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Ngày đăng: 11/03/2014, 09:09

Sách Ngữ pháp tiếng anh thương mại (+ thực hành) của Oxford là tài liệu không thể thiếu cho những bạn muốn học tiếng Anh để có thể giao tiếp trong công việc. Đặc biệt thích hợp cho những người đang học thi lấy bằng TOEIC. Sách bao quát các chủ đề ngữ pháp, từ vựng thông dụng dùng trong giao tiếp công việc và hay gặp trong các bài thi TOEIC, TOEFL.... cùng lượng bài tập đồ sộ. [...]... LAST W EEK £ - t « «C TL—J I , I _J ^ ^ SV 1 8E V £ = £ \ c ~i n L ^ « *u t t j El ÿ n n n v u u u o Present result FOREIGN exchange TODAY CSI Systems 12 9-2 SamSeong-dong € =$0,953 Gangnam-gu ^oul, j3 5-7 98, Korea æ £ - $ 1.610 u«Cflfi08 He/miss/the flight He I M i ^ e d -the 24 Present perfect (1) Euro/fall/against Dollar They/redecorate/ office We/re-locate/Korea EXERCISE © Specific and non-specific... its manufacturing plants to produce state-of-the-art silicon Biota is a leading Australian biotechnology com pany s p^-j It is planning to introduce the cartoon character 1 1 to children's TV shows in the US Microsoft is anticipating a downturn in PC sales r-T] It is selling songs on-line through MusicNet and Pressplay |5~ Airbus is confident about the long-term future ~| of the airline industry ... at have taken place See the example 1 The new supermarket is attracting a lot of new customers The ne.w MAivsujje.r£ have re.-fwrbi£he.d "the bwildir^ Ai\d the.y have, put irv a rve.w de.1icA~te.££e.r\ £e.ctio»\ "The.y hAve iMp>rove.d rArv^e o-f -fre^h -food£ o\Ad hAve Added a cA-feteriA 2 The office isn't the same as it was when you were here A 3 The company has spent a great deal... company See the example 1996 - Alex Brander starts running Phoenix Media 1997 - Phoenix Media starts selling children's books 1999 - Phoenix moves into education and starts producing books for schools 3 years ago - Phoenix starts making educational software children's on-line 2 years ago - Phoenix starts joint venture with InterSat TV to produce children's TV programmes 6 months ago - Phoenix launches new... business cut decline - begin take class m arket2 This is partly because some of the low-cost airlines 3 an increasing share of the market, and partly because companies 4 down on travel costs hold improve start transform not/travel T h e re is, how ever, another factor that 5 the market even more radically - video-conferencing The technology 6 so fast that video-conference meetings... Write short paragraphs about some tem porary problems Explain w hat the cause is See the example A problem with the underground: A t -the the.y're re^A iri^ -the a.£cAlAtor A t ^1 oAi\e i^W Ara, Ai\d -the £tA tior, i£ £hwt, I m hAvii\^ t o ^e.t o-Pf A t the £tAtioi\ be.-fore Ar^d wAlk ^ t i l l , i t should be b e tte r i\e.xt w e.e.k A problem with public transport: A problem at work: A problem in... sentences using the follow ing prompts The first verb should be in the present simple, and the second verb in the present continuous See the exam ple 1 come from/but/live I соме, -( том Aw^-triA, bivfc . is called the 'present participle'; the -ed form is called the 'past participle'.You must leave now. You shouldn't stay any. am/'m workingI am not/'m not workingAm I working?You are/'re workingYou are not/aren't working Arc you working?He/she/it is/'s
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