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[...]... together across social and ideological differences and across professions and sectors We really are the ones we have been waiting for Everyone leads! Everyone Leads Part One ABOUT PUBLIC ALLIES AND THE CONCEPT THAT EVERYONE LEADS 1 COMING TO THE CONVICTION THAT EVERYONE LEADS Peter Hoeffel Peter Hoeffel was working at a downtown Milwaukee deli, putting his philosophy degree from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee... I am very grateful Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 2011 Paul Schmitz Introduction Everyone leads When I began using this phrase in presentations about Public Allies and chose it as the title of this book, it provoked many questions and debates from people outside the organization Some asked if we really meant everyone ‘‘Can everyone really lead?’’ they asked ‘‘Or are you just talking about a certain group... TV host of Everyone Can Cook R´ my allies e himself with a hapless errand boy, Alfredo Linguini, hiding in Alfredo’s toque blanche and guiding him to become a master chef Drama and comedy ensue, and the film ends with a cynical and vicious critic, Anton Ego, declaring R´ my the greatest chef in all e of France Having long disdained Gusteau’s claim that everyone can cook, Ego now says, ‘‘Not everyone can... people who don’t want to be in charge?’’ Others questioned whether anything can get done if everyone feels that he or she is in charge: ‘‘Don’t you have a problem with too many people feeling entitled? Do you mean that everyone has a say about everything? How is it possible to get clear direction or consensus if everyone believes that he or she is a leader? Don’t you need better followers, too?’’ I have... connect across cultures, they facilitate collaborative action, they continuously 8 EVERYONE LEADS learn and improve, and they are accountable to those they work with and those they serve These are the values that animate Public Allies’ definition of leadership and influence how we carry out our mission They are values that everyone can put into practice Our Mission: Changing the Face and Practice of Leadership... diverse community members and groups in working together effectively Overview of the Chapters Chapter One begins with background information about Public Allies and how we came to the conviction that everyone leads The chapter describes our program, tells the story of Public Allies’ founding and growth, and explains how we developed our definition of leadership The chapter also makes the case for why our... in terms of a position one holds Leadership is about taking responsibility— both personal and social—for working with others on shared goals Everyone has some circle of influence where it is possible to take responsibility for leading It is also important how one leads, and leadership includes the values one uses to bring people together around shared goals In xv xvi INTRODUCTION other words, the means... he turned around a financially struggling agency and, through collaborations, expanded its services to the underserved African American and Latino communities that had previously been neglected 3 4 EVERYONE LEADS Bizunesh Talbot-Scott When Bizunesh Talbot-Scott applied to Public Allies, she was an eighteen-year-old single mom with a two-year-old son and was studying at Milwaukee Area Technical College... economic development while raising his daughter Frank describes his own path to this place: ‘‘In my family, education was never emphasized My male relatives graduated from COMING TO THE CONVICTION THAT EVERYONE LEADS 5 juvenile hall to county jail and then on to state prison I was following the same path.’’3 Frank had been involved in a gang and had served time in county jail But he took a positive turn... business leaders who have exciting new ideas or projects that will solve our problems For example, pundits like David Gergen and David Brooks have written glowingly about the number of young Ivy League 6 EVERYONE LEADS graduates with ‘‘r´ sum´ bling’’ who want to start organizations to e e address such social challenges as education, health, poverty, and the environment.4 Such people are admirable and needed, . That Everyone Leads 11. Coming to the Conviction That Everyone Leads 32. My Leadership Journey 353. The Tradition and Future of the Concept That Everyone. American values and informed by currenttechnological and social trends, Everyone Leads makes apowerful call for citizen leadership, with inspiring stories
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