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[...]... investigating and ensuring compliance with air quality regulations, as consultants to private industry and large companies, and in research and development They may also work at universities that teach and conduct research on air-quality and environmental control, and for private and government laboratories that develop new generations of pollution-control systems 8    environment and natural resources. .. indoor air pollution, discovering causes for the “sick building syndrome” and creating new architectural standards and building codes for safe ventilation and construction materials Air quality engineers work for the government, in private industry, as consultants, and in research and development Government 4    environment and natural resources An air quality engineer scrapes soot from playground equipment... environment and natural resources of homes and buildings, to help cool the interiors naturally and save on energy costs Trees and shrubs often add considerably to a home’s property value All trees need proper care and seasonal maintenance The occupation of tree surgeon, as arborists were first known, came from the need for qualified individuals to care for trees and shrubs, as well as woody vines and ground-cover... visit the market, be sure to talk with farmers and market employees Ask them what their work entails, what’s involved in participating in the farmers’ market, and if the market manager is onsite and 24    environment and natural resources available to chat Trade publications and books about the farmers’ market business will give you further insight and understanding of the various facets of this type of... into pieces to prevent injury to people or damage to surrounding property 14    environment and natural resources Prevention Trees, especially young plantings, often need extra nourishment Arborists are trained to apply fertilizers, both natural and chemical, in a safe and environmentally friendly manner Golf courses and parks also hire arborists to install lightning-protection systems for lone trees... market operates in compliance with state law, health regulations, and association rules and regulations; overseeing the set-up, operation, cleanliness, and shutdown of the market; collecting payment from 22    environment and natural resources Farmer’s market TERMS Certified Farmers’ Market  Some states, such as California, Nevada, and Texas, require farmers’ markets to be certified, to ensure that... are pruned, and fallen leaves and fruit are gathered Proper intervention, if not prevention, of diseases is an important task of arborists The Job Trees and shrubs need more than just sunlight and water That’s where arborists take over Arborists, who may also be known as tree trimmers and pruners, as well as landscaping and groundskeeping workers, perform many different tasks for trees and shrubs,... selling, installing, and running a particular control system The job requires some salesmanship and the motivation to maintain a variable clientele Finally, engineers committed to research and development may work in public or private research institutions and in academic environments They may tackle significant problems that affect any number of industries and may improve air quality standards by discovering... expenditures and revenues in this category For More Information For information on student chapters, scholarships, and a list of colleges and degrees offering environmental degrees, contact Air and Waste Management Association 420 Fort Duquesne Boulevard One Gateway Center, 3rd Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1435 Tel: 800-270-3444 Email: To find state and local air agencies and. .. states were Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, New York, and Washington Full-time employees receive a benefits package including health insurance, life insurance, paid vacation and sick time, and paid holidays Most tree companies supply necessary uniforms, tools, equipment, and training Work Environment Much of an arborist’s work is physically demanding, and most of it is done outdoors Arborists work throughout . Education, and TravelEnergy Environment and Natural Resources Law, Government, and Public SafetySciencePamela Fehl EnvironmEnt & natural rEsourcEs . natural rEsourcEs reen Careers reenCareersFerguson Green Careers: Environment and Natural Resources Copyright © 2010 by Infobase Publishing All rights
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