been working/ decided C. working / had decided D. is working/ will decide 9. Tom _____ before we arrive there. A. has left B. had left C. will leave D. leaves 10. In 1970, the Canadian scientist George Kelly ______ that warm water _____ more quickly than cold water. A. prove/freeze B. proves / breezed C. proving / freezing D. proved/freezes 11. After we _____ our work, we ____ for lunch. A. having finish/ went B. have finished/ went C. had finished/went D. having finish/ going 12. After _____ Tom was apprenticed to learn a trade. A. leave B. leaves C. left D. leaving 13. They were in a hurry because they thought that the class _____. A. had already begun B. have already begun C. was begun D. will begin 14. Why have they demolished that old building? – They ____ a new supermarket there. A. would be built B. were building C. are going to build D. had built 15. When I’m learning English, sometimes I ____ the accent. A. will be confused about B. was confused about C. had be confused about D. am confused about 16. After he _____ his English course, he went to England to continue his study . A. will have finished B. has finished C. had finished D. will finish 17. They ____ a lot of preparation before the match started. A. has made B. had made C. will be made D. are making 18. I____ in the US for one year, but I still find it difficult to communicate with the American. A. am B. was C. have been D. had been 19. American women may ____ conversations with men or even ___ them to dance. A. to start/ to ask B. started/ asked C. starting / asking D. start/ ask 20. After ______ the doctor found that he ____ his arm. A. to examine/ breaks B. to examine/ broke C. examining/ broken D. examining/had broken 21. As soon as she arrived in London, she found that the English people spoke English differently from what she _____. A. will learn B. is learning C. has been learning D. had learnt 22. How____ since we____ school? A. are you/ left B. will you be / left C. have you been/ had left D. have you been/ left 23. Before cars_______ , people ____ horses and bicycles. A. were discovered/ had used B. discovering/ use C. have been discovered / have been using D. is discovered/ using 24. Don’t go anywhere until I _____ back. A. come B. will come C. have come D. came 25. I _____ the book by the time you come tonight. A. will be finishing B. will have finished C. have finishing D. finished 26. Who ______ when I came ? A. were you talking to B. are you talking to C. you were talking to D. you are talking to 27. Please send us a postcard as soon as you _______in London. A. will arrive B. is going to arrive C. arrive D. arrived 28. I will give you this book ______ I met you tomorrow. A. when B. until C. since D. for 29. Jane _____ her house all the morning before the guest arrived. A. had been cleaning B. was cleaning C. has been cleaning D. is cleaning 30. We ______ for going home when it began to rain. 5 A. are preparing B. were preparing C. will be preparing D. have prepared 31. Tom said everything ______ ready when the match ______. A. will be/ started B. would be/ started C. is / started D. will be/ starts 32. I _____ in the waiting room when I heard someone_____ me. A. am sitting/ to call B. was sitting/ call C. am sitting/ called D. have sat / called 33. At 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, we_____ our final test. A. has been taking B. will be taking C. will take D. would be taking 34. Our grandfather____ as an engineer for 30 years before he retired in 1980. A. had been working B. was working C. has been working D. worked 35. Up to now, the pollution problems yet. A. will not have solved B. are not solving C. hadn’t solved D. haven’t solved 36. Miss Hoa always takes her umbrella when she _____ to school. A. has gone B. goes C. is going D. will go 37. Never talk to the driver while he ______. A. will be driving B. will drive C. drives D. is driving 38. I’ll tell you it is good or not after I ____it. A. try B. am trying C. have tried D. will try 39. I’ll marry her as soon as she _____ all her problems. A. solves B. has solved C. had solved D. solve 40. I bought Romano whenever I ____ Maximart. A. had gone B. has gone C. went D. would go 41. My son was sleeping when I ______ home. A. went B. has gone C. had gone D. would go 42. I was compiling this book while my son ____. A. slept B. would sleep C. had slept D. was sleeping 43. Lan has learnt English since she ____ a small girl. A. has been B. had been C. was D. would be 44. She won’t get married until she _____ 25 years old. A. is B. will be C. had been D. was 45. After ______ , he went to bed. A. had done his homework B. have done his homework C. being done his homework D. doing his homework 46. Yesterday when I _____ at the station, the train _______ for 15 minutes. A. arrived/ had left B. arrives/ has left C. arrived/ left D. had arrived/ left 47. When we _____ there; people ______ calmly. A. got/ are waiting B. got/ were waiting C. got/ waited D. get/ wait 48. While I ____ in the street, I saw my old friend. A. was walking B. am walking