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[...]... II vii ix xv 1 Basic Mechanisms of Itch 2 Neurophysiologic Basis of Itch Martin Schmelz and Hermann O Handwerker 5 3 Pain and Itch Martin Schmelz and Hermann O Handwerker 13 4 Central Neural Mechanisms of Itch David Andrew and A D Craig 21 5 Animal Models of Itch: Scratching Away at the Problem Earl Carstens and Yasushi Kuraishi 35 xi xii 6 Contents Histamine-Induced Discriminative and Affective Responses... Rukwied, Matt Howard, and David Hitchcock 7 Central Nervous System Imaging of Itch with PET Ulf Darsow, Alexander Drzezga, and Johannes Ring 8 Skin Nerve Anatomy: Neuropeptide Distribution and Its Relationship to Itch Dieter Metze 9 10 11 12 13 14 Substance P and Itch Tsugunobu Andoh and Yasushi Kuraishi Peripheral Opiate Receptor System in Human Epidermis and Itch Paul Lorenz Bigliardi and Mei Bigliardi-Qi... own concepts and thoughts The progress documented in this book is encouraging and is a direct result of expanded interest in the problem of itch in both the scientific and clinical communities Gil Yosipovitch Malcolm W Greaves Alan B Fleischer, Jr Francis McGlone Contents Foreword Thomas A Luger Preface Contributors Part I Clinical Classification of Itch 1 Definitions of Itch Gil Yosipovitch and Malcolm... Patients with Itch Microdialysis in Itch Research Martin Schmelz 147 Contents xiii 16 Measuring Nocturnal Scratching in Atopic Dermatitits Toshiya Ebata 161 17 Itch Questionnaires as Tools for Itch Evaluation Gil Yosipovitch 169 Part IV Epidemiology and Characteristics of Itch 18 Epidemiology of Itching in Skin and Systemic Diseases Gil Yosipovitch 19 Uremic Pruritus: New Perspectives and Insights from... factors, such as heat and dryness, may exacerbate the intensity and persistence of itch Medical treatment would be helpful to prevent or reduce the itch and to shorten the duration of inflammation and thereby shorten itch Intractable itch This itch cannot be treated in the generally accepted course of medical practice A more detailed definition for intractable itch is ‘‘a chronic itch state in which the... Ringkamp M, Torebjork HE, Handwerker ¨ HO Novel classes of responsive and unresponsive C nociceptors in human skin J Neurosci 1995; 15:333–341 14 Hagermark O, Strandberg K Pruritogenic activity of prostaglandin E2 Acta ¨ Derm-Venereol 1977; 57:37–43 15 Hagermark O, Strandberg K, Hamberg M Potentiation of itch and flare ¨ responses in human skin by prostaglandins E2 and H2 and a prostaglandin endoperoxide analog... simultaneously activated nonitch nociceptors suppress the itch and the perceived sensation is pain Accordingly, capsaicin that readily activates itch and nonitch units provokes strong pain and no -itch sensation Although our data support this concept, experimental proof for it can only be obtained in recordings from second-order neurons II CENTRAL MECHANISMS Many mechanisms interact with the itch sensation Temperature... Alscher, and Christiane Pauli-Magnus 183 193 20 Pruritus Complicating Liver Disease Nora V Bergasa and E Anthony Jones 205 21 Itch in HIV-Infected Patients Maria I Duque, Gil Yosipovitch, and P Samuel Pegram 219 22 Neuropathic Pruritus Gil Yosipovitch, Rashel Goodkin, Ellen Mary Wingard, and Jeffrey D Bernhard 231 23 Clinical Features of Itch in Atopic Eczema Ulf Darsow and Johannes Ring 241 24 Postburn Itch. .. activate ‘ itch ’ fibers, is most probably a spinal inhibition of itch by pain (Fig 4) Figure 4 Schematic view of response intensity of nociceptors involved in itch processing (‘ itch channel’’) and in pain processing (‘‘pain channel’’) Activation of the ‘ itch channel’’ by algogens like capsaicin is not felt as itch because the pain sensation inhibits itch on a spinal cord level 10 Schmelz and Handwerker... neuralgic itch, brachioradial itch, itch associated with cerebral vascular events in the CNS, itch associated with multiple sclerosis and brain tumors (see Chapter 22) Neurogenic itch Itch that originates centrally but without evidence of neural pathology, exemplified by itch of cholestasis due to the action of opioid neuropeptides on opioid receptors (see Chapter 10) Psychogenic itch Itch associated with psychological . Definitions of Itch 1 Gil Yosipovitch and Malcolm W. Greaves Part II. Basic Mechanisms of Itch 2. Neurophysiologic Basis of Itch 5 Martin Schmelz and Hermann O. Handwerker 3. Pain and Itch 13 Martin. Y. M. Koo and Chai Sue Lee Skin, Hair, and Nails: Structure and Function, edited by Bo Forslind and Magnus Lindberg Itch: Basic Mechanisms and Therapy, edited by Gil Yosipovitch, Malcolm. 13 Martin Schmelz and Hermann O. Handwerker 4. Central Neural Mechanisms of Itch 21 David Andrew and A. D. Craig 5. Animal Models of Itch: Scratching Away at the Problem 35 Earl Carstens and Yasushi
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