Dermatoethics Contemporary Ethics and Professionalism in Dermatology ppt

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[...]... consumerism and the business of medicine, cosmetic dermatology and medical spas, and advances in genetic technology, all give rise to new ethical concerns These developments combined with the frailties of human nature, to which physicians are not exempt, underscore the need for ongoing teaching and dialogue on contemporary issues in ethics and professionalism for dermatology trainees and practitioners From... 119 Irèn Kossintseva and Benjamin Barankin 21 Teaching Ethics in Clinic: Keeping You Smart and Honest 125 Nely Z Aldrich and Eliot N Mostow Part IV Dermatologist as Businessperson 22 Boutiques, Botox®, and Basal Cells: Can Dermatology Set Its Priorities? 131 Jeffrey J Meffert and Maria Villegas 23 The Price Is Right: Office Dispensing and Product Pricing ... articles on ethics in dermatology were published By contrast, there were only 98 articles published over the prior 20 years The American Academy of Dermatology offered four forums and discussion groups on ethics at its 2011 meeting There has clearly been increasing interest in ethical issues in dermatology It is our hope that this book will serve as a resource to stimulate discussion and teaching in ethics. .. Contents 37 Ghost Busting in Dermatology Publications: Providing Byline Integrity 227 Andrea L Suárez, Jeffrey D Bernhard, and Robert P Dellavalle 38 Telling the Same Tale Twice: Déjà vu and the Shades of Grey in Self-Plagiarism 233 Andrea L Suárez, Jeffrey D Bernhard, and Robert P Dellavalle 39 Cutting Edge or Cutting Corners? Innovative Care ... Wiland IV, Barry D Kels, and Jane Grant-Kels 31 No Strings Attached? Managing Conflicts of Interest in Medicine 185 Noah D Shannon and Clifford Perlis Part V Dermatologist as Scholar 32 Respecting Human Subjects: Responsibilities of the Clinical Investigator 193 Kenneth Katz and Samual Garner 33 Hope, Hype, and Genotype: Genetic Testing in. .. Bercovitch 14 The Dermatologist and Social Media: The Challenges of Friending and Tweeting 77 Jennifer A Sbicca and Stanton K Wesson 15 Respecting Differences: Dermatology in a Diverse Society 83 Vimal Prajapati and Benjamin Barankin 16 Dermatologists Within, Beyond and Struggling with Borders: The Global Dermatologist 91 Jennifer L Weinberg 17 Feet of Clay:... as “don’t invade someone’s privacy”) may clash with professional morality (the obligation to heal the sick and relieve suffering) One’s personal morals and ethics may conflict with one’s professional duty and ethics [3] 5 Table 1.1 The bystander phenomenon 1 The bystander must notice that something is happening 2 Bystander recognizes it as an emergency or crisis demanding a response 3 Bystander attributes... end-of-life care is replete with writings on unreasonable demands for medical intervention, usually referred to as futile care In most ambulatory specialties, including dermatology, futile does not adequately describe clinically inappropriate demands These are more aptly classified in Table 2.1 L Bercovitch and C Perlis (eds.), Dermatoethics, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4471-2191-6_2, © Springer-Verlag London Limited... had the legal standing to give informed consent, for example, as an “emancipated minor”, the physician is not obligated to suspend professional judgment to satisfy the patient’s demands By validating the patient’s concerns in a nonjudgmental way, thoroughly detailing the risks and benefits of the surgical procedure, involving both the patient and parents (while focusing on the patient) in the decision,... countries (the other being New Zealand) to allow televised DTCDA [4] In the ensuing decade, spending on broadcast DTCDA increased more than threefold [5], while generating considerable debate regarding DTCDA effects on patient care and the patient-physician relationship FDA guidelines stipulate that printed advertisements must disclose each side effect, warning, precaution and contraindication from the . y0 w0 h1" alt="" Dermatoethics Lionel Bercovitch • Clifford PerlisEditors Dermatoethics Contemporary Ethics and Professionalism in Dermatology EditorsLionel. faced in everyday clinics, in business management, and in scholarly pursuits. Apparently Drs. Bercovitch, Perlis, and co-authors in the book Dermatoethics
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