C. walk D. walked 49. What do you think the children _____ when we get home? A. would do B. do C. were doing D. are doing 50. I’ll read the book when I _____ time. A. have B. had C. will have D. would have 51. The house was quiet when I _____ home. Everyone _____ to bed. A. was getting/ was going B. got/ had gone C. had got / went D. got/ went 52. I ______ her since I _____ a student. A. know/ am B. knew/ was C. have known/ am D. have known/ was 53. While I was going to school yesterday, I ____ him. A. meet B. met C. will meet D. am meeting 54. Alice _____ for Washington as soon as she had finished her exam. A. will leave B. would leave C. leaves D. left 55. He died after he ______ ill for a long time. 6 A. was B. had been C. has been D. is 56. I _______ home until I finish my lesson. A. haven’t come B. don’t come C. didn’t come D. won’t come 57. The manager ______ the store before I arrived. A. closed B. had closed C. has closed D. was closing 58. When the alarm rang, Hai ______ out of bed quickly. A. was jumping B. has jumped C. had jumped D. jumped 59. When we see Mr. Minh tomorrow, I ____ him of that. A. will remind B. remind C. have reminded D. reminded 60. I’ll wait until you ____crying. A. have stopped B. will stop C. stop D. stopped Exercise 3: Find ONE mistake in each of the following sentences: 1. (A)Last year, my son (B)was lost (C)among the crowd when we (D)have gone shopping. 2. The problem (A)has turned out (B)to be more serious (C)than we (D)will have thought. 3. (A)Almost 300 million people (B)had visited (C)America’s national parks (D)every year. 4. They (A)have studied English(A) before they went (C)to London. 5. They (A)has got married (B)for 30 years (C)by the end of (D)this month. 6. They (A)will help you (B)whenever you (C)will ask (D)them. 7. (A)When Sam (B)will arrive, he will (C)open (D)the gift. 8. My father (A)has ever told (B)me honesty chân thât (C)was (D)the best policy. 9. Did you say (A)that you (B)will have a lot of things (C)to do the (D)following week? 10. (A)When we arrived (B)at (C)the station, the train (D)has already left. 11. (A)Did your doctor (B)recommend you that you (C)will stop (D)smoking? 12. (A) Up to now, there (B)had been (C)no woman (D)being chosen the US president. 13. The neighbors (A)are having a party. They (B)are making so much noise (C)since 6 o’clock. I (D)can’t sleep. 14. (A)Don’t (B)leave the house (C)until I (D)will get back. 15. I (A)was walking along the pavement(B) when I (C)realized that there (D)has been a man following me. 16. Human (A)had struggled (B)against weeds (C)since the beginning (D)of agriculture. 17. Mary (A)said (B)that she (C)do jogging (D)every morning. 18. (A)At this time (B)next week, Peter (C)was working (D)in London. 19. Never I (A)have seen (B)such a (C)good film (D)before. 20. (A)Before the 1920s, (B)no women (C)will vote (D)in the US. 21. Some students have always (A)complain that they (B)do not have (C)enough money (D)to spend. 22. The teacher (A)got (B)angry with him (C)because he sometimes (D)come to class late. 23. (A)Up to now, there (B)had been (C)no woman (D)being chosen the US president. 24. The mother (A)had always took (B)good care (C)of her (D)little son. 25. An American woman (A)not always (B)shake hands (C)when she is introduced (D)to a man. 26. Peter (A)has been written the composition (B)for 3 hours and he (C)has not finished (D)yet. 27. We (A)were a few minute late (B)so the film (C)was already started when we (D)got to the cinema. 28. (A)By the time (B)the police (C)come, the robber (D)had run away. 29. Why (A)didn’t Peter (B)go to school? What (C)did happened (D)to him? 30. I (A)was listening (B)to the radio (C)when the door bell (D)will ring. 31. Why (A)are you so late? I (B)am waiting here (C)for you for more (D)than one hour . 32. Phuc never (A)go to bed (B)before he (C)has finished his (D)homework. 33. I (A)have learnt English (B)for I (C)was ten (D)years old. 34. Yesterday evening (A)while I (B)was watching TV, Mai (C)pays me (D)a visit. 35. We (A)went out (B)for a walk (C)after we (D)had our dinner. 36. (A)As soon as (B)the next lecture (C)will end, (D)let’s leave. 37. Mr. Ba (A)had a daughter who (B)were born in 1950, but (C)who died a few years (D)later. 38. (A)After they (B)were playing cards, (C)someone broke (D)into the house. 