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[...]... platform to assemble a game Chapter 5, Scripting: Whose line is it anyway? delves into scripting from the Unity perspective including a look at why scripting is core to game development with Unity, the C# interfaces, and building gameplay scripts Preface Chapter 6, Our Game: Battle Cry! investigates some of the design topics of a Unity iOS game and outlines the mechanics of a sample iOS game that is built... explore how to utilize this development platform to deliver games on iOS devices In this chapter we shall: ‹‹ Learn about the value of Unity as a development platform ‹‹ Install Unity ‹‹ Learn how to configure the Apple Developer Portal to support development and publishing ‹‹ Configure our development environment for publishing to an iOS device ‹‹ Publish a sample application to our iOS device This may not... it [5] 1 What is Unity and why should I care? Welcome to the world of Unity! In this book we will explore from beginning to end how to develop games utilizing what is one of the most exciting and accessible game development technologies available for mobile devices In this chapter you will learn the basics of getting up and running with Unity Technologies' game development product Unity Together we... creating game mechanics that are iOS centric, you will learn everything you need to get started Throughout the course of the book you will build on lessons to design and publish a game with integrations to all of the components necessary to make a revenue generating title What this book covers Chapter 1, What is Unity and why do I care? discusses the iOS development space, Unity, and why you want to use Unity. .. on the iOS platform and instructs the user on how to build a basic input system for touch based games Chapter 8, Multimedia focuses the user on the integration of movies, music, and audio into a game and how to produce and integrate content specifically for the Unity iOS platform Chapter 9, User Interface discusses building user interfaces for iOS games from the perspective of the standard Unity GUI... using Unity Remote so we can utilize our device yet debug the game in our development environment This is a crucial milestone as we can now focus entirely on customizing Unity and building games Pop quiz – The fundamentals 1 Which of these platforms can Unity not publish content for? a Web b Consoles c iOS Devices d Android Devices e Linux 2 Where can you go to set up an application ID for your iOS device?... approaches to commercializing an iOS application using Unity including iAds, In App purchases, and the Unity Asset Store This chapter also illustrates how to track success with iTunes Connect What you need for this book As iOS development is only officially supported on the OSX platform, you will need a machine that runs OSX, the XCode development tools, and a subscription to Apple's Development Program You... Selecting iOS as the target platform ‹‹ Publishing the application to our device ‹‹ Play our content on the device Time for action – Loading a project The first step is to start the Unity development environment by clicking on the Unity IDE icon If you're familiar with Unity version 2, it is important to note that there is no longer a separate application for Unity iPhone One of the new features in Unity. .. solutions for developing games for this platform, Unity has emerged as a leading platform for iOS and other platforms as well With Unity' s toolset, and this book, you will take the first steps on your journey to producing commercial quality games for the iOS platform This book takes a learning approach, focusing specifically on those things that are necessary to building an iOS title From designing... as your game development platform for iOS and other platforms Chapter 2, Getting Up and Running details installing Unity and getting familiar with the user interface and its semantics Chapter 3, Hello World explores the creation of a sample application, provisioning the application using Apple's tools and the deployment of that application to a device Chapter 4, Unity Concepts discusses the Unity platform, . alt="" Unity iOS Game Development Beginner's Guide Develop iOS games from concept to cash ow using Unity Gregory Pierce BIRMINGHAM - MUMBAI Unity iOS. using Unity and hopes to use it more in the future.Cliord has also helped to review these books; Unity Game Development Essenals, Unity 3D Game Development
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