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[...]... are doing Testing and validation is not about conducting experiments, tests and validation demonstrations Testing and validation is about generating key information at the correct time so that sound business and engineering decisions can be made The managers and quality specialists who lack this childlike fascination with testing and modeling techniques find the obsession with the science and math to... Activity/Task Based, and r, ivity/Task Ba sed, Trial and Error, Act Knee-Jerking Knee-Jerking Mode ode M Confused Figure 1-2: Accelerated stress testing evolution 13 Accelerated Testing and Validation This evolution of accelerated testing applies equally well to the stage of a company At the entrepreneurial stage, testing is conducted on an as-needed basis As a product becomes established and begins more... expectations and even companies in the supply chain We see then several interacting forces on the perceptions and application of testing and validation Time morphs the paradigms and opinions of what is generally viewed as “best”, while company structure, style, place in the supply chain and the stage of product development define what is needed To truly have a handle on the interaction of testing and validation. .. page intentionally left blank Preface Often practitioners of testing, accelerated testing, reliability testing, computer modeling and other validation tools focus on the science and math of the tool: what is innovative and cutting edge (which means “cool and fun to work on”), instead of the reason for using the tools In this sense, testing and computer modeling engineers are a lot like kids—if you give... look at its business structure (both internally and in the supply chain), the project stage and where it is in the flow of time Julius Wang and Richard Rudy offered the following pyramid of accelerated testing adoption at a 2002 SAE Toptec Accelerated Stress Testing Evolution ? Artifacts Systems Evol Simula ving tion and Val idation Evolving Simulation and Validation Meth ols, Evident Chec ods/To ksa&... regular production, some standardization of test and process takes place As the product becomes a commodity, the process evolves and is refined to improve reliability and price point Some companies will rise to a true level of excellence and set the standard for the testing and process methods The pinnacle is purposely left undefined Wang and Rudy assert that the ultimate in testing has not been reached... followed through to see if the units’ reliability has improved; and similarly for their desired and optimized maintainability, availability, safety and quality levels at desired confidence levels and at competitive prices.”4 4 Deimitri Kececioglu, Reliability Engineering Handbook, Volume 1, (PTR Prentice Hall, 1991), p 2 7 Accelerated Testing and Validation Read the statement for its structure as well as... manufacturing and so forth For test laboratories, ISO Guide 25, and more recently, ISO Guide 17025 outline the process controls and procedures that should be in place to ensure that testing practices are validated, documented, traceable and consistently applied Also, most laboratories are audited and/ or certified to various standards by a variety of agencies, groups and companies, depending on the scope of testing. .. all valuable, and different tools will be best at different times “Engineers are like kids, give a kid a hammer and everything needs pounding, give an engineer a new tool and it will be applied to everything.”5 As we move closer to the turn of the millennium, the prevailing opinion changes Accelerated testing can be divided into two groups: qualitative testing and quantitative life testing In qualitative,... in order to know how to proceed or to proceed at all The purpose of testing, computer modeling, engineering analysis, probability studies, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and good old-fashioned thinking is to generate and evaluate information so that decisions can be made 1 Accelerated Testing and Validation “However, we do not have the luxury of collecting information . h1" alt="" Accelerated Testing and Validation This page intentionally left blank Accelerated Testing and Validation Testing, Engineering, and Management. practitioners of testing, accelerated testing, reliability testing, computer modeling and other validation tools focus on the science and math of the
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