Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh đề 1 ppt

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ĐỀ 11/ Complete the sentence: 1. I (have) ________ coffee for breakfast every day.2. She (go) ________ to school every day.3. Bad students never (work) ________ hard.4. We seldom (eat) ________ before 6.30.5. She sometimes (buy) ________ vegetables at this market.6. We always (do) ________ our exercises carefully.7. It (be) ________very cold now.8. I often (leave) ________ the city at weekends.9. The sun (set) _________ in the west.10. The Earth (go) ________ round the sun.11. My friend (study) ________ English for an hour every night. 12. She (wash) ________ her hair twice a week.13. Many birds (fly) ________ South for the winter.14. Everytime he (take) ________ a photo, his hand (shake) _______, and his photo never (look) _______ good. 15. Wood (float) ________ on water.16. I’ll come and see you before I (leave) ________ for America.17. My little sister is afraid to (do) _______ the dishes after dinner.18. Trevor and Laura like Scabble. They (play) ________ it most evenings.19. I (hate) ________ working at the weekend 20. The football game (start) _________ at 4 p.m on the 26th of March.2/ Complete the sentence: 1. My brother (work) ____________ in a shoe store this summer.2. The student (look) ____________ up that new word now.3. We (do) ____________ this exercise at the moment.4. Be quiet! The baby (sleep) ____________ . 5. John (travel) _____________ to England tomorrow.6. Listen! I (hear) ____________ someone knocking at the front door.7. I can’t come. I (help) ____________ my mother.8. They (not/study) _____________ hard enough at present.9. “ Can you come out for a drink with us latter?” “ Sorry, I (help) ____________ Liza with her work, and it’ll take us hours to finish it”.10. I know you (not/listen) ____________ because you (look) ____________ out of the window.11. The number of vehicles on the road (increase) _____________.12. A: Where (go) ________________________? B: Just to the postbox. I want to post these letters.13. You have an appointment with the dentist for Friday morning.Friend: Shall we meet on Friday morning?You : I can’t on Friday. I (go) _____________ to the dentist.14. A: _________ a party next Saturday. Can you come?B: Yes, of course.a. We’ll have b. We’re having c. We have15. ___ he (go) ____________ to Nha Trang in three months?16. You can make the tea now. The water (boil) _____________ . [ĐỀ 1] Page 117. Look! Boys and girls (dance) ____________ beautifully.18. We (have) ___________ a small party tonight to celebrate John’s success. Would you like to come?19. The charity group (visit) ____________ Hoa Binh village at about 8:00 next Sunday.20. This time tomorrow, I (have) ___________ a big Literature test.3/ Complete the sentence: 1. I (just/finish) _________________ my home work. I’m going to watch TV.2. Mary (already/write) ________________ five letters. She’s going to send one of them.3. (you/ ever/ see) __________________a grey whale?4. Doctors and scientists (show) ____________ recently the benefit of fish in the diet.5. He (play) _____________ tennis yet.6. I (find) _____________ my keys. I lost it this morning.7. I (meet) ____________ him twice today.8. He (read) ______________ that novel many times before.9. I (see) ______________ John for a long time.10. The school bell (ring) ____________ . We must go now.11. He is very thirsty.He (not drink) ____________ since this morning.12. It is very hot. Summer (come) ____________ .13. They (study) _____________ at this school for 7 years now.14. Since when (you know) ______________ her?15. My mother (be) _____________ in hospital for a long time and she can’t go home yet.16. Mr. Brown (travel) _____________ by air several times in the past.17. Mary (rest) ______________ in the garden all day because she (be) _____________ .18. A: I (lose) ____________ my address book. (you/see) ____________ it anywhere?B: Yes. I (just/see) ____________ it on the bookshelf. [ĐỀ 1] Page 2 . months? 16 . You can make the tea now. The water (boil) _____________ . [ĐỀ 1] Page 1 17. Look! Boys and girls (dance) ____________ beautifully. 18 . We. _________ in the west. 10 . The Earth (go) ________ round the sun. 11 . My friend (study) ________ English for an hour every night. 12 . She (wash) ________
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