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[...]... it with others Our discourse about the world around us is environmental communication 1.2  Axioms for Environmental Communications What do we know about environmental communication? Our discussion of environmental communication rests on a few foundational concepts These principles provide footings for environmental communication s foundation Communication, as considered here, is a human activity –... of Environmental Communication A As long as humans have interacted with each other and with nature, there has been environmental communication But, environmental communication as a label, applied with wide agreement by practitioners and academics, has a much shorter history, dating back to 1969 In the vast expanses of academic literature, we attempted to pinpoint the first use of environmental communication. ’... service • 2001 – Applied Environmental Education and Communication debuts • 2004 – The Environmental Communication Yearbook appears, lasting three volumes • 2007 – Environmental Communication: A Journal of Nature and Culture debuts, succeeding the yearbook format with a thrice-annual publishing schedule What preceded Schoenfeld’s coinage? The roots of American environmental communications, reflected... definition, The Environmental Communication Network – an on-line community of self-identified environmental communicators facilitated by the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry – states, environmental communication is all of the diverse forms of interpersonal, group, public, organizational, and mass communication that make up the social discussion/debate about environmental. .. ever-larger torrent of information, what can be said about the flow of environmental communication? Indications are environmental communication s expansion has outpaced the whole More of our world’s information is environmental in nature and more environmental information is being consumed Empirical clues of the growth are ‘the irruption in magazine environmental content’ reflecting public abhorrence toward rampant... that can be labeled R.R Jurin et al., Environmental Communication Second Edition: Skills and Principles for Natural Resource Managers, Scientists, and Engineers, DOI 10.1007/978-90-481-3987-3_1, © Springer Science+Business Media B.V 2010 3 4 1 Understanding the World Around Us communication, ’ the deliberateness and richness of messages that form environmental communications is only found among humans... antecedents of today’s environmental communication magnifies our appreciation of today’s situation Schoenfeld (1981) asks, ‘Irrespective of their roots, are there common denominators among the various forms of environmental communication? Yes All are focused on a comprehensive rather than a compartmentalized approach to the people-resources-technology system A basic theme in environmental communication hence... first use of environmental communication. ’ When Journal of Environmental Education debuted 4 decades ago, environmental education and communication were seen as conjoined, two sides of the same thing In the first article of the first issue, titled ‘What’s New about Environmental Education?,’ Schoenfeld (1969) defined environmental education as communication aimed at producing a citizenry that is knowledgeable... (Schoenfeld 1982, 1983), scholarly production of environmental communication research at ten times the base-rate for the social sciences (Pleasant et al 2001), and steep-sloped tallies of environmental- themed periodicals (Roush 1998) We conducted a census of environmental periodicals from 1969 to 2009, using their numbers as proxy for overall volume of environmental communications (see Fig. 1.2) We base our... placed on social issues Broadly, three undulations show on the 40-year arc of environmental communication s development Wave crests show, though they take place amid a more apparent backdrop of steadily rising environmental communication action and are followed by no more than 3 years of contraction Notable upticks in environmental communication activity occurred: 1.4.1  1969–1974 A mythical era of social . class="bi x0 y0 w1 h1" alt="" Environmental Communication Second Edition Richard R. Jurin ● Donny RoushJeff Danter Environmental Communication Skills and. Resources (OSU/SNR). He gained both his second masters in Environmental Communication, and a Ph.D. in Environmental Education, Communication, and Interpretation
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Xem thêm: Environmental Communication Second Edition doc, Environmental Communication Second Edition doc, Environmental Communication Second Edition doc, 3 What Are the Differences and Similarities Among Environmental Communication, Environmental Education and Environmental I, 5 Beliefs, Values, Attitudes, Worldviews, and Opinions, 6 Case Study: Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles, 5 Case Study: Public Speaking About and for the Environment., 4 Semiotics: The Science of Symbols, 6 Flipcharts, Chalkboards and Whiteboards, Box 15.1 Do’s and Don’ts’ of Powerpoint, 9 Scientists/Engineers and the News, 10 Case Study: Conflict Management in Mongolia., 9 Case Study: Marketing and Public Relations., 9 Case Study: Walking the Talk in Sweden Corporate Sustainability Reporting by Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget SCA, Sweden

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