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Bài tập viết lại câu Tiếng Anh nâng cao gồm nhiều câu có gợi ý để bạn viết lại. Qua đề thi này, bạn sẽ nắm vững được ngữ pháp của nhiều dạng câu, rất cần thiết cho việc ôn thi đại học hay làm bài kiểm tra trên lớp. Xem thêm các thông tin về Bài tập viết lại câu Tiếng Anh nâng cao tại đây Rewrite the following sentences 1. "Could I help your family?" He said to Mary. He offered 2. "I'll definitely get my hair cut this week," Tom said. Tom promised 3. "I'm sorry. I can't help you." he said. He refused 4. "Oh please! Let me go to Nha Trang with my classmates " she said. She wanted 5. " I'll definitely return by 9 p.m." the man said. He promised 6. "I'll tell everyone the news!" He said. He threatened 7. "No, I won't go by motorbike," Linda said. Linda refused 8. "All right, I'll pick up everyone at 6 p.m tonight." She agreed 9. "I will be yours forever ." Daisy says to Peter. Daisy swears 10. "Why don't you say out your suggestions?" Mother said to her son. Mother encouraged 11. "Don't feed the animals," the guide warned. The guide warned the tourists 12."Lan, if I were you, I'd go by train." her landlady said The landlady advised 13. "Don't forget to tip the waiter!" she told John. She reminded 14. "Please don't break your promise," Mary said to us. Mary asked us 15. "If I were you, I'd help these poor children," she said to them. She advised them 16. "Don't swim out too far." they say. She warned her children 17. "Please don't tell my father about it," He said to her. He begged her 18. "You can do what you want on Sunday?".Mrs. Brown said. Mrs. Brown let them 19. “You should change your way of study.” The teacher said to us . He advised us 20. "Take part in our party on Sunday evening, Mary ? " They had Mary 21. "Do exactly what I have just told you," I shouted at them. I made them 22. "Would you mind not smoking in my room?" she said to him. She didn’t let him 23. "Don't be late for class again, Jim." The teacher asked Jim 24. "You must fasten your seatbelt." The stewardess ordered us 25. "You are not allowed to smoke in your room, Dick,'' said his mother: Dick's mother forbade him 26. "You should not drink too much coffee at night, Olga " said Bob. Bob advised Olga 27. "Don't forget to water the flowers for me, Tom." Mother reminded 28. “Don’t park your car here .” He didn’t allow me 29. “Take part in my speaking English Club .” He encouraged us 30. "No, I didn't cheat in the exam!" Tom denied 31. “Why don’t you go by plane?” She suggested 32. “Don’t use this room.” He doesn’t allow 33. "Why don't we choose another day?" Jean suggested 34. "I lost my temper yesterday." The teacher admitted 35. “I didn’t hide the knife.” The boy denied 36. “You had better tell the truth.” I advised 37. “I hope to see you soon.” I look forward to 38. Let me pay for this meal," Ann said. Am insisted on 39. "You stole Tim's watch." Tim's mother accused that boy of 40. "I'm very grateful to you for your help, Mr Smith." Sue thanked Mr Smith for 41. “I will give you all the information.” He promises to provide us with 42. “Sorry, I couldn't come on Saturday," said David. David apologized for 43. "Sue ,you passed the exam . Congratulations," said Harry. Harry congratulated Sue on 44. "You scratched my car" Sophie blamed Thomas for
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