7 39. (A) A city university professor reported that he (B)discovers a vaccine (C)which could (D)prevent bird flu. 40.Factories discard waste that (A)had (B)polluted air and water, but factories (C)give us (D)employment. Unit 3 : Reported Speech  Exercise1: Choose the best option to complete the following sentences 1. Jack asked me _____. A. where do you come from? B. where I came from C. where I am from D. where did I come from? 2. She asked me _____ I liked pop music. A. when B. what C. if D. x 3. The doctor ____ him to take more exercise. A.told B.tell C. have told D. are telling 4. I wanted to know_____ return home. A.when would she B. when will she C. when she will D. when she would 5. Claire told me that her father____ a race horse. A.owns B.owned C. owning D. A and B 6. What did that man say ______? A. at you B. for you C. to you D. you 7. I rang my friend in Australia yesterday, and she said it _______ raining there. A. is B. were C. has been D. was 8. The builders have ______ that everything will be ready on time. A. promised B. promise C. promises D. promising 9. The doctor _______ him to take more exercise. A. told B. tell C. have told D. are telling 10. The last time I saw Linda, she looked very relaxed. She explained she’d been on holiday the ______ week. A. ago B. following C. next D. previous 11. Yesterday, Laura ______ him to put some shelves up. A. asked B. is asking C. ask D. was asked 12. Tom has ______ this story wasn’t completely true. A. admitting that B. was admitted that C. admitted that D. admit that 13. When I rang Tessa sometime last week, she said she was busy ______ day. A. that B. the C. then D. this 14. I wonder _____ the tickets are on sale yet. A. what B. when C. where D. whether 15. Mathew _____ Emma that her train was about to leave. A. has reminded B. has reminded that C. reminded D. reminded that 16. Hello, Jim. I didn’t expect to see you today. Sophie said you _____ ill. A. are B. were C. was D. should be 17. Ann ______ and left. A. said goodbye to me B. says goodbye to me C. tell me goodbye D. told me goodbye 18. I told you ______ to switch off the computer, didn’t I ? A. don’t B. not C. not to D. to not 19. Bill was slow, so I ________ hurry up. A. tell him B. told him for C. told to D. told him to 20. Sarah was driving to fast, so I ______ to slow down. A. asked her B. asked C. ask D.have asked her 21. Someone ______ me there’s been an accident on the motorway. A. asked B. said C. spoke D. told 22. Sue was very pessimistic about the situation. I advised her _____. A. no worry B. not worry C. no to worry D. not to worry 8 23. I couldn’t move the piano alone, so I asked Tom_______. A. giving a hand B. gave a hand C. to give a hand D. give a hand 24. Tom said that New York _______ more lively than London. A. is B. be C. was D. were 25. When he was at Oliver’s flat yesterday, Martin asked if he ______ use the phone. A. can B. could C. may D. must 26. George couldn’t help me. He ______ me to ask Kate. A. tell B. said C. told D. say 27. Judy ______ going for a walk, but no one else wanted to. A.admitted B. offered C. promised D. suggested 28. I said that I had met her ______ . A. yesterday B. the previous day C. the day D. the before day. 29. The man asked the boys ______ . A. why did they fight B. why they were fighting C. why they fight D.why were they fighting 30. “______the door”, he said. A. please open B. open pleased C. please to open D. please, opening 31. I wanted to know ______ return home. A. when would she B. when will she C. when she will D. when she would 32. The woman wonders _______ doing well at school. A. whether her children are B. if her children are C. whether her children were D. her children are if 33. Peter said he was leaving for Paris ______. A. next week B. the week previous C. following week D. the following week 34. “I don’t usually drink milk when ______ ” Mrs. Pike said. A. she was hungry B. I was hungry C. I am hungry D. I will be 35. They said that their house had been broken into ______. A. the two days before B. two days ago C. two days before D. since two days 36. She advised me _______ an apple everyday to stay healthy. A. eating B. I should eat C. to eat D. please, eat 37. “I’ll come with you as soon as _______” she replied. A. I was ready B. I am ready C. I ready D. am I ready 38. “_____ today as it was yesterday.” She remarked. A. it wasn’t so foggy B. it isn’t so foggy C. it hadn’t been so foggy D. it isn’t such foggy 39. “I wish _____ eat vegetables”, he said. A. my children will B. my children would C. whether my children would D. my children must 40. “I _____ late again”, she promised. A. I am not B. I won’t be C. I wouldn’t D. I was not late 41. “How long _____ here ?”, asked Jane. A. you have been B. you had been C. had you been D. have you been 42. She wanted to know ______. A. what was happening B. was happening C. it was happening D. was happening what 43. “Do you know ______ ?” asked the man. A. where is the ticket office B. where the ticket office is C. the ticket office is D. where was the ticket office 44. The teacher asked Mary ______ the previous match. A. who wins B. who is winning C. who won D. that won 45. My father asked me _____ of the film. 9 A. what do you think B. what I think C. what did you think D. what I thought 46. “ Why hasn’t Minh phoned? ” she wondered A. she wondered why Minh hasn’t phoned B. she wondered why Minh didn’t phone C. she wondered why Minh hadn’t phoned D. she wondered why hadn’t Minh phoned 47. “Could you tell me how to get to the airport?” A. he asked me how to get to the airport B. he said if I could tell him the airport C. he told me how to get to the airport D. he asked me to tell how to get to the airport 48. “Have you heard of her marriage?” A. she asked me if I hear of their marriage B. she asked me