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[...]... requirements iv 299 306 317 318 320 Preface What is SAP Business Objects Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius)? SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius) is a desktop dashboard and visualization solution that is a core part of SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 Once a user creates a dashboard model, it can be deployed in Flash format to Web portals, SAP environments, the SAP BusinessObjects BI platform, and desktop... dashboard design packages Only for the recipes that require connecting to an SAP environment or using SAP related data sources in Chapters 9 and 10, do you need SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Who this book is for If you are a developer with a good command and knowledge of creating dashboards, but are not yet an advanced SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards user, then this is the perfect book for you You should have... Xcelsius for; that is dashboards for thousands of users By changing the name Xcelsius to SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, SAP is showing its commitment to delivering a solution that serves the needs of all BI customers as well as aligning the name to the product's growing capabilities and roadmap The SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards portfolio consists of several different packages (see the edition comparison... warehouse and ETL design and development Joshua is currently employed as the SAP BusinessObjects Team Lead for CSG, a leading Australian SAP BusinessObjects Solutions Provider When not working, he loves spending as much time as possible with his wife and son, keeping active at the gym, and playing squash Nargisse Skalante is a SAP BusinessObjects consultant in a multi-business group in Dubai, UAE She combines... sources  Preface Chapter 9, Exporting and Publishing: This chapter contains recipes on how to export SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards into different environments Chapter 10, Top Third-Party Add-ons: This chapter contains a tutorial section on some of the most useful third-party add-ons for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards Appendix A, Real World Dashboard Case Studies: This appendix demonstrates how to implement... over 10 years, focusing primarily on the SAP BusinessObjects toolset He started with Crystal Reports v8 at the beginning of his career, and is now fully certified in SAP BusinessObjects, as a Certified Professional in Enterprise XI 3.x, Data Integrator XI 3.x, Web Intelligence XI 3.x and Crystal Reports 2008, as well as working with the entire suite of SAP BusinessObjects, including many Xcelsius projects... should have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, as well as knowledge of basic dashboard practices, though experience of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards as a specific dashboard tool is not essential This book provides an interactive hands-on approach to SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards education by allowing you to work with components, learn best practices, and practice trouble shooting techniques... PowerPoint, Word, or PDF For Dashboard designers/developers, SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards allows for rapid development of data visualizations through a flexible and easy to use graphical user interface Using Xcelsius, we can accomplish the following:  Create interactive dashboards that have a wow factor, unlike other dashboard tool competitors  Connect dashboards to 12 different types of data connections... interoperability with the existing SAP BusinessObjects BI Content  We can embed our dashboards into a variety of different formats to allow for convenient sharing between users  Ability to create custom add-on components using the Dashboard Design SDK Preface Xcelsius, in its original conception, was a way to build visualizations and dashboards using Excel data Over the past several years, SAP Business Objects... SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards spreadsheet, the data model, and connections with the components on the canvas Chapter 2, Data Visualization: This chapter presents users with recipes on how to use different components such as charts, tables, and graphs to visualize data on the dashboard Chapter 3, From a Static to an Interactive Dashboard: This chapter shows users how to add interactivity to their dashboards . exciting dashboards with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4. 0 XcelsiusXavier HackingDavid Lai BIRMINGHAM - MUMBAI SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4. 0 Cookbook Copyright.
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