whether I had heard of their marriage C. she asked me if I had heard of their marriage D. B and C 49. Cindy said that “I haven’t seen John since last month.” A. Cindy said she hasn’t seen John since the previous month B. Cindy said she hadn’t seen John since the previous month C. Cindy said she wasn’t seen John since the previous month D. Cindy said she doesn’t see John since the previous month 50. The little boy said “two and two make four.” A.The little boy said that two and two made four. B.The little boy said that two and two have made four. C.The little boy said that two and two had made four. D.The little boy said that two and two make four. 51. “If I were you, I would go to the doctor. ”Minh said to Lan. A. Minh told Lan to become a doctor B. Minh advised Lan to go to the doctor C. Minh told Lan that he would to go to the doctor D.Minh advised Lan not to go to the doctor 52. His wife said to him: “write to me as often as you can” A. His wife told him to write to her as often as he can B. His wife told him to write to her as often as he could C. His wife told him writing to her as often as he could D. His wife told him writing to her as often as he can 53. “What were you doing last night, Mr John?” asked the police. A. The police asked what were you doing last night, Mr John B. The police asked Mr John what he had been doing the night before C. The police asked Mr John what he had been done the night before D. The police asked Mr John what had he been done the night before 54. The teacher advised us ______. A. to be careful when doing these exercises B. be careful when doing these exercises C. careful when doing these exercises D. are careful when doing these exercises 55. She told me _______. A. think well before I answered B. think well before I answer C. to think well before I answered D. think well before I will answer 56. He begged them A. help him B. should help him C. to help him D. help to him 57. She said that she there the year before. A. went B. had gone C. would go D. goes 58. Peter asked Jane why the film on T.V the previous night. A. didn’t she watch B. hadn’t she watched C. she doesn’t watch D. she hadn’t watched 10 59.They said they us if we needed. A. help B. helped C. would help D. had helped 60. He advised them in class. A. to not talk B. not to talk C. to talk not D. don’t talk 61. She said to us “Don’t be late again”. A. She said us not to be late again. B. She told us to be not late again. C. She told to us not to be late again. D. She told us not to be late again. 62. “John shouldn’t have behaved so badly.”, said Janet. A. Janet doesn't like John's behaviors. B. Janet was angry with John. C. Janet disliked John. D. Janet objected to John's behaviors. 63. John said “You had better not lend them any money, Daisy”. A. John said Daisy not to lend them any money. B. John advised Daisy should not lend any money. C. John said to Daisy not lend them any money. D. John advised Daisy not to lend them any money. 64. “I’m sorry I have to leave so early’, he said. A. He apologized for having to leave early. B. He apologized to have to leave early. C. He apologized that he has to leave early. D. He apologized to have left early. 65. “Can I borrow your pen please, Sam?”, said Gillian. A. Gillian asked Sam if she can borrow his pen. B. Gillian asked Sam if she could borrow his pen. C. Gillian asked Sam she can borrow his pen. D. Gillian asked Sam she could borrow his pen. 66 .“Where did you go last night, Nam?”, said Hoa A. Hoa said to Nam where had he gone the night before. B. Hoa said to Nam where he had gone the night before. C. Hoa told Nam where he had gone last night. D. Hoa asked Nam where he had gone the night before. 67. “What were you doing last night, Mr. John?” The police asked. A. The police asked what were you doing last night, Mr. John. B. The police asked Mr. John what he had been doing the night before. C. The police asked Mr. John what had he been done the night before. D. The police asked Mr. John what he had done the night before. 68. He said he would do it A. yesterday B. the following day C. the previous day D. the day before 69. Claire wanted to know what time A. do the banks close B. the banks closed C. did the banks close D. the banks would close 70. Ann and left. A. said good bye B. said me good bye C. told me good bye D. goodbye me Exercise 2: Rewrite the following sentences : 1. “Push as hard as you can” She said to me.  She told me _____________________________________________________________________ 2. “Don’t wait for me if I am late” He said to her.  He told her _____________________________________________________________________ 3. “Where are you from, Nam?” said Mai.  Mai asked_______________________________________________________________________ 4. Mary said “ I cannot go to the cinema with you, John”.  She ___________________________________________________________________________ . 1 GRAMMAR Unit 1+ 2 : Basic Tenses Exercise 1. Choose the most correct answer: 1. I _______this